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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wow, that's a great deal! I'm also in Southern California and I have only seen ads in the newspapers last few months for 2008 CEs and nothing else. Those best CE deals are only $3k off MSRP, not like your $4k off. A few months back I did see a 2007 LE for $14,500 ($2k off MSRP) but that was only for one loss leader.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Hi surejuju,

    Could you please tell me the name of the dealer that had that LE...or any other dealers where you think we can get a fair price?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Anlina,

    That was Power Toyota in Irvine around July. But I got my 08 CE from Toyota of Orange for $13k and $14.5k out of the door in August. I prefer Toyota of Orange, even though I got my 04 Sienna from Power. Toyota of Orange has basic CEs (no PW or PL or side air bags or ABS) for $13k ads in Orange County Register newspaper every weekend. Power Toyota has the same but only 5 cars each time. I've seen other dealers in LA County with the $13k price but only 1 or 3 cars available. Like I said in my last post, I have not seen any LE or S ads in the papers at all (except the LE in July). Hope this helps. Good luck with your car hunting.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52

    Thanks for your response. I was offered an 08 CE for $14313 out the door last week, but I've decided I want more options. Hopefully they'll start reducing the LE or S prices sometime soon.

    Hope you're enjoying your new car!


  • Saw this in today's Orange County Register. What do you think?

    New 2007 Corolla S 4 Door
    AT $18019 Model #1812
    Lease for $179 per mo + tax
    $4000 down 60 month lease 12k miles per year
    only when financed thru TFS tier 1 + credit
    1 at this payment ( :confuse: )
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52

    So you'd be paying $14740 + tax for 5 years? I'm not familiar with leasing. The mileage limit would sure work for me...My 1998 civic only has 27K on it!

    A dealer told me yesterday that all the 07 Corollas were gone! He said they're introducing the 09 Corollas in Jan. 08. It will be a completely new design with ABS and side air bags standard. I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy one without those options at this time.

    Do you know if we're allowed to discuss used cars on this forum? If so, I'd like your opinion on a used Corolla S
    I'm considering.


  • Hi Anlina,

    Since this forum for "Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience" and I am just an average consumer, I can only share my own experience. There were only three main reasons why I bought my 08 Corolla CE: reliability (I may let my 17 yr old daughter drive this car in a year), price (the lowest I could find from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan), and gas economy. So far, I've been very happy with my Corolla. I have added an aftermarket security system for $260 so I can lock/unlock all four doors remotely. I do have to roll my windows up and down manually - good exercise tho. :) I think I can live without ABS in Southern California and I hope my perfect driving record and defensive driving skills can help me without side air bags (all my previous cars do not have this).
  • Here is another place with good info on buying cars and prices people paid for their cars:
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Thanks surejuju for the link and info.

    None of my cars have had ABS or side air bags -- but if Toyota's making them standard on their 09 corollas, it makes me wonder how important they are.

    I found an 08 S corolla with side air bags, no ABS for $17200 out the door. I'm debating between that and a preowned 06 S corolla without side air bags for $12800 out the door.


  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Thanks! It might be worth a plane ticket to Baltimore to find out!
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    08 Corolla S with FE/CK/VP/SR/CF.

    MSRP 18720; inv 17205; paid 15636 before TTL.

    My second purchase at Fitz in as many months. Just a great, low-key experience. Email me if you want my rep's name.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Ooh, thanks for the offer! That's nice of you! Although, I prefer not to have the S(port) model...I'm a 40+ female, and I like my cush! My back won't take sport suspension.

    You bought two cars in two months?! got that discount just on sheer volume!

    Just to compare, though, that's not too awful different:

    Of course, I don't know what all the FE/CK etc means, if they're equipped the same way. Thanks again for the offer, though.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Hudiburg in Midwest City, OK is advertising employee pricing on select models for a limited time only.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Oops, nevermind, just went to TMV and figured it out. Didn't find the CF option, though. According to TMV, $16,003 would have been a good price to go in for, you saved $367. Not bad! :shades:

    Yours is probably more like this one:
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    The S model does not have a sport suspension. The only differences are cosmetic. There is added plastic panels on the exterior, and the interior is black.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    You are correct. The differences are mostly cosmetic. There is a skirt around the bottom of the car to give it a low-to-the-ground appearance, and a spoiler on the back. It makes a plain jane corolla look a bit more sporty. Inside, there is some extra chrome or whatever so that looks a bit nicer too. My son thinks it's hot so that's about all that matters, really. :shades:

    And, FWIW, I drove it around a bit and actually thought the ride was quite comfortable. I'm not sure I'd take it cross-country (I'm a tall guy), but I bet I'd get to Iowa before it started to wear on me.
  • Yea, I totally agree that if your son thinks it's hot then it IS hot. When I was doing research before I bought my 08 CE, I kept reading that Corolla was not "fun to drive" and had "bland styling". Boy were they wrong. I'm having lots of fun driving my Corolla knowing that I got the very best car for my money. My Corolla looks like a sedan because it is a sedan and it will not attract patrol officers or bad dudes when my daughter drives it on the freeway. :)
  • cargo1cargo1 Posts: 9
    I'm in Northern Calif. and considering the 08 Corolla, but in no rush to buy (can wait a few months), if not for the current rebates.
    I see websites showing Toyota rebates of $1000 for the CE and $750 for S/LE. The rebates expire 10/31. Is the 'expiration' a gimmick to create a sense of urgency, or is it going to expire for real? It's only been two months into the 08 model year, and I'd expect better rebates later in 2009 for the 08 model, especially when the 09 model comes out. Any inputs/insight would be appreciated.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    You never know from month to month on rebates, but if I were a betting man (and I am) I would bet that the rebates will continue. If fact, they might even go higher if and when 08 inventory starts to build as the 09 model year approaches.

    They like to use words like "rebate expires 10/31" to create a sense of urgency on your part. But, typically, they keep them going into the next month too. Not always, but more than likely. (Of course that last statement depends alot on which make and model we're talking about.)

    Also keep tabs on any marketing support money Toyota may throw to the dealers. You can get the skinny on all of this from the Edmunds splash page. Happy hunting.
  • I would just like to submit some information for anyone looking to purchase a vehicle at Lee's Toyota in Jamaica Queens, NY. The people that sell cars there are sneaky and deceitful. Please beware of the following tactics: they will add on as many additional fees for anything. They have already set the price they want your monthly payment to be (high)regardless of your credit and will do anything to keep it at this number....

    They will not hesitate to misrepresent your credit rating(go in with your own copy)If you are trading in or have previously owned or rented from them they will claim that you have unpaid bills which they claim lowers your credit rating (the copy you have in your hand is incorrect once they go back and alter whatever they need to)

    Walk out! if you hear anything remotely sounding like a lie such as we don't have this or that color or that model!They are only interested in selling what they have on the floor not the next shipment or what you might actually be interested in.

    They also play race games in matching you up with a sales person deciding which race can rip off which customer the best. Don't say you weren't warned!
  • Saw this ad in the Orange County Register (Southern California) this Sunday:

    New 2008 Toyota Corolla CE Model #1802
    Sale Price $12,988- Factory Rebate $1000
    NET TO CUSTOMER $11,988
    3 @ this net cost

    Still saw nothing on S or LE.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. What dealer was it?

  • Toyota of San Juan Capistrano
    They also have Yaris for $11,888
    Camry CE for $15,995
    Rav 4cyl for $18,495
    Sienna CE for $19,959

    You can see all today's ads here:

    Toyota of San Juan Capistrano here: - =1
  • Ok, I found more ads for Corolla. These are from Toyota of Pasadena. Appeared in Chinese News Daily today:

    2008 CE Automatic, Model #1802, MSRP: $15,915, for $12,388

    2008 LE, Automatic, PW, PDL, Model #1822, MSRP $17,365, Price after rebate: $14,188, 5 at this price

    2008 S, Auto, PW, PDL, Model #1812, MSRP $18060, Price after rebate: $14,688, 5 at this price

    2008 Matric: $14,988
    2008 Prius: $21,688
    2008 Camry LE: $18,388
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Is anyone bothered by the fact that the 07-08 Corolla's rear crash test results were poor? The earlier models did better!

    If anyone's interested in this kind of detail, the earlier models had height-adjustable seats which did better in the test. But the 07-08 tests were of "all seats." I'm wondering if that applies to the 08 height adjustable seats.

    I was thinking of getting the LE so I'd have side air bags, but if the rear crash test results are so poor -- I'm thinking I might as well go with the less expensive CE.

    Thanks for listening!
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Thanks, surejuju. I'll try to get a local dealer to match that.

  • mason8mason8 Posts: 1
    I bought in canton ga ce $13900 thew in cruise.

    2hr drive to dealership to have cruise installed. I had back pain from
    the seat back it is to stiff wont give
    le is made differnt than ce ?

    I complained to dealer and toyota
    they was rude will not assist me in no way
    wouldn not trade me up for le vehical or seat

  • I found my CE driver's seat a lot better than my old Ford Escort, but worse than my 04 Sienna and my old Camry. I had to get both a Obus Forme Backrest Support and a Obus Forme Seat for my Escort but only the Obus Forme Seat for my Corolla. I guess the quality of the seats is reflected in the final Corolla price. :( I would continue to complaint and try to get a satisfactory resolution for your problem.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Didn't you drive the car long enough to find out how your back would react to these seats? Toyota has no obligation to do anything for you since "you" made the choice of what model to buy. If the LE seats were that much more comfortable, why on earth didn't you buy it then? Where's your personal responsibility here? You made a choice and now you feel Toyota should bail you out because you made the wrong choice? I'm confused here.
    As a person who has dibilitating spinal issues, I made sure the car I bought wouldn't add to my pain before I purchased. I took a little bit longer of a test drive to make doubly sure I could live with this car for the next few years. That was my responsibility as an adult and I did what I needed to do. It would never cross my mind to go back to Honda and say I made a please bail me out.
    In a perfect world, Toyota would step up to the plate and swap you into the more comfortable LE model just as a good will gesture...but they have no real obligation to do so. It would be nice though and hopefully they will if you approach them with the right attitude about "your mistake". It happens to everyone some time or another. Step up to the plate and admit your mistake and ask how can "we" resolve this situation so it'll be a win/win for both sides.
    Good luck and I'm not trying to be harsh here. Hope for the best and be ready to hear the worst. And asking them to take back a vehicle that you bought and later wasn't comfortable with is about customer service...but they owe you nothing actually, I'd loose the "no customer service period" attitude if I were you! Sometimes it's all in the way one presents their case that gets the desired results...think about it.

    The Sandman :)
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Are the LE and/or S model seats actually designed differently from those in the CE?
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