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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • dmiller29dmiller29 Posts: 6
    '09 Corolla - "maintenance reqd" yellow warning light came on. Manual identifies it as a prompt to change oil. I checked manual for how to get it to re-set, and I've tried and tried, and it is still on. I called a dealer and got two different processes of how to re-set it, and still no luck. Anyone out there have any problem re-setting the odometer (or Trip A) after an oil change? Tricks to doing it?

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Don't have a corolla, but have a 07 Camry and I think they're the same.

    I'm going from memory.....
    - with the ignition in powered on position (but engine not running), change odometer to trip A position,
    - turn ignition off
    - while depressing and holding the odometer reset button, turn the ignition back to the ignition on position. While continuing to hold the odometer reset button in, you should see the odometer bars countdown from 5 bars to zero bars (or it counts up from zero to five bars).
    - turn ignition off.

    The write up should be in your owners manual.

    If the above (from memory) doesn't work, I'll go look it up for you when the vehicle gets back this evening.
  • daiqaritadaiqarita Posts: 7
    It might be if you have a car seat installed using the latch system, it could be that making the noise.
  • loulou13loulou13 Posts: 4
    Problem solved. When the factory installes windshields, it use hard plastic clips to guide it into place. Apparently these clips are left in the car and can cause squeaking. Toyota removed mine and now I am squeak free. :)
  • My check engine light went on during a long trip. Shortly thereafter my car began extremely hard shifting from a stop, like having a car behind me tap my rear bumper (auto trans). This happens when pulling from complete stop or very slow speed and accelerating. Also happens in the first two or three shift changes. Once I'm at speed the car runs well, no problems, but the hard shifting and engine light trouble me.Will go to dealer first opportunity. Any suggestions?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have the computer read for error codes, that will tell you the general area of the vehicle systems that the problem is in.

    Many auto parts chains will read the error codes for free, then search the internet on that error code.

    Dealership or quality auto repair shop can obviously do all of that for you, and then repair/replace whatever things are bad until it is running correctly again. Get this problem checked out quickly, to avoid additional damage (depending what in your engine or transmission is currently bad right now).
  • geodrivegeodrive Posts: 20
    I recently bought a corolla (1month back)...this weekend I noticed that my coolant bottle is way below the actual mark :mad: . Don't know if it gets consumed so fast or what...i am first time car buyer...can someone suggest a good coolant for 09 corolla ?
    Also is it ok if I mix a new coolant in old one? :confuse:
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I would return to the dealership where you purchased the car and ask them as to why a new car would need coolant already? If was just a manufacturer oversight as it most likely was, I'm sure they would top off your system with the OEM Toyota coolant at no charge to you. By the way this coolant is what I suggest you use for your new car anyway.
  • geodrivegeodrive Posts: 20
    Dealing with these car dealers is so frustating that I really do not want to see their face again...I was almost pissed off in my first car purchase experience in Canada...
    Do we get this OEM Toyota Coolant in Walmart or Canadian Tire ?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Well unfortunately it's only available at a Toyota Dealership, it's what is in your car right now. A 50/50 mixture of quality Prestone Coolant would be my second choice. Yes it's just fine to add a different quality coolant (formulated for todays cars) to your existing Toyota coolant. The reason I suggested to return to the dealer was just to be sure there was not a problem as it's quite unusual for a new car to be needing coolant already. I have a 2001 Corolla along with my new 2009 and I have not added coolant to my 2001 until it was seven years old when I first did a flush and refill.
  • geodrivegeodrive Posts: 20
    thanks a lot for your advise man...I think I will visit the dealership and ask them to double-check the coolant.
    Recently I visited Canadian Tire...they also suggested me Prestone 50/50.

    Can you also give advise about buying winter tires for corolla 09?
    Which brand is good...expected cost...mileage.
    My new car has all season but I am planning for winter tires to add bit more safety in canadian winter...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Take your vehicle back to the dealership for the coolant. From a warranty perspective, you want to establish the date and mileage that this 'symptom' first occurred. This underlying 'problem' might be nothing serious, but who may have an engine headgasket problem that will show up a year from now.

    Go to, and it will be easy to do research on tires. Don't forget that your vehicle has TPMS system, which has sensor's on the wheels that monitor the pressure and communicate with the computer.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Go to, and it will be easy to do research on tires. Don't forget that your vehicle has TPMS system, which has sensor's on the wheels that monitor the pressure and communicate with the computer.

    I'm curious, is this relevant to purchasing tires?
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    It may not even be relevant. If the poster bought a 2009 Corolla CE then it was not fitted with TPMS.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Question was, what is a good winter tire.

    Go to tirerack, and read the reviews and ratings for the different tires, can make decision on which TIRE to buy.

    If one is buying a 2nd set of tires for winter, then the next obvious question how does one intend to use them?
    - If they are going to be mounted on the standard rims, and then in the spring re-mount the original tires for the summer....then there are mount,dis-mount, and balance charges twice a year.
    - Most people would buy spare rims instead. If you buy spare rims and mount the the winter tires on the rims, then you have to address the TPMS problem. You'll need to buy TPMS sensors that mount in those rims, or live with the error messages while your winter rims/tires are on.

    So the point of the response, if you are thinking about getting winter tires, think it all of the way through.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    I use Michelin X-Ice Xi2 stud less tires on my 09 Corolla and went through a hard winter of over 100 inches for the year. I have a set for my wifes 00 RX300 and had a set on my 06CRV. Very good tire for winter.

    Good Luck

  • geodrivegeodrive Posts: 20
    Thx for the suggestion man...I am also looking for the same tires. Response is very good...any idea of the price range ?? orr any promotions ?
  • Actually it's quite normal for there to be little to no coolant on a new car in the overflow tank. When dealers get a new car in the have to PDI them which is a basic inspection of everything on the car with a long checklist of items. At this time they are supposed to check the body for damage, make sure electrical items such as lights, horn, radio, a/c etc. work, and they are also supposed to top off all fluids. Well as you can imagine this process is usually rushed a lot of times and they don't top off the coolant overflow tank. My car brand new wasn't topped off and I did so myself. Also, around the break-in period it's not uncommon for you to use some coolant as everything starts to settle in. After the break-in period you shouldn't have to touch it again for a long time.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    In 2009 Toyota didn't make the CE model and even the 2009 base model is equipped with TPMS.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    In 2009 Toyota didn't make the CE model and even the 2009 base model is equipped with TPMS.

    They did, and still do, in Canada where the poster lives. Even on the 2010 CE TPMS is still an option.
  • Check into Nokian's . I've never heard a bad thing about them. The Subaru community swear by them. I'm personally not a fan of Michelin tires. I think they are overrated and overpriced. They might make good tires but usually for the same price you can get a much better performing tire from someone else.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Oh! Why is that?
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    I imagine that, since it is not yet required by law, it is excluded on grounds of cost.
  • c2cpc2cp Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 corolla and when I come to a stop the rpms fluctuate and it acts like it wants to stall any ideas?
  • alex24alex24 Posts: 54
    I had the same problem with a toyata Camry 4 cyl. engine, and it was my distributor unit shorting out, there is so much inside it , so its to hard to find what was shorting out, so had to replace the whole Distri. unit with a remanufactured one fron Advance auto parts, And that fix it. but your corolla might be different type Distri.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    It could also be the idle control solenoid. I had one on a Honda that went bad and the symptoms are similar.
  • Can it be a fuse problem if the AC suddenly quits working? How do you change a fuse in the AC box?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sure, but you'd need to do much more troubleshooting to figure out what is wron

    A/C is made up of a number of functions, many things could cause it to 'not work'.

    Could be freon pressures or level of freon, compressor, compressor clutch, any of the pressure switches, fans, or electrical control circuitry up in the engine compartment.

    Inside the car are the temperature and blower switches, and more electrical control circuitry.

    What symptoms would you describe as not working?
    - Inside blower doesn't blow air high/me/low speeds?
    - sinside switches down't appear to work correctly?
    - a/c appears to work a little, blowing air but it's only a little bit cool.
    - a/c clutch on the a/c compressor isn't engaging to turn the compressor,
    - a/c compressor is making weird grinding noises
    - etc, etc, etc
  • Hello,
    Whenever I brake at about 35MPH or higher my 2004 Corolla LE shakes and vibrates. The faster I am traveling, the harder the vibration. I had the front brakes done in January and the tires are less than a year old. I thought having the brakes done and getting new tires would take care of the issue, but it didn't. What else could be going on here. It has about 96k miles on it. Thanks for your help!
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