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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • Did you ever get it figured out. I have two 2001 Corollas that do the exact same thing. After sitting in the heat they hesitate upon startup and then I can put my foot on the gas pedal to the floor and they won't accelerate at all. This clears up within 2-3 minutes and then they run fine. On one of the cars it occasionally sets a code for running too lean. Any ideas? :cry:
  • Hi All,

    Does anyone know why my Corolla's AT seems to engage twice. I will take it out of park and into drive and there is an initial engagment and then a second later a second engagement. Don't know if it is the motor mounts or the transaxle or possibly a CV joint going out. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :^)
  • My 79 corolla is having starting problems. I have replaced spark plugs, wires, distributor, ignition module and rotor, with no success. I have power up to the distributor, but no fire? HELP
  • ktsenktsen Posts: 2
    Hi, I am having the same problem as you did. May I or did you remember the website you order the part? I have checked with the dealer the cheapest price I found was $165.

    Thank you for your help.
  • tonton26tonton26 Posts: 8
    hi guys!! i am not that knowledgeable in cars. i would like to know if there is a way to disable the drl? since i am going to buy an HID kit, i don't want the thing to be on all the time. thanks.
  • theflushtheflush Posts: 100
    A dirty or otherwise faulty MAF sensor can cause rough idling. It might be worth a $4 can of contact cleaner to see if it helps.
  • This might help since I did some research for the same thing. I also want to buy the HID kit. I found out that the DRL's run @ 90% intensity and will fry the ballast in the HID kit. This link will show you how to disconnect the DRL on the 2004+ Corolla/Matrix/Vibe. HOW TO DISABLE DRLs Just scroll down to the Toyota section where the Corolla/Matrix/Vibe links are. Also, some dealers will do this for you, depending on how they feel that day. Hope this helps.
  • c2cpc2cp Posts: 11
    hey thanks for your help I'll check that out.
    Would you happen to know the website where you purchased the assembly?
    thanks again

  • tallone3tallone3 Posts: 3
    Trying to clean then replace MAF if the cleaning doesn't work. The problem I am having is with the two screws holding unit on. They appear to be Torx screws, I have a set of Torx screwdrivers but none of mine fit. I have a standard set from Sears 5,10,15,20. Are these special Torx screws requiring special Torx screwdrivers and/or does anyone know what size these screws are?
  • tonton26tonton26 Posts: 8
    thank you so much nightattack!!! by the way how did yours went through? hope everything is fine with your HID.
  • I have a 2006 Corolla S and I have two major problems. Firstly, there is a clicking noise when I slowly pull forward and turn the steering wheel either right or left. The dealer says it is a brake line issue and it is normal to hear the clicking noise. But, it does not seem natural that it should have any type of noise. It almost sounds if there is a spring/coil-like mechanism making the noise. Secondly, my trunk swings violently open when I lift it, and it has actually hit the back pillars supporting the back window. I have had the trunk serviced three times, and the dealer says they fixed it and they even replaced the rubber stoppers, but it still swings open violently. Only these two problems, and the car only has 2500 miles, and I bought it NEW in November 2005. Any suggestions, anybody?
    --thanks, Cameron.
  • You need to go to a different (ie competent) dealer.
  • Don't know about 2000 but 2003 has phillips screws on MAF.
  • theflushtheflush Posts: 100
    My 2000 Corolla VE has phillips head screws, not torx.
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Side from the MAF you said that a couple of lean codes came up. Check the fuel pressure, as the fuel pump is the most common repair on todays cars.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i second the recommendation to go to another dealer.

    i believe there is a TSB covering your vehicle related to steering noise issues.

    avalon (don't know if part shared with camry):

    camry (shaft):
  • I will heed your advice, and hopefully they will correct the problems. thanks
  • Thanks for the advice, I will bring it to the dealers' attention. Thanks again.
  • poliva2poliva2 Posts: 25
    Hi Board
    The Passanger Air Bag indicator light ( The middle light ) on my Toyota Corolla Remains on at all times. The on and off Light on both sides remain off unless i have a passanger.. Is this normal??? Thanks
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    My grandpas Tundra does the same thing and our Sienna does something like that so i think it is normal
  • chuckja54chuckja54 Posts: 1
    Did you ever solve this problem? The same thing happened to me.
  • rdkellerrdkeller Posts: 2
    Can anybody tell me who I can get (or who I need to see) to fix this problem?

  • tallone3tallone3 Posts: 3
    Finally found out what the screws are that hold the MAF sensor. They are security Torx Plus screws which require a five pronged special torx screwdriver, and according to the internet research I did they don't sell these to the public. But I think I can get a set from e-bay. Question for those in the know where exactly is the MAF sensor? Are the screws that hold it in facing the front of the car or are they in the back? I found two possible things that could be the MAF sensor but not exactly sure which one it is.
  • tallone3tallone3 Posts: 3
    Finally found out they are special screws, security torx plus, requires a special five pronged driver which according to the internet aren't sold to the public.
  • elendtelendt Posts: 1
    My '98 Corolla also shakes at speeds above 60 MPH, and I have terribly irregular tire wear... you suggest having my wheel bearings checked? (I have bought too many new tires in the past two years for a normal driver, and I don't speed!!) :mad:
  • rdkellerrdkeller Posts: 2
    Have the rims checked. I had the same symtoms on my 2000 corolla and it was because the idiot that had the car before me put "sporty" rims on the car.
  • ktsenktsen Posts: 2
    Thanks. I bought one from the dealer ($165) and replaced it next day and it took me about 30 mins to replace it. Now it ran much quiet now. I got your website and next time I will get it from them if someone else need this part.
  • baltychenbaltychen Posts: 50
    Hi, Anyone can help or you have the same problem??

    My driver side window will drop by itself (2") after I start to crank down the window.

    Is this normal?? :confuse:
  • The TSB Codes you gave worked great. I had them look at the car 5 times before talking with you about the codes. I gave them the TSB codes back in Aprl and they reset some computer, no problems since. Thanks a million for the info.
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