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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • I drive a manual '99 Corolla with 110,000 miles. In the past couple of months, with the problem getting progressively worse, the car feels like it is slipping out of gear, especially in 1st and 2nd. When I begin to accelerate, the car will lurch like it's not getting enough gas. If I keep giving it gas, it will eventually "catch" in gear and will accelerate normally. Any suggestions on what's causing it and how to fix it?
  • Hi,

    I would like to replace the spark plugs for my corolla but the two plastic screws on the rear of the engine cover give me problem. I don't know how to unscrew them. Should I pull then straight up, turn counterclock wise??

    Any one can share his experience? Thanks. :confuse:
  • I have an 05' Corolla S; when I installed my air intake I had to take off the plastic cover. I used a ratchet (forgot what size socket) and removed the 4 bolts, counter-clockwise. It was easy. Let me know how it goes; I want to change my plugs too. Also, tell me what kind of plugs you installed. Thanks.
  • cshawncshawn Posts: 2
    almost every time when I shift gear from P to R, there is always a 'bon' that sounds is from front left of the car. what is that noise? Thanks a lot :confuse:
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    What do you mean "bon". If you mean a bang or a thud, it sounds like motor and or tranny mounts not supporting good enough. There are various noises that com e from the front left, such as clicking solenoids when the tranny is shifted or such. Can you describe the noise better?
  • cmrpcmrp Posts: 1
    I am facing the same problem - I have replaced my tire,but the
    MIDAS tech said $600 for replacing the rear struts. I am not sure if it costs so much. How did you fix your problem?

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Are there any common problems or design flaws that have still not been remedied on the latest 2007 Corollas?

    Some Toyotas have transmission issues etc..

    There is a new, fully redesigned Corolla only months away. It will probably look better and drive better, but will cost more and may have first year or first few year issues.

    Since I can get ABS, VSC and side air bags optionally on a 2007 Corolla and install an aftermaket AUX input in the stereo, I can't think of anything of substance worth waiting for on a 2008. More modern styling and added driving/riding refinement will be nice, but not for a big price premium.

    What are the common problems with the current Corolla sedans?
  • poliva2poliva2 Posts: 25
    I get the same noise when i go from park to drive two seconds after accelerating. Its like a Ping noise. It only occurs after i start my car.
  • john500john500 Posts: 409

    Was that an aftermarket cold air intake or short ram intake? If so, who made it? I haven't seen any aftermarket cold air or short ram air intake systems beyond the 2004 Corolla (last year of cable throttle control).
  • cshawncshawn Posts: 2
    Thank you for reply. It sounds like a "bang" generated by metal parts that are forced to move. It happens when I shift gear from P to R and from D to R. Thanks again.
  • yl242yl242 Posts: 7
    I got a 2004 corolla still on warranty (23,000 miles). There is a plastic/rubber burnt smell in the cabin, especially strong with stop-and-go. The dealer checked it many times (changed the catalytic converter twice), but the smell persists. What is the problem?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Sounds like a slipping clutch that should be replaced. Try testing it by putting it in 5th at 25 mph and trying to accelerate quickly. If the rpm's go up with little or no increase in speed, that's the problem.
  • lahirilahiri Posts: 394
    Bad sensors are responsible for CEL (on and off problem). Apparently, the Govt. regulation that requires replacing gasoline additive MTBE by ethanol has some connection to this problem. Call Toyota for more information. A friend of mine had this problem with his Camry and he also had to replace the sensors. Replacing the sensors will cost you about $200-300.
  • lahirilahiri Posts: 394
    Try using 93 grade gasoline and see if that changes anything. If that reduces the smell, then call Toyota for more information.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    take it somewhere else.

    could be underproofing applied to the underside of the car burning off because it is in contact with part of the exhaust system, or a loose part from the fire wall in contact with the exhaust.

    could be oil or coolant burning off a hot part.

    could be a hose in contact with a part of the exhaust.

    it could be many things and the first sign of something bad.

    seems like your dealer can't do the diagnosis properly. if the CAT were bad, you'd be smelling a sulfer type smell, not a plastic type smell in my opinion.
  • I installed an AEM Short Ram Intake. AEM also makes a Cold Air Intake as well, but it's more expensive. Here's the site: AEM When I purchased my intake (Feb 06'), they were only available for 03-04 Corollas with the throttle cables. Since our Corollas (05 & beyond) have electronic throttles, I didn't have to use all the parts that came with the kit. However, I did have to make a hole in the small rubber tube that connects the metal intake tube and the throttle connector, fit a grommet and put a different plastic tube for the PCV (I think that's what it is). Takes about 1hr for the install and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE in MPG, at least for me. If you want pictures of what I'm talking about, let me know.
  • limelime Posts: 9
    The dealer has found out the code is P2716 (Pressure control solenoid D electrical) which is something related to transmission shifting problem, he said he needs more days to check the car, but he has already stated that the problem was come from the overfill of gas oil, do you think it is possible?
    I know many people in this field have 05 Corolla, please let me know when is the 1st time to change or add the fluid in the transmission? Is it depend on the weather of the city you live?
    If anyone knows anything about the above, please give me some advice. Thanks....
  • lahirilahiri Posts: 394
    You need to call Toyota. Overfill sounds like an excuse - the dealer has no business telling us that we don't know how to fill our tanks. And, it's possible that the problem I mentioned (MTBE vs. Ethanol as additive) is not related.

    Most Japanese compact sedans need transmission fluid replacement every 30,000 miles and new spark plugs every 30,000 miles. Oil change every 3750 miles, tire rotation/ balancing every 7500 miles, air filter change every 15000 miles. Other services such as coolant system flush, wheel alignment, etc. - only if needed. I don't think this has anything to do with where you live (I don't know whether southern states add anti-freeze like people in snowbelts do... besides these little quirks, the schedule should be same).
  • I have always got reliable feedbacks from you guys and I really appreciate that. I have Type 3 audio system (that's what the manual says). But I was unable to locate where to load an audio CD. There is no slot on the audio system like conventional CD player. Can someone help me out with this?

    Thank you.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    I can't think of anything of substance worth waiting for on a 2008.

    On it's own, a steering wheel adjustable for reach as well as tilt, would be enough for me to change.
  • yl242yl242 Posts: 7
    Thank you, user777. I check the coolant level, it is down from Full to a little bit above Low. I topped the coolant to Full and the smell is reduced. I will continue to monitor the Coola nt to see if there is any leaking.
  • OK that's a loaded question!

    Bought an 06 on June 1 with 8400 miles on it. Turns out it was a "rental car" from another dealer that runs a rental company (probably for body work, etc.).

    Car was fine, minor issues - the back cloth seat cover was unhooked in back on the passenger seat, and the armrest compartment cover was a bit loose. Did get the extended 6/100k warranty on it.

    Heard a dragging about a week ago under the car, turned out it was that plastic covering that goes around in teh inside of the wheelwell. It came off in front, dragged, rubbed away, etc.

    Called my local TOyota Dealer (Wilde in MIlwaukee) last week. Told them abotu it, said to bring it in, they'll see if it's under warranty. THey said they had to transfer me to parts to see if the part was in (?? why can't you do it? You're right there!). Parts said it was at an off-site location, they could have in. I had to schedule an appt. have the service advisor make sure to have them order the part. A week ago remind you - so they transferred me back to service, same fella I talked to originally, he scheduled me for a week from that day (yesterday), and that they'd order the part.

    Got there yesterday, they took the car back. Came back told me it wasn't under warranty because I damaged the vehicle. OK, well it's a he said/she said situation. I did walk through the car with the gentleman working the deal with me and we saw a bit of grinding on the underside of the ground mouldings (it's an S model), but I didn't get under there to see if there were problems with the underside. The topper? The used car guy was a J-A-- to me about it, said it wasn't his problem, and the service advisor (same guy I talked to last week) said the part hadn't been ordered.

    I've called Toyota to file a complaint, they opened one up for me, and I've got an appt. with another local dealer tomorrow to fix the issue. Shoudl I worry about other issues I may find with the car? I did a carfax check and found nothing, no accident reports with that VIN either.
  • limelime Posts: 9
    Please help me for the following questions:

    1) I am in New York city, my 05 Toyota corolla is still under warranty, please advise if I have to go to the original car dealer to fix the car or I may go to other Toyota dealer?

    2) The original dealer would not not charge me because the car is still under warranty, would the other dealer do the same thing?

    Thanks a lot....
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    As a general rule within the warranty period you can take your Corolla to any dealer's svce. dept. you wish.

    If you choose to take your car to the same dealer who has been performing scheduled maintenance (if you had), they know you and your car. A Toyota service department that you never visited before might want to see whether the problem was caused by "owner negligence" and if they decide it was they will charge you.

    I also live in NYC and my Corolla was never serviced by the dealer. When something went wrong I had no choice but to bring it to a dealer. It was a hassle, but I got it repaired at no cost.
  • brymil1brymil1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where the parking brake adjustment is on a 2005 Corolla? I know on older Corollas is was located under the center console but would like to confirm this before I take it apart on my 2005.

  • limelime Posts: 9
    You are so lucky !!! My brand new 05 corolla had a problem only one week after I took the car from the dealer, and now a year after I got another problem in this car. According to my experience, the original dealer would try to put the blame on the car owner too, that is why I wanted the "second opinion" from the other dealer.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    The trouble with my Corolla happened during the Spring of 06 and was a VDV(Vacuum Switch Valve)failure. The car ran flawless before the problem and after the fix. My issue was with dealer service. Also the car had a scratch after I picked it up which wasn't there before. I was so eager to get out of there that I didn't check the condition of the body. I wrote a good letter to Toyota, but did not get nor did I expect a reply.

    From what you say is a good idea to go to another dealer. What was/is the problem with your Corolla?
  • limelime Posts: 9
    I wonder where did you write to? If you wrote to Toyota within USA, I don't think you can get any feed back, as all dealers only taking good words so they can pass the same to Japan Headquarter for showing that they are doing good job here, they don't want to listen or respond to any complains.
    I wish I could have the website and email address of Toyota Japan Headquarter, if anyone knows, please let me know, greatly appreciated !!!
  • I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla that I am having trouble with lately. Every so often when I go to start the car, it does not start. I turn the key and nothing happens. What is interesting is that if I quickly turn the key three or four times it will eventually start.

    When I turn the key, no noise is made, the car is just dead until the third or fourth quick successive try. I just replaced the battery so I know that is not the problem. Does anyone know what might be wrong with the car?

    It seems to get worse when it is raining outside. I am guessing I have a short of some sort in the electrical system, but I am not specifically sure.

    Any ideas or thoughts on this problem?

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Very likely a starter motor solenoid - do you hear a click when the engine does not turn over? Time for a new starter or just the starter contacts, I would bet.
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