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Corvettes and all things about them



  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I got off work early today and thought I would do a little car shopping. First I drove a new GTO with a 6 speed. I was impressed with the power but it doesn`t handle like my Corvette. Then I went and drove a new GT Mustang with a 5 speed and it was a nice car but still it won`t compare with my Corvette and it is not really supposed to I guess. Maybe it`s me but after having a Corvette I wonder will anything ever measure up?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    There are probably several that measure up but you might just have to spend twice as much ;)
  • ghainesghaines Posts: 2
    I purchased my first Corvette last December. After 13 months, it now has 18,000 miles on it. I love the car, but there seems to be a different issue every time I turn around. And everytime I take it to the dealer, I get the response "Well, the car isn't meant to be driven all the time". This time my issue is with the tires. The front ones started losing pressure consistently. When I took the car in, the tires were literally falling apart. The threads were breaking through and there were chunks missing on the inside of the tires. It was definitely not normal wear. Dealer says these tires only last 20,000 miles. At $500 a tire after installation and alignment, this is a major repair every year. Anyone else have problems with their tires? I don't know that I'd recommend driving the new corvettes all the time.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    It seems you are referencing a new car and with run flats (GY?) and I don't know why that might happen. Local weather conditions any thing unusual? My C5 runflats made it to 20k miles and the last 5k had several track days with fairly hard driving on them. I tried to not run the car as a daily driver at first but gave up when I liked driving it so much compared to alternatives. The dealer input is just a misinformed excuse as many drive these as daily drivers and that is the way Chevy sells them.

    Question for the dealer service, are any of their techs, Corvette Certified, not many are and they don't have specific training on the Vette systems. Our local guy just recently left the dealer and they didn't have anyone as a backup.
    Questions for owner, what car and tire set up? What location for weather and how precise about setting cold temps for the tires, and how high the pressure when run long distance?

    Then again, I have two sets of wheels and tires, one for the road and the other for track days. My track day tires some times get to be several months old before replacement. :)

  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,442
    Sorry to hear of your tribulations with your Corvette!

    In regards to the tires, I have never been a fan of the so called "run flats". However my Z06 came without run flats and just a flat fixer in a bottle and air compressor. I also realize this can give some folks a fright about flats on the road. So in that sense I really have nothing to compare it with.

    Sometimes, Corvettes do have issues with alignment. I took mine to a well known local specialty shop for a more "touring" application alignment(less neg camber). My first set of GY Eagle F1 SC went 56,000 miles with app 3 to 3.5/32 left all around. I switched to Toyo Proxes T1S for the balance of wet weather performance. (both non runflats)

    Sounds to me like going to a non run flat might be a better way to go if you "bad experiences": with run flats continue.
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I've had my 05 C6 since Aug of last year and have been experiencing squeaking in the brakes. I finally took it to the dealer the other day only to be told they were aware of the noise and considered normal; no adjustment was going to be made and no replacement of brake pad. Has anyone else heard of this? Am I going to have to live with this noise? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • ghainesghaines Posts: 2
    Squeaky brakes were my first warranty issue. I couldn't see how a new corvettes should squeak unbelievably at stop lights. I even got looks. I ended up getting the dealer to fix the issue by putting silicone on the back of the brake pads. This did the trick. I do get a squeak every once in a while. That just tells me I got some dirt on the pads. A good spray off at the car wash takes care of it.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    If you have the Z51 package GM issued a service bulletin for the brake pads due to squeaking/noise. The fix is to replace the pads with a revised compound that reduces the problem. This is a no charge fix.

    I have the F55 and have had zero problems with brake noise. I have done a few lapping session at the local race track also.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    Since the numbers are about the same as the Z06, why spend
    the extra $30k, then again getting a new Z06 might be part
    of the issue.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    This corrects some earlier promo material from Ferrari that said their Mag fluid shocks were a first. And oh by the way, the Active Handling system in the Vette has had three modes since at least 2000. On has ESC and Traction Control while off is both systems, but in between there is Comp Mode that turns off TC and let's AH allow more slip angle in hard cornering.

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I've got an 05 Z51 with brakes that squeal like a pig. Does anyone know the service bulletin number that addresses this issue? My dealer can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    My dealer just called me with the service bulletin number: document ID# 1793579. Here's the good part: it tells the dealer NOT TO REPLACE THE PADS because it doesn't solve the problem anyway. But don't worry, GM is working on a fix. In the interim, it's just too bad that your $61k car sounds like a ten-year old Hyundai!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Just a C5 driver but you may want to do more research. I went to a Corvette specific board and reviewed the C6 tech and got no issues with Z51 brakes. This was hot about 6 months ago and your dealer may not be plugged into what was done. Just a possiblity.
  • vettevervettever Posts: 20
    I'm into my 2nd C5, the first a 99 black hardtop flooded in hurricane Wilma and replaced with an 02 black ZO6. I am in heaven when I'm in this car and the power is insane! I'm 58 and from the muscle car years. A 1963 Mopar Sport Fury Convert, 330 factory HP, ram exhaust & intake with dual quads, 411 rear and Altas Buchron cheater slicks to help keep it moving. This car was VERY FAST but my ZO6 is much, much faster! The only mod to the Vette is Borla Cat Backs with them two fat nasty looking pipes. (not for the couple extra HP but the wild growl) At first I didn't really like the C6 but it has grown on me. I'm not too sure I would go all the extra bucks for the ZO6 because it's real hard to keep my 405 HP from losing traction. (Kumho Extasa tires) Well let me be honest, if I could afford a new Zo6 I would be driving it now! Can't wait to see the C-7 Corvette!!!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I agree about wanting to see the C7 but for me it's just economics. When it comes out the C6 will be a deal for about a 6 month window. The wife's '04 Z51 Coupe was ordered as she wanted it right at the end of C5 production and ended up at $11.5k off for just under $40k. As long as my '02 holds up the C6 is just not going to get me to make the change.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I've had 2 C4's and just picked up a used C5, a 99 coupe w/ 20k.
    I'm not that fond of the C5 shape, I think the C4 was a better looking car. The C5 is alot easier to drive and live with. i like the style of the C6 better and will be looking for a used one in a couple of years.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Actually you may have a better deal than mine. I've considered used Vettes, had a '95 with 18k miles I got in '03 and unloaded for what I paid 10k miles later in '04. The only thing better about ordering is that you get exactly what you want instead of having to search for it or more probably getting something close. The number of Vettes in our local club that are pampered and never driven hard is simply astounding to me. My '02 will, on the other hand, not go for top dollar when I have to move it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I found mine by accident.
    A local guy was selling it on ebay.
    He had everything on this car plus forged wheels, magnaflow exhaust and a cold air intake.
  • Its been a while since I lasted posted to Edmunds. To preface, I will be buying my first C6 Vette very soon... but I thought it would be perfect timing given some of the comments here about Vette problems etc. to share with some of you my Lexus problems (past and present), my current driving comparisons and my ultimate conclusion of owning a Vette.

    Before I completely decided I was going to buy a Vette this year, I came to that conclusion through a series of unfortunate events.

    To begin with, I have owned 2 Lexus vehicles in my lifetime. The first was a 2002 ES300. 1st year redesign. It was quiet, but that's about it. Not fun to drive to say the least. I bought it thinking it was going to be ultra-reliable. Boy was I wrong. Had it in for various issues, but the biggy, a very serious problem with the transmission which to this day, I don't think they have fixed in their models. The problem being a hesitation in the shifting patterns, which in worst cases, caused me to lose acceleration through stop lights. Not the place where you want to lose acceleration! I took it in 4 times to 2 different dealerships and followed the lemon route. Case closed.

    While I owned the ES300, I thought, there's this nice looking LX470 cert used, 2000 with only 19K miles. A steal? Well, my vehicle has been to the dealership I can't count how many times. Its there right now btw. Problems with brakes squealing, steering, paint (entire top 3/4 had to be re painted due to clouding issue from Manufacture's defect). The service advisors always play dumb, but nice and friendly, shake your hand and send you off. Only for you to come back another day so you can shake their hand and you can take it you know where. Case open.

    So in my quest for a totally different vehicle, one more driveable and fun, I test drove the Corvette. WOW!!! What a pleasure. The acceleration, the braking, I just couldn't imagine the Vette drove this nice! The mag suspension made the car's suspension feel like a Lexus, but not so cushy. Just right. The interior, just right. Compared to Lexus, Lexus looks cheap. I'm sick of the shiny nasty wood crud and their plastic gadgetry. The Vette was just as quiet, except for the sweet, slight burl of the engine that could be heard with the exit of the tailpipes in the back...nice Best part I was totally impressed with, how comfortable it was to drive, it felt very drivable after just a few minutes test drive. I almost forgot I was in a sports car, until I reved the engine. The Vette's interior, I thought, was just right and much to my liking. The ergonomica was perfect, placed everything within reach that was essential for driving and pleasure. The seats sucked me in and kept me there.

    After I hopped out of the Vette, I continued to test drive the Mercedes C55 AMG, the BMW M3, and the Lexus IS350. No Audi S4, some of you might say? Well, 2 German cars in one day was enough for me.

    The C55 AMG was middle of the road for me. It drove with power, but not enough. It breaks well. The interior is good. Just not enough styling to justify 60K. Besides, Mercedes stinks these days. I test drove a CLK as well, different day. Both salesmen were aweful, didn't know a thing about the vehicles, and I almost made one of them puke in the C55 AMG. Seriously, they were both strange dudes.

    The M3 was a nice drive, but too bumpy for me. SMG trans is crap. I'd rather have a stick shift. Nice acceleration, more for hardcore racers who like firm seats and bouncing a lot. Styling is old, next platform comes in late 07 for 08 model.

    The IS350 was well, a Lexus. I hate to admit it, but I was actually considering this car. Until I racked up the price with options. That's Vette land It dawned on me and the more the salesman and I discussed how great the service was, the more I wanted to wake up out of my nightmare for the past 3 years. I felt like asking him, have you ever been serviced at Lexus? Well, it doesn't feel very good. Please see above.

    So the conclusion, Corvette. I'm going to have fun, so much fun. Thank goodness for American sports car, the Corvette! I suggest everyone go through the experiences I have had the last 3 years. Squealing Vette brakes will be a blessing if that's all you have go wrong. My Lexus brakes squealed like a pig farm, not kidding...So enjoy your Vett's and stop squealing! You have the best drive around and I'm going to be joining you soon!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Hope you enjoy it as much after you get it. Six speed or auto? Coupe or Vert? If you read back some you will know that the deals on the internet are much better than most local dealers but not the solution for everyone. I got my C5 in 2001 and just rolled over 50K miles, got a 6/60 extended warranty and last week it more than paid for itself with $2700 worth of ABS systems parts, something to consider with new tech heavy cars where a chip can go bad even if you don't mechanically wear some thing out.
    Then the question comes about learning to really drive something with 400hp, driving schools are good, especially Spring Mountain outside Las Vegas. Every day I get to drive the Vette is a good day with lots of smiles! :)
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Came back from the birthday bash at the museum on the weekend. Friday took a lot of rain, but Saturday was a great sunny day. They had the new Atomic Orange Vette on Saturday and I had some pics posted by CAC and Rick Conti has some up too. The color seemed a little brighter and lighter than the Daytona, moving toward a copper hue. Anyway, since I like both colors it would be hard to choose if I had to. Lots of nice vendor things, but I kept my hand on my wallet at all times so as not to do anything that would cause my wife to shoot me. One vendor does commemorative conversions of C-5 or C-6 cars to make them look like a 53. He had one there and it was spectacular but I think it was $35K for the conversion. Loved to have done it, but not to die for... :shades:
  • mcg3514mcg3514 Posts: 2
    Am a bit surprised at your post. I also own an '05 Lexus ES330 which is really wifes car and family cruiser. My ride is an '03 Z06 which is a follow up to my '01 Z06. Next up is a C6 Z06 when pricing settles.
    Your comments on the Lexus are a bit alarming. I have owned two of them, the original was back in '92 when the SC400 first hit. To this day, I will say it is the finest car I have ever owned. Our ES330 is only 1+ years old but it has been flawless except for the tranny hesitation you mentioned. There is a TSB out for that and I had the dealer do the "fix" as such. No hesitation since.
    I agree with your comments on the Vette as far as performance and braking but saying the "ride" was not as "cushy" bothers me a bit. The Lexus is not made for spirited driving, especially the ES or the LS---it's a cruiser plain and simple. If you want a Lexus that can handle any type of spirited driving, then look to the SC, GS or IS models. It still won't match the Vette for handling but these are cars that can do more from the handling standpoint than the "cruisers".
    My Lexus is as quiet as a church mouse and super on interstate travels.
    My Vette is noisy, rides rough (read, handles well) but it goes like hell and that is what I am looking for...and I just turned 65 so no baloney on the "growing up" bit. Just happen to love the old pushrod V8 rumble...and on rare occasions, I do some spirited driving...and love every minute of it.
    I just don't get comparing anyLexus to the Vette---they are TOTALLY different cars.
  • Auto and not sure between coupe or vert. Convertible seems like more bang for the buck and more fun to drive but less safe?

    what are avg expenses per year for tires brakes etc.? Do they wear out quickly?

    Driving school is a must. Do you use original tires or have track slicks to slip on?

    Last, I was thinking the brakes would need to be replaced with more substantial brakes. They don't seem to be enough for a 400hp car? Compared to C55 AMG and M3 for their hp.

    Appreciate the help!
  • mcg3514...I knew I woud offend a few of my fellow Lexus owners.

    I agree with your comments and your experience is your experience. I'm glad you didn't have my experiences. I'm happy you have had great luck and joy with your vehicles. I wish that for everyone. That's all I wanted. I've just experienced more crud than the normal human should have to endure with a Lexus, which for me, is unfortunate. Regarding the ES300, it was the 1st year model, so maybe the lesson there is that we should avoid 1st year, maybe 2nd year re-designs.

    Ideally, I would prefer no problems with my new Vette. But that's probably unrealistic. Given my luck with vehicles :cry:

    Can you provide your experiences with your Vette? Anything a new buyer should know would help me a lot!

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    my .02c

    1 Vette's are what they are. They are loud, crude, and don't have the best fit and finish in the world but they are unbeatable in the bang for the buck and fun to drive category.
    2 No sports car is going to give you the quiet and ride that a Lexus or other luxo car will. Can't compare them they are totally different.
    3 Vette issues.
    -Vettes aren't everyday cars, they just don't hold up.
    Tires will typically need to be replaced every 20-25k depending on driving habits. Brakes also don't last as long as on a conventional car.
    Expect some rattles and squeaks, the C5 and I'm sure the C6 are better but they have yet to match the imports in this area.
    Watch out for curbs! Vettes have low noses and chin spoilers that are vulnerable to parking rashes and steep driveways.
    Watch out for the low profile tires. They are more vulnerable to curb rash than the tires on your Lexus.
    Also, they don't soak up ANY bumps so expect a rougher ride.
    As long as you know what to expect from your Vette you will be very happy. Expecting a vette to be what it isn't will lead to unhappiness.
    Good Luck
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I've read a few of the post in the last couple of week on the brakes but I'm still soliciting help with my squeaky brakes. Please someone, tell me what if anything you have had done to solve the brake issues. I'm taking my 05/C6 back to the dealer next week for the recall on the top but I also want them to take a re-look at the brakes. I want to go in there with recommend fixes that others have done. Maybe I'm just crazy but to accept squeaky brakes on a 50K car is unacceptable. Any advise would be appreciated.
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I'm also looking for advise on getting that true purring sound for my vette without replacing the entire exhaust system. My car sounds nothing like my neighbor car (3 doors down the street) and it's driving my crazy. Help
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, I'm assuming your neighbor replaced his system.
    Most exhausts are cat-back systems.
    In other words they incorporate bigger pipes and less restrictive mufflers form the catalytic converters back.

    I suppose you could just replace the mufflers, but I don't know if you would get the full effect, or save any money.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    This is in response to post to explain something here. I am not mcg3514, rather my screen name here is gbjerke. I have no idea as to why my response to your original came in as the "mcg" screen name.
    That being said, be assured you did not "offend" me as a Lexus owner, rather I was very disappointed in how your dealer was treating you. I have found the total opposite to be true of my dealer. They actually go OVERBOARD in treating me, and I find that true with most Lexus owners. They don't hit the top of J.D. Power all the time without giving such service.
    e.g.--on my '92 SC---it had a factory phone. Using the hand set, it would cut out on me. A little fiddling around made it clear that the cord had a short. I called the dealership (70 miles away) and told them to merely send me a cord and I would replace and return the old cord to them. "NOPE", was their response. They asked what I wanted to drive and they would send a car up while they took mine for a complete phone replacement. I said an LS would be nice. They did. Came to my office and we swapped cars. I drove the LS for a couple of days and they brought back my SC with a new phone, programmed and all; plus freshly washed!
    Same thing happened when my salesman called a few months later inquiring how the Lexus was. Off the cuff, and a bit jokingly, I mentioned the CD changer in the trunk skipped when going over rough railroad tracks. Yup, they wanted to replace the CD stacker in the trunk and "what would you like to drive?" I told them to forget it. "No" they said, they wanted to replace the unit. OK, another LS to drive but I got a call the next day saying it would be a couple more days til my car was ready as they noticed a "defect" in the front seat. Hell yes there was a "defect"---like a moron, I sat in the seat with a screwdriver in my back pocket..poked a small hole in the left bolster of the drivers seat...after a bit of wear, it became more noticeable. Yup, they replaced the entire seat with a new one. This, to me, is really "over the top" as far as service is concerned. Nuff said, but I think your dealer is "below standard".
    First year or not, you should not have the hassle you hae had with your dealer....PERIOD!
    As to the Vette, the C5 was a VAST improvement over previous generations. I had been with the Supra's for years, last one being a '97TT. They quit making them in '98 so when it was time to look for something different. The C5's had great reviews and when the Z06 hit, that was it for me. Have had an '01; swapped for an '03 and between them have over 50k in mles logged and both have been flawless. Believe me, not one squeak or rattle from either one. Chevy did a good job with these. Don't expect quiet or cushy. That is not their forte. It is pure push rod V8 rumble that goes like stink...and that is what I like.
    Hope I have cleared the air on my thoughts.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Understand your concerns on the squeaky brake issue. I have not had that problem but have heard of others with same. I use ceramic pads for everyday driving. They are cheap, last forever and no dusting. They are certainly not for track use and they may be a bit short on braking distance, but I have noticed no difference in stock pads vs. ceramics for normal driving. Something you may want to consider.
    Don't even recall where I got mine and if I did, I don't think we can post vendors here.
    If you want, private email me at
    I'll be glad to look it up and advise.
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