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Dodge Ram Care and Maintenance



  • simmeysimmey Posts: 3
    well i dont owen a 3500 but i do have a 1500 4x4 sport. i am third owner of the truck and it had 71,000 on it and i have replaced my track bar tierods a/cright front axcle u joint steering gear other steering componites radiator hole in it on seam 3weeks after i bought it my truck only has 105,000 miles on it know. i have put about $8000 in my truck. more to list but cant remember what they are. did you buy your truck used. never no what you are getting. so you are not the only one. :mad:
  • I have a 2007 Mega Cab 1500, I just left the dealership on a scheduled oil change and tire rotation. I have 28,000 miles on it. The service rep came out and told me that they forgot to tell me to change the differential Oil in the Front and Rear axle at 15,000. Told me it was going to cost $350!!! Are they crazy! I am depending you the guys on here, do I need this every 15,000 miles? If I do, isnt 350 alittle steep??
    Also they said I will need to do a tuneup at 30,000. Are you kidding me??? In todays technology I have to change 16 spark plugs(because of the hemi) and get this they want to charge $350 for the tuneup. Also the transmission and transfer case oil change for like another 300 more. I think DODGE has gone out there minds.... Tell me guys if this sounds right to you..... Thanks in advance for the feedback.

    I love my truck but I am starting to think I should get rid of it.....
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    They told me the same thing. Since I dont tow anything, Im stalling to a later date to do it too.

    p.s. I have a 96 with 110K miles on it and Ive never changed the diff fluid so apparently it isnt that important to do on time??.

    Ski in TX
  • Thanks for the reply, I also do not tow anything and drive it like a baby. I am thinking about holding out to but dont want if its something that will cause me a problem in the long run. I just think 15,000 is alittle early, especially I have not towed one thing and its been driven mostly highway miles. In todays times to give a tune up to truck at 30,000 miles is a joke. Anyway hopefully some more people will chime in on the subject, Time to go fishing and catch some trout before it gets dark...... Thanks again...
  • rollincrollinc Posts: 1
    What is the correct amount of oil to put into the rear differential? Should I fill it until oil flows out of the hole or is one quart ideal? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    If you have a limited slip differential add the friction modifier before filling the diffy. Then fill it until it flows out.
  • I had battery tested, cleaned terminals and replaced connectors. still nothing?/ all prestart lights come on, but not th gauges. the radio comes on but does not pick up stations?? headlights and cargo light come on, but not dome lights?? anyone have suggestions??
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Not a mechanic, but if the radio is on and not picking anything up, that sounds like the connection to the antenna is bad. Perhaps check all the grounds in the engine bay?
  • Does any know the location of the lubrication point on the drive shaft of a 2008 Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi? Is there a Zerk?
  • ellisjay2ellisjay2 Posts: 3
    I 've been looking for a good repair or some what haynes manual to learn about my 06 ram 1500 manual six speed 4.7. It is actually a Big horn edition, which doesn't really make a differ, just added goodies. But I would like to be prepared for maintenance jobs and future repairs, plus also learn more of the truck. Is there a specific manual for a manual transmission 1500 maybe online, or should I just go to a local parts store or dealer???
  • willyouwillyou Posts: 4
    I bought two new tires LTX/MS for my 03 Dodge Ram 1500 at Costco. They did the wheel balance for my 2 old front tires and switched them from left to right. After I drove 5 miles, I had to return to Costco tire shop. Because I found it drove towards right side as speed over 50 miles. They switched back my front tires for me. This time it goes straight. Anyone knows why?
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    Not sure other than your two old tires aren't exactly "new" anymore and have some wear on them resulting in them pulling one way or the other. That has happened to me too on an old truck I had.

    I do know however if you have 2 old tires you are keeping and are getting 2 new tires, the techs should put the new ones in the rear rather than in the front. Doesn't make sense to me but thats what I have been told is the right way to do it.

    Ski in TX
  • willyouwillyou Posts: 4
    Jiffy Lube refused to fill compressed air to my nitorgen tires, I have to do it myself in gas station air pump. What will happen by mixing two air?
  • Hi, new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could teii me what items are recommended to be serviced at the 50,000 mile mark? :confuse:
  • I have 2007 Mega Cab 1500, I am dropping it off next Friday to the dealership for Maintence. I have 39,000 miles on it
    Tune up $375
    Front and Rear Differential oil change $325
    New Brake Pads $280

    This prices sound real high, can anyone chime in?
  • Maintenance schedules are in your owners manual so look there first. There are two types of service, regular and severe and believe it or not, most drivers fall into the severe catagory (short trips, stop and go driving, etc.). Read the definition and you will find out what you kind of driver you are.

    If you actually did everything the manual says to do (on time and mileage) you will go broke! Use your own judgement on when to do maintenance and use the manual as a good guideline (my opinion only). For instance, changing the oil every 3K miles is a joke, ask any mechanic NOT trying to sell you an oil change. Prices are higher at the dealer but if you want it done by the dealer, you will pay extra for it.

    Ski in TX
  • jerr002jerr002 Posts: 3
    Since the air coming from the compressor is 80% nitrogen, all you'll do is add a slight amount of oxygen and trace elements. Part of the theory of using nitrogen in tires is that the oxygen deteriorates rubber. But just think - we've used air for over 100 years. Do you think your tires would go bad from oxidation before they wear out?
  • jerr002jerr002 Posts: 3
    I saw the message about the 2008 asking about the lube point. My 2009 manual says to lube that and the outer tie rod ends. I don't find any lube fittings of any kind I've seen in my 60+ years. Is there some new fangled type I can't recognize?
  • This problem is a new one for me . I've had 1/2 tons and they were easy to change rotors . I am having trouble getting the rotors off the front of my '95 Ram 2500HD 4x4 . I have the hub nut off and the 4 bolts that come off from behind the steering knuckle and would seem to attach to a flange of the hub although it can't be seen . I cannot get the hub to come off to gain access to the rotor to remove it . The wheel studs go through the rotor first and then this goes through the outer hub flange where the tire will mount to . Do you use a gear puller to grab onto the hub flange and push with the shaft that the hub nut attaches to ? Or do you need to take out the whole axle and have the bearing pressed out ? I'm working on the passenger side at this time but I really am not sure how this comes apart . I don't want to pry on something that is not meant to moved . Does anybody have any insight on doing this without causing damage from improperly trying to removethis assembly . Thanks for reading this post and a huge thanks if you can help get me through this wrestling match
  • my question is
    will the wheels on a 2004 dodge ram 1500 fit a 2001 dodge ram 1500
  • yes they will fit. i think 2001 wheels r 16 inch & 2004 r 17 inch. same bolt pattern
  • I am wonddering if anyone has experienced the same problem . I have been trying to track down a rattling noise that was coming from the drivers side front rotor and I thought i finally had it licked.I could hear it alot when i was driving on a bumpy road but it would dissapear when i applied the brakes . I took of the wheels on both sides on the front and found the drivers side rotor to be loose. I had replaced all the studs on that side and thought that maybe the studs had not seated well. So I pulled it all apart and pounded the studs from the back side making sure they where seated in as far as possible. I was very happy to find that this eliminated the problem . However it returned again now ..I am thinking that the studs do not have long enough area with the little lines to hold the rotor.But i do not know for sure and do not really want to take it all apart on both sides to pound out a stud from each side to compare. The only other thing i have noticed is a small spacer on the passenger side but i was told that this is normal and is only on the passenger side. Can anyone help me >?
  • metairiebillmetairiebill Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    veh.started vibrating between 31 & 34 mph. doesnot happen right away, have to drive it at that speed several min. at 35 it quits vibrating.feel it in the floor of the cab.transmission shop says ok, repair shop checked everything else but cannot find the problem.They can recreat the problem but not find is not throwing any codes and maintance is up to is in the rear of the veh. and feels like driving over a wooden wash board. HELP.
  • just started having problems with overdrive kicking out and overheating the transmission. was wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix these problems??
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