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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • bjl5bjl5 Posts: 24
    Which engine and transmission are in the 93-S10 that has 410,000 miles with only normal wear repairs.What did you have to replace and what special care did you give it? How far between engine and trans. oil changes? You must be very easy on the drive train to go that far!
  • Mark J Peterson
    I finally checked my mpg and I got 15 for city. That is exactly what the sticker states it should get so I am satisfied with that. I have not checked highway miles since I don't drive enough on them. I am not concerned about the low gas mileage since I don't drive that much anyway, roughly 4,000 miles/year. Of course that may change since I like this truck so much!
  • Pepster,
    Thanks. I still haven't decided on which way to go yet (good thing I'm not planning anything until fall). Myself, I do 95% of my driving on the highway (or highway like -- I live in the sticks) and do about 20K per year. Even if I got 18 (as the sticker claims), that's a pretty big drop from the 30 I get in my '95 Sidekick. Decisions, decisions...
  • bjl5bjl5 Posts: 24
    bravo: You have not answered my question! What type and size engine do you have in your 93 S10 that went 410,000 miles with no major repairs. What is your secret?
  • I have a 1999 4x4 AS extended 4.3 automatic and my gas mileage averages between 20-22 mpg which I am very happy with. This S-10 is the best driving vehicle I have ever owned. The buckets seats are very comfortable and the third door is a great convenience. The only complaint I have is a noise in the engine under acceleration from 1,900 to 2,500 rams. My dealer does not have a fix for it and told me to keep my repair orders in case something goes wrong after warranty. Other people have told me the noise is coming from the front balance shaft bearing. I am soon getting my truck inspected, so I will have the dealer check it out. Other than that it is a great truck.
  • Hello!

    I was wondering which engine my s10 has. When it was purchased used, I was told it was the high output model. What type of power does this engine produce? Looking at other websites, the Z code TBI engine (according to the VIN number) looks like it only has 155hp and 235 ft/lbs of torque. Is this the high output engine??? Also, like another user, the tranny or engine rattles when it is shut off. If I depress the clutch and turn it off, the noise doesn't occur...any suggestions? Mine has 115k miles and runs well, around 22-23mpg on the highway with AC blasting at 80mph. The truck seems to be one of the best ones that I've owned.

  • 18fan18fan Posts: 147
    I have a 98 S10 4CYL 2WD reg. cab & am having problems with the drivers door not always latching completely when closed. Sometimes it really acts up & other times it is OK. Every once in a while, the door will jump from completely latched to the "outer latch" while driving (fortunately has not happened at high speeds). I spoke with a friend who owns a 99 S10 with similar door problems. Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. After reading some reviews of other trucks, I am really disappointed with Chevy's (lack of) build quality.
  • I have a 96 4.3V6 5 spd 2wd. I want to convert to dual exhaust from the cat back. Has anyone done this and did you have to relocate the spare tire?
    Regarding mileage, around towm 19+ highway 23+. One time on the highway I drove at 55 to 60 for a full tank and averaged 27mpg. Winter gas (RI) always causes a drop in mileage on all my vehicles. My truck has been virtually maintenance free except for the recalls.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    I just wanted to post a quick review of my 98 S10 LS pickup.
    I leased this truck in April of 98. It now has 31,800 mi on it and in my opinion does not run any different from the first day I drove it.
    The only problem I have had with it was a clunking noise under hard acceleration. This occurred at about 8k mi. The dealer said the heater core was not installed properly so they replaced it and the noise went away.
    I just replaced the front brake pads this past weekend because they were just starting to squeak.
    They still had 1/8 in of pad left which is as low as I will let a pad get.
    I was pretty impressed at getting that much use out of a set of front pads. Usually you only get about 20k mi.
    My specific likes about the truck are as follows:
    Smooth running engine, fairly comfortable seats, excellent sound system came with the truck, split sun visor set up, always on running lights, automatic head lights, decent gas mileage (23mpg), excellent visibility with the large side mirrors, excellent tread life on the goodyear tires that came with the truck (1/4 in tread left to wear markers after 31,800 mi).

    My dislikes are:
    Slight jerkiness when shifting between 1st and 2nd gear when cold. Easily loses traction on wet surfaces due to being rear wheel drive. Not quit enough storage room inside the cab (king cab would have been a better buy).

    Overall I have been happy with this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

    I have always been a chrysler owner in the past but I expect my next vehicle to be another chevrolet (either a malibu or impala).
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    I have a 1993 S-10 Tahoe pickup which i love. it just rolled over 101k and i am going to see if it will go another 100k...i love it!
    i need a catback exhaust since the old one has a hole in it...any tips? and also, it has Throttle Body Injection. whats the diff tween that and fuel injection? can you explain? and can i get a FI engine for it later and install it with minimum effort? thanks.
  • TBI is like a carb, but instead of the carb there are (usually) 2 fuel injectors that replace the carb.

    Port injection uses one fuel injector for every cylinder, and sometimes 2 with a DOHC setup.
  • "I was pretty impressed at getting that much use out of a set of front pads. Usually you only get about 20k mi."

    Only 20k ??? If I only got 20,000 miles out of
    a set of brake pads, I'd be highly upset!!!

    Last time I checked, most pads come with metal
    tabs that begin to rub against the rotors and
    cause a screeching sound which indicates that
    the pads need replacing. I've got almost
    128,000 miles on my factory pads, and they're
    still in good shape. I plan to replace all
    the pads/linings once the weather warms up...

    I changed the pads on my wife's '97 Plymouth
    Breeze at 75k, and they were fine, too. And
    that's a front wheel drive car, with an automatic
    transmission, which I would suspect to be harder on
    front brakes than a rear-wheel drive, 5-speed
    truck that weighs about 800 pounds less...

    Preventive maintenance is one thing, but I think
    you might have gone a little too much on the
    safe side with your brake service...JMO...
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    128k mi on a set of front disk pads seems a little high. But I'll take your word for it.

    I would guess that must be all highway miles since mine was all city.

    The pads I had did have the little tabs that start screeching when they hit the rotors.

    I had just started to hear that and that is why I checked the pads.

    I have never heard of anyone getting more than 30k out of a set of front pads on a new vehicle.

    I have achieved more life out of semi metallic replacement pads.(but they do cause more wear on the rotors)

    I have always seen that the rear shoes on drum brakes consistently get over 100k before they need changing.

    I don't think changing pads at 1/8 in, that were originally 3/4 in thick when new, is being overly safe. I guess if you want to wait until the rivets dig into the rotors then that is up to you.

    I don't make a habit of relying on the metal tabs to squeal because they don't always work.

    Having to replace rotors in the past has shown me that.

    And in case your now thinking that I must ride my brakes (2 foot driving), that is not the case and never has been.

    After having driven for over 25 years and doing all my own repair work (except for re building transmissions) I kinda feel that I know a little about proper maintainance on a car.

    The following is an excerpt from an article written by a Volvo service manager.

    "Exceptional brake wear on a BMW or Volvo is 20,000 to 30,000 miles with 10,000 to 15,000 miles being very common."

    Bottom line is that brake life depends on the driving conditions and pad material. The more stop and go and the softer the material the shorter the life of the pad. (these pads will also be quiter and have a lot of dust which is typical of original equipment brakes)

    Go to the link below for a decent article on brake materials from MotorAge Magazine.

  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    One more side comment.

    A 97 plymouth breeze has a curb weight of about 2900 lbs.
    A 98 Chevy S10 weighs in at about 3100 lbs.

    Where is this 800 lbs you are referring to.

    The truck is also an automatic not a standard.
  • If I told you where the 800 lbs came from, my
    wife would shoot me !!! (actually, she drives
    a four-person car pool everyday...)

    Yes, almost all of my miles are on the highway.
    And I do take advantage of downshifting when I
    am decelerating, which should increase brake
    pad life.

    It's been my experience that rear brake linings
    can last twice as long as front pads, but this
    isn't always the case, because the rear shoes
    wore out on my wife's car before the front pads

    I too have been driving and servicing my own
    vehicles since 1973. And driving style does
    make a difference with the way any part performs,
    not just brakes. I drove a 1974 Camaro for so
    long that I began to baby it, and that driving
    style has continued with me to this day. I don't
    have to be the first car off the line at a red
    light, I don't have to be the first car in line
    on a two lane road, and I don't have to worry
    about being 5 minutes late to work because I
    have a 3 and 1/2 hour arrival window.

    I also owned a 1989 Mazda B2200 that I put over
    225,000 miles on, all with the same clutch. I've
    had good luck with all of my vehicles so far, and
    this S-10 I have has been OK by me, too.

    By no means did I want to come across like I was
    insulting your experience or
    still strikes me as strange that front pads need
    to replaced as often as windshield wipers...we
    obviously have differing opinions on this topic,
    as well as different experiences...

    I've never worn a pad/lining down to the rivets,
    and I've also never had to have a drum or rotor
    replaced on any car that I or my wife has driven.

    I also think that resurfacing both drums and
    rotors is simply a way for repair shops to make
    an easy buck, because many of them will do all
    they can to convince you that the part is out
    of spec and must be replaced.

    Good luck with your truck. And after all of this
    discussion, thanks for sharing your brake life
    experience with us/me...I think I'll go have
    another look at my brake pads sooner than later...
  • Just for kicks, I went to and poked
    around in their forum looking for any comments
    related to brakes....some mentioned the lack of
    mileage they received, but one person posted
    almost the same results that I did...105,000
    miles with a manual, as I
    hope we both can agree, it's not what you drive,
    it's how it's driven...
  • My 2001 S-10 sports the V-6 4.3L 4-speed auto, in an Extended cab LS edition, 3.42 axle ratio. Mileage stated on the sticker is 17 City, 22 Highway. Full range is stated as 14-26mpg. Thus far on the 4 tanks of gas used, I have gotten 17.1, 17.3, 18.8, 16.8mpg. 90% of my driving is in the city. So I am thus far pleased with the MPG. Now here is where I have a complaint. Supposedly I have a 19 gallon tank, yet after consuming just 12 gallons of gas my LOW FUEL light comes on. Is it possible my truck was built with the wrong/smaller tank? I think a range of approximately 220 miles per tank is pittiful. I am tempted to run the tank out to see how much fuel it will take. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a gas guage problem?
  • I was considering purchasing a 1994 Chev S10 with a 2.2L 4cyl engine and an automatic transmission. Since 1994 was the very first model year for the new style S10 I was wondering if this vechicle is a reliability risk. I would appreciate any opinions.
  • Try researhing Edmund's own records here:

  • My wife and I both drive S-10s. I have 38k miles on my manual, and the wife has 34k on her auto (mostly city driving for both). Both trucks have the original front brake pads, and there is still some usable life left. I should at least get into the 45k+ range with mine, while hers is a lease that goes back in a few months so I'll never know how long they'll last.

    However, a co-worker of mine only got 20k out of his brake pads on his 99 S-10.

    I think driving style makes all the difference.
  • My truck looks like new, drives like new, and i love it... ill never sell it. the mielage is 135,000, and the engine runs smooth as new. everything works, although i would prefer the 4.3 rather than the current 2.8 5 speed that i have.
    i put 3,000 miles a month on it and if you keep up the maintenance you should have no problem with getting over 200k on it. ive never owned a chevy before this, ive had mazda and ford trucks, ill never change again. this summer i plan on buying a 2001 model 4.3 liter and keeping the one i have.
  • I own a'99 S-10 extended cab with the 4 cyl/5 speed tarns. Overall, I'm very satisfied - having had one other S-10 (an '82 with the 2.8 V-6 and 4 speed - yes, 4 speed.... they hadn't come out with a 5 speed yet when I bought it!)
    The 82 gave me better gas mileage - go figure!, but I like the nicer interior (LS) in the 99.
    The only GRIPE I have with it is these automatic headlights combined with daytime running lights - there's no way to shut them off at night without turning the ignition (and the engine) off. I'm sure there's a way to get around this little "feature" - but I haven't found it yet.

    As far as the traction problem goes - I just buy several sacks of sand and leave them in the bed during the winter months! (my first aftermarket purchase was a bed liner!)
  • 1. Anybody using Slick 50 or any other teflon additives? If so, what have you experienced?
    2. Is there any other relatively inexpensive changes that can be made to the 4.3l V-6 for better mileage and performance? I'm looking at K&N filter, new plugs etc.
    3. Is there a speed limiter on this engine? I hope not. If there is, is there anyway around it? I told a friend that owns an 01 Maxima that I was going to blow his doors of at the track :).
    Enough questions, now my experience.
    I purchased a 99 S-10 ext. cab, V6, 5spd, 3rd door, LS trim. I've always wanted a sport truck. I love the power and feel the truck has. I traded in my 95 Sonoma 4cyl. This truck had its problems (head gasket leak, lifters rattling al the time, and hesitation in lower part of power band) but I still loved to drive it. I replaced the head and gasket hoping to kill two birds with one stone, but no such luck. It did get great gas mileage (26-29 mpg highway) but no power in 5th with the AC on.
    Thanks in advance.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    Check out or go to there are lots of topics for almost anything you'd like to know.

  • After reading through a couple of messages, I see that the S-10 seems to have a positive review.
    From my own experience, I own a 97 S-10 extended cab 4X4 LS trim, with the 262ci V6 vortec engine and auto trans. The truck is mainly stock. I get between 10-15 M.P.G. while 95% of my driving is city. The trucks curb weight is about 3700lbs., though it looks alot lighter. I average about 15-25K on the front pads, which isn't too bad and from what alot of people tell me it rides alot smoother than the Ford or Dodge mini pickup's. I due plan to change over the exhaust, intake, ignition, and a couple of other pieces that I can't quite remember at this time.
    In response to edwin76, shutting off the daytime running lamps is a matter of pulling a fuse, as far as the auto lights, Im not sure because I don't have that problem with the 97, but it can probably be resolved the same way.
    In response to dcnbill from my own personal experience, engine additives are a bad idea unless your looking to clean something out, other wise stick to a high quality motor oil. For a faster truck, power usally comes with a big price. How deep is your wallet? Speed limiter can removed or at least brought up using the HYPERTECH POWER PROGRAMER which just plugs right into the service port under the dash. This little item carries a price tag between $300-$350 depending on where you pick it up. It also has a bunch of other little nifty settings that can improve mileage and performance, check it out!
    Any way gotta go for now, be post'in later!!!
  • Here are my answeres to your questions

    1. I use slick 50 and Mobil 1 synthetic. I haven't noticed any differences, but if nothing else slick 50 offers a free 100,000 mile engine warranty.

    2. There really is no such thing as cheap horsepower. K&N is your best bet. You could also get a lower temp thermostat or platinum spark plugs & wires. After that, you could go the after-cat exhaust route or the Hypertech programmer route, but now your talking hundreds of dollars.

    3. The speed should be limited to 95mph. Hypertech programmer can defeat this limit.
  • I have a 1990 4WD 2-door and I wonder if 31 X 10.50's will fit on it? Anyone have ideas? My rims are just the stock rims that come with the newer blazers...they are not "deep" and they are 15" rims. Any help is appreciated.

  • siebecwsiebecw Posts: 3
    Ya the guy that sold me my S-10 said he got 25 mpg. I checked it and found it to be 21.8 after four consective trys in the winter. All 55-60m/hr driving. I can't believe you got 27!!!
  • nubira1nubira1 Posts: 13
    I am a new owner of a S-10 ZR-2. I have had it for about a week. Does anyone have a problem with the gas gauge going down quickly and then going back up? This is also on fairly level ground. It seemed to happen at a quarter tank. I love the truck so far. I have always been a Ford person so this is a strange time for me but, the S-10 has the look that I wanted in the ZR-2. As far as the problem, am I just looking for a problem?
  • jim4444jim4444 Posts: 124
    Yes theres a govenor at 99 mph. Get the Hypertech reprogrammer to raise your top speed, you can also "supertune" with it.

    Try an exhaust system like cat back or headers for more power.

    Hope you have posi!!
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