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Chevy S10 Owner Reviews



  • Mine's been doing that for as long as
    I can remember....must be something to
    do with the throw-out bearing or something...
    heck, I don't know, but when I parked my
    truck this morning, the odometer read 159,001,
    so if I were you, I wouldn't worry too much
    about it....

    I don't know anything about the way your
    dash light dimmer works or how/where it's
    mounted, but I can't recall mine ever being
    illuminated....mine is next to the head light
    switches on the far left side of the dash...
    one problen I did have once was that my
    dash lights went dark a couple of times, but
    that turned out to be a bad fuse connection,
    'cause all I did was flip the fuse over and
    re-insert it and it hasn't happened since...
  • Thanks to 18fan and the5car for your reply. My truck is almost 2 years old and if there are things I need to complain about then I had better get started before the warranty runs out. Thanks to you 2 and your replies I think I will just leave things alone. Other than the two concerns mentioned I have no complaints. Thanks again people.
  • The forum below is an excellent source

    for S-10 how-to's and repair....

    They cover a whole host of problems all the

    time, and the link above just happens to

    focus on the 'marble' sound you're noticing...


    Pretty cool, huh ???

  • we went out and purchased our crew cab the other day, all in all it was well worth the time and effort that we put into the decision. Our dealer went out of their way to help us purchase the vehicle..after the rebates but adding tax we got it for just over 22K..after looking at similar posts we got a good wife just loves it, now I have to fight her over who drives it next.
  • Any one have experience with the fuel gauge not reading properly? The needle is just left of the full mark. The dealer said it was normal but after service manager and I filled another S10 and the needle moved all the way past full to the right he said there was a problem.

    First attempt to fix--They replaced the sending unit in September 01--problem never changed.

    Second attempt to fix--They agreed to change the instrument module but instead installed another sending unit January 02. The problem did not change.

    Third attempt to fix--Feb 02--said they took a cluster out of another S10 and temporarily installed in mine. The gauge did not read differently so they told me the condition is normal and nothing can be done.

    Now Chevrolet Customer Assistance says the situation is a normal operating condition. They will not do anything further.

    Any suggestions or has anyone had this problem? Could there be a step missing from the GM installation of the sending unit? Would there be any procedure that would require some type of calibration of the fuel gauge to the sending unit?

    The truck has only 2300 miles on it.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    My Sonoma reads above full when filled.My Cavalier read above full until the sender was replaced on recall,now it reads right at full.I would say your problem is sender unit,the float wire needs to be bent so the float does not touch the top of the tank before the potentiometer goes full scale.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    I'm here to announce the new Chevrolet S-10 Owners club now available on Owners Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Pickups.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • I had bought a 1996 extended cab SL new with the 4.3 V6, 5 speed manual and locking rearend. At the time I almost bought the Tacoma but decided on the S-10 since it was alittle less with the same items. So after about 40k I started thinking I should have got the Tacoma and now after 67k I am sure. I use the truck for personel use occationally hauling something from the store, a motorcycle, etc. Lite hualing use. I have run synthetic oil in the engine, trans and rearend. To date this is the history of repairs:
    -engine doesn't slow down sometimes until you hit 5-8mph. Hangs 1300-2200 rpm. They never found the cause. Random problem sometimes slows down the speeds back up. Very strange thank god I have manual trans.
    -water pump @ 40+k (question this one)
    -brakes front & rear 40+k (acceptable)
    -main seal power steering ~43k (unacceptable)
    -~45k right front upper ball joint broke. Lucky only going 20-25mph. (unacceptable)
    -left upper ball joint broke ~55k. Lucky again backing out of garage. Chevy mechanic said it was ok when the fixed the first one.(unacceptable)
    -Top transmission seal leaking. (unacceptable)
    -66k bad u-joint in drive shaft (vibrations). Had to have u-joints replace, hanger bearing and the shaft had to be straightened/balanced. Shaft was bent. I don't do hole shots or carry heavy loads. (unacceptable)
    -66k oil leak in oil pan or rear main seal. Pan most likely according to mechanic. Also rear main seal on trans starting to leak. (unacceptable)
    -Last two trucks were Nissans and I didn't do any of these repairs in 120k. Nissan didn't have the V6 available when I was buying.

    So from my experience I don't see me owning any more of these trucks. Even my wife who owned GM products her whole life didn't want to buy any more GM products after we owned the truck. She was free to buy whatever she wanted. Has a Maxima now. Looking for replacement now.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Is the current S-10's chassis the exact same thing that was introduced with the 1st generation in 1982?
  • jim4444jim4444 Posts: 124
    In 1994 the S10 was all new, new body and chassis, about the only things from the old S10 are the 4.3 V6 drivetrains.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    What mileage are owners getting? I am getting 15 MPG city and 17 to 17.5 on highway. Hoping that MPG on hwy will improve.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Do you have 2WD or 4WD ??
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    I have 4WD. All the CC's are 4WD with the 4.3 and automatic. Not really much to choose except color and cloth or leather. EPA mpg listed is 15 city and 20 hwy so I am not surprised about my 15 mpg city, but I was hoping to get 20 on hwy as I am very easy on the gas pedal. The problem with the mileage is that the S-10 weighs 4000 lbs. It needs to loose 500 to 800 lbs in my opinion.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I would say thats about right,the manufactures are fighting any mandated increase in fuel milage right now,makes you feel good doesn't it.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    considering that Tom Daschle is the one spearheading the CAFE fight lately, i am quite sure its not about CARING, but about making the government and the enviro-wackos look good.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    besides, most of the standard "things" the manufacturers do to increase mileage, such as building a POS like the Aspire just to boost the average (and endangering those dumb enough to drive them), and tinkering with emissions and such, which compromises the power and towing and hauling capabilities. i myself would like to see modest improvements where they can be made. but i sure dont think a Ram 3500 should get 40 mpg like Puff Daschle does. what a self-centered [non-permissible content removed].
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    the things i typed are true and unbiased. does it matter what my party affiliation is? to answer your question, yes i am a republican. but would what i said be less true if i was Democrat? just something to think about.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    I just checked a website, Cars Direct. i looked up the s-10, and its is an awesome deal. they have a loaded truck with lots of goodies for like 16 grand!! i know i dissed them before, but theyre offering a great deal on a better than average truck. if i hadnt already bought a ranger i would check it out closer. i would still avoid the 2.2l though.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    could tell that from thousands of miles away,my vote will cancel out yours.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    i wasnt being hateful. i said the truth. i think we all should do what we can. and we should choose the party or person who can help us the most as a country. and it isnt who you think it is. look into it. please.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Could you post what engine, transmission, and what mpg you get city/highway in your S-10's?
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    mine was an s-10 Tahoe, 1993, with 2.8 liter v6 and stick. i got 27 on the highway and something like 19 in town. i was very happy with it. i didnt have to do anything but change oil and get gas.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I found out many years ago that all people don't think alike.The baby boomers are starting to retire they will have the same agenda i have,thats going to be interesting.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    99 Sonoma std cab auto a/c 2.2 175 lb Leer cap.29 mpg at 55 to 60 mph and 25 mpg at 70 mph.I have come to the conclusion it needs 20 more hp.The 2.2 EcoTec would be perfect.
  • the5carthe5car Posts: 26
    97 S-10 LS Std cab/short bed, 2.2L/5speed...
    161,000 miles...around 27mpg, all at highway
    speeds of 55-75mph...
  • yellowdryellowdr Posts: 41
    After 4200 miles on my 2001 4x4 crew cab I can report an average of 16mpg in town and 20-21 on the highway. The highway trips include 50 miles per tank in town or around town as well so I expect the "all road" mileage to be slightly better. Time will tell.
    Chevy NEEDS to fix the gas gauge. It has been a constant problem in chevs since my "69" malibu...

    Nice truck..but does anyone know if Chevy will continue to make an S10 in 2003? All Edmund's reviewer will talk about is the "OLD" S10 being replaced by the "Dodge like" Colorado!

    Any news?
  • the5carthe5car Posts: 26
    If you click on the 'Reviews' link above,
    then scroll down to the section that says
    'Future Cars', select "Chevrolet' and you'll
    get some information on the 2004 Colorado
    that's slated to replace the S-10, along
    with a new mid-size truck model in 2005
    that is expected to compete with the Dakota...
  • rob129rob129 Posts: 8
    check mesg.#465,469,474,&491;Haven,t been on the website in awhile due to computer problems.Bought a new compaq and it was a lemon,anyway after the 4th time in shop my 98 chevy zr-2 tranny now shifts from 1st to 2nd ok.80,000 miles on truck now.Sorry can't tell you what exactly what they( GMC) did, but can tell you what parts were used.Installed solenoids for tcc&pcs,r&r valve body for modification-replaced spacer & gaskets,replaced filter parts=495.00,labor348.00,total$885.00.Due to service manager never billing me they agreed to $423.00 for their cost of parts & 2hrs. labor.Since trans.problems I've had to replace water pump and rear u-joint.Still have original brakes so that's probaly next.I'll probaly keep truck another year or 2 since I just bought my neighbors car.(1992 buick le sabre 8,000 miles!!!91 year old lady passed away) Will make for a good work car, now s-10 can take a long nap & get used when weather is bad.
  • timz58timz58 Posts: 44
    I just traded off my 98 Sonoma Ext Cab SLS 3 door on a Honda CRV. Hated to see it go but the Honda will make a better rig tow tow behind our motor home. The GMC had the 4.3 Vortec and lots of power. It rode a little stiff for a two wheel drive but had good load capacity and never failed me anywhere. Mileage was in the low 20's with mostly 75-80 MPH highway travel. The OEM Uniroyals were fine in all kinds of weather. You had to use a light foot on the throttle (especially in the wet weather) or the tires would break loose(gobs of torque from the 4.3) but I experienced no hydro planing of excessive slippage. I pulled a 3,000 # trailer numerous times with a bumper hitch, no trailer brakes and never wanted for power or stopping ability. Dislikes were a not too comfortable seat, wind and road noise, poor body integrity(as compared to our 99 Accord) and some minor electrical problems. My wife is only 5'1" and had to sit on a pillow to drive it comfortably. The muffler was replaced under warranty at about 34,000 miles when a baffle came loose. We got $10,000 trade on the Honda with the Sonoma having only 38000 miles. Original purchase price was about $16000. I've read lots of negative reports on Edmunds and in Consumers Guide but experienced nothing especially troubling with the vehicle and would have recommended it to anyone without worry.
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