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ford power stroke diesel questions



  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    The Ford web site says "Winter 2003".

    I assume that's closer to January, 2003 than December, 2003.
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    I had heard the 6.0 diesel would have aluminum heads, but this site refutes that. Has anything come out yet on what actual fuel mileage will be on the F-350 with this engine and a manual tranny?
    I had heard it would be stronger and use less fuel than the larger and older version.
  • Who manufactured the 1999 7.3l powerstroke. ?
  • International/Navistar made both the 7.3L and the new 6.0L.
  • Mr. Maige,

    The prochure that I have from on the 6.0 PSD specifies cast iron as the cylinder head material.

    I test drove a 6.0 PSD with the new Torqshift transmission today in a Super duty F250 Crew Cab With a long bed.

    I have always purchased GM products as I am most attracted to drivetrain power. I have also driven the GMC 2500 HD with the Duramax and the Allison 5 speed AT. I was lured to the new 6.0 PSD by it's superior power rating and what many reviewers refer to as Ford's better Build quality. The Ford really surprised me.

    My father in law owns a 1999 1 ton Ford with the 7.3 PSD and it is loud and gets horrible gas mileage (13-14 average). The new PSD with the Torqshift was stronger, smoother, as quiet and felt more solid than the GMC with the Duramax. I enjoyed driving the Ford much more than the GMC. I was very impressed by the Torqshift AT as it did not have the anoying shiftdown characteristics of the Allison. It felt as though the turning radius was tighter on the Ford as well.

    The dealer cliams a 20% increase in mileage over the old 7.3 PSD. Most reviews that I have found claim a 10% increase. This would put the mileage in the 17 MPG range according to my calculation.

    The only draw back of the Ford over the GMC is the cost. GMC seems more eager to sell the truck with incentives such as $1000.00 cash back and 0% financing for 60 months. I was also able to find one for $100.00 under dealer invoice. Because of the demand and availability of the new 6.0 PSD they are selling above MSRP in some cases and Ford has no Cash Back or special financing incentives. So now I must pay much more or settle for the inferior GMC. I almost wish that I did not test drive the Ford
  • We got the '02 F250 diesel - it's not loud like the '99-'00s were. Fuel mileage runs 18-23 (city-highway). We love it - we too were Chevy fans until our lemon '00. We absolutely LOVE our Ford. I believe they do have a sharper turning radius than the Chevs., but we also notice that you actually have to 'steer' the truck more than the Chevs.

    You might want to check the Ford website I see that they do have $1500 cash back or $500 cash back & financing options in our area for the 7.3s. If you can find one, try it, you might be impressed.

    Best of luck with your decision.

  • Does Ford plan on putting the new 6.0 diesel engine into the Expedition? This would make a great SUV with better MPG and towing. I would like to see this happen since Ford is ending production of the Excursion in 2004. Doug
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