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Nissan Maxima v. Mazda Millenia



  • sizzla123sizzla123 Posts: 18
    Is it worth the extra $3,500 to get the "S" 2.3L engine over the "P" engine, 2.5L? How do they compare?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    If you just have to get to 60 a couple of seconds quicker, get the 2.3L. If not, get the 2.5L. The Supercharged 2.3L will outdrag the 2.5L but seems to have little other advantage. It also "REQUIRES" minimum 93 octane gasoline, and has more required maintenance and problems due to the added complexity of the supercharger.

    The 2.5L has "RECOMMENDED" 93 octane fuel, but in real life is perfectly happy on 87 octane. That is at least 20 cents per gallon difference on gasoline prices at most filling stations. Fuel milage is virtually identical between the two.

    The P comes with 16 inch instead of 17 inch wheels, which puts a little more cushion between you and the road, but I have seen no complaints from S drivers about the ride quality. You might say S=sporty ride as compared to P=plush ride. The S also has anti-sway bars both front and rear, while the P has only a rear bar.

    I included the wheel info, because it is directly associated with your engine choice. Although you can put 17 inch wheels on the P if you want to, I don't think they are a listed option.

    As you can see, there is more involved than an engine choice between the S and P.

    Both engines are just about bullet proof, so drive both and see if the extra power is important to you, then take your pick. They are both great cars at givaway prices, so check at least three dealers to get your best deal. I ran into a completely dishonest dealer who wanted to talk MSRP, and the next gave me the rock bottom out the door price.

    Happy car hunting.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    The wife and I went to see the MM the other day. I liked the looks of both the exterior and the interior. My wife ,however, found the passenger seat to be the worst that she has sat in. We have looked at the Camry, TL, RL, G20, I35, and the ES300. Even I, who usually likes all of the seats, found the MM seats to be uncomfortable. This factor knocks the MM out of the running. It was too bad because other than the seats the MM was not a bad car. Do not feel too bad because my wife hated the TL's seats too so that model is also out of the running. Oh, by the way, the wife loves the seats in the RL and ES300 (the two most expensive models). So thanks for all the info on the MM but will not be buying it.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Funny, the wives seem to be the ones with the seat problem. :)

    Quote: "My wife ,however, found the passenger seat to be the worst that she has sat in."

    Maybe she wasn't aware it is 8 way power adjustable.

    My wife's was with the Maxima SE drivers seat. When she sat down, she got a startled look on her face and asked, "why is the seat so hard". She is used to the over stuffed seats in her Oldsmobile 88. I then tried it and found it too firm, but acceptable.

    As a 60 yr old with hemhoroids (more than you needed to know ),and I have driven my '01 MM P 5300 miles in total comfort ( 350 mile + stretches ) except for the arthritis in my right knee that complains when I am on cruise control, for lack of a good place to rest it. I have the same problem driving her '95 Olds 88, so it is not a MM problem.

    At any rate, enjoy whatever you get. But I can assure you that you are missing out on the best new car deal available by passing up the MM.
  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    Posted similar question under Millenia Sedans topic but no replies to date. Would like to purchase a new '02 Millenia P over an S for reduced upfront as well as maintenance (60k mile service) costs. If I install similar sway bars (front/rear?) and 17" wheels will I achieve the improved handling of the S model? Is the faster engine in the S worth the add'l expense? Comments appreciated. Thank you.
  • dpbxnydpbxny Posts: 1
    I currently own a 98 millenia, a 98 bmw 328i, and a 2002 nissam maxima se, have any of you millenia owners noticed the FLASHING HOLD BUTTON on your dash, a constant problem with mazdas for the past 10 years. My millenia has become the dust collector in my garage because if i want speed and comfort, i jump in the max, if i want handling and features, i jump in the bmw, if you are into the flashing yellow light on your dash screaming "I will put you in any gear i choose because mazda refuses to admit they have a problem with their transmissions", then jump into all the millenias you want, anyone interested in a 98 millenia with a flashing yellow light????
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    I have a 2000 Maxima SE and a 2001 Millenia P and I agree that the tranny in the MM is not good at all. Thankfully, my wife loves her Millenia and I love my Maxima.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote:"Thankfully, my wife loves her Millenia and I love my Maxima."

    That works out well. I love my Millenia, and my wife wants to get rid of her Oldsmobile for a Mazda MPV.
  • I own a 95 millenia S and a 2002 maxima se. While the latter has more power without a question, I personally prefer the millenia due to the following reasons.

    1. My Millenia has 112K miles on it. Not one thing has broken down. The maxima has 11k miles on it and already has been to the dealer twice, once with a leaking engine oil seal, and second with a malfunctioning airconditioner.

    2. The millenia has no rattles. The maxima has several.

    3. While the maxima has more power and a smoother auto transmission, the millenia's power is quite exceptional, especially when accelerating from say 60-90mph. The automatic transmission of the millenia could be smoother and it is a bit slow to downshift. However, the millenia handles better than the maxima at high speeds, especially while negotiating a curbve. The maxima's tail seems to have a mind of its own, while the millenia stays firmly planted despite slight body sway. The maxima's body structure and chassis is not on par with its engine.

    4. The interior of the millenia, in my opinion, is more tasteful and elegant. The automatic air conditioning system works exceptionally well (as opposed to the maxima's), and the auto tilt is a feature that is very easy to get used to.

    5. I think that the pre 2001 millenia, especially the 95-98 models (with the original grill), are extremely elegant looking. The maxima is ugly, especially from the rear. Looks do matter.

    All said and done, I prefer my ols 95 millenis S to my new maxima despite the latter's power advantage.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Stupid question: If you think the Maxima is "ugly", why did you get one??.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I almost did the same thing. Despite it's awkward front and rear styling, I was ready to buy a Max due to the overexuberant postings about it's power. I drove it (all three models) and could not begin to understand what the fuss was all about. The sales manager would not come down the additional $300 I required to buy, so I walked out. I bought my Millenia P that same day for about $1500 less than the best price I was able to get on a GXE Max. Man am I glad that sales manager was so hard headed.

    With 7000 flawless miles on my new Millenia, I have absolutely no reservations. I am totally convinced I got the better of the two cars.
  • voochvooch Posts: 92
    Ask people who buy Accord's that =) They seem to discount styling and place more value on "quality", "fit and finish", "reliability" when comparing cars. Even though these attributes can be had on many other cars, take the Millenia for example. And the Max.

    Just go read the Honda boards.
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    That is not always true. I am sure you have heard the expression "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I happen to love my Max. Could they have made it more attractive? Definitly but I love to look at it as I walk towards it, walk away from it, Geez, even on my computer monitor (I made a wallpaper of it).

    I was not in love with the tail end of the car yet a friend that saw my new car looked at the rear and said "I really love the back end, its so different"

    To each his own.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Imagine if you had the Millenia-may you would take it to bed, it's that gorgeous.:)
  • voochvooch Posts: 92
    I wasn't saying the Maxima is ugly. I was trying to justify some of the possible reasons why people may buy a car they don't find particularly attractive. I personally think both the Millenia and Maxima are good looking cars.
    I was trying to say that I think most people who buy Accords and Camrys buy them NOT for their looks(as neither are lookers), but for other qualities they possess(or think they possess). Then, I was trying to get him to deduce that maybe you bought the Max for other reasons, other than looks - just like ppl who buy Camcords...
  • mtkaplanmtkaplan Posts: 15
    You are right. I did not buy the Max for looks. I personally like my previous cars better in the looks dept (300M, Sebring Conv, Olds Cutlass Sup. Conv for examples) There are better looking cars.. but I didn't buy it in spite of its looks either. And you are perfectly right on the Camcords... Generally not beautiful cars (but they don't look bad either) but they are sold on their reliability, economy etc.

    I just bought the Max because IMO, it is the best car available for the money. For a lot more money I could have gotten a better car for sure but I found no other car had the combination of options, comfort, performance and looks that I liked better. And that seems to be the view of most Maxima owners I have been in contact with. Maxima... the BEST car for the money.

    BTW... What car do you have? Max or Mil?
  • voochvooch Posts: 92
    Turns out I don't have either heh. I have a Celica, which I'm finding out is extremely small and impractical. It will probably be the last two door car I buy until I have a mid-life crisis =) I loved the '84-'85 Celicas and Supras so I decided I'd try a newer one. But the newer ones aren't like those older ones. So I'm looking for a bigger car, a mid-sized sedan. None of my friends will ride with me because its so small heh.
    I love Mazdas though, thats why I patrol the Mazda boards. I like the Maxima too but its a little to big for me I think. Although its cool that they have a manual V6 option though. I couldn't drive an automatic, which is why I like Mazdas, they are pretty good about having a standard as an option in most of their cars.
    My sister-in-law has an '89 Maxima that is in pristine condition and has had very few problems, so I know they're good cars. I like the design of that model year too. I like the current Maxima too, its conservative but not boring like the Camry and Accord.
    But, I'm waiting for the MAZDA6 hatchback to come out before I really start shopping though. Its hard to wait though because it seems they are giving away Maximas, Altimas, Millenias, 626s, Accords, just about everything.
  • fosterphxfosterphx Posts: 9
    I put 108,000 troublefree miles on a 93 Max SE that was a terrific car (good looks, power, and comfort). When I replaced it, the styling direction taken by Nissan turned me off so much that I traded the Max for a 99 MM S. It is a great looking, distinctive car with an overly complex engine. The 3.5l engine in the 2002 Max is a much better alternative for power, low end torque, and fuel economy (when cruising at 80mph I only get 24-25 mpg in the MM).
    My wife and I seriously considered a 2002 Max for her but instead purchsed a V6 Honda Accord. It has virtually all the features of a MM or Max GLE for only $22,500. Yeah, it looks like millions of other cars on the road but it is a terrific value and a very nice car to drive.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    ... but not for me. Rear suspension is BEAM! Puh-leese... it's noisy, and so squirrely on the highway. Wouldn't the Altima be a better pick in the Nissan stable?
    So, over a year ago I picked Mazda Millenia S as the better car - in my opinion - and cheaper, too. It has complicated engine... that delivers 100% in the power department, costs me $23 for oil change, and gets me 28mpg on the highway. And it looks soooo much better than the 25 Maximas in my company's parking lot!
    P.S. Isn't the Maxima completely redesigned for 2003 or 2004? They did it because it's not competitive anymore... :-)
  • Come on, let's not start this. The Maxima still has a better engine, it is bigger and one of Nissans best selling cars. Cost me $9 to change the oil. Are we comparing?. Another correction, the Maxima is being re-designed because of the Altima. The Millenia is going bye bye in favor of the Mazda 6. Which begs the question...which is the most succesful car?? The one that is being re-designed, or the one being scrapped??.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    I have never found the maxima to be squirrley nor noisy on the highway, the only time you will notice the rear beam is if you hit a large pot hole or bump while cornering aggresively. Dollar for dollar, millenia included, show me a car other than the maxima that gives you a 6-speed MT, limited slip differential, a slew of luxury options, plus 255 hp engine that delivers a 0-60 time of 6.0 seconds and a quarter mile of 14.77, skid pad 0.82g and 70-0 mph in high 170 ft. range(C&D). These numbers put the max in the same league as a V8 mustang. The TL-S is close but good luck getting one for 26 grand which is the going rate for a loaded max. The only deal close to this is the WRX, but no available leather, sunroof, HID, etc. along with less seating. As far as being non-competitive, last time I checked it was the best selling V-6 sedan in NA. The millenia is nice, but performance wise it is quite a few rungs down the ladder.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    I think that you meant that it was the best selling V6 IMPORT in North America.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    well, read my post again and pay attention. I said "... but not for me. " If HP per $ were the only issue, we'd be all driving Mustang SVT or some other dinosaur like that.
    I test drove both Millenia S and Maxima SE and GLE in the summer of 2001, and AT THAT TIME MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE was by FAR the Millenia. Two significant factors in favor of the Millenia: it was effortless, straight and true on the highway like a German car (both Maximas I drove required countless small steering correction all the time to keep them going straight... just like the 1990 Stanza I once had - with which, by the way - the Maxima still shares significant number of switchgear elements), and it cornered much better than the Maxima. Millenia stayed completely flat, and I was comfortably going 10-15% faster around corners than in the Maxima. Acceleration wise it was more than enough for me.
    Both Maximas also had a lot more road noise - that's a factor for me, too.
    Take it easy,
    P.S. Sorry for the uppercase, but I'm trying to make a point. Again.
  • Is a great car for what the dealers give them away for (that's why my wife has one). Usually around $23-25K. At anywhere near their MSRP...I would not give them a second look.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Exactly. Agreed. I like bang for the buck. But in a couple of years it'll be BMW 330 for me - so overpriced that it is the exact opposite of value :-)
  • If you want BMW 330i performance at a value price, give the Infiniti G35 a try (if you haven't done so already).
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    Noted that all your comments reflect personal bias, as demonstrated by your underlining, caps, use of exclamation points, and liberal addition of the letter O. However I was posting because I felt (a subjective feeling mind you) that several of your comments were of mark regarding the maxima. I believe that you will have quite a difficult time finding any numerical evidence supporting the superior cornering ability of the millenia as compared to the max, along with your description of the many corrections needed while trying to keep the nissan in a straight line. As far as shared switches between the stanza and the maxima- I can't comment, but who cares. I find the interior quite up to par. I would also be curious about road noise comparison if you can find the numbers, along with what cnsumer reports has to say regarding reliability. And considering the dollar for hp comment, if you are comparing the maxima along with the mustang to a dinosaur, you might as well toss the old millenia into the same category. But to each his own. A 2 second difference to 60 mph is a good enough reason for me to buy the max over the millenia, aside from acceleration they are fairly similar.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Thank you for finally noting that I was conveying my personal opinion - my liberal use of uppercase, underlining etc. did have the desired effect. You even said what I was saying all along - to each his own. Glad you understand, as a fellow disnosaur club member (maxima, millenia and ford mustang)
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    in 2001 I did test drive Acura TL, and TL-S, and Maxima. Plain and simple, for the money, Millenia S was the best deal AND I liked it the most. I won't go into details and analyze it to death, but ... the Maxima was just plain awful (IMHO!, before you start flaming), TL had a seat I hated (you don't sit in it, you're perched on it - I just wouldn't be able to live with it) and TL-S was 8-9K more than the Millenia when my trade was considered.

    Now, how can you compare it to BMW 330i? That's a $45K car. $45K!!! Almost 2 Millenias S. And they do sell it within $1.5K within sticker. BTW, today at lunch I test drove BMW 325i (2002 leftover) and yes, it's a nice car - but it has a fatal (again, for me) flaw - the thing revs at 3600+ RPM going 70-75mph. Try to take it on a longer trip, and you'll vibrate for hours after getting out of the car. The sticker was only $33.5 :-)

    So, is Acura NSX a better car than the Millenia? Sure... unless you want to put 2 pairs of skis in it !!! And it's not selling well, and it is being redesigned. How did you end up comparing it with the Millenia again? Never mind.


  • Lets just forget about troll68.
    The Millenia is still a remarkable car.

    Funny thing happen the other day-I was in the Trumbull Mall (Connecticut) and the three cars were parked next to each other.The Bimmer,The TL and The Millenia.Out of no where my wife says to me "WOW, thats a nice looking car".The Millenia caught her eye instantly and to be honest with you,it really was the better looking car.
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