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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • tom197tom197 Posts: 9
    I need new tires again. The 18" Pilots wore out at 20,000 miles. The Nitto's lasted 30,000 miles and have thread left, but are making alot of noise. I want tires that are quiet! Any recommendations?
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    I have a 2005 w/sport susp. I just bought a set of Kumho Ecsta's. they handle well and are quiet. Haven't had them long enough to gauge tread life.

    Also, they were cheaper than Goodyear's and Bridgestones.
  • lewiswlewisw Posts: 16
    On 2nd set of Toyo Proxes TPT's. Got about 20K out of the rears and 30K out of the fronts. Changed fronts after noise became really annoying. Not being able to rotate is going to limit any tire you put on. I don't think you'll do better than 20-25K on the rears no matter which tire you install.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    OK gang. It's Fall 2008 in New England once again, time to rev back up that great topic of how to survive the winter snow in a Coupe. I am forced this winter (for the first time) to drive my 04 with the auto trans as my daily driver in the snow. I want either winter tires on my existing 18" rims (Michelin original summer tires are finally cooked), or will spring for a set of dedicated rims and winter tires. I'm not going to monkey with all seasons.

    So I waded through 10 pages of posts in this Infinity forum after doing a "winter tire" search, most of which were not Coupes but were sedans with and without awd. I did a TireRack search and researched winters tires and (Infinity) customer comments, particularly those with Coupes. I also did the same search on the Nissan 350Z, assuming their rwd experiences and choices might be similar.

    Now that most of you experienced Coupe folks have had another winter under your belts with the current crop of available winter tires, I need to take an informal poll for some detailed specifics.

    Buy dedicated wheels, 17" or 18"?
    Tire brand preference/experience?
    Tire size preference (width in mm)?
    Offset sizes F/R or the same size?
    Tire profile preference?

    I have gravitated toward the Bridgestone Blizzak LM25 and the Dunlop Winter Sport M3 after reading the comments of others and noticing that the Dunlops seems to have far more purchasers commenting.

    Thanks for your input.

  • I have had most rwr cars for the past 15 years. I've had the 18" Dunlop Winter Sport M3 on my G35 Coupe and they were great. I also had them on my BMW. Last year I switched to an all weather tire; the ContiSportContact2 which has worked pretty well. Good luck

  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    Thank you for your prompt response.

    What state do you live in, and how much snow do you get? I live in MA; and while the annual average snowfall here is about 44 inches, we have had over double that some winters. I drove my Corvette for 11 Chicago winters on all season tires with no boo boos, getting stuck only once.....I backed into a snow drift and had to get towed out. So I am no stranger to rwd and a car not particularly suited for snow. I have no interest in another Summer tire for how I drive and what I want out of the car.

    When I first began to consider an alternative to the Michelin OE tires, the Continental ContiExtremeContact was one Ultra High Performance all season tire that popped up with some good stats and purchaser survey comments for winter use, but you mention ContiSportContact2 which I need to research. My initial "wish" was to get by with one set of rims (originals) and one set of tires year round.

    After reading this Forum and the posters' comments, however, I realized the a/s tires might not be adequate for this car and my needs. Yup, the G35 Coupe with Summer tires is dangerous as soon as the first snowflake flies and downright lethal shortly thereafter. The safety and relative worry-free scenario the winter tires they suggested would provide had moved me into the winter tire camp.

    Now you have me thinking again about all seasons since you have gotten through the snow scenario with the all seasons. Which car did you put the a/s tires on? G35 or Beemer?

  • I have posted my experiences here in the past. I have a 2005 auto coupe with the 19" wheels and sport tuned suspension. I purchased a second set of wheels (18") with Dunlop MP3s. I bought them offset F/R but did not put in the air pressure sensors. The reason for the second set of wheels was for ease of changing.

    Anecdotally, I have heard that the Blizzaks are not good for multiple seasons, but have no personal experience.

    I believe the size is the same as the OEMs except for the 18" wheel. I live in Michigan, where we did not have a lot of snow the first year, but made up for it last season. Many deep snowfalls and freezing weather.

    I am about to get my third season on the Dunlops. An additional advantage (sortof) is that you get longer life (in years, not miles) out of your summer tires. I had the original Bridgestone Potenzas, but just replaced them with Kumho Ecstas.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    So you are running 225 fronts and 245 rears with the winter tires? Normal winter sizing has a recommendation of stepping down a wheel size as you did, but stepping down tire width as well which you didn't. In Michigan, were there times with the Dunlops when the snow depth still kept the car home because of limited ground clearance?

    I spent some time this weekend still thinking (reading) about a pure winter tire versus new all seasons for my Coupe. The readers survey responses (TireRack) on the G Coupe seemed more in the Dunlop Winter MP3s camp than the other Winter tires, if only because more readers responded to the survey that had purchased the Dunlop tires versus Blizzaks and the others.

    Some of the G Coupe survey comments on the ultra high performance Bridgestone Potenza RE 960 AS Pole Position got me wondering if I could get by in a MA winter on existing rims going the all season route with 100 pounds nestled in the trunk. Worse case, I'd be back out buying rims/winter tires in 3-4 months. Or is this just wishful thinking?

    Your comments are most appreciated.

  • I think it is wishful thinking. I had one instance where I tried to blast through an unplowed driveway and got stuck at the bottom because of clearance and the buildup as I tried to blast out. Had to get a tow. Never got stuck once I was out and about.

    The biggest problem with the Potenzas will be stopping, not going. The summer tires have little grip when it is wet and cold.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    The Bridgestone Potenza 960 is not a summer tire, it's high performance all season. Anyone have these?

  • So sorry for the late response; I haven't been on the site in a while so you probably have your tires by now. I've had the a/s tires on both cars. I live north of Cincinnati so we definitely don't get the amount of snow that you get. However, I've driven these tires in 5-6 inches before the salt trucks have been out and haven't had much of a problem. It's a little hilly between home and work so I still need to be careful. If you have alot of hills and alot of snow maybe the Dunlop snows are your best bet.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    A Winter tire and wheel package would be optimal, agreed. The Dunlops on dedicated rims would be my first choice. But......

    I just think that, since I need to replace the oe Summer Michelins soon, and I would settle for a permanent all season snow alternative (not great but it will get you by) on existing rims, why would I want to pay the $1,400 for the dedicated Winter tire and wheel package, only to have to go out and fork over another $900 when the snows have to come off come April?

    The number of times during the Winter I figure to get hit with 6+ inches of snow AND, simultaneously, road crews that don't keep up with the rate of snowfall..... less than a half dozen times, if that? I can live with waiting out the scenario for a couple of hours until the road crews catch up.

    Look, these G35 Coupes destroy tires under the best of conditions. No matter what tire brand you choose, no matter what type of tire you choose, no matter what performance category you choose, no matter what the tread life rating and warranty says, and no matter what you spend......15,000-20,000 miles seem to be a common limit with posters before G35 Coupe tires become overly annoying or plain unsafe on dry or wet pavement, snow notwithstanding.. This rwd car is what the car is, and the G35 Coupe will never be a snow traction or snow clearance champion.

    I am somewhat surprised more Edmunds posters in my boat have not chimed in here. I want to thank you for sharing your personal experience with the all seasons, particularly the Bridgestone Potenza 960s that the TireRack consumers and the road test staff seem to prefer as a viable alternative to dedicated wheels/winter tires.

    I can't believe there are not a lot of readers out there who don't garage the car in Winter and are worried about Winter like I am, are faced with the same dilemma. And I can't believe there are not a lot more folks out there who have been there, done that. :(

  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    joni7.....again. thank you for responding regarding the use of all season tires (Bridgestone Potenza 960) during the winter and all year round on the G35 Coupe. From the lack of response, I guess most people garage the car if it snows and have access to something else for transportation. I don't have that luxury.

    Your winters (snow) north of Cincinatti are very similar to mine north of Boston where we have an annual average snowfall of about 44." I too have some modest terrain changes. I've got the performance tire and 18" (x 8.5") wheel package that was an 04 G35 Coupe option with the delivered P225-45-18 front tires and the wider P245-45-18 rears.

    When you switched to the all seasons, did you retain the front to back tire width differential?

    Go with uniform sizing?

    Or downsize on the width-- front, rear, or both?

    I have about another month before I have to take the plunge to avoid an out of stock dilemma. The tire sizes on the G35 Coupe are uncommon, and availability becomes an issue.

    Please everyone......I NEED YOUR INPUT. Thanks.

  • jusdjusd Posts: 3
    Will it help in the winter if i put some weight in the trunk of the car or will i be doing damage that is not worth trying. I own a g35 coupe 03. I am trying to make the winter work for me.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    Thank you for joining in on the COUPE IN SNOW discussion.

    I used 80 pounds in the rear cargo well on my 1982 rwd Camaro every winter for 11 years, no ill effects. It really helped. Was using all season tires in Chicago winters.

    I'll be adding weight this winter to the G. If you look at the passenger/luggage load capacity for the G35 Coupe, it will put your mind to rest. I think it is over 800 pounds, but I will have to check.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,622
    I didn't read the past threads but are you usuing the 4 snow tire setup? If you do, this will drastically increase traction for ALL RWD cars. Added weight over the axle helps as well. Carry a collapsible shovel also to clear the rear wheels if you do experience too much snow to get you started again. The tires will take care of the rest.

    For really bad climates, the ultimate would be 4 snows and chains on all 4 wheels but that is excessive for NJ. More like the North Pole!


    Hope this helps.

  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    A 4 wheel snow tire setup with dedicated wheels would be the obvious choice for Winter snow on the G35 Coupe.

    But I brought up the all seasons on existing rims option. I'm not yet convinced I need to spend $1,400 on the dedicated winter set up now and an additional $900 come April for a summer set up if an all season alternative for year round use is viable.

    There may be a half dozen days each winter season in the Northeast (if that) when we get 6"+ snows and the road crews get temporarily behind getting the roads passable. Some of those snowfalls may be overnight and some on the weekends, posing less of safety, "I'm housebound," or "I'm forced to take a wait it out" issue. Worse case, for $1,400, I can be patient, safely slow, or have Enterprise drop a low cost rental at my door for $35 a day.

    The peace of the mind the dedicated snow set up is still quite attractive.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,622
    All weathers are NOT great snow tires. SNOWS ARE KING.

    If I had a G35 RWD, 4 snows would be mandatory. I lived with the all seasons on my 330xi but the awd made a huge difference. I live in central NJ.

    I am currently considering a G35/37x for my next ride.

  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    UPDATE ON LOAD CAPACITY CONCERN: According to the owners' manual, the 2004 G35 Coupe has a total load capacity, passengers and luggage, of 1,400 pounds. Adding weight in the trunk (over the rear wheels) will be one of my winter snow strategies.

  • Reading through some old threads and amazed at what I am reading. Have had a silver 2005 G35X for several months. City driving, mainly highways. In the past two months the front bumber has begun showing severe paint flaking, several areas approaching 1-2 inches long with bad thinning of the paint around it indicating it will only get worse. I am taking the car in for 60K service this Saturday, and will bring this up. I purchased the 2 year warranty extension when I bought the vehicle so things should be covered. I realize paint chips aren't covered, but after reading this, and realizing this kind of damage is not just a paint chip but basically a delamination of the paint, I am curious how they will react. Appreciate any input
  • They won't do a thing... they just try to ignore it and will say it is your fault.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    I will defer to others who have had to contend with paint issues and Infinity. You may want to do a search on this site because I believe others have had paint issues with their G.

    Sounds like you got the car used, so the first thing I would check is if the car had the front fascia repaired, repainted, or replaced before you got the car. Any auto body shop can confirm this. The fascia, if original, should have the VIN number located on the underside that matches the vehicle.

    If Nissan did the repairs, done deal, maybe. Nissan is where I get my collision work done; so there's no discussion who did what and when. If Nissan did not do the collision work, the warranty states Nissan is not reponsible for collision damage (repaired) or issues arising from an accident. If Nissan replaced the fascia and did the repaint, you are in luck.

    That being said, consumers have been battling paint quality issues with virtually every manufacturer since the invention of the automobile. Personally, I successfully went down this road with Ford. Where individuals may have gotten stonewalled, collective complaints to the dealer and manufacturer, BBB, and states' attornies general offices have gotten action.

    Infinity G35 owners (03-04) can recall brakes that required replacement rotors and pads in as little as 7K-14K miles. Infinity capitulated and warranteed brakes for 3yrs/36,000 miles, sent letters to owners, reimbursed those who ate the repairs before Infinity bellied up, and actually asked about the brakes when I would bring my car into the dealer for other stuff. Cage rattling works, albeit sometimes slower than we would like.

    For your paint issue, the warranty coverage in your owners manual is a start. New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Defects in materials and workmanship. Panel Corrosion Limited Warranty. The exclusion for paint: accident, collision damage, environmental damage.

    If the fascia has not been repaired (and painted) or replaced (and painted), you've got a leg to stand on. Simply, the paint and/or process was defective from Nissan. "No, I didn't park the car at the bottom of the ocean, or in the aviary at the zoo, or in Chernobyl USSR."

    What most people do is get really angry and emotional (I would/have). Just don't show that too much when at the dealer. Better approach is to show a businesslike determination and execution of a written plan of action communicated with clear expectations with a timetable/drop dead date. Go through the recommended channels for arbitration, starting at the dealer, zone rep, etc.

    If the dealer and/or zone rep isn't hitting the/your timetable, kick it upstairs at Nissan. No satisfaction or more stonewalling within your specified timeframe, file a complaint with both the BBB and the attorney general (warranty fraud I believe) in your state. There are statuatory timeframes, channels, and "number of attempts to gain satisfaction" that give the dealer and the manufacturer an opportunity to settle matters amicably.

    Everything confirmed by you in writing (and retained by you) and copying the next folks up on the food chain. All correspondence certified, receipt requested. Document all discussions, both in person and over the phone. Confirm in writing. He who writes history makes history.

    If you get that far, once the hand grenades start coming back over the wall according to the timetable you communicated, Nissan will have to make a decision. It's now costing them time, money, and image.

    Don't quote me on this.....never got that far with my paint issue with Ford.... but the attorney general takes your complaint and sends Nissan an inquiry with a deadline response date, along with your written complaint, your previous correspondence documenting days, dates, people, titles, and discussion content of your attempts to rectify the issue.

    When things start to get messy and Nissan realizes you are not going away but rather seem to be accelerating the process and turning up the heat, good things are more likely to happen. Small claims court is another option.

    Finally, only you can decide if the $500 correct repaint on the fascia is worth the time and aggravation. It is to some who bought a $40,000 (sticker) entry luxury vehicle and expected the paint to hold up for at least 4 model years. Nothing less. That's not only not too much to ask. It is to be expected.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.
  • Thank you for the well thought out response. I will see how things go and keep you posted.
  • here are some pics. Waiting to hear from the dealer. that's my pinky for size reference. The most worrisome for me are the signs that it is blistering quite a bit around several of the areas already gone, signifying that this is coming from underneath and will worsen quite rapidly.

    <img src="
  • I tried most everything that you said. And yes, I bought my car new. My 300zx that I bought in '85 still looks better chip wise than my G35. I guess, that time makes you tired and I just gave up. I do have tons of documentation, if sombody needs it. Well after 5 Nissan products, I am going with Lexus next time. By the way I replaced my brakes and never got a recall at all, or an reimbersment. Mine is a 2004. But it is paid for so I will drive it a little longer. Plus it is RED, the worst about chipping!
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190 the 2004 G35 brakes, it was not a recall. It was a letter I received from Infinity which essentially was a warranty addition (brakes) for something not usually covered under warranty. It noted Infinity would cover pads and rotors for 3 years or 36,000 miles. It also had instructions on what to do if you already had repairs or replacements within that time frame to get reimbursed by Infinity, didn't have to be work done at an Infinity dealership. .If you still have the receipt for your work, I'd call the Infinity dealership for instructions on how to proceed. I don't remember if there was a time frame the claim had to be submitted, but it's probably worth a call.

    Re the red paint and stone isn't much better. That aluminum hood accentuates the slightest paint chip and the imperfection stands out like a sore thumb. I passed on the stone chip guard they were offering as an option on the 04s.

    Re the front fascia/bumper paint issue, it's plain wrong. Infinity was taking the same stonewall approach on the brakes issue until so many consumer complaints were lodged that Infinity had to put the fire out. As I said, the cost to refinish the fascia may not be worth the effort. It's up to the individual to decide if it's worth it to go the distance. Maybe, but maybe not. My paint war at the time was with Ford Motor Company, and I had a neighbor with the same issue (Lincoln no less), different dealer. We turned it into a mission to see who could could get what we had a (paid for) right to expect from a factory paint job in the first place. Misery loves company.

    Consequently, I WILL NOT buy another Ford Motor Company product. I don't need to pay for abuse. There are plenty of stellar cars out there in the same competitive market that I would be just as content to own and drive. BMW, Acura, and Lexus to name just 3. Asking for paint to stay on the car? Ridiculous.

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