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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • With respect to my Red 06 G35 Coupe. I finally gave up after they wore me out with their stonewalling and denials about the problem of chipping.
    I am voting with my feet, never will another Infiniti or Nissan be registered under my name.
  • Received a call from dealer today that it appears there is an issue with the vendor they used to repaint the fascia before I bought it. He understands that the dealer's contract with that vendor places this under warranty work so it is anticipated that this will be rectified at no cost. Pretty excited to get that bit of news. Just hopeful that it looks good (it did when I bought it), and that is proves more lasting. Will give a final update when I pick the car up.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    That is why I use my local Nissan Collision Center which does all of the Infinity work, both dealerships under same ownership. As I said in my previous post, if they do the work (or contract it out) you have a shot. Keep us posted on the result.

  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    I have to agree that my 04 hood chips (stones) pretty easily, and I took a pass on the paint shield option for the nose of the car when I took delivery. Believe it was also available for the rear quarter splash areas too. That product could be pealed off at a later date if desired, but I didn't like the fact that you could see the crease where the shield stopped and the bare paint continued. In retrospect, it was not a good idea to pass on that one, especially on a black car with an aluminum hood.

    Stone chips on the front end become more problematic when you live in a climate where road salts, cinder, and sand are used to treat the roads in the winter for ice and snow.

  • Just a heads up to anyone ticked off about chipping on the Nissan/Infiniti cars: Toyota/Lexus owners might be in more of a frenzy than even the Nissan/Infiniti owners. Worse yet, the problem is linked to 'thin paint', so there is no fix.

    I just came from a Toyota product and am 48 hours in a G35 Sport Coupe, and wasn't happy to see paint chipping issues here, too.

    If an American car had these problems....

    ...bah, why bother?
  • Picked up my car a couple days ago and the bumper looks great. Really did a nice job. Just hope that is proves lasting. Great experience with the service guys at the dealership as well, which is a first for me!
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    What? No after pictures KT? After all that? A victory picture would be in order!
  • Does any one know where I can buy a right side drive g35 infiniti coupe like they have in Japan. Or can I convert one that i buy here
  • rollbar,
    im reading as much as i possibly can about this issue. i have an 07 black g35c. the pain/clear coat is unbelievably soft, and chips or scratches effortlessly. i know the paint is known to be weak, but i go to G35 club meets in my local area, and black 04's look amazing next to my chipped up 07 coupe. ive only got 12k miles on my car, and compared to an 04 with 80k+ there is clearly a paint issue. if possible id like to be able to contact you via Email and get any info i can from you. if this is possible please email me at
  • Yup, just took it to 1 dealership and they didn't believe me at first. Since none of them heard of this before.
    After 1.5 hrs of fiddling, they now think that I should take it to the dealership where I purchased the car.
    Called the dealership where I purchased the 2005 G35 with Sport Suspension package. Of course, he also never heard of it and did not believe me.
    He said that it's been too long since they sold the car and that he will not be responsible to get me the right tire. After reiterating that I purchased the car from them and that no changes were made. He said that they do not put anything on the car (they do not install larger tires). He also said that he will "research" this problem and call me back.
  • Hey all, I am new to the site and am seeking some advice. I currently own a '95 Maxima, which i have had for about 9 years and it has given me a lot of problems, i put a lot of money into it. I really want to upgrade and I am in love with the 2005 G35 coupe MT.

    I recently looked at one yesterday and it looks perfect. It is a 2005 Coupe MT, sports package, rear spoiler, 19" rims....very very clean in and out and had 57K miles....he is selling it for 16,500. But I do have a couple of questions about basic maintence.

    I have been doing a lot of research about this car. since i live in NJ, i know i would have to buy snow tires which is no problem. But the car already had 19" rims, so woudl i have to buy the 17" snow tires and wheels?? or just 19" snow tires?

    also, I hear a lot about going through tires and brakes very quickly, and that the tires are 'noisy' ?? I dont know how true this is. For those of you who own a G35 coupe MT, is this true? I was also told if a headlight goes out, it must be replaced by the dealer and could be costly.

    Bottom line is I love this car, i feel the price is great, and the car looks amazing and drives great, but im not mechanic. Is it just a money pit? or is it a legit well built car? Thank you very much for you input, I appreciate it. I have to let the guy know what im doing about the car soon. Thank you.
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