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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • cankercanker Posts: 10
    3.8l? If so check the oil for coolant, check the coolant for oil, pop the cap to the coolant reservoir and look in there while its running for air bubbles, and check the exhaust for white smoke. If you have any of those you probably have a blown headgasket.
  • After a 14 hour drive. We now have our 04 mustang sitting in our driveway. The moon roof is nice and I love the leather seats. After searching the web to see a mustang with a moon roof and not finding one. I find yesterday that my cousins mustang has the moon roof in it as well (she has a Mach 1). I am extremely happy so far and feel we got a really good deal. the car had the upgrade packages and the dealer did alot of after market upgrades to this car including a bullit grill, leather seats, moon roof and tinted windows all for only $500 extra. Total cost was $15,425. This was buying it on the D-plan. Our 16 yr old son is dying to drive it.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i assume you bought a brand new mustang... v6 or gt?
  • yes it is new and it is the v6 3.9 liter.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Considering a used Mustang between '02 and '04, and was wondering how reliable the V6 engine is. Are there still problems with blown head gaskets, or did they fix that problem? Other problems with the engine or cars. They seem to be rated highly for reliability lately. Love to hear from owners that are happy, as well as, those less than impressed with their Stangs. If insurance was reasonable, and gas not as expensive, would like that V8, but it now looks like $2.50 or MORE per gal. in CA. is likely within a year. Seems you can not open a new thread here about Mustang reliability or problems --- Interesting, as other car models have the thread. So I am trying again on this thread. Please post, the GOOD, the BAD, and the PLAIN UGLY about your Mustang late model cars, particularly the V6.

    Thanks, Loren
  • My scoop on the 04 v6 stang. I haven't had my stang very long. Just 5 days now. So far I love it. The v6 has plenty of power when you need it. I would say the v6 would be the way to go if you are concerned about gas prices. Definately gets better gas milage than my V8 truck. I am in Texas and gas is roughly about $1.80 a gallon. Insurance wasn't all that bad for the v6 stang, it's only costing about $5 a month more for the mustang than it costs me for my truck (full coverage for both vehicles) So far no complaints really, Rougher ride than what I am used too but still enjoyable.
  • angelzangelz Posts: 3
    hello guys !

    i've got a 98 v6 convertible. red. cute as a button. i've been driving for 10 years and never got rearended until i got this car. now, in just 3 years (i got it used) i've got rearended 5 times !

    what is going on?

    do this car's break lights hang so low that people can't see them in the back?

    or are these brakes so darn good that no one else can keep up?

    i'm getting tired of whiplash frankly.

    and now my theft light is on every cotton-pickin' time i turn on the engine.

    i have one of those little theft protection devices under the steering wheel. it was something i think the dealership installed. i've never seen it in other cars. it needs a key to be plugged in if i want to be able to start my car with my ignition key.

    this light on my dashboard is connected to this thingy under my steering wheel, i believe.

    and the light is constantly blinking on and off as if to tell me that someone was/is trying to steal my car.

    any suggestions on why this is so?

    and ideas on how to stop it? fix it? get rid of it?

    thanks !
  • angelzangelz Posts: 3
    hello, it's me again,

    i forgot to ask ...

    any suggestions on where i can buy a replacement roof cover for my convertible?

    one of those plastic tops that covers the roof when my car is open and the roof is scrunched down in the back ?

    this last rear-ending popped off this cover and other cars drove over it destroying it and the dealership says they don't have it and have never had it and that it is custom made. sounds like this is bs, to me, but in their defense i can't find it on ford's website either. they only have stuff for 2001+ models...

    i'm in san jose, california.

    any suggestions on sources?

    thanks much !
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Internet search netted this:
    I just found it on the Net. I have NOT done business with them. Hope this helps. Just do a Web search for Mustang convertible top boots.

    As for getting rear ended, it seems like some cities have drivers that do that an awful lot. I have a friend that has had this happen several times in Santa Maria. Must drive the same way as in San Jose. Be sure to tap the brakes or cover the brakes early before stopping, then look behind you when stopped, and tap on the brakes again if some idiot is not slowing enough behind you. They make brake lights that flash rapidly, but these may not be legal, so check with DMV. There is also the new LED brake lights. Better luck to ya!

  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i would recommend you take a look on Ebay.. they have retailers on there selling convertible covers like the one you want. I've recently bought a front bumper, headlites,fender and rear bumper for my 99 mustang v6 convertible..all from ebay at a fraction of what it would've cost me at a local shop.
  • angelzangelz Posts: 3
    thanks guys!

    wonderful feedback. thank you!

    oh - what about that darn theft light? any ideas?

  • loren,

    i own a 94 v6 mustang and am also a mechanic. the head gasket problem that you were talking about is mainly on the 94 and 95 model but some up to 99 still have the issue. from what i have seen, however, the problem seems to surface only when the car reaches high mileage, with a small amount of exceptions. ford had extended a warranty on the head gaskets to 100,000 miles in order to take care of ppl who had the problem. one thing to do if you buy a automatic of a year before 99, have the tranny flushed and refilled with "mercon V" Automatic tranny fluid becuase if it hasnt been done then the fluid that is in it isnt real good and will give you a vibration when going up hills in 3rd or 4th gear around 1000 - 2000 rpm, the fluid change fixes the problem. overall i am happy with my car, i use it as a commmuter car, ive had it for 6 months and have had no problems, it gets 22 mpg everywhere. good luck and if u have any more questions feel free to IM me on aim (mr nick502) lata
  • luxrus79luxrus79 Posts: 1
    Hi, all. I'm a rookie and don't have much experience with cutomizing rides. Anyways, I just got a 2002 Mustang GT 5speed with very low miles and want to turn that thing into a beast. For starters I'm thinking about hooking it up with the K&N injection/air intake kit, Flowmaster exhaust and a supercharger. How many more hp can I gain just from that equipment and what are the possible drawbacks? Which brands should I stick to? What else could I do to it? Appreciate any advice!
  • i like your ideas for the better airflow (k&n and the exhaust) that will work well with the supercharger <i also applaud that idea. my suggestions to start would be upgrading the clutch, aluminum drive shaft porting the upper and lower intakes, headers, high flow catalic converters, roller cams with more duration and higher lift, eventually: port and polish the heads, if ur pushn a lot of boost: forged pistons and crank. for now however, one of the guys i work with has a 2002 gt equipped with a vortech supercharger and a full free flowing exhaust and the thing is f'n quick and sounds great, so what u have for ideas is a great start. he also has a stalker body kit that acctually looks good (i usually hate body kits on mustangs camero's and the like) so if ur going to want to do that id look at their stuff as well as steeda and saleen. good luck and have fun with it
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    You might not gain any horsepower at all if you take a "shotgun" approach without careful research.

    Countless other people have walked this road before you and you should consult with them and hear what problems they ran into.

    My personal experience has been that there is this common misconception that the part you are bolting on contains a certain amount of horsepower, and that if you bolt on more of these parts, you keeping adding the horsepower.

    But it's not like that. A muffler claiming 20 HP and a cold air intake claiming 15 and an air filter claiming 12 don't give you 47! Sometimes they cancel each other out, sometimes they take away horsepower, sometimes they change things you never even touched. And sometimes their claims are simply not true at all.

    Here's one guys' experience on a 4Runner, which isn't a Mustang of course but it gives you an idea of what you might run into:;N Fuel Injection Performance Kit

    I think you should map out a very careful plan and consult experts in this area if you want a "beast" of a car. If you just start grabbing stuff out of catalogs you could end up really disappointed with the results, and many people have.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Have fun with the customizing. The people at Stangnet may have some advice as to what worked and what did not. And I bet some good advice here too, like the previous post. Hope you will still meet the smog checks marks OK, and don't kill gas mileage, unless you are rich. I love the sound of the stock system. Ford dialed in a perfect balance there. It is possible to get too much of a droning sound for long trips, so be careful and ask others here and elsewhere just how sweet the sound is, as well as, added performance. You can also get advice from people involved in local Mustang clubs. Will this be for track racing,drag racing, or just bragging rights? There are some handling improvements you can add. Have fun - wish I had the bucks to play with a GT! Actually, I am still thinking of someday getting a 1998, or a 2000-04 car used. Saves a bundle off the new Stang prices and avoids the big first hits on depreciation. You have a good plan there!

  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    Luxrus79 you may also want to try IMBOC's web site they are mostly Bullitt owners as am I but if you are thinking about it someone there has done it. I just ordered the first mods for my Bullitt, BBK underdrive pulleys, cold air intake and a Mach 1 chin spoiler. Gears would have been my first choice but so far the prices I have been quoted are to high. Have fun but do your research!
  • Hi, I just bought an 05 Mustang for my wife. Same problem with the gas fill up. The tube looks too small to me. I have an appointment on Monday the 21st with the dealership. I will let you know what they say. I am glad you posted your problem so that I know it is not just me. It is a pain to try to fill up. Shuts off every gallon or so and dumps gas all over. We only have 1,200 miles on it but it has been a pain from day one at the pump. We love the car so far other than that. Our mileage has been about 25 mpg.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Gas neck problems??? Other cars have had this fate, and for the life of me, I can not understand how they can spend billions in engineering depts. and screw up something so simple. Too small a hole? Perhaps they thought it was to be a diesel car ;-)) Gas mileage should improve over time. The 25MPG for the automatic is not so good considering gas prices these days. The 28MPG is not too bad for the stick. Ford needs to catch up to GM in V6 gas mileage. The overall package of a Stang though still looks pretty fair. Discounts are on the way, no doubt. My guess is that $2k rebates within 6 months.
    I saw an '04 GT for $21, but I bet they would take $20k for it. I think it is 5K off, but I have heard of 6K off on some models, as people want the latest tool. I can see that with such a large change in the model that a discount should be expected. I can also appreciate some the good things about the previous design. Most things are better, but I do prefer a speedometer and tach that is not obstructed by the steering wheel, and I prefer the rounded look of the old dash. Also like small as possible, as I see slightly larger cars each change. The changes to handling is a good thing. I like that little window for the backseat area. The backend looks good and the side view perhaps better. I am sort of a fan of the original make-over in 1994, though the latest is cool in some ways, and just bigger, sorta like '69, which is OK as long as the next step is not '70's fatter size. And please no mid-70's Pinto design :-( Let us know how long it takes for Ford to fix this problem of the gas neck. Should be interesting to see if they are on the ball. And for you it is dang important. Better luck to ya! - Loren
  • Greetings fellow mustang fans,
    I am thinking about buying my first mustang and I'm leaning towards either a 2000 or 2001 mustang with the3.8 v6. Ive heard that there is a problem with the head gasket and was wondering if anyone could tell me if either of these two models had been affected by this problem. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  • luxrus79,
    mr shiftright is correct about those bolt on things that claim to give certain amounts of hp. but i do know someone that has a gt with a supercharger and exhaust on it but not much else and it runs real good and real fast, just dont go too nuts with boost, i am highly upset that my last post only showed up with one line, i had a bunch of future mods you could do to your gt that included things such as valve train, upper and lowerintakes, headers, port and plish the head and so on, i dont feel like typing it out again but since you are the host mr shiftright could you tell me why 90% of my message didnt make it?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Look here
    I am pretty sure the head gasket problems are pre- '99.
    2000 and 2001 may not have this problem. Anyway, you can go to the link and look at a clickable problems list, and see what if anything looks like a significant problem to ya.
  • lizdlizd Posts: 3
    can anybody help by telling me if the standard stereo in a 2003-04 mustang v6 (hire car no less) can play burnt cds? I'm pretty sure they dont play mp3s but do they play WAV format files?

    anyone know of a way around playing mp3s on the stereo??
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    well, first... the cd's you burn from mp3's are not in .wav format.. but the stereo does play cd's burnt to be audio cd's...

    to get the radio to play mp3's is called.. buy a new radio that has that feature.. it's built into the stereo.. nothing u could do about it unless you're an audio engineer that works with car stereo's at Sony, Pioneer, etc

    it's probably more cost effective for u to spend the $100 bucks than to go to school to be a stereo engineer
  • lizdlizd Posts: 3
    hi there,

    i should have been more specific... i am hiring a car in the US (I am from australia) and i have been converting my Mp3 files to .wav files...

    on my computer they seem to be appearing as "audio" files but just wondering if anyone has ever played a .wav file in the stereo..

    that is good news on the burnt cd's too!!!

    thanks for your help!
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    you def will not be able to play .wav files in the mustang stereo... that kind of files could only be played on the computer.. it'll only play audio cd files... to double check what kind of files those are... put into the computer, a music cd you bought from the store and check what the extension is on those files.. and those are the only ones that play on the mustang stereo.. have fun in the US!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Gee sorry about that. I haven't a clue unless maybe you were trying to edit using the back button. That'll bite you. Very weird otherwise.

    I'd boost about 4 psi with the SC (Mustang freaks probably know the exact psi, but I bet optimimum compromise is something like that) , should be plenty and still safe. SC generates a lot of heat so you're going to need to watch your cylinder pressures and temperatures or it's kaboom-time.

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  • joan733joan733 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Red convertible base mustang. It's a really fun car. Gas mileage is decent, and power is average. The sound system is very nice, and the looks can't be beat. I've posted a few detailed pictures here:
  • yes, the supercharger does generate a bunch of heat, an aftercooler would be a good investment to help in an effort against heat. in a roots type blower, it sits under the supercharger in between it and the intake, and i believe i have seen a vortech aftercooler for their centrifical set up
  • lizdlizd Posts: 3
    hey there, thank you so much for that!! glad i posted to this site.... better to know in advance so i can sort out the tunes and not be stuck with none at all!!!

    THANKS again!!

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