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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • Anyone have an opinion on the best way and/or products to use when tryin to update the sound system in my 2003 Mustang GT Convertible, without adding subwoofers to the trunk? Optimum bass and sound quality is desired. All opinions would be appreciated...thank you!

  • Yes, the tires were overinflated -not to 40 but to 50 psi. I checked then when I got it home and bled them to 30. The car still rode stiffly . For those who are used to a "performance suspension" or "European Ride" (like every MB I've ever driven), they will love the SLE convertible. I didn't drive one before I ordered it. The coupe drove more smoothly so I figured the convertible was the same. When I got in my Malibu it felt like an old shoe. Comfortable and the shocks felt like they had some give to them. The Mustang rides harder than the Malibu but it is not uncomfortable. The Solara does fine at high speeds on a smooth interstate but for an around town driver with our bumpy city streets it is not much fun. I just decided that I didn't want to tie up $30,000 in something that was annoying and a car I had to "think" about when I drove it. In contrast I drove a new 2006 Honda Civic sedan and it rode very nicely -much smoother than the Solara. I then drove a new '05 Accord coupe and it was a lot stiffer.
  • I'd be interested in your replies on this subject. I thought of replacing my factory speakers on my 2000 convertible with new ones (from a newer Mustang if they are the same size).
    I just have the base stereo system with CD and Cassette. I want to keep the car original so I want to keep my factory stereo but the speakers would help a lot I would assume.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Replacing your speakers is supposed to be the #1 thing you can do to enhance the sound of your factory audio system. What comes from the factory was bought for price not quality. If you are going to go to the trouble of replacing speakers, I wouldn't get them from a newer Mustang but rather buy some higher quality aftermarket speakers. A place like Crutchfield will tell you exactly what will fit and I have had good luck replacing older OEM speakers with good quality ones that they recommend as exact fits.. As most will end up under some kind of grill, there will be no visual difference from the factory stuff.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Well, the monsoons have moved into the North East and yesterday I found the inside of my trunk damp. I have had this problem on and off for 6 months or so but yesterday I found water in the well bag behind the back seat that the top goes into when it goes down. My theory is that water gets in here, has no place ot go so drains down into the trunk.

    The top is still in great shape and I am thinking there must be a seal between the top and the car body that is leaking. Anyone else had this kind of water get into their car?
  • Hi Medontemike. I have a 1994 GT and it sounds like we have the same problem. The car has been fabulous (I got it with 8000 miles on it mint from a dealer, it had been garage kept). The only annoying problem I've experienced is with the RPMS racing up (for no reason). It feels like the car is accelerating and sometimes it even jerks. I have had it to the dealer more times than I care to admit for this and they tell me the same thing...they don't know. I even had a black box data recorder hooked up to the car last year where I pressed a button within 10 seconds of the acceleration/raising of the RPMS and the dealer came back and told me that my computer was probably too old for them to get an accurate reading as to what is wrong. A friend of mine recently told me that he thinks it is a fuel sensor. I'm inclined to believe him as I noticed a sensitivity to when I have filled up with a tank of gas and with how old the fuel filter is and most definitely "temperature". I dont know where you live, but I am on the East coast and as the weather gets colder, this problem gets much worse.
  • Don't forget that Volkswagen has an all-wheel drive system (4Motion) available on the Jetta, Passat and Toureg, and ABS and Traction Control are standard even on the FWD models. When I bought my 99 Passat they didn't offer AWD yet, just available on Audi back then. But then I live pretty far south and we don't even get snow every year. Here I worry more about wet weather traction and my Passat wagon handles that with no problem.
  • Can anyone shed any light on what might have happened here?. I have a 99 Mustang convertible that when the window is all the way up, when the door is shutting, the top of the window comes into contact with the rag top and won't close. This is on the drivers side if that makes any difference.
  • hi my mustang window has been acting funny and falling uot of track inside the door. the actual track is working fine.. its just the glue or w/e used to hold the window in the slots on the track.. has come loose and now i cant roll down my window without worrying it will fall out of the slots. would i be able to just like use cement glue and put it back in the slots or what would i have to do?

  • I have a 1989 LX 5.0 Conv. The car was sitting outside for 5 years, until recently, when I acquired the car from a friend. The power top, according to my friend was working before he parked it for so long. When I push the button to retract the top, I hear just a clicking noise, coming from the power top motor, and that's it. The top does not go down. Any suggestions what I can do to troubleshoot the problem, and possibly get the top to work? I know a new conv. motor is quite expensive. I would like to eliminate that option if at all possible. Thanks.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Prior to 1994, Ford did not FACTORY build convertibles. These cars were built as a coupe then sent to a top shop.

    Make sure you are breaking the seal between the headliner and the top...push up on the the top until there is a gap.
  • My wife's 2000 Mustang convertible just developed a trunk leak....any updates on the cause of this???...Thanks
  • Just found the problem,I think....appears the the rear window is becoming detached from top and leaking from there into trunk as the boot was filled with water....Now, how to repair...internet searches say to have the rear window replaced...any thoughts...Thanks!
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352

    Sounds like the same thing I found. The problem is the same - top boot takes on water, leaks through fabric into trunk.

    My mechanic had the guy he knows who does tops take a look at it and he tried a fix. Used some windshield hot apply silicone to try and seal an area where the stitching appeared to have deteriorated towards the bottom of the window. Sounded good but the bottom line is that it didn't work.

    The truth is that the guy who did the work did not really think it would do the job because as he started doing the work he said he found that the window had become what he called "delaminated". I think that means that the window itself has separated from the vinyl that surrounds it which allows the water to enter.

    Now, to the solution, he says, yes, as you found, replace the rear window. Now, there is an added wrinkle. He says that replacing the window on this car is such a labor intensive effort that it is cheaper to replace the entire top and window! I was shocked a bit about that because I remember that my 88 Mustang had a zip in rear window. Things are not the same. He also told me that because it is so labor intensive to replace just the window, auto insurance companies will pay to replace the whole top and it will be cheaper than just replacing the window as the whole thing goes on the car much easier.

    As an looking at a 2005 Mustang convert the other day in traffic, it now appears that the window is actually a part of the top rather than a separate piece like on our cars.

    Well, that's what I've learned...hope that helps and or confirms what you've found out.
  • fdthird

    Thanks for your update...I duct taped the sides of the rear window to see if this really was the problem just before a heavy rain the other doesn't look good but just wanted to see what would happen.....There was still a little water in boot but not much so it appears that this maybe the problem area.....I'm going to tape the whole window and wait till next rain which is due in a couple of days.....Will insurance pay for a new top??? That's a new one on me? Will keep you in the loop..I did read that somebody used a double sided tape and this cured the problem in a Sebring.
  • fdthird
    Any idea on the cost for a new top for the 2000?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You may get it done for less, but it cost me $2000 on my 01.
  • Wow...and it's not very big...wonder what my Sebring would more ragtops for me....mid age!
  • I have a 99 mustang convertible. I had the top replaced a few monthes ago but I still find water in the car. After I looked over the car I found a small hole in between the top and the back side windows on each side. Any ideas on how to fix it or can I replace the seals?
  • I have a 2001 model and have the exact same problem. The dealer told me that the window is coming unglued from where it is attached to the rest of the car. I was told that the window would have to be replaced since it comes with the part it is glued to. I was referred to a third party shop because it would cost much less. I was also told that my insurance might cover it under glass coverage.
  • It looks like the rear window on my 2000 mustang convertible was pushed in about 1/3 inch on the top by someone trying to break in or it just decided to not fit right on its own. Is there some way to adjust this? The seal between the side window and rear window just don't touch anymore.
  • first is : the drivers window controls the passengers window will go down but it won't go up, how do i fix this?

    second: why am i averageing such bad gas milage (15 according to last count )

    my car is an 03 mustang v6 with auto and only 45k miles it just hit 45k like a few days ago
  • Have a 99 mustang with a flashing anti-theft light and the car will not start with origianl key or secondary key. Hve tried to reset the alarm by removing the negative battery cable. What next?? :confuse:
  • Well I finally got around to taking the car to a local shop and water is getting via the rear window so we decided to get a new top instead of just replacing the advice is to be sure and check around before you buy....The car is a triple white and if you have a white top then you know how difficult it is to keep clean...decided to go with a dark blue Electron top...One shop wanted almost $2400 and was like a car dealership, no discount, $75 hr for labor etc etc...I am having it done at a small shop that has been around forever and it's only $1075....Same top etc so do your homework before you buy. I don't think you'll find another white 2000 Mustang with white leather seats and dark blue top around so it will be unique....Thanks to all for their input.
  • dcls6dcls6 Posts: 13
    can't retreive the CD from the player of my '98 'vert. It plays just fine but won't eject. Any thoughts??
  • I was just wondering if anyone has any information on recalls that were never made on the back seat belts of the 1999 Ford Mustangs, Has there ever been any reported failure of the sholder strap not catching on impact?
  • I have a 98 GT, had the same problem a few months ago. Waited a couple days, tried it again, and it ejected no problem. Haven't had any issues since. Try it when the car is running, not when the engine is off (with key on accessory). I think there's more juice that way.
  • dcls6dcls6 Posts: 13
    Thanks, tried that last year, but now can't get a CD out under any circumstances - yet!
  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    Check out you may find some info there.
  • Hello,
    Does anyone in this chat room own a first generation mustang? Or maybe I am in the wrong place? I have a borderline 1965 convertible. I wish to chat with others who have a similar interest. If so, please reply.
    Happy Crusin,

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