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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • I have a 96 Mustang, when I drive there is a ticking sound from under the hood but only when I am stepping on the gas if I am stopped or cruising it doesn't do it. Could anyone tell me what it could be.
  • I have have three problems with my Mustang and need some assistance since I am not getting it from the dealer.

    1. My oil pressure gauge keeps bouncing from no pressure to good pressure, why? Can I still drive it? It has oil and we just changed the oil 2000 miles ago.

    2. My clutch has this horrible chatter noise. It goes away if the hold the clutch in a little. What is it and how can I make it stop?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    1. Ford uses a binary switch for the oil pressure - it's either below normal (no pressure) or normal. Either you have a defective oil pressure sending unit or your oil pressure is fluctuating which is dangerous. You need to have a mechanic check the actual oil pressure while it's fluctuating to see if it's the pressure itself or the sending unit.

    2. Time for a new clutch or clutch related parts.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    "2. My clutch has this horrible chatter noise. It goes away if the hold the clutch in a little. What is it and how can I make it stop?"

    Describe the noise. Does it sound like a cricket chirping?

    If so, it's your throw out bearing and not the rest of the clutch. It's a fairly common problem with the SN95 clutches, and more annoying than dangerous.
  • #1 When I have the trans. in neutral with the clutch pedal up and then I depress the pedal and go into gear it makes a hitting noise and I have trouble putting the shifter in gear... kinda like the pieces arent sliding together and the're wacking each other... What is that?

    #2 When Im in reverse the car has a terrible shake... Could that be mounts or something wasnt tightened?
  • am planning to buy a 1978 Mustang hatchback. any suggestions if its worth buying a machine that old, the car is running. Can I add more power to it is it worth restoring it? What else can i do with a 78?
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    A Mustang II, eh? Well, you'll probably be able to get a really good deal on it... ;)

    They're not very beloved by the Mustang crowd, even now. Best bet is if it's a King Cobra Model.

    I think in '75, Ford started putting the 302 V8 in it (with a hp output somewhere around 130 I think). So theoretically, you could probably put a later version 5.0 in it for some decent performance...

    I kinda like the Mustang II styling...a lot better looking to me than the bloated wedge-shape of the previous model.
  • I need your help. I a picture of the emissions components of a 1995 Ford Mustang GT. If you have a 1995 Ford GT, I would appreciate a pic of your emissions components (hood raised).


  • I have a 1996 GT convertible. I'm about to take the dashboard apart to repaint some of the plastic panels that have started to show wear. Does anyone know if the '96 audio systems have an internal anti-theft security code, and how would I go about getting the code? Dealer?
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    I am a first time Mustang owner. The car was the treasured "ride" of my father, who passed away. My promise is to keep it in good shape and of course I will enjoy doing so! I noticed the headlights appear to be frosted OR perhaps they got water inside them and are fogged up. It was a Florida car and sat awhile during Dad's last year, when he wasn't feeling his best, so anything could have happened. I've had this car only four days and hope to learn more from these forums and the web. My mechanic says it's in great shape mechanically!
  • aka5505sicaka5505sic Posts: 7
    What you've got is that the plastic headlight covers get clouded over by exposure to UV rays - which of course would be a bigger problem with a Florida-based car. Do an Google search on "Sanding plastic headlights" - (here's an example - ). Check out a couple of different options, and you may want to try some of the less extreme options first. I was able to get my '96 GT convertible's lenses back pretty easily by just using Meguiar's Plastix Plastic polish. However, on my son's 1997 Subaru (all of which seem to have cloudy headlights), the 3 grits od sandpaper method explained on the attached link was necessary - but it did work. One recommendation - go easy and take your time on each step. Good Luck.
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    WOW, I went to the Meguiars forum and it was quite informative. THANKS! Our local Auto Zone sells their products. We'll go slow and see what it takes to polish up the headlights on the Mustang.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    The quickest and easiest method is to try regular white toothpaste. Saw it on tv the other day and it works. May not work as well as the meguiars stuff but it won't hurt.
  • lildavidjaxlildavidjax Posts: 68
    Ford motor company has discontinued the bushings for the rear cross member on the 94 Mustang GT. These bushings and cross member are ONLY found on the convertible. Anyone know where to find these bushings? Thank you! David
  • Will Ford be re-visiting the Mach 1 again for future year models? Has anyone heard anything yet of this?
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    It's definitely been discussed, and Ford has made noises that some sort of "special edition" Mustang will return soon.

    There have even been rumors that the Boss 302 will return...Ford already has a 5.0 "Cammer" engine Mustang race car (and you can even currently buy the engine over the counter from Ford Racing Parts, though it's hugely expensive). So just street-legalize it, add some creature comforts and of course the distinctive hood-and-sides striping, and the Boss is back! Make mine grabber orange. :shades:
  • I have a 96 V6 Mustang and the check engine light keeps coming on. The car seems to be running fine but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
  • maryawmaryaw Posts: 22
    I have a 2000 Mustang V6; the "service engine soon" light came on and stayed on, yet the car drove just fine. The manual offers several suggestions: be sure your gas cap is tight, try a tank of higher octane gas, put the car through three driving cycles. I did all that.

    Then I went to our regular mechanic and his computer said the car needed a new computer. Bummer. I was also a bit skeptical. Per the mechanic's suggestion, I took the car to a recommended dealership and their computer got a different reading. All the car needed was to have a switch reset.

    The service manager told me if the light came on again and became a problem there was a solenoid (valve?) that they could replace It's been a couple of weeks and no problem.

    My suggestion is to let the dealership or mechanic KNOW you really just want the switch reset. They've been down this road before and they probably have a pretty good feel for whether that's all you need or not...especially if you're a regular customer. In my case I had a newly acquired second-hand car that had not been well maintained in the last few years so I paid for the computer diagnostics.

    Good luck.

    Happy owner of a Bright Red 2000 Mustang V6 that was once my Dad's!
  • dsm1212dsm1212 Posts: 2
    Someone is selling a very nice 1994 GT Convertible in laser red+white leather interior. Only 23,000 mi. The car appears to be in very good condition with only some cleaning needed. New tires, exhaust tips, some other improvements to boost the HP a bit. Paint looks good with only a few scratches. Barely driven for several years. So is $10K too much?

  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    That's a great deal IMO.

    The '94s still had the classic and sought-after 5.0 engine, and 23k miles is really low. As long as it hasn't been really beaten on (and doesn't sound like it), I'd snap it up.

    Red convertible with white interior is classic Mustang. :shades:
  • dsm1212dsm1212 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback! The car is a real eyecatcher. It's my wife that wants it. She had a mechanic look at it and he noted there was not even a glaze of rust on the brake disks. He said that means it never got wet because even one time and overnight it would show up.

    My only concern is that Nada says $8300 for mint cond, Edmunds says $5400, and Kelly BB says $6000. I've never bought a much older car before and I'm not sure whether I should be going over these numbers and they are so wildly different. One guy in another mustang forum said not to go over $6500 no matter how good it is since there are so many of these around. I am a little concerned that if I bought it for $10K and it got totaled I probably couldn't get more than $5K from the insurance company. On the other hand they will probably find someone at this price who doesn't do a price check.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Wow...can't believe Edmunds would cite such a low price for an 8 cyl. Mustang convertible. Seems to me it would go for at least 7 to 8k. Esp. for an edition that's already considered a recent "everyday classic" in Mustang circles.

    The thing with Mustangs to keep in mind is that, more than most cars out there, they tend to be abused something fierce.

    So the supply of truly "clean" versions is acutally quite low (i.e. ones that haven't done 200 power-shifted 1/4 miles at the local track). Yeah, there are a ton of used Mustangs out there for sale, but 1) most are V6 models and 2) many of the V8 models have been run very hard.

    So even if the asking price is a little high, might be worth it if the car truly checks out as a mint vehicle with all the records, etc, if only for peace-of-mind concerns.

    But yeah, it's not like Mustangs are rare or anything...if you pass on this one, another will surely come around soon enough... :)
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    No Mustang from 1994 that is still basically Factory mechanically is worth $10,000 unless someone famous owned it.

    Remember, these cars are made in the 100,000s!!!

    One nice thing about the 1994 is it is a factory convertible roof.

    As for the 5.0 push rod? my 2007 4.0L SOHC V6 is rated for 10 more hp!.

    Try talking the guy down, its not like he has a balance to pay off.

  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Fair enough, and a good strategy. I think I approach these questions from a somewhat skewed pov, being a big Mustang fan, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. :blush:

    Looks like the book price is $8.5k at the high end. For me, if the car were totally mint, I'd pay the extra 1.5k for the condition/availbility, just because these particular Mustangs are rare and getting rarer, and the 5.0 engine will always be a Mustang classic.

    But I supposed outside of the Mustang-nut community, paying the extra to have a mint-condition 5.0 would not be worth it.

    I thought the 4.0 V6 in the '07 Mustang puts out 210 hp, not 225 hp?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Sorry, Edmunds places the output at 215 for a gain of 5 hp over the 07 V6. Torque is significantly higher at 285 vs 245.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Still, pretty impressive what V6s can put out these days.

    I remember when I first started *seriously* examining Mustangs with an eye toward purchasing, in 1994 (I'd been drooling over them my entire childhood), and I recall the 3.8 V6 then put out like 145 hp. :surprise:
  • daniel53daniel53 Posts: 9
    ">I have an 00 GT standard and I have started hearing noise in the rear mostly when I turn at very low speed. Any ideas on what I may be facing?
    Also would like to hear if anyone has gone from the original 327 gears to the 373 gears and if so, how did you go about it? :confuse: <img src="
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    "Also would like to hear if anyone has gone from the original 327 gears to the 373 gears and if so, how did you go about it?"

    Have a professional do it. It's too complex a job with too many potential problems for most amateurs to handle.

    It's usually best to order the gears and the install kit yourself online to get the best deal (the Ford Racing gears are considered the best), then take it all to a speedshop and have them install.

    There's a good deal of debate on which gears to get...the hardcore Mustang guys swear that anything less than 4.10s is a waste of time, but I think for the average guy who's *not* going to be using the car soley for 1/4 mile drag racing, 3.73s are a nice ratio. I'll eventually do them for my '02. :shades:
  • daniel53daniel53 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Dan :)
  • 2000gt12000gt1 Posts: 2
    How do you fold the rear seats down? There aren't levers as shown in the manual. Thanks.
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