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Infiniti G35 Care and Maintenance



  • Thanks.. I got 78K miles on my car.

    Would you be able to comment if this sounds like a reasonable price?

  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    You're probably stuck with the price of the part since that probably has to come from Infiniti.

    $130 labor is only 2 hours, which sounds dirt cheap to me, especially if that includes an alignment.
  • I went to and searched for these bushings and they are like $64. That's so much cheaper..

    Why is the alignment needed? Is this the same as wheel alignment and balancing? I have these free from Costco. Maybe I can do that there after they mount the wheels or am I just being too optimistic?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I assume it's a wheel alignment. Almost anytime you touch/remove/replace a suspension component in the front end, you have probably changed the alignment and it needs to be brought back into spec.

    Sure, you could have the wheel alignment done anywhere. I do not know if G35's have any peculiarities that would require the alignment be done by an infiniti dealer or not.
  • rsaulrsaul Posts: 28
    So, took my 2008G35xS for a little spin over lunch for no more than 10 minutes of harder driving (revs never got above 5500 in DS mode) and took some decent turns (VDC never kicked in nor tire squeel) and was a bit harder on the brakes than normal, but nothing overly, pull into the garage at work, open the door of the G, and get a very bad wiff a burnt plastic smell. Kneeled by the wheels and didn't smell like it was coming from the brakes, but smelled like it was coming from underneath the hood. Anything to worry about or just the engine compartment getting more hot than usual?
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I have the exact same model as yours (08 GxS)..with 12K miles on it by now. So I started driving it hard once in a while and I get the same smell when I pull into my garage. Once I get out of the car I smell it, it actually feels good in a wierd way ;) Never thought of it as an issue, just normal and the car continues to drive fine. Took it for 3rd service 2 weeks ago, and everything looked fine.
  • rsaulrsaul Posts: 28
    Terrific. Thanks. I'll sleep a little better tonight knowing that baby is ok. I need to get the oil changed in a week or so, so will have them give it the once over anyway. I have almost 17K miles
  • marty325marty325 Posts: 1
    I just spent $240.00 for each (left and right) total $480.00, plus parts $37.68, plus alignment $109.95 to replace the compression rod bushings on my 2004 G 35. I used my "trusty" dealer. Feels like I got ripped off. Did I pay too much?
  • If you push your car to the higher RPM band and hold the gear to the 6200 end of manual shifting, and are waiting to hear the ping, it's too late. I do not drive my G for an everyday driver but when i do drive it, I DRIVE IT. If i was you, put the recommended higher octane in the vehicle and enjoy the ride. A few cents a gallon is not worth the non performance. :shades:
  • :shades: I agree. If that is all they are going to charge, jump on it and do not ask to many questions about it. See if they will install performance Neoprene bushings for you instead of the OEM, they will last 4 times as long and will give you a better ride. That will be the way I go, when mine need to be replaced. :shades:
  • I personally use the synthetic blend oil in my performance G 35. If you drive your car on the extreme side you need to change your oil a little more often than your normal Joe. YES, even if you use the pure 100% Mobile sytec oil. Synthetic oil shines if you drive your car normal. LIKE GRANDPAW.After your high speed drive you should let the machine cool for a bit and before covering it for the evening give the dip stick a check just to keep an eye on things. My suggestion is the change your oil after 4000 miles regardless :shades:
  • I had a new battery installed yesterday and after I left the mechanic's, I experienced difficulty starting my '05 G35 sedan. I have about 44,000 miles on it. Today it was considerably better with only two bad starts. For almost 6 years the car started on the first crank of the starter without giving it gas. Yesterday at one point I had to turn the key back to off 3 times before it started. Not today. I took it to another mechanic today who told me that when the battery is disconnected, the computer resets and has to learn your behavior all over again. Can any one tell me if this is accurate? Thanks.
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