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Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair



  • emreergenemreergen Posts: 2
    I purchased my a week ago. 2003 G35 sedan with 76k miles. Has been serviced by Infiniti dealer since day 1 (have all records) I havent got the title so i only started the car 3-4 times last week and did not drive more than 5-6 miles total. today i tried to start but it did not! I dont think its batter cause all lights, radio and even a/c works. it gives a sound like "trrrrrrr".
    does it ever happened to u?
    Also when i lock it with remote the horn has a weaker sound, u can barely hear it. It was way louder 2 days ago when i started it last time.
    i'm soo upset cause i just sold my 1998 I-30 with 120Kmiles and I used it for 3 years-50k miles with out experiencing a single problem.
    thanks for your help...
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    If it's still the original battery, most likely that is your problem. The lights will still work but there's not enough juice to turn the starter.
  • brioninibrionini Posts: 5
    I've owned my G35 for more than 3 yrs and always put premium gas. I now learned that if there is a knock sensor in the car, one can just use regular gas. Can someone fill me in if we can safely use regular?
  • emreergenemreergen Posts: 2
    It is the original battery...
    I jump started it after reading your thread and it started without any problems...
    Thanks for the help...

    Does anybody know if we can replace the battery with the ones at Autozone (maintenance free ones) or does it have to be original INFINITI battery?
    thanks again...
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    It does not have to be the oem or Infiniti battery.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    You can safely use regular gas but the knock sensor will retard the ignition timing, resulting in less power & worse fuel economy.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    When my car went in for it's 18,750 service visit, it needed rear brakes. While talking to the service manager, I mentioned that I hired an attorney because there is definitely something wrong with the brakes on min 05 G35X and plenty others if you read these boards.
    The service manager, said, "I am glad you are doing something because he is in the middle." There isn't anything he can do because his hands are tied. "You are not the only person with this problem. It would make my job much easier if someone could get Infiniti to admit there is a problem." "Each dealer is independently owned so there isn't much we can do except pass on the information we are told." "I'll just tell you this, the brake pads have been changed on the 2006's again and it took them a long time to admit there was an issue with the 2003/04's."
    I personally believe the problem is that some of the 2005's were still made with the brake parts as the 2003/2004's even though the parts have a 2005 part number on them. Since I got my car in February of 05, it was made in 2004. And since getting the information from the Service Manager about the brakes being changed on the 2006 models, if there was nothing wrong with the 2005 brakes but the drivers, why would they change them again?
  • dem739dem739 Posts: 24
    Why don't you read the messages on this board from other 2005 G35X drivers who have the same problem. Need brake pads and rotors.
  • me_and_g35me_and_g35 Posts: 15
    When I bought my G35 back in 2004, I experimented different grades. (87, 89, and 91 are available in CA) Based on what I did, 91 gave me slightly better mileage and much smoother driving experience.
  • rphwackrphwack Posts: 21
    I just got a letter from Infinity congratulating me on the fact that they have decided to extend the rust corrosion warranty from 7 years to 10 years. No if they would only extend the warranty on the brake pads and rotors from 3 years to 6 years they might restore my faith in them that they really care about their customers.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I have a 2006 RWD with the dual zone climate control. When I set it on Auto or Auto Economy, the A/C seems to blow too hard for way too long, even when the interior is not hot at all (e.g. parked in a garage for the whole day). I have to set the themostat to something ridiculous like 85F for it to slow down to a comfortable level. The air coming out of the vents is icy cold, so it's definitely cooling the cabin. I suspect either the interior temperature sensor or the sun sensor on the dash is not working properly. Also, I suspect this keeps the A/C compressor working over time, robbing the car of power and gas mileage (16mpg city). I've had two G35 loaners during service, and both felt faster than mine.

    I live in Texas so it has been hot. But I have another car (and I've had 2 others in the past) with auto climate control. And on the same day, I never have to set it higher than 72F to be comfortable. It only blows hard for the first few minutes and then slows down.

    The dealer of course told me there's nothing wrong with my car. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • vpking1vpking1 Posts: 7
    Amazing how Infiniti keeps shipping these cars with creaking dash. It sounds like a haunted house. Mysteriously it went a way for a few hours the other evening. It came back with a vengeance today. I'm sure our 100 degree temperatures and high humdity on the East Coast had something to do with it. The plastic changes shape and structure during heat. Why aren't these problems being resolved on the assembly line. I saw the service bulletin. Some jury rig method using masking tape. You think Lexus ever sends cars out with problems like this. I needed the AWD for the Winter so the ES350 really wasn't an option. I really like the G35x but I can't live with this annoying noise for 7 years.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Vehicle interiors are full of double stick tape to close gaps and prevent noise. Using it in a TSB is common. If it works and can't be seen, I'd be happy. Keep us posted.
  • I just purchased my car a month ago. It had 53k miles on it. It is still under warranty. I took it into infiniti to make sure all the recalls had been done, they confirmed they had.

    A few days after I got it it wouldn't start. The slip light came on, and later it started after 10 minutes. A few weeks later it wouldn't start at all, I had to have it flat bedded to infiniti in glendale. They first told me that the key was demagnetized which didn't add up. They inspected it and told me that it was the throttle chamber, explaining that the engine wasn 't getting any gas, which explained my poor gas mileage. Once I got it back the acceleration was better, but ofcourse my mileage is exponentionally reduced. I plan to have the fuel injectors flushed and tuned up and replace the tires, so I put 6 gallons of premium 91 in and I have driven 44 miles in 3 days and the fuel indicator has already come on. So by math Im averaging 7 miles per gallon, which doesn't seem right. I saw on the forum the fuel line recall and I am wondering if my vehicle had been recalled, or whether the dealer was just blowing smoke. I am going to verify this with the 800 number on the recall before I take it to my mechanic. Does anyone else have a problem with poor mileage? Also can someone tell me how much gas is left when the fuel light comes on? Thanks. I would love to love my car but until I can resolve this issue I may have to offload it immediately.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I read your post with some interest because I have been thinking the same thing. Then I discovered something. The light on the auto button may stay lit even if the manual override has been engaged. My wife complained about the constant blowing at high speed the other day. I reached out and touched the auto button and it blinked then the blower slowed way down; appropriately so since the cabin had cooled off some time earlier. I would expect the auto button to kick off the moment a manual button is pushed. Maybe you are in manual mode when you think you’re in auto.

    Give it a try and see if that helps.

  • Your gas mileage is slightly worse than my 12 MPG due to mostly short city drives. I noticed that "low in gas" indicator comes on too early. Based on my calculation, I should still have about 3+ gallons in the tank when the "low in gas" indicator comes on.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    Thanks, Roll, for the reply. Unfortunately that's not the problem for me. My climate control system is definitely on full auto, with no manual adjustment of the fan speed.

    To give an example: This morning when I left for work, it was 89F outside. I turned the A/C on Auto and set it to 80F. It blew hard (3/4 of the full fan speed) for 15 mins without slowing. I raised the temperature to 82F, the fan slowed down to 1/3 of full speed. I left it there for 5 mins, then set it back to 80F. The fan speed did not increase; it stayed at 1/3.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Actually now that I take a closer look I am having a similar experience. Hmmm. Air runs like crazy and only after a long time and after the car is chilled does it begin to slow down, and then, only a little. It does seem to be acting odd.

  • I have an 04 Sedan, 6MT with 16,500 miles, that recently started to have a sound that I can only describe as a wheel/tire wobble. It also has a faint similarity to what a flat tire sounds like, but to a much lesser degree. It appears appx 50mph and up. Slight vibration on the steering wheel starts at 70mph.

    It appeared about a week ago, and have cheked the tire pressure, different roads to see if it not an issue, but as far as I can tell, it is still there. Anyone have any similar experience? I have searched and have come up with nothing that satisfies my particular issue. Thanks.
  • I have a 2006 Coupe with 1300 miles and I have noticed an annoying creaking sound from the driver side window when it is rolled up. When it is rolled down the noise seems to disappear but then the side view mirror makes noise. I also noticed that the windows make a clicking sound when they are being put up or down. Does anyone else have this problem in their coupe?
  • g35xmang35xman Posts: 3
    I have posted messages on this very same topic before. I have a 2004 sedan and have experienced this horrendously annoying creaking noise for about 20,000 miles. It started around 5,000 miles. I have sent it to the dealer multiple times for repair and they can't get rid of the creaking.

    It comes from all four windows. I think it is the window casing. I sprayed silicon spray all around the rubber stripping around the door/window frame and that fixes it for a few hours and then it starts again.

    Sorry, I have no other suggestions....let me know if you hear of anything else to fix this problem!
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    There's a TSB onthis. It involves removing the weather stripping and placing a piece of foam weatherstripping within the factory weatherstripping. I did a similar thing on my car by jamming foam into the window channel so that the window has a tighter seal. This stopped the problem on my car. I now have 34K QUIET miles on her.
  • themdtnthemdtn Posts: 18
    My 2005 G35 sedan also has the same creaking noise problem from the door frame sometimes. The noise seems to be caused by the friction between the window chrome (stainless steel) strip and the rubber part beneath it. You can run your finger pressing along the chrome and see if the same noise can be reproduced. Doing this sometimes re-seats the chrome strip and stops the noise, but it tends to come back when the outside temperature changes. Some kinds of lubrication of insulation between the strip and the rubber ought to fix the noise.
  • themdtnthemdtn Posts: 18
    From 2005, only the rear drive G35 sedan has bigger brake pads and rotors (share with the new M35/45's). The 2005 G35x still has the smaller brake hardwares as in all pre-2005 G35 models (coupe w/ Brembo excluded). So it's not unexpected to hear your 2005 G35x has the same brake issue as those of 2003-2004 G35's. I think someone said that for 2006, G35x is now also equipped with bigger brake hardware but I haven't personally verified this yet.
  • ronnykronnyk Posts: 22

    I just took delivery of my new G35X last night. While driving this morning, I noticed a couple of things that I probably should have picked up on last night but in my excitement missed. It is still early here so I have yet to talk to my dealer, but want to hear from other owners.

    1. The turn signals lights (front and rear) seem to operate correctly, but there is no dash indicator that blinks correspondingly. I assume this should NOT be the case. I think other indicators are also not working, such as hi-beam.

    2. I have the Premium package with the dual-zone temp control. Mine seems to go back to the "default" setting of 75 degrees, whenever I turn off and restart the car. Is this normal or is there supposed to be a memory that retains the last climate settings?

    My clock is also not working (it is stuck at 8:35, which is about the time I picked up the car, so I didn't notice this either). All of these items would appear to be electrical in nature, so I would imagine they could be related to a fuse or similar.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ron K.
  • It's possible that the dealer forgot to install a special fuse before delivery. I know my former car, an '04 Nissan Pathfinder, had a 10 amp fuse that had to be installed prior to delivery. The point of the fuse not being installed by the factory was to prevent the battery from being drained by the clock and other functions that require constant power (e.g. possibly the climate control settings, radio presets, etc.).

    Hopefully you already got your car fixed, let us know what it was.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    It's possible that the dealer forgot to install a special fuse before delivery

    That's got to be it.

  • murrowmurrow Posts: 72
    Son of a gun... that may have been part of what's happened on my car. I got hit on the side and although the door wasn't damaged, it needed to be partially painted to "blend" the paint. I absolutely noticed it has a wavy look to it now. The shop has tried a million times to make it look better, but I'm so unhappy and disgusted with the whole experience, I'm trying to get out of the car. Problem is, it looks like I'm going to take a nasty financial hit if I do.
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