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Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair



  • g35jong35jon Posts: 5
    Anybody else have this problem?
    Air bag warning indiator light stays on after start up (2005 G35 with 22,000 miles). Dealership replaces a circuit board when this happens but problem just reappears.This problem has been "fixed" 3 times already in last 18 months. Clearly there is a manufacturer's defect my dealership has failed to remedy. My wife is afraid to drive the car with electronic /air bag defects and dealship tells they will only do what the manufacturer (Infiniti) let's them. A 2nd dealship agreed to attempt fix number 4 while car is still under warranty.
    PLEASE HELP ME -I I HAVE A :lemon:
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Does your airbag light stay on or flash? Mine was flashing and today the dealer replaced a switch. The bill is at my office so I cannot give a part number until Monday. We'll see if that fixes it. I had reset the airbag light and thought it was a random trigger because it stayed off for more than a week but then it came back on. So I took it to the dealer.

    My car has 66000 miles and is on an extended warranty.

    Now the dealer did say that they think they solved it because this is what they replaced on another car and it fixed that guy's issue. As I said, we'll see.
  • g35jong35jon Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply - air bag light flashes. Car going monday for it's fourth fix. last fix was only three month ago.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    When I get to the office on Monday I will find out what was replaced and let you know. May help.
  • allwsballwsb Posts: 1
    I have the similar issue. The air bag light stayed on after engin was on. It is in the shop now. The dealer just called said it is fixed after changed the Air Bag Assembly. I will see. The car is only 2750 miles. I have no problem driving the dealer loaner around which is the same car but on their gas. I will post update if I see anything new.
  • I looked around for an answer to this question but didnt see much.

    I own a 2005 g35x with about 33K miles in it. I recently took my car in for an oil change and the dealer tells me that the belt is starting to crack and recommends replacement. Doesnt this seem a little aggresive? anyone else has experience something similar?


  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    Does Infiniti offer a loaner car if the car's repair is covered under the warranty? What about for oil changes and other maintenance if preformed at the dealer?

    I am considering either the Lexus IS or the G35 and I have heard great things about Lexus service.
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    The two Infiniti stores I use in the Dallas-FT Worth area both provide a loan car regardless of the size of the maintenance/repair or if it is under warranty or not.
    We have two Infinitis, one bought from a Dallas dealer and the other from a mid-cities location. We are treated the same.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    You must really be torn between these two cars if its now down to the dealership services. You cant go wrong with either IMO since there are great cars. Whichever way you choose, good luck.
  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    at 7,500 mile the maintenance tire light comes on. i assumed it for tire rotation,but i have the sedan sports model with front 225/50/18 and 245/45/18 rear tire ,so they're fixed, also check the pressure in the tires and they're okay. i try to reset the computer, it didn't work. any advice out there. thanks. :confuse: :confuse:
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    There are maintenance reminders that are set within the maintenace section.
    You must have one set to 7500 miles.
    They can be adjusted, or turned off.

    Hit Info -> Maintenace -> Reminders

    Alerts can also be set through the center console alert section.
  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    scott, i hit info>maintenance>reminders like you said. the alert on the center console turned off, but the alert (red color) on/between tachometer and speedometer stay on.
    how do i turn that off. thanks.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Ah... There are two types of reminders. It sounds like they are boith set in your car.
    The first type is set within the touch screen as we discussed.

    The second type of alert is within the center console display.
    You need to go through the screens there until you see the one for alerts and go down to Maintenance.
    There, you can set alerts for things like Oil Changes... and a little oil icon appears when the time comes near.
    These can also be turned off, or reset.

    Let me know if that makes sense, or if you need more detail.

  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    scott, no luck. i have tried everything. i reset all the reminders and the light between the console still stay on. guess i have to take it to the dealer. thanks.
  • darrinzramzdarrinzramz Posts: 24
    Hi my name is Darrin I just checked my air filter on my newly purchased G35 sedan(2004),year,from a Toyota dealer,the air filter was not changed for me before I bought the car(which should have been done).Any ways I purchased a K&N air filter,and now I notice this very little every-once in a while brief rough idle spot while at a stop light!!!??????,and suggestions on why this is happening!!???,any input would be appreciated thanks,Darrin :confuse:
  • sande1212sande1212 Posts: 1
    yesterday i did a huge drift in a cercil but then when i pulld up to stop my cars wheel whent all hard and it was imposable tu turn it the hydrolic did not help but after u press the gas pedal the wheel softens a bit and u are able to move it when u drive it is normol what is the risen for this and what can i do to fix it ...someone help a.s.p :confuse:
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    Yeah, I got the same story @45K miles. Tech said that while it did seem unusual, it was not unheard of for belts to be cracking so soon. I have an '04X , with (now) 49K NYC miles. Something that falls under the replace now-better safe than sorry
    heading, IMO.
  • dukiedougdukiedoug Posts: 12
    I just purchased an '06 G35 coupe with 32k miles. I was wondering how often most people are changing their oil? The gentleman I purchased the car from had the oil changed every 5k and was using full synthetic oil. I have done some research online and ran into a brand called AMSOIL and they say you only need to change the oil every 25k, if your using their brand of engine oil. Seems a little high to me. Just curious what most people are using for engine oil changes and filters.
  • darrinzramzdarrinzramz Posts: 24
    Absolutely not!!!,I would not change from your full-synthetic oil to AMSOIL oil!!!,you really should change it every 5,000mi,Now if you abuse or drive extremely hard then change it every 3,000-4,000miles.Never let your oil go for 25,000miles,that's just not good for the car's engine,i believe,Darrin
  • darrinzramzdarrinzramz Posts: 24
    Hi,my name is Darrin and I too have a 2004 G35 sedan,try using a K&N air filter and change your plugs to a NGK laser fire plug,it may increase your mileage a little.I get about 20-21mi/gal on my car,Darrin
  • sevenawaysevenaway Posts: 22
    Has anyone had a problem with their window motors to the extent that even after three replacements, the window does still not work correctly. The passenger window drops a noticeable amount when you open the door while the driver window (with a new motor) barely moves at all. I have had this back to Infiniti three times and they still can't get it right.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • radioman18radioman18 Posts: 10
    Paul, I've had the same problem. The dealer told me it takes 20 minutes for the thermometer to calibrate correctly.That's pretty odd. But, sure enough, after 20 minutes of fluctuating readings (as much as 15 degrees off kilter), the system stabilizes.
  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    Just picked up my new G35 this weekend and was reviewing the service manual. It suggests oil changes every 3,750 miles for normal driving. Just curious to see what others are doing.

    If I use synthetic oil will it extend this period?
  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 95
    This is an age old argument. Some people say yes, some people say no. I'm in the second category. To me, contaminents are contaminents. They don't just come from the oil being worn down, but they come from the filter and other factors too. As much as we'd like to pretend that the oil systems in our vehicles are closed, they are, in fact, not closed system. Synthetic oil has, on the whole, more resistence to break down (good) but it does nothing to reduce the additional contaminents introduced everytime the system is opened, the filter gets a little old, etc. Then again, I'm leasing this one so I'm just staying with plain ol' dino oil and changing per the book. Most of the "stress" tests where you see synthetic "beating out" conventional oil are rigged. How? Well, they intentionally place the vehicle in state that encourages breakdown by heat. A state no normal driver will ever see. Some racer's see it, but you know what? Every racer I know changes their oil FAR more frequently than 3000 miles too because they KNOW they're breaking down the oil.

    Ultimately, it's a personal choice and YMMV. :P
  • vybhavvybhav Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    I have a small dent on my new G35 :-( . I hit the car ahead accidentally. I called the Infiniti dealer and he said they don't repair dents and stuff. I live in San Diego. Any suggestions on where I can get it fixed in way that makes it seem it never existed ? I am a newbie and this is my first car . So, not much experience with all this .
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • lewiswlewisw Posts: 16
    Had new OEM pads/aftermarket rotors put on my '04 G35 coupe. Ever since, they squeal backing up when applying brakes, but not when going forward and braking. Seems worse at very low speed (e.g. backing out of garage). Took it back and had pads "chemically treated" which helped for a few days, then it returned. It is annoying. What should I tell my independent garage to look for , or to adjust? Thanks!
  • agm1agm1 Posts: 11
    You can remove the fogging with a good cleaner wax and polish. I used Maguire Cleaner wax and polish when they fog up. They will stay clear after several applications. There are vent holes near the bottom of the lens to let out moisture. Do not clog these vents with xs polish.
  • agm1agm1 Posts: 11
    Try LaJolla Autobody off of Balboa and Mission Bay Drive....4260 Mission Bay Drive to be exact. 270 6821. They did a fantastic job on my Jag.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    My 2006 6MT Sedan with 23K miles on it, seems to have worn brakes already. My lease ends in October and I am sure I will need to change brakes prior to that. Will Infiniti mandate OEM brakes, or will I be able to get away with aftermarket? Also, normal for brakes to wear out at 23K miles?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I've heard some owners getting low mileage from their brakes but for an 06 with the new larger brakes, 23K miles seems low. Do you drive hard? Is most of your driving urban where you are on the brakes more than a highway cruiser?

    Aftermarket brakes are fine. No penalty there as long as they are the correct fit.
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