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Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair



  • Good day,has any-one else had this problem w/their G35 sedan/coupe,I was at a stop sign,stooped and then all of the sudden,the check-engine light came on,and also the trac light and the car would only drive forward at a very low speed!!!???,2-3mph!!!.What sensor has gone bad???,and I am going to TRY to drive it down to my dealer tomorrow the dealer is about 45min away!!,will I be ok!!!????,thanks Darrin I need any imputs from other drivers ASAP!!! :(
  • I bought a 08 G35x this past August. My car slipped once and almost got hit on a highway about 2 weeks ago and had to steer hard to the left and right to keep the control.

    After that it now feels like the steering wheel has been loosened. The little tightness you feel from driving an infiniti or BMW is no longer there in the steering. It felt as if somebody had loosened the steering wheel. It's really frustrating.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this could be or how it can be fixed. I took it to the dealer and they said everything felt fine (alignment, etc). There is no problem.

    Any assistance you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • 20 Gallons US is 16.65 gallons Imperial (or UK as it is sometimes indicated)

    If the USA would use metric like the rest of the World, there wouldn't be this confusion!
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    dmack.......hope scott wasn't waiting 42 months for this response..... :)
  • tbell5tbell5 Posts: 4
    edited February 2011
    did you fix the problem(Front wheel/suspension rattle ), if so what did you do, please help me
  • did you find out what the problem is. i have a 2004 g35x same problem started yesterday. pleas help me
  • Yes its fixed. It was the control rod bushing. After changing the struts and other suspension parts without any change to the rattle, my mechanic, using a pry bar, was able to get a lot of movement on the control rod at the bushing. We replaced it and solved the problem. Should work for you.
  • sorry i said the control rod bushing. it is actually the compression rod bushing.
  • tbell5tbell5 Posts: 4
    thanks, But i tryed to locate the part on Infiniti Parts USA so i can buy it. Is there another name to search for this part " is the bushing part of the bracket that holds the stabliize bar inplace
  • tbell5tbell5 Posts: 4
    i have a g35x 2004, is there another name for the the compression rod ( try to stop the rattling nosie *Front wheel/suspension *) i've tryed to several internet search but no luck. is the compression rod also none as the stabilize bar
  • hi,
    i think I'm having a similar issue, did it sound like a dull thumping noise, it occurs around 50 to 60 mph then goes away at higher speeds?

    I took it to my mechanic over the weekend and he couldn't find any suspension/axle damage, though he was able to bring himself to change the rotors and brake pads.
  • yogiowneryogiowner Posts: 117
    Hi Guys:

    I've decided to start a new post for other victims of Infiniti. Anyone who knows how to get the dealers to be responsive, thorough and accurate should post suggestions here. Any and all options to hold them accountable (I am not soliciting for a legal group and such here).

    After I asked Douglas Infiniti to be thorough and accurate, they came back telling me that they can't find transmission fluid in the coolant. I have a picture of it. So that means that as polite as they are, they can be equally incompetant, or just plain unwilling to make the needed repairs unless they can charge hundreds of percent more than that of a private, quality mechanic.

    Each time I see an Infiniti commercial, I want to throw my shoe through the TV.....
  • Hi!

    I had check engine warning light to come up and mechanic determined that injectors need to be cleaned which fixed the problem. However he preferred to do it every 10k miles or eve more often, while I think I can do it every 25k miles or when the light comes back again. Supposedly higher amount of alcohol inf modern fuel causes injectors to clog more easily. In my opinion it should not be done too often as the process by itself is quite smoky and damaging to the environment.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    edited October 2011
    First, I am no mechanic and am not mechanically inclined when it comes to automobiles.

    May I ask a few questions? What brand of fuel do you use? What does the fuel injection maintenance cost? At what mileage did the CEL come on? Are you the original owner? And how well do you know this mechanic and his experience level?

    You were very smart to get the cause of the "check engine light" (CEL) checked out. If the engine threw a code, your mechanic was probably able to retrieve it with a code scanner and diagnose your issue properly. Too many ignore the CEL until disaster stares them in the face, followed by a big repair bill.

    Granted, your CEL came on and the mechanic's injector service seems to have rectified the problem. And clogged fuel injectors are not uncommon. my last 4 vehicles combined, I put on 409,000 miles so far and had only 1 (one) fuel injection service performed. The name brand fuels with the additives have seemed to do the job for me. My 04 G35 Coupe is currently at 46,000 miles, has never had this service, and it runs as strong and as smooth as the day I drove it off the Infinity lot when new. The same can be said for the other 3 vehicles. All 4 have performed at or above the EPA fuel mileage ratings.

    So I must ask. What is the benefit of the injector service on a car that is running beautifully? I subscribe to the addage that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Granted, I follow the prescribed maintenance schedules for the drivetrains on my cars, though I tend to change motor oil sooner than recommended.

    If you trust your private mechanic as I do mine (for 18 years), ask him the question......why every 10,000 miles? Infinity does not recommend that frequency of injector service, but I don't have my owners' manual handy to see what the injector cleaning schedule is. My mechanic makes no such fuel injection service recommendation. So I don't do them.

    With regard name brand gasoline versus the off brand fuels, they ALL get their gas from the exact same refineries. So it is the exact same gas. The only difference is in the specific additives required by the brand company, and the octane rating (87, 89, 91, 93).

    With regard to the mechanic's comment on the alcohol content in the fuel, I think he/you meant the ethanol content.

    In Masachusetts where I live, the Winter formulated gas has a mandated ethanol content of 10% per gallon by volume. No one I have asked has been able to confirm that the Summer formulated gasoline has a lower or different ethanol content. And the sticker on the pumps at the gas stations only say: "May contain up to 10% ethanol by volume." The sticker never changes 24/7/365. Ethanol produces less combustible energy than straight gasoline, so the Winter formulated gasolines yield a lower fuel economy, by as much as 10%.

    So I might be inclined to use name brand gasolines because of the cleansing additives and skip the fuel injector cleanings, and certainly not every 10,000 miles as your mechanic recommended. I'd have 39 more fuel injection services, and the associated cost, under my belt for no apparent benefit by following your mechanic's recommendation. No thanks. :D
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    edited October 2011
    I did some reading, and you may want to do the same. Google "fuel injection service" and you will find some informative articles and advertisements. The repair shops push this service, claiming fuel mileage savings and a smoother running engine. The conventional automotive wisdom does not support this service for routine maintenance, only if there is a problem and the cause has been determined to be clogged fuel injectors, and generally from the use of cheap gas that does not necessarily contain detergents.

    Other tidbits from my reading......over the counter gasoline additives you pour into your gas tank are not generally considered effective. Pressure-forced, concentrated solvent flushes are the norm if required at about $125 a pop. The detergents found in name brand gasolines keep injectors clean from gasoline varnish buildup on the injectors, the most frequent cause of injector fouling or restriction. Also, the OEMs list the service as recommended but not required.

    Using your mechanic's recommended fuel injection service every 10,000 miles would have put me $5,000 in the hole had I ever entertained doing it, with no apparent benefit over the 400K + miles I put on my last 4 vehicles. That is a lot of beer money. ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,499
    I would only recommend fuel injector cleaning if the car exhibits systems of injector distress. The only other time injectors might need attention is when they wear out, which they do eventually (they are mechanical in a sense, so....). Sometimes they even rust, although I haven't seen that for a long time time.

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  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    They (fuel injectors) do seem to be rather robust nowadays. The only one I have had to touch just happened last month when my '92 Sentra SE-R started running on 3 cylinders. Thought it was a fouled plug at first, but turned out the coil in the #4 injector had developed an intermittent open. Replacing the injector fixed the miss.
  • I have an 05 g35x w/ 54,600 miles on it. It has been leaking oil of late and I took it in where I had it serviced last thinking a loose seal. They said my oil housing is leaking and that I'll need a new one of those along w/an oil cooler since the dealer said (where they'll get the parts) they are all tied together. This true? Is $555 all-in a fair price? Are there other options I have?
  • The oil cooler is where the oil filter attaches to the engine block. It is very common for the o-ring to leak, but replacement of the entire cooler is usually not needed; just the o-ring. Should not cost more than $150.

    I am a service advisor at an Infiniti dealer and come across this issue on a daily basis.
  • Actually i found that buying a Haynes manual and i little DIY is pretty easy for the 2003 g35 and I was quoted from a Midas almost 600.00 to do a tune up and change the belts. I did it myself with no car knowledge and only spent 130.00 Make sure to get platinum or iridium plugs as the manufactures call for a double platinum iridium plug thats 20.00 a piece they are the best and you will tell a difference also make sure that they are a high temp plug also. If this helped let me know if there is anything else that i may be able to help you with just let me know
  • I'm looking for parts to my 2003 g35 as i have been in love with this car forever and finally got one but the body is really bad and has some bondo on her i have found numerous parts but need to know if they will fit thanks any help at all
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Looks like it will.

    If you go to and put in your year, make, and model, then the part you're looking for, then search all of the US, you will get results for all of the available parts of that type that fit your vehicle.

    For example, if you put in the 2003 G35 Sedan instead of the coupe, and search for "hood," you get only a parts list including 2003-2004 model years. This indicates that a 2005 would NOT likely fit the 2003.

    If you change it to coupe, you get results for parts from 2003-2007 model years, indicating that any of those should fit the 2003.


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  • kja21kja21 Posts: 4
    Infiniti has Premium, Elite1, and Elite2 Maintenance Plans. Premium “exceeds” what the factory requires and covers additional recommendations. Premium follows the owner's manual under "optional upgrades". Elite1 follows service schedule 1 in the owners manual (oil every 3mo or 3750 miles) and Elite 2 follows service schedule 2 (oil every 6mo or 7500 miles), both Elite 1&2 “meet” the factory requirements and cover the intermediate and major service every 15k and 30k miles. So my question is do you think the Premium (costs more of course) is worth it?

    Also, are any of these plans worth it at all? How much are you paying without them? :confuse:
  • watash50watash50 Posts: 1
    Your oil leak is the gasket above the oil filter. Remove the filter and you'll find a hex looking nut under where the filter screws onto the cooler. Loosen the nut and pull housing down. The "O" ring is right there. Replacement ring can be purchased thru your local Nissan dealer for about $8.00. Real inexpensive repair and easy to do.
  • I found that my trunk was leaking at the rubber seal. The seal was damaged by the emergency trunk release which fell on to the seal depressing it enough to allow water to seep into the trunk when the car was washed. So beware of this problem. New seal and snipped off the offending portion of the release.
  • nice5nice5 Posts: 2
    2003 Infinity G35 sedan engine will stop running while being driven. Twice when driving 70 mph and once at 30 mph 6 months ago. Now engine is stopping when coming to a stop and hard to start. Engine will only start if gas pedal is pumped a few times. The Service Engine Light, VDC Off & Slip all come on. VDC Off & Slip will turn off after a while. The dealer said my car VIN number is not on the ITB03-072 recall list and recommend I do not change out the crank position or cam position sensors. No codes coming up when using an OBD2 OEM Enhanced code reader. Any suggestions?
  • ellarykellaryk Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    Last winter I replaced the motor on the driver's window and it worked fine.
    Now, when I close it it rolls all the way up then rolls down about 3 inches. Does the same if I hold the switch until it is fully rolled up. To close it I have to hold the switch in the up position until it is closed for 10 seconds or so. The automatic window adjusting function (when the door is opened and closed) and anti-pinch functions works properly.
    Does the limit switch on the motor just need to be reset?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Does the limit switch on the motor just need to be reset?

    That's what I would try. Here's an short article on how to do that on a Nissan. Your Infiniti should be similar.

    Artcile Here
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