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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Well, I guess I got an OK deal but not a GREAT deal. My disadvantage was that, the dealership in my city didn't have a car with all the options I wanted with the right color. Even now, it is not my first choice of color. I wanted the Garnet Ember with black interior; Prem., Navi, Tire and Wheel but they couldn't find anything in a reasonable distance. So, I ended up getting the Ivory Pearl with Wheat interior; Prem., Navi, Wood, Tire and Wheel, Splash guards, Tinted windows, Wheel Locks, Nitro Air, Door Edge guards for $33,000 OTD. I didn't get the .9% financing so, I am having to find a loan from my local bank. I think I could have knocked down another $500 if the car was locally available.
  • Hydesmile, call me crazy but I paid almost $800 more for G35 Journey since I couldn't find the right color with all the options I wanted. Even now, it is not my first choice of color. I am in Oklahoma and they are bringing the car from SC on a trailer.

    My thinking was that, I am getting a very expensive car and if I am not getting something I like then I will always regret about it so.....I wouldn't say you are crazy if you drive to VA and drive back with something you really want.

    But, may I say if you don't get lot of snow where you live, I wouldn't get a AWD; that is one reason you can't find an AWD in GA.
  • there are several G35x's in Lexington Ky. I just bought one there and love it.

    AWD is great not just for the snow. The car is a rocket and the AWD really shines in the wet. I'm more impressed with the acceleration and lack of wheel spin on wet pavement that I thought I would be....

    Check the Glenn Automall site. Call and ask for Cy Dicken. He is a fraternity Brother of mine and i'm sure he will give you a very competitive price. Delivery is not that much if you are really saving money. you can get a cheap filght on Southwest for $39.00 to Louisville or Delta to Lexington--- for not much more 1 way. I'm sure Cy would pick you up at the airport.

    Good luck-I'd gladly travel to Atlanta or somewhere within 5 to 6 hours to get the exact car i wanted. But that is my .02 worth--- i drive cars into the ground and could not live with a 2nd best choice for the money and availability of a car within reason.

    The G35 is a great car---love mine more every day!
  • Thanks for the info. Do you mind telling me how much you pay for the G35x? I will research on it too.
  • 33,900. sticker was just shy of 42,000.00 for 2008 g35xsport awd-basically every option that is available.
  • I just picked up my new 2008 G37 Journey today in NJ/MD area for $33,440 plus TTL (MSRP = $39,725, TMV = $36,525). This is the exterior/interior combo I wanted with just the premium package and I was really excited to find it. I'm pretty sure I got a steal too -- after much searching, the next best quote I could find was $34,500. FYI, my price included the $1000 dealer incentive (I purchased the car outright), and also $500 in Infiniti loyalty discounts. I almost paid $37,000 for this exact configuration last month...very glad I waited til the last minute! These end of year savings are great.
  • Was this G37 a demo? Did you use the 0.9%APR? Also, did you have to pay for extras like tint or wheel locks? Thanks.
  • I am getting G35X quotes for around $7500 under list in New England area. A G35X (MSRP 40800) with Nav, Prem and wood trim for around $33150 plus TTL. For a lease (39 month, 15k per yr) the purchase price jumps to $36000, with MF of 0.00119 and Residual of 53% and monthly payments of $453 (including Tax) with $1500 due at signing.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    If pushed, based on whats been seen on this board you should be seeing a little over 8100 off list on this car if you don;t use the .9 or zero financing mine was 5129 off list using the .9 percent with another 3k off if I arranged other financing or paid cash.
  • It was not a demo, but it did have 180 miles on it. I purchased the car in full, so I did not use the .9% financing. The car is not tinted, and I didn't have to pay anything extra for wheel locks. I only paid a $200 processing fee + TTL on top of the price of the car...
  • That sounds like a pretty sweet deal with the financing! I think the 2008 G35's are going at an even bigger discount than the G37 since they are switching up to the G37 sedan model for 2009. They have a nce $3000 dealer incentives on the G35, but only $1000 on the G37, so they're definitely looking to unload them quickly. I'd say try and buy by Jan 5th if you're in the market right now, that seems to be the cutoff on all these deals!
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I was quoted (2 months ago) for an 08 G35 Sedan, Journey with Premium, $28,000 plus TT&L. There was no fluff added and the MSRP was approximately $36,600. My girlfriend decided not to buy the car, only because of her tentative employment scenario. She would have been able to trade her 06 Sedan in and make the exchange with a lower bank payment then she pesently had.(The $28,000 price was given before they even knew of her trade). At the time, they had 90 G35 sedans in stock. I'm sure that deals can still be made and when the 08s are gone, heavy discounting will begin with the 09s as well (allthough not as deep).
  • I want to lease the car, but the only problem is dealer won't apply $3000 credit toward Cap cost reduction for lease/
    Buy option: Cost is $33150,
    For Lease option: Price Cap Cost jumps to $36150....
    This results in monthly payments (with $1500 in fees etc) to jump from $380 to $450

    Does any one know if I could use "outside" lease company to finance this...
  • Does anyone know of any good G37/G35X lease deals in or near NYC?
  • nexyaja,
    Sure you can use a 3rd party to lease the vehicle out to you. Check out as one example of an "outside" lease company. The money factors and residuals may not be as attractive as what you may find with IFS (Infiniti Financial Services) - but the cash offer discounts may offset that. Good luck with the acquisition.
  • Well, you definitely got a good deal on the G37, compared to the deals I've been offered.
  • sphlsphl Posts: 7
    I couldn't get them to lower to your price of $29995. Legacy quoted me $309K 08 g35x w/ premium. With that, I got a quote of $315K in seattle area and $314K in portland area. I finally got the car for $314K cash in Portland + license & doc fee ($73 total) + tax that I'll have to pay later in my state (9.3%). Highly recommend the dealership in OR. No fuzz, didn't try to sell me anything extra.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    couldn't get them to lower to your price of $29995. Legacy quoted me $309K 08 g35x w/ premium. With that, I got a quote of $315K in seattle area and $314K in portland area. I finally got the car for $314K cash in Portland + license & doc fee ($73 total) + tax that I'll have to pay later in my state (9.3%). Highly recommend the dealership in OR. No fuzz, didn't try to sell me anything extra.
    Damn, for 309k you should be able to get more than 1 Infiniti G :)
  • KemistKemist Posts: 2
    help me out guys, im ready to get a 2008 G35X-S with navi, tech, and premium.

    msrp: 42,430.00
    deal: 37900.00

    they are taking my two last nissan maxima payments which total to 700.00 and all that im giving down is 719.00 which is 1st mo. and taxes and tags. my monthly payment before tax is 483.00. 39 month lease with 10,000 miles a year.

    should i jump on this? or try and get them down some more, please respond soon as i am ready to give my 500 dollar deposit.

  • Make sure you go through the Internet -- every dealer I visited in person or called on the phone couldn't come near this price. All the online quotes were much much better without me even doing any negotiations. But it certainly helps to target an area with a concentrated number of Infiniti dealers -- they seem to be the most aggressive with their pricing. If they're the only dealer around for 200 miles, I assure you they are aware of this fact and know they don't have to compete on price. Good luck!
  • I know i asked this question in the edmund's answers section, but i need more advice and as soon as possible. I really want this 2003 g35, but it seems like everyone in my family is rooting for me to fail, and i dunno what to do. The car is $9,980 and has 118K miles on it. It has a bunch of stuff inside, the inside is nice and clean and has good leather. The engine seems good, he seems to take care of it well and it has many features such as an Alpine navigation system with voice activation, DVD video player, XM satellite radio w/real time traffic nav, Bluetooth hands-free, HD Radio tuner, back-up camera and on-screen iPod interface all tied into the steering wheel controls. The top of the line Viper remote engine starter/alarm system has a two way lcd remote and also locks/unlocks and rolls up windows and K-40 Calibre radar detector and laser diffuser. The only thing is is that he hasn't changed the transmission oil.... is this a huge problem, and he is not the only owner. Can this car last after 118K and what kinda of repair are these car's known and what kinda of problems do these car's have after this milage and around how much do they cost. I know i am asking alot.... but please people..... help me out.
  • Just got this today for $31,420 + tax etc....with the above options. Seems like a great deal.
  • just got a G35X in MA with Nav, prem (MSRP $40320) for $453/m 39m lease with 15K miles per year and $1450 down for fees and 1st payment.
    Thats the best I could do considering not many left with most of the dealers...
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Congratulations! What was the MSRP of your car?
  • Khalsakirpan,
    Interesting questions you are posing here...

    1. If you have a reputable mechanic that you know, (with the current owner's consent) I would recommend that you take the car to the mechanic to have them inspect the car thoroughly - a good mechanic will give you an estimate of what sort of repairs that you are going to have to make immediately as well as down the road (i.e. in six months or so...).

    2. All the aftermarket features you listed are nice, but they don't necessarily add to the overall value of the car's private party resale value. How good of a quality was the installation - again, a mechanic maybe able to identify any shortcuts that may have been done to just get the job done on an install rather than getting the job done right.

    3. Check out or the TMV calculator here on to determine the value of this 2003 G35 with 118K miles. Is this a coupe or sedan? Does the seller have the original sticker he can show you?

    4. Since this is a high mileage vehicle, I would recommend that you ask the seller to review the service records.

    5. You may also want to get a Carfax report pulled on this car to see if there are any reported incidents on this vehicle. Remember Carfax is NOT 100% accurate since not all incidents maybe reported to them.

    Good luck with the research and let us know how it plays out for you.
  • I just leased a G35X and was wondering if I should buy one of those prepaid plans. How much maintenance does one need to do on a leased car. The dealer was trying to sell me $1800 worth of coupons for 3-yrs of service.
    I just returned my BMW last month and really miss their "Free maintenance plans"...
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    You can go on the infiniti web site and download the maintinance manual which will give you and indication of required services. Like most modern cars oil changes are 3750-7500 miles, tire rotations filters, but really very little required maintinance for the first 60k miles unless you use the vehicle in extreme conditions. (My disclaimer) The Answer is the dealer would love you to follow their suggested maintinace level but it is a far cry or thousands of dollars more than the required levels to maintain your warranty. Save your money in the end as long as you have followed the manufacturers required recomendations you will not affect its value.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    The key word is you want it, but does it make sense? Kelly Blue book on a private sale is listed at about 7900.00 an and infiniti is not an inexpensive car to repair. I personally think its over priced especially considering its mileage is way above average, but the kbb value alledgedly takes that into account It reminds me of a BMW I once leased then bought because I loved the car I sold it when maintinance costs were averaging 200 dollars a month on top of the loan I was paying off. I learned that one the hard way.
  • oohoohoohooh Posts: 8
    My opinion, don't buy it. The car is bound to have some mechanical problems. I know its nice and loaded but 118, 000 thats way too much.
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