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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    When did they send the codes out? I bought a new Infiniti almost 2 years ago but don't think I received anything.
  • journeygjourneyg Posts: 2

    I just bought a new Infiniti G37 and would like to team up with an existing owner for the rebate/incentive deal.

    Please email me at at gmail dot com.

  • journeygjourneyg Posts: 2
    Yes, a friend of mine had a pretty bad accident on his car, and it never showed up on the carfax report.

    He thinks the insurance never reported to DMV. The weirdest part was the accident was report to the police, and they came to the scene and all. The total repair was over $15K! With that, I don't trust carfax report at all.
  • rshar1rshar1 Posts: 4
    Hi, I hust bought a new Infiniti G37 today and would like to team up with an existing owner for the rebate/ incentive deal.

    Please, contact me at [email protected]

  • ggirl1ggirl1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a new Infiniti G37 yesterday and would like to team up with an existing owner for the rewards program. You can email me at [email protected]

  • How much are you all paying for the G37? I keep seeing all these posts stating that people just purchased the G37 and would like to team up with an existing owner, but no one is mentioning the amount paid for the cars. This is the Price Paid forum, and posting the deals here will really help people out. What's the lowest deals out there you guys are seeing for a G37X sedan? Thanks.
  • dio1dio1 Posts: 11
    agreed to many things unrelated to the topic.
  • cycnetcycnet Posts: 15
    How about post your purchase price with model and option, and then you can ask for the pairing for $150 or $500?
  • jeevnycjeevnyc Posts: 3
    Just purchased a new Infiniti G37X, picking it up on Wednesday. If you are an existing Infiniti owner who received the owner referral promotion in the mail, and hasn't redeemed their code yet. Lets match up. You get $150 in Amex Gift Checks; I get $500. email me at sanjeevksharma @ msn . com

    You would have to provide the following:
    Owner redemption code
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code
  • jeevnycjeevnyc Posts: 3
    2009 g37x AWD with Prem and Nav and 1 year free service for a bit more than $2000 under invoice. I am in the NY Tri-State area. Stick to end of months. Dealer and salesman has strong incentive to get deal done. I did most of my via the email. I didnt go with the lowest price, went with the dealer that was the most pleasant to deal with. They were $250 from the lowest.
  • Jeevnyc -please email [email protected] the dealer you worked with if you have a chance.

    I have been trying hard to make a deal in North NJ area - but dealers must not be very hungry - I am asking for quotes, and I only get invites to come by the dealership or talk on the phone.
  • I picked up my G37xS on Saturday. Here's the deal I got:

    2009 G37xS
    - Sport Package
    - Premium
    - Navigation
    - Rear Spoiler - Navigation
    - Trunk Mat
    - Cargo Net
    - Splash Guards - Sport

    Invoice: $39,358
    Paid: $36,950
    Below Invoice: $2,408

    I negotiated mostly through email. They started me off at around MSRP. I told them I've done my research and starting point should be invoice. They then tried get me to come in, but I refused until we got a price worked out. Got a pretty decent 60 month rate as well.. (4.29%)

    ** Also looking to sweeten the deal with the promo. If anyone still hasn't used theirs, please let me know. You'll get $150 for your time!! ([email protected] com)

  • brynomonbrynomon Posts: 4
    I'm looking for an existing Infiniti owner with a promo code to benefit from the Infiniti rewards deal. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if interested in the 150 deal for you from Infiniti. If your not familiar with the Infiniti loyalty rewards program go to

  • Thanks, Jeevnyc and Johnny37x for replying with the price qoutes for the 37x. Jeevnyc. You did the right thing. $250 savings is not worth it if they acted like you should be thanking them for giving you that deal instead of them thanking you for the $37,000 purchase. In the long run, the good rapport from the dealership you purchased from will be worth more than $250.
  • paulg37xpaulg37x Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2009 G37X sedan (Blue Slate/graphite) with premium package, wood trim, and splash guards for $34,450. Invoice price was $36,521 (MSRP was $39,665). I got it from Infiniti North Shore in Milwaukee and they were very easy to work with. One 10 minute call was all it took.

    Like many others, I am also looking for an existing Inifiniti owner to join forces with me on the "Owner Recommendation Rewards Program". If you haven't used your owner redemption code, please contact me at [email protected]
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    I picked up my new G37X last night. I wish I had researched a little on here first. I can't believe the prices I'm seeing people paid for their cars here. Here's the "deal" I got:

    -Premium Package
    -Navigation Package
    -Trunk Cargo Net

    According to my dealer the MSRP for this car (with packages included) was 44,775. They claim they paid $41107 for it. They charged me $43,107 plus Tax, Title and fees because "we need to make a profit too." I fell for this I guess. Do I have any recourse? I mean, I'm seeing that people on this forum paid less than the MSRP! I didn't even think that was possible.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    You mean paid less then invoice. $2000 over invoice is unheard of for buyers that frequent these forums.

    Unfortunately I doubt you have much recourse unless your state has some type of buyers remorse law that allows you to get out of a contract within a set number of days.
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  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    Well the invoice is the thing they post in the windows, right? If so, then I paid less than that. It just seems odd to me that the invoice on my exact same car is so much more than those of some other people with an identical car here. I am definitely feeling some remorse. I will investigate (oh sure NOW I investigate) if there are any such laws in Massachusetts.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Wasn't there an MSRP Sticker on it? If you really did pay that I would at least let them know you feel you got hosed or taken advantage of, And ask for Tint, acccesories or some free maintinance something to ease the pain you get when you sit down. Most dealers would prefer not to have an angry or disgruntaled customer.
  • gman37gman37 Posts: 2
    What does that Rear Spoiler with Navigation look like? Is it the wing/lip spoiler you see on most of the cars or is it the raised spoiler ?
  • cycnetcycnet Posts: 15
    Sorry to hear your story.
    MSRP is in the "window" price. You paid invoice price + 2,000, which is about $4,000 more than the smart shoppers paid for the same car without the special low 0.9% financing this month. If you took the 0.9 then your price is about $2,000 higher. You might want to post your dealer and salesman to warn other potential buyers in your area. Use this forum might be the best leverage to get even or get some extra free services or accessories.
  • Edmunds states $2000 dealer cash on G37 ends 6/30/2009. Consumer Reports says it ends 4/30/2009. Anyone happen to know which is correct?
  • fgm1fgm1 Posts: 3
    This forum is great, it really helped my purchase today. Thanks to all of you. I bought a G37S with prem/nav/spoiler/illuminated kick plates/splash guards/cargo net for $2300 below invoice (about $39,600). White exterior/black interior, very beautiful. This was from South Bay Infiniti in Torrance CA. I dealt with two salespeople, Andrew Lal (primary) and Oscar Zamora and they were both very nice. No pressure, did most negotiating in person after making initial contact through the internet. Would definitely recommend this dealership. Apparently it helps to buy near the end of the month because the dealerships have monthly competitions with each other.

    Any existing owner who has a refferal code # and wants to pair up for $150 please contact me at [email protected]. Happy shopping!
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8

    The "window" price was 44,225. The dealer (Herb Chambers of Westborough, MA) claimed that they had only paid $41,107 for the car and that since they "needed to make a profit too" would charge me $43,107. I believed them that they needed to make at least something off this sale. BUt now I'm seeing people who paid less than the invoice price. I had no idea that was possible. How does a dealer stay in business is they sell a car for less than what they paid for it???
  • mosmef06mosmef06 Posts: 12
    Invoice doesn't really mean much in terms of determining the overall profitability of the dealership. Dealers make money in so many ways, the up front cost of the car is just one. Here are some examples:

    Front End (where you may have over paid)
    Financing (the back end, can often mean thousands of dollars in margin).
    Incentives (additional money thrown the dealers way for hitting goals, pushing certain things)
    Add-Ons (accessories & other high margin items, rust proofing, under coating, blah, blah)
    Trade-Ins (buy at 70% private party value, sell at retail, making 50% gross margin on each one of these)

    In any case, the front end of the deal, where you overpaid, is just one piece of the puzzle. The idea of "invoice" pricing is also widely available on the internet, and so the actual cost of the car in real dollars may be significantly less than this when you take into account 'trunk money', brand incentives, etc. Considering you paid $43, they may have made a few thousand bucks off of you. The real rip would be if they also financed for you.
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    And, of course, they did. We got 0.9% for 72 months. This also seemed like a bargain to me since we would only pay about $1,200 in interest for the loan. I'm starting to realize just how naive I really am. I can't believe I didn't check this forum before buying. Oh well. Maybe, as someone has suggested, I can tell the dealer just how violated I feel. I certainly am glad I didn't buy the extended warranty, super poly-coating whatever crap and everything else they tried to sell me at the end. Although, I did opt for the maintenance program, I am now going to back out of that immediately. They told me these cars are so advanced and complex that no normal mechanic can handle them. And that they have a proprietary blend of motor oil that others can't get and that if I didn't use it, my gaskets would leak.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Actually there is no factory .9% financing for 72 months. Infiniti financing on the sedan is 3.9 % at 72 months and past offers were 3k cash or .9 % so some of your money went to paying down the finance rate, still it would have been nice to know that. I would be indignant anyway and look for something. The engine oil short of the first fill is just and outright lie.

    Once the buyers remorse disappears you will love the car !
    I have my 08 since November and it has only got better as it broken in.
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    Well the thing is, I already do love the car. I loved it before I bought it and I guess that showed. The dealer saw a sale the minute I walked in.

    To clarify, I put $3,500 down and got the 0.9% financing. No trade-in.

    Speaking of breaking in, I haven't had a new car in 14 years. Is there a "break-in" period on these cars where I should kinda take it easy on the engine?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    They told me these cars are so advanced and complex that no normal mechanic can handle them. And that they have a proprietary blend of motor oil that others can't get and that if I didn't use it, my gaskets would leak.

    It sounds like you bought from a schlocky used car lot instead of an Infiniti dealer. You need to post the name of this dealer so people know to stay far, far away. Make sure you fill out the customer survey that Infiniti will send about your buying experience and tell them about the outrageous sales tactics and lies for the maintenance plan. Infiniti takes the comments very seriously, and dealer do hear about any negative feedback. I put one negative comment and 3 days later the salesman was calling me to get it corrected.
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  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    It was Herb Chambers Infiniti of Westborough, MA. A brand new dealership.Seeing as it was an Infiniti dealership (and my first luxury car) I thought the whole experience would be very different from other dealerships (schlocky used car lots guys like you mentioned) but it really wasn't. The whole experience turned me off to that dealership immensely. I likely will not be getting my car serviced there unless it's for a warranty issue.
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