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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Somewhere in the manual it talks about break-in I would take it easy for the first 500-1000 miles. I now have 4500 miles on my G35X, it gets about 3 more MPG and is considerably faster than when I picked it up. I was at first disappointed by the performance, it felt slower than my Honda V6 6sp coupe.(0-60 5.9sec) I even considered their decription of a "ground swell" of aceleration, to mean the pickup after the hesitation when you stepped on the gas. After 3k-4k miles It has become the nice little animal I expected when I bought it. I bet the 7 speed automatic in the 09 makes it even better.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 117
    If anyone has an owner redemption code that they would like to share with me, email me at [email protected] $150 in American Express award card for you and $500 for me. I'm picking up my Infiniti G37xS sedan today.

    In case anyone hasn't seen the website for the program, here's a link.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    I'm curious about this line: "The real rip would be if they also financed for you."

    Why do you say that? The dealer can make money off you AND it be a good or inconsequential thing to the buyer's pocket book. Maybe I have this wrong and, if so, let me know. I went into the dealership and bought an EX35. They are discounting those thousands more under invoice (thousands!) than the G37s because they are less desirable in the marketplace. In any event, I took the largest discount they gave instead of having a higher sale price but with the 0.9% financing. I tried my bank and credit union and the best financing I could come up with was 4.9%. The dealer said they would match it and I decided to just do it with them. So they are making that money, yes, but what do I care? It was them or some other bank/credit union. And it was easier to have them do it and didn't cost me any more to my knowledge. So I don't at all think of this as "the real rip." And, remember, I am in control of this "rip." All I have to do is pay off my loan early or at a faster clip.

    Similar situation with my trade-in. I was going to donate my car because, while it was a nice luxury car with many great attributes, it developed a major transmission issue (and other minor flaws/issues) and had 155k mileage. Donating it would have been a slight pain and would have yielded a tiny tax deduction (if any). Selling it, with the current big mechanical issue, through a private sale would have been a huge pain. Not sure I could even get any takers due to the mechanical issue and the cost to fix it being anywhere from $900-$3000. If I could get a taker, I might be able to get $2500-$3500 for the car. But I ended up just trading it to the dealer for $1500, which was more than any tax deduction I was resigned to getting. The dealer will probably make two or three grand off of it, but I was well aware of that. But is that a bad thing for me? I don't think so. I wanted to try to get another grand out of them there, but decided eh it's all the same money and I did so well with the actual car sale. So, at the last minute, I decided to have them take the car off my hands. Couldn't have been easier. Don't think they noticed the transmission issue, so in all likelihood they thought they were really recouping some cash.

    So, ok, they made a few grand right there with that. But, again, what do I care. I wasn't going to do much better elsewhere or was going to have to work hard to get the grand or two more.

    Curious to hear if I am thinking of this wrong.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A tv reporter is hoping to talk with victims of automotive scams and ripoffs in the greater Seattle area. If you have a story to share, please email [email protected] no later than May 15, 2009 and be sure to note your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.
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    Corporate Communications


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  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 878
    [except for the motor oil part] You got in front of a salesman, and he/she sold you a car that you liked.

    Once a car is contracted and driven of the lot, it's yours. Take some responsibility for your purchases, I'm sure no one held a gun to your head.

    Go and enjoy your new car, they are great!!!!!!
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    Agreed. I take full responsibility. I was/am upset about it but I should've done the research first. I am no longer looking for recourse. My temper has settled and I understand that I screwed myself out of a few grand. However, like you said, I am rightfully angry with the dealership for their tactics in trying to get me to buy the maintenance plan, tire insurance etc...
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    I am in the market for a G37x sedan with premium, navigation, and rosewood trim. The car lists well over 41K. What is the invoice for this car and what is the realistic bottom line, out the door price I should try to get? I am on Long Island. Any feedback and advice would be greatly appeciated!!! Thanks to all.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Uh, read the thread. And look at Edmunds pricing to find the invoice. It's pretty simple and just takes a few minutes. Better than asking another person to summarize the thread and look for you. Lots of people have been posting their prices.
  • gman37gman37 Posts: 2
    Edmunds is correct. The current promotion of 2 grand deal cash or .9 financing ends 6/30/2009.
  • jpierrejpierre Posts: 14
    Has anyone see/published Infiniti Financial Money Factors for the G37 Journey sedan yet? Have they been announced yet?
  • pharm30pharm30 Posts: 36
    I am probably going to get a 09 G37 coupe come June/July (any word on May financing deals?) currently 06 G35 coupe.
    a question - anyone who has gone from 5AT to 7AT - any issues/concerns/dislikes? I have read a couple people say the downshifts coasting to a light are pretty rough?

    Work has been slow tonight so I have been searching used 06-08 coupes on yahoo - I have found a couple but the carfax says they are rentals
    (I don't understand why dealers don't include option packages when listing the car!!!!)
    I found a couple that have says owned 2-4 months lease per carfax, between 8k-13k miles and they are still asking 32-35k on used 08's. Granted if they were fully loaded with all options might be worth it, but these look pretty basic.
    Don't these seem priced a little high? Anyone with experience buying used?
  • ratedgratedg Posts: 1
    Try this site. It is great.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Who did you work with at Infinity North Shore in Milwaukee? I'm interested in purchasing the G37X sedan as well. Thanks.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Is that price for a sedan or coupe? Thanks.
  • calig37calig37 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for an existing infiniti owner with an unused code to go in on the infiniti referral program together. Please email me at [email protected] dot com. Thanks!
  • brynomonbrynomon Posts: 4
    Well I have the 09 G37xS and yes the downshifting is crazy from 3rd gear to 2nd around 27mph to 20mph. While it isn't always a problem and isn't the biggest deal, it has been dangerous because the shift causes heavy engine braking and the person who is on your butt behind you doesn't expect it... THats what happens in parking lot traffic in Chicago.

    Good news though... Their is a software fix for this and it is being tested around the states and should be a TSB any time soon. I hope they make it a recall so that everyone gets the fix.
  • pharm30pharm30 Posts: 36
    thanks for the reply, I have read others complain about that. I hope they
    do fix it.
  • astromastrom Posts: 5
    Finally, after fulfilling most of my wife's priorities (two babies, a house, new hardwood floors, new kitchen, etc., etc.) she agreed that a new Infiniti for me would be a fair deal. I own a '06 Accord V6 now. (I love it too). So, yesterday, the entire family (me, my wife and the twins) went to the Infiniti dealership in Norwood, Mass. When I saw the G37x sedans in the lot my heart started beating faster. What a nice vehicle! Walked into the showroom. Quiet. No one comes up to greet a potential $40K customer. Someone, while walking by, informed me that all sales people were busy and would be with me soon. 15-20 minutes later my wife was playing with the kids in the corner and I was wandering around. Finally, a guy comes up to me and offers to get me a car. He brought a fully loaded G37x, handed me the keys and tried to send me away for a ride with no one to assist or answer my questions. I refused. What kind of service is that? "Just go for a ride, come back and give me your $40K"? Is that it? He shrugged his shoulders (or so it seemed to me at the moment) and reiterated that everyone was busy. Following that exchange we loaded back into my wife's CR-V and drove away. No one attempted to get my phone number or give me a business card for future contacts.

    When we came home I saw my "redondo red pearl" Accord (with leather and a sun roof) sitting in front of the garage and my heart started beating faster. I think I'll stick with it. And, by the way, we bought both Hondas new and the buying experience was nothing but positive.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    That is what's known as low pressure sales. If you want all the pressure just go back to your Honda dealer (or Nissan for that matter). That's exactly the kind of treatment I would want if I was about to buy an expensive car. I would much rather test drive a car by myself then have a loud mouth salesman along for the ride!
  • astromastrom Posts: 5
    Good point, I guess. It is a matter of personal preference. Next time I want to be treated as dirt I'll go back to Infiniti. Just will wait a little for the next gas prices crisis.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    I'm sorry to hear about your let-down experience at the dealership. I, too, would preferred a low-pressure buying experience, but that's 5-10 years ago. Nowadays, people do their research on the internet, and by the time they step into a dealership, especially with their wife and family they are there to make a purchase. These Infinity's salemen don't seem to care for our business right now. I've made multiple offers and have received the same mundan, non-professional answer each time: "If you can find one at that price, let me know where and I'll buy the entire fleet." It is as if they all copy each other's mottos. My offer is right in line, if not a few hundred dollars higher than what people have been paying for their Infinity G37x here for the past month. But like I've said before, they don't seem to care for your business right now. Personally, I'll try a few more times and then I'll take by business to a different brand.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Try a different dealer. (And don't bring your wife and kids!) It doesn't make sense to blame it on the car brand or assume all Infiniti dealers would replicate that experience for you. Come on now.

    I also like a low-key car driving experience and think it is respectful of them to hand me the keys and trust me as an adult to do the test drive and come to my own conclusions alone. I've researched the cars features and don't need them to explain the way the stereo works etc. I find that distracting/annoying. However, that doesn't mean that I want to be ignored upon entering the dealership for 20 minutes and no one to act like they want to help me and want my business. That's crapo service and I'd be tempted to hit another Infiniti dealer. Not in the mood to beg someone for my business, anytime but certainly not in this market. I bought my new car by dealing with the Internet sales people and then I ultimately went into the dealer to seal the deal. That worked out well.

    I also was sure to tell them that I was buying a car within a week's time, so that might have helped as well.

    Anyway, sucks that the dealer you went to soured you on Infiniti in general. I guess that can happen. But they lost your business, so there was a consequence to them. That's what they get.

    Try to send your price to the closest 4 dealers to your town and see if any of them bite. You may want to say that you can get the price at another dealer, but would prefer to deal with them because they are closer or whatever.
  • paulg37xpaulg37x Posts: 3
    I made the deal with the Don Jordan (general sales manager) over the phone but then I dealt with Sean Stockman when I actually came in to pick it up. Both were very nice to work with and Sean definitely knew all of the car's features.
  • astromastrom Posts: 5
    I take the point about the low pressure sales. It is a good one. It is just that selling cars in the $35-$60K range does create certain expectations on the part of the consumer regarding the level of service. I mean it was not like the showroom was crawling with customers waiting to get into those cars. But ok. I am taking it back. For the record - the Norwood, Mass Infiniti dealers did not meet my personal expectations about the luxury car dealer service. However, a good thing going for them is the fact that they just gave me the keys and trusted me with the car. No one tried to pressure me to buy or even test it. Thanks for your responses.
  • investor27investor27 Posts: 59
    Ifo. Thanks for the reply and the advice.
  • nobes1nobes1 Posts: 8
    Ha. I had nearly the exact same experience at Infiniti of Norwood. I test drove it but the guy could not answer one single question about the car. Then he gave me the old "what can I do to get you in that car today." I said "nothing. Not ready yet" and he tuned out (what little he was tuned in anyway). I left and he never asked for any info to get back to me. Never even gave me a business card. He was a [non-permissible content removed]. ANyway, I went to Herb Chambers Infiniti of Westborough (see my semi-horror story in early posts on this thread). In the end, I got the car I wanted (G37X). Probably paid too much. ANd had to deal with lame service. Such is the car buying experience.
  • carnivalcarnival Posts: 5
    May I ask the name and location of the dealership at which you got this offer?
  • fusionacidfusionacid Posts: 11
    I just got a quote in CA for a 2009 G37 Coupe Journey w/ illimunated kick plates

    MSRP: 38,000 + dest, tax, etc...
    Quote: 33,100 + dest, tax, etc...

    Invoice at Edmunds is $34,150.

    It's about $1050 below invoice.This is my first quote and know I can do lower. Any idea's on how much?
  • dio1dio1 Posts: 11
    Just illuminated kick plate? no other options,,,,,,premium etc. so base plus kick plates/
  • zalamerozalamero Posts: 1
    Just bought an 09 Sedan Journey w/ premium package for $2,000 below invoice. Negotiating was really easy...probably could have gotten it down another couple hundred but I got what I wanted for my trade-in and thought I'd just take it. This was at Infiniti South Bay in Torrance, CA.

    I'm also looking for a current owner that has a redemption code for the Amex gift card that they haven't used yet. If you have one, email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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