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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • loukinglouking Posts: 28
    Was this a AWD or rear wd ?
  • vdizzlevdizzle Posts: 1
    Just drove home my new G37xS with Prem/Nav/Sport last night!

    Purchased for VPP Price - $200 = $36,948 + TTL
    Invoice w/ destination was 38,911.

    For how quickly they agreed to the extra $200 off, I really should have asked for more!!

    BTW, this was in MN.
  • ultragultrag Posts: 2
    Its the rear wd. A number of dealer in So. Cal offered similar deals.
  • loukinglouking Posts: 28
    Thanks for your reply. I don't know why they don't carry some RWD in St. Louis.

    Must be the 2 inches of total anual snowfall we get.

    How did we all survive driving for 100 years without AWD ? !
  • astromastrom Posts: 5
    I don't think there is a single RWD Journey sedan in the whole of New England. What's up with that?
  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    I checked for the price, and it didn't mention anything about the $2000 incentive, but most of the posts on this forum indicate that there is a $2000 incentive avaiable to dealerships to allow a purchase for $2000 below invoice (or thereabouts). Does anyone know if this incentive is still in effect? If so, it would make my choice between the cars I'm considering a little easier.

    The G37 I'm considering has a MSRP just shy of $40k with an invoice (according to Edmunds) of $36,734. If the $2000 incentive is still available, then I should be able to get this car for $34,734 (or thereabouts) before TTL and other dealer-related charges like doc fee, correct?

    Any responses greatly appreciated.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 117
    Yes the $2000 incentive is still in effect. Here is a link to the page for the incentives for the G37 sedan (base).

    The incentive links aren't that obvious. You can find the link on the web page right after you select the style of G37 sedan that you're interested in (i.e. base, journey, sport or x). It's right under the "price with options" button.
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  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Thanks. I found the links on Edmunds.

    I visited an Infiniti dealer in the DFW area today to test drive a G37 Sedan Sport. I then asked the salesman whether this dealer was willing to sell this car to me at $2000 below invoice, and was told that this dealership does not sell the G37 Sedan for that amount. I haven't scoured all of the dealers in my area, but I think this dealer has the only Sport version available at the moment - which is fine for now as I'm willing to be patient.

    My next question is has anyone had any success getting a dealer in Texas or Oklahoma (or any other southern/midwest state) to sell a G37 Sedan at $2000 below invoice. From reading the posts, I think I recall Arizona, California and some states in the Northeast.

    Any responses of course appreciated.
  • ed_g37ed_g37 Posts: 4
    I'm now a proud owner of a 2009 G37 sedan! :) This forum has been incredibly helpful to me when trying to determine a fair price for the car, so I'd like to post my recent deal hoping it can help someone else...

    G37 Journey sedan (black/graphite), RWD, Prem, Nav, Cargo Net, Impact Sensor
    MSRP = $39,405
    Invoice = $36,196
    Price paid = $33,847 + TT&L ($2349 below invoice)

    I purchased from Cerritos Infiniti in Southern Califonia after a few days of negotiation. The only "hidden fee" was a $55 doc fee that every dealer around here charges (I believe this fee is limited by California law to $55). I chose to finance through my credit union since the dealership wasn't able to match the CU's rate. Cerritos also offered me the best price on my high-mileage 2000 BMW 328i trade-in. Other dealerships/CarMax offered me a low of $2500 to a high of $5200 for my trade-in, whereas Cerritos gave me $6000 (my trade-in is not included in the above price). Their offer was good with or without the trade-in, so I don't think they made too much profit on the trade-in.

    All in all, I'm happy with the deal and the sales experience. The entire experience was very low pressure and my wife and I were treated with respect the entire time.

    Also, if any current owner still has a referral code for the AMEX reward program, please email me at [email protected]

    Aielloandrew - your email is not in your profile. Please email me if you'd like to get in on the AMEX offer with me. Thanks.
  • socomdudesocomdude Posts: 2
    If you don't mind, how did you manage to get $2349 below invoice? My dealer doesn't even want to offer at invoice price.
  • johnsg37xjohnsg37x Posts: 3
    aielloandrew - I'm still looking for someone to partner up with on the promotion. Please contact me at [email protected]

  • ed_g37ed_g37 Posts: 4
    Socomdude --
    There is currently a $2000 dealer incentive (or 0.9% financing, but not both) going on, so you should be able to get at least $2000 off invoice, especially in Los Angeles area (in your area it might be different). If you're being offered close to invoice, then maybe they are quoting you with the 0.9% rate. It should be your choice - do the math and figure out which is better for you.

    Getting lower than invoice (or invoice - $2000 with the incentive) is really dependent on how much the dealer wants to get rid of inventory. They still make money if they sell the car a few hundred under invoice because of dealer holdback. It helps if you take a car off their lot - no dealer trades. Also, be sure to mention the $2000 / 0.9% incentive as soon as you start to talk about price so they know that you've done your research. Hope that helps.
  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Did you have to do much haggling with your dealer to get to invoice, or did the dealer come down pretting willingly to invoice? As I mentioned in a prior post, I had a dealer tell me today that they just don't sell G37 Sedans at invoice (and this is a high volume dealership, at least according to the salesperson).

    Also, did the price you listed before TTL include the destination charge? Just curious.
  • socomdudesocomdude Posts: 2
    The $2000 incentive is only applied when I finance through the dealer?
    I'll be using my credit union to buy the car so will that still apply?
  • ed_g37ed_g37 Posts: 4
    dfwhonda -
    It probably took about 30 minutes of haggling (at the dealership) to get to invoice and another 45 minutes to get to $200 under invoice and $5k for my trade-in. I was happy with the price of $200 under invoice, but didn't like the $5k trade-in value, so I walked out. The rest took a few phone calls back and forth. They ended up giving me another $1k for my trade-in and another $150 off the price of the car - all over the phone, so it was definitely worth walking out the first day.
    Your area might be different in terms of supply and demand. We have about 7 dealers in the L.A. area so they are pretty competitive.

    Yes, my prices listed did include the destination charge. The only costs that weren't included in my quoted price are calif tax, DMV fees, and the $55 doc fee. OTD price was $37,185.
  • ed_g37ed_g37 Posts: 4
    No, the $2000 incentive applies regardless of who finances your purchase. If you finance through your credit union you will still get the $2000. I didn't use the dealer's financing - I used my credit union and got the full $2000.

    Technically, the dealership doesn't have to pass the money to you. This incentive is listed as Marketing Support for the dealer (from Manfucturer to Dealer). This is different than a Rebate that is from the Manufacturer to the Customer. However, every dealer I visited gave it to me as soon as I mentioned it.
  • radiaradia Posts: 1
    I just bought a new infiniti - am interested in participating.

    contact me [email protected]

  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Just bought a 2009 G37 Sedan Sports 6MT with Premium, splash guard, illuminated kick plate, impact sensor, cargo net and trunk mat for $33,000 + TTL here in North California (plus a few free oil changes). It's very hard to locate a Sedan 6MT but we managed to get it down to about $2400 below invoice price. We got the quote from Internet Dept through Edmunds (as always) and a few email exchanges to haggle on the price more. But all in all it's pretty quick and no hassle. We did financed through the dealership but not with the current 0.9%+ promotional rate, as the incentive is either that or the $2k, so we took the $2k instead.

    Any current owner who still has the redemption code available would love to see if we can work together to get the AMEX gift card. Email me at [email protected] Thanks! :)
  • loop2loop2 Posts: 2
    Any thoughts on this deal?
    08 (new) Journey coupe with the following:
    Prem package, sport package, illum kick, splash guards, trunk mat and net.
    MSRP 42,300
    Can get for 35k plus ttl.
    seems like a good deal but having trouble pulling the trigger.
  • hebguy03hebguy03 Posts: 6
    It is a great deal from a price perspective.

    $35K is 83% of 2008 sticker
    $38.5 is invoice so it's $3,500 lower than invoice.

    On the other side, the 2010 models will be out in the fall. In a number of months, your "new" car is technically 2 years old. If you're willing to accept that tradeoff, then go for it!
  • Need AMEX referral code. Anyone? stevenli9999 @ yahoo. com

    G37 Journey:
    Nav, Prem, Cargo net, Splash guards

    Negotiated: $36,200 + TTL (included dest) at 0.00 APR for 36 months. No down.
    They threw in the wheel locks :D

    All done over internet. Great salesperson. All in all, several very good internet deals people in the SF Bay Area.
  • lowball1lowball1 Posts: 1
    Which dealership?
  • hebguy03hebguy03 Posts: 6
    I recently purchased a new Infiniti. Send an email to [email protected]
  • Purchased at Elk Grove. Email me if you want his name. Great guy and not pushy at all. No hard sale.

    Sacramento and Pleasanton were excellent communicators too and priced well. Fairfield initially were slow on the uptake, but did respond on the 11th hour with a good price and options.
  • loop2loop2 Posts: 2
    Just bought one yesterday, looking to do the AMEX thing. [email protected] if anyone is interested.
  • jk119jk119 Posts: 4
    Latest quote i received
    Platinum graphite g37x sedan with nav, premium, sport, trunk mat, splash guards

    MSRP 42485
    Invoice 38000 or so
    Offered 38785 (includes factory rebate of 2000) + still owe TTL

    The car is not on their lot, its in New york and i live in western Pa. told me he has to pay to get it delivered, and will not make the holdback since its technically not his. is this true about the holdback does anyone know?
  • babieebeebabieebee Posts: 1
    Investor27, you MUST be a car dealer or sales person yourself if you're trying to sell that line of BS. Doc and processing fees are 100% profit! The cost of tax, title and registration is all paid for by the buyer and the dealer does the paperwork for the buyer (when in reality, the buyer could do all of that themselves). So, yeah, the doc and processing fees may be "associated" with the other fees, but they are in NO WAY part of the fees paid to the state for tax, title and registration. It's the cost of doing business... why not just try telling the truth on that one? Money isn't free and the cost of the loan and doing business is the doc and processing fee, which you, the dealer and/or sales person are perfectly capable of waiving.

    Try selling in quality service and you'll get your commissions. Then you won't have to hold on so tight to that doc fee you get once or twice a month.
  • blake7215blake7215 Posts: 1
    I was offered 29,342 for the 2009 G37 coupe Base model. Is that a good price?
  • xyzedxyzed Posts: 4
    I am amazed that there are still knuckle head dealers who still apply the BS practice of not entertaining your offer if its below invoice. Bottom line do your homework (this board has been great) and walk out if the dealer is BSing you.

    My deal in New York

    2009 G37x (liquid platinum/ graphite interior) / Premium package (NO NAV)
    (included are the truck mat, floor mats, and mud flaps. They should not be extra)

    Total 36675 (OTD – out the door) I paid 100 extra because he had to get the car from another dealer. I did not want the colors in stock.. (Black/Black, Black/Wheat, Black/Charcoal Gray)

    Total haggling 15 minutes.. I went in and offered 36500 (OTD). Came back in 10 minutes and agreed on the price. 36500 +DMV = 36675

    Called a few dealers to see if they would match and they laughed at the offer of 36500.

    Walked into another dealership and was offered a cup of coffee. Gimme a break!! I DO NOT WANT TO SOCIALIZE JUST MATCH MY OFFER. He sent me on my way and told me to get the 36500 in writing and they will match. Why not match the price while I am in the dealership and stop wasting everybody’s time? What an a##!!! Nevertheless I never went back.

    Anyway I am happy with my deal, the dealership (professional), no nonsense approach and wanted to share. I wanted my car with less than 50 miles and he was able to satisfy my request. Thank You George :)
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