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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Not trying to be argumentative here (I'm seeking help)!

    That said, on both and Zag (through my AMEX card) I'm seeing invoice on this config @ $40,145.
    (2011 Journey w/ tech, nav, prem and sport packages).

    I thought the $1,000 incentive is for leasing only (I will be purchasing, sorry I should have clarified that) so I believe the only incentive available to be is the $500 off.

    The price I have been quoted by them @ $38,945, is *before* any incentives. Am I missing something or did you miss something on the config / invoice pricing? :)
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    edited November 2010
    re: "Doc fees vary by state, CT for example is $299-499"

    Documentation fees are a "below the line" dealer fee (an extra place to add in profit). They vary by dealer. What varies by state is there is sometimes a *maximum amount* the law allows them to charge (but most states have no limit).

    It's definitely worth finding out early what the dealer you are working with charges for doc fees. Once you get a bottom line price (not counting taxes, license, registration) and if it is say $1500 below invoice, and the doc fee is $500, your deal is essentially $1000 below invoice (i.e. add the doc fee back in)

    They are negotiable, but that doesn't mean you will be successful in negotiating them down.

    PS, zillerkaz: $40145 is the invoice figure I get too (including $875 dest fee and the interior accent package which you apparently have to get if you get the tech package)
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    These posts are great, I don't view them as argumentative at all. I just hope I'm not misinforming you. Yes the $1k is for leasing.

    Sorry about the numbers before (yes, I missed something). It appears I didn't check a box, and I have the same numbers you have at invoice of $40,145 on Edmunds including destination.

    It looks like a great deal, just confirm their fees (doc) and is destination is included, if you get the $500 dealer cash, etc.
  • Hey Guys,

    Any idea what I should be looking for on lease deals for leftover 2010 G convertibles?

  • hi all,

    wanted folks opinion on whether the deal im getting is good and if i can do better.
    this is for a 2011 G37 sedan w/ premium + nav + accent package + upgraded tires.
    MSRP = 41220, Invoice = 37850. Nissan VPP Price ( A PLAN) = 36230
    basically getting it for 5k less than msrp and 1750 less than invoice. Also getting 0.9% apr for 36 months.
    anyone think i can get a better deal on a 2011 G37 sedan ?
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    Krazy140: any time you get the best employee purchase price, you're getting a better deal than the vast majority of buyers get. 0.9% financing on top of that is icing on the cake (probably close to a couple thousand in interest savings compared to a market rate loan).

    Have people gotten better deals this early in the model year? Yes, but not many. You're probably in the top 5-10% of deals with that package.
  • Apologies for asking a G25 question here but the G25 forum is relatively inactive - I think due to the fact that you can only get to it by search rather than drill-down.
    I have settled on purchasing a G25 Journey but have a few questions I would like answered before I pull the trigger - please post if you can advise.

    1. In California it appears the G25 Journey (MSRP $32,350) is the base model and you can't get the plain old G25 (MSRP $30,950). I'm okay with this as I need the Bluetooth and I like the heated seats, I am just looking for clarification.

    2. For pricing, using MSRP do my calculations look about right for OTD:

    Price $32,350.00
    Destination $875.00
    Tax (9.25%) $2,992.38
    License/Reg (from Cal DMV site) $464.03
    DMV Document Fee (dealers may charge up to $45) $45.00
    CA Tire Recycle Fee (fixed) $8.75
    Total $36,726.40

    3. Regarding the Destination of $875, do Infiniti dealers always charge this or do they have room to move.

    4. My target OTD is $33K or less - am I out of my mind or is this doable on the right day?

  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    Redgolf: Can't help with the base vs journey G25 question. Based on prices and your tax/license info, I get $33590 OTD (including the $875 dest charge). That is the lowest price among 11 certified zag dealers in CA. I'd say $33k OTD is doable on the right day, whereas $33590 (or there 'bouts) is doable on any day (from a zag certified dealer). Factor in your cost of financing from a 3rd party versus what they might offer you as well (i.e. they may only offer you cut-rate financing at the $33590 price)

    The $875 dest fee is a factory charge (it's on the sticker), so the dealer is paying (financing) it too. It's no doubt set to be sure the factory doesn't lose money on transport charges on average, but I wouldn't use it as a negotiating point (not directly). Consider the price as a bundle, including options and the dest fee, and decide based on that.
  • I think 33K is tatally doable is selling G25 Journey for $29.9K including destination in 92626 zipcode (Mission Vejio Southern CA)
    You probably can knock ~ $200 to $500 = 29.5K
    add approx 10% to TTL = OTD ~33K

    Not a unreasonable target IMHO.
  • redgolfredgolf Posts: 9
    edited December 2010
    Thank you to both for the excellent feedback, it is very helpful.

    I'll post the results on the forum.
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010 addition to the $1250 below invoice for all VPP plans = $2750 below invoice on G37 sedans
    click on 2011 models.

    Does this also go through 1/3/2011?
  • rjd45rjd45 Posts: 1

    Interested in a 2010 or 2011 g37x w/premium & navigation, 39 month, 12,000 a year lease information.

    Thanks for any help.
  • I read that the Infiniti VPP program is giving all levels, "A Level" pricing through the end of the year...that said, are there any employees out there who aren't going to use all of their "friends" claim codes this year? Feel free to message me to discuss it.
    After all, Tis' the season to give ;)
  • mwp4mwp4 Posts: 1
    Just put a deposit down for G37 Journey Sedan + Premium + Sport (no nav).

    OTD = $36998
    Tradein = $1500 (99 Maxima with 178k)

    Dealer = Infiniti of Gwinnett (Atlanta Georgia)

    This seems like a descent price based on the VPP information.
  • Tale of the tape....
    G25X w/ moonroof & color match slpash guards OTD...$33676
    Lostion South Jersy
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    Trying to find pics of the various wheel options. There's the standard 17" (which I think is a 5-spoke triple-split) on the G37 Journey, but also the 18" wheels in the R01 sport package, the 18" wheels in the W01 performance tire/wheel package, the W92 18" 9 spoke, and the wheels on the Limited Edition model (which might be the same as the W92 package?)

    No luck finding labeled pics on the infiniti website. If anyone has links to pics of these various wheels, could you post them?

    For example, are the (split 5-spoke) wheels in this pic the ones in the R01 package?
  • New G25 Journey is in my driveway. $33K OTD in Bay Area.

    Thanks for all the help!
  • 20000 miles, sport pkg, premium pkg, navigation pkg

    38k. is it reasonable price?

    if not what is best price? i'm thinking about under 32k.
  • What should i pay for a 2011 g37x with premium package out the door; also what is tjhe dealer cost on this model, and is there any rebates.
    thanks Dave
  • blacklude13blacklude13 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Used the VPP Program:

    2011 G37x AWD Sedan - Graphite Shadow
    Premium Package - Sport Package - Splash Guards, Trunk Mat/Net/First-Aid Kit
    (No Navigation Package)

    MSRP - $41,190
    Sale Price - $35,108
    OTD - $36,660

    Car was bought from Infiniti of Chantilly in Virginia. Very knowledgable and friendly staff, I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area. Splash guards and trunk accessories were already included on the car when it was delivered, this is pretty much standard for all G37x's in the DC area.
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    You've got very low TTL there as well.
    Anybody have a VPP code I can use? :o)
  • just bought a 2011 G37 journey coupe using the VPP program, premium pkg, splash guard, cargo net, illuminated kick plate, tinted window,

    MSRP $42,250
    Sale Price $37,049

    so far so good...yet I was tricked into buying the 120K extended warranty program later with a price of $2,700, which is obviously too pricey, can I do something about it now?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,329
    Usually, extended warranty plans have a 30- or 60-day cancellation period.. But, if you rolled it into your financing, rather than paying it separately, the refund will go to pay down your loan balance...

    That's okay, you still receive the money back.. Just know that your payments won't go down...

    Call your dealer immediately about cancelling it.. Be prepared for them to drag their feet.. They likely made more off the warranty sale than they did on the rest of the car.. Expect another sales pitch on the warranty.. especially the part where they try to make you feel like an idiot for not taking it..


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  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    yet I was tricked into buying the 120K extended warranty program later with a price of $2,700, which is obviously too pricey, can I do something about it now?

    How were you tricked? If so, it would be helpful for you to say which dealer it was so others can be forewarned.
  • steve5ksteve5k Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    thanks kyfdx for your suggestion...

    I was pretty tired after sitting at the dealership for about 3 hrs when this came up, first the financial guy told me that this is a new plan from infiniti which covers up to 120 K miles (which is probably true) and he said infinit will lose money on plans like this.

    secondly he told me if I don't buy upfront, he will not be able to do the 120K miles once the car rolls out of their door since it is no longer a new car -- this is not true, based on the plan, the car is considered new in 6 months or 6K miles and still qualify the 120K plan, you can always shop around for plans.

    There is a 60 days full refund cancellation policy, will cancel it this week.
  • I am in the market for a G37s. I really wanted it fully loaded with all primary packages (tech, nav, premium) automatic transmission.

    I have been having a hard time finding anything with the tech package. I had one but it got sold before I could get it. Any opinions on if it's worth waiting for?

    Also, a dealership DOES have the car I want, but the dealer has BAD reviews online, and they have declined to transfer the car to other dealers (I've tried to get it transferred already). I hear you only get the free service loaners and etc if you take your car to the dealer you bought it from for service. This dealer has a very bad rep and is almost 2 hours away. Bad idea?

    Here is the offer I have from a local dealer going through Consumer Reports (Zap). The car is a 2011 Journey Sport with Premium/Nav packages.

    MSRP $42,075.00

    Selling Price 36,437.00
    (fees removed, including CA sales tax)
    TOTAL $40,201.80

    I got an offer from a dealer farther away for literally 80 dollars less. Is this a good deal? How much lower can I get it? I am thinking of asking them to throw in the wheel locks and LoJack and they'll have a deal. Not sure if they'll go for it. Not sure if I want to wait for the tech package and lose the year end incentives.

  • seifer912seifer912 Posts: 3
    edited December 2010
    Hi all:
    Anyone bought a 2011 G37 coupe sport 6mt here? And mind tell me how much you paid for it? I went to different dealerships and the lowest i can get is $40400 invoice price.

  • I've just started shopping for a 2011 G37x with the Premium, Navigation, Sport, and Aerodynamic packages (in Arizona). One has been located but so far the different dealers I've spoken with say it's so rare that they won't take less than $41K.

    Thoughts on reasonability of the price? Based on TMV and other research I'd expect a price closer to $39K. Seems to me the only 'rarity' is the Aerodynamic package, which is a $980 (MSRP) option.
  • hx699hx699 Posts: 20
    The "X" model is rare in Arizona (5 dealers), no matter what other options.
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