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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sconcernsconcern Posts: 2
    Think I got a pretty good deal in Chicago area. $45,595 sticker. 2013 G37x AWD w/ premium/nav/trunkmats/illkickplates/rearspoilerblkgrille/splashguards. Had a trade that kind of clouds the deal, but I would say the trade was really worth $4k (based on NADA), even though it was eventually written up at $5k. Got it for $32,500+tax/title fees after trade. Guessing it all comes out as approximately $9,100 off sticker. About a week into ownership, very happy - it's a great car!
  • mjb1023mjb1023 Posts: 1
    Negotiating the following deal for a new Graphite/stone G37x sedan with premium pkg in the Triangle are of NC.
    Sticker: $42,650
    My Price: $36,182 plus tax, tags, and Doc fees.
    Out the door: $37.900

    Thoughts? Good? Bad?
  • Seems like a good price. You're getting $6468 off sticker and wow your tax is cheap. Not sure what extras are on there, but difference between g37x base MSRP and Invoice is ~2870. For June, there's $3500 dealer cash (up from $2500 last month), $1000 if you finance with IFS. Add that up and total available discount should be $7300, not counting dealer holdback (1.5% of base MSRP) and other potential bonuses that are hard to predict/quantify.

    If you're looking for awd, richmond and dc area probably have a lot more inventory and perhaps better deals, but not a bad price at all.
  • arborarbor Posts: 11
    Best deal I negotiated in NJ for my new G37X Premium w/Nav and Interior Accent Package.

    MSR 45,560
    Invoice 42,172
    Selling Price 39,114

    39 months 12k/year $395/month $744 due at signing- 1st month and DMV Fees
    Included Infiniti Loyalty and turning my 2010 G37 in 6500 over mileage.
  • Not to be rough with you, but with $3500 in direct dealer incentive this month I'd say you should've been able to do much better.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 740
    Seems to me he did just fine. Plus he was over miles on what he turned in.
  • infi37xinfi37x Posts: 13
    edited June 2013
    looking to see if its the right time to turn in my 11 g37x with 9 payments and lease a 13 g37xs. are the incentives aggressive this time of year?
  • In NJ - got a blue G37xS with premium, sport package, and nav package MSRP 46,210.00 for 38,938.00 plus tax/title/license. (7,272.00 off MSRP). Seemed fair so I didn't bother with haggling it lower, though I probably could have gotten another 1000.00 off at least if I wanted to haggle. I hate haggling and the price seemed very fair so I took it.
  • aggiedocaggiedoc Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 2013 black on black RWD journey sedan with automatic transmission, sport package, premium package and navigation package. It looks like the msrp is $44,855 with invoice $41,539. I went to the dealer here in Dallas, and they offered $38,788 + TTL minus a $1,000 credit if it is financed. So that would be $37,788 + TTL. That includes the $3500 dealer incentive currently available.

    Does that sound reasonable? I'm struggling with whether to buy the car now or wait and see what happens with incentives in August when the Q50 is available. Also given that Inifiniti just announced they are going to continue making the g37, would it be wise to wait for the 2014 for resale value?

    Thanks for any guidance.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    I just read that the 2014 g37 will be a "price leader" and much cheaper than the 2013 but decontented. If you like it loaded though I'd think the 2013 would be the better deal. Good luck!
  • njfresh08njfresh08 Posts: 5
    edited July 2013
    The dealership is Fette Infiniti in Northern NJ

    The car is a G37X with premium package. He dealer didn't give me a selling price for some off reason even though I requested it a couple of times.
    Out of pocket I pay $2,609.73.For a 10K,a year lease.

    1st payment: $353.08
    Motor Vehicle:$233.00
    Doc fees: $464.00
    Tax on Vehicle $32.48
    NJ Tire Tax $7.50
    Cap Reduction Cost $1519.67

    Total $2609.73

    Can I do better than this and if so what should I go in expecting better?
  • njfresh08njfresh08 Posts: 5
    can anyone recommend someone to in the northern nj or nyc area. I'm tired of dealing with idiots.
  • Here's how my deal went down this week - I am pretty happy. I know others may have got better deals but by buying from my dealer means I never have to go there again.

    Their service department will pick up my car, leave me a loaner, and then bring me back my car when it is done. The time savings alone is worth any additional savings I may have gotten. Here is the breakdown, let me know what you think?

    2013 Journey Sedan
    Packages: Premium, Navigation
    Options: Splash Guards; Illuminated Kick Plates; Trunk Mat, Net & First Aid;
    MSRP $43,360
    Invoice $40,193
    Vehicle Price $36,736.24
    Acquisition Fee $700
    Doc Fees $828
    Total Gross Cap Cost $38,264.24

    Residual $29,918.40

    24-Month Lease w/ 10,000 miles/year
    Base Payment $333.92
    6% Montly Sales Tax of $20.04
    Payment $353.96/mo for 23 more months

    OTD Payment:
    $353.96 1st mo Payment +
    $896.04 Est taxes/fees/DMV Reg etc. -> reduced Cap Cost/Down Payment (*)

    Total OTD= $1250.00
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,044
    The Q50 was supposed to go on sale today, but issues with the inTouch software has caused the dealers to ground all of the vehicles until a software update has been completed. Get your G's while you can.
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    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

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    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD - Majestic White/Graphite - Premium Plus, Driver's Assist, Leather, Illuminated Kick Plates
  • nanotubenanotube Posts: 30

    So with this news, is there any reason NOT to wait for the 2014 G37 and buy the 2013 now? Will the 2013s on the lot get the same price cut?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Nice my 2008 G35 now is worth less than my wife's 2007 Honda Accord. Could you at least kiss me first.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    So with this news, is there any reason NOT to wait for the 2014 G37 and buy the 2013 now? Will the 2013s on the lot get the same price cut?

    Picked up a G37 sedan with Journey, Premium, and Nav on 8/17. All the 2013 on dealer lot has brand new sticker reflect the new price. All rebate except royalty rebate went away as well. My car has an MSRP of 38560. The old MSRP would have been 43xxx.. And the deal is amazing right now. I traded in an M37 and dealer gave me 695 credit. With the credit and royalty rebate, we end up with a deal of zero drive off and 299.xx+ta for 24 months / 10 k miles lease. I posted the details in the lease forum. The number of 2013 sedan is getting very limited at this point. Most of the remaining car has black interior. Out of about 25 G37 sedan in my dealer's inventory, only 3 of them has stone interior (and we took one) and the rest is all black interior. And there is only 2 sport out of the 25 or so G37.
  • which dealer did you go? thx
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    which dealer did you go? thx

    Infiniti of Elk Grove, CA
  • EandOHEandOH Posts: 24
    2013 G37 Sedan Journey
    Silver Exterior
    Stone Interior
    Packages: Premium, Navigation, Sport
    Options: Splash Guards; Illuminated Kick Plates; Trunk Mat, Net & First Aid;

    Acquisition Fee $700
    Doc Fees $0

    Residual $29,791

    24-Month Lease w/ 10,000 miles/year
    Monthly Payment $375.00

    Total OTD= $375.00

    If you want to deal with quality sales people at a quality dealership, try Modern Infiniti in Greensboro, NC. This is my 3rd leased vehicle from them. They're a pleasure to do business with!
  • Looking at Leasing a 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe.

    In terms of price for the car, is dealer invoice ($200 above Edmunds invoice) minus the $3500 lease cash and the $1000 loyalty cash a good deal for the car?

    Or are others here able to find the car BELOW invoice and then get all of the incentive money on top of that for the Coupe as well??

    Please let me know!

  • hi, what was the MSRP? thx
  • Picked up my 1st Infiniti at Infiniti of Elk Grove in Northern California last weekend!

    Moonlight White/Stone 2013 G37 Journey Sedan

    Packages: Premium, Sport, Navigation
    Options: Illuminated Kick Plates; Carpeted Trunk Mat, Net & First Aid

    24 month/ 10,000 miles

    No trade in

    MSRP $40,625
    Sales Price: $37,000
    Acquisition cost: $700
    Total Gross Cap Cost: $37,700
    MF: .00021
    Residual: 73%
    Tax: 8%
    Payment $376.34 including tax
    Total OTD: $860.68 including 1st month payment, title, license, & government fee of $8.75

    Just happy to have the exact car I wanted, and fared much better than the $504/mo lease a nearby dealer quoted me on a base model.

    I also called Infiniti Marin to see if they had any RWD with sport package. They came close to this offer for a Graphite Shadow/Graphite G37x with same packages, but no illuminated kick plates or trunk mat/first aid kit for $382 payment, $832 drive off. Not interested in AWD or the color, so I didn't care, but thought others on here might so I'm posting it anyway.
  • EandOHEandOH Posts: 24
    - $ 1,000.00 Capitalized Cost Reduction (aka Infiniti Rebate) =

  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 199
    Based on MF of 0.00021 and 73% residual on $40,810 MSRP, I think your sale price was $38,447 before the IFS rebate, for net cap around $38,177 (incl. bank fee and tax on cap reduction)?

    I can't come to your $375 monthly payment any other way. (Assuming 3% NC tax)
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    2013 G37xS Sedan

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  • Can anyone let me know what should be the best price (ie: $ off MSRP) for a 2013 G37 (base model RWD or AWD)?
    It's now september and nobody has posted their purchase prices in a while. Any idea what I should expect to pay? TIA.
  • go to g37 lease section, you will read/see many feedbacks on the selling price. i got ~4000 off msrp as a quote and am shooting for ~4500 off
  • i use USAA pricing service to get a feel on the prices out there. i bought my g in may & recently a buddy was interested in a g37 and we went to the dealer and i noticed the msrp had dropped about $4k. but even with the drop in msrp i dont think dealers are negotiating much off. the g37 journey msrp with nav/prem/ill kick plts/interior wood trim/splash guards/mats was now about $39k compared to the $43,500 msrp mine had. infiniti's only incentive now is $1k dealer cash. so it seems like theyre not budging much, if anything at all. after everything was said & done, i got $9k off msrp back in May. i get their tactic, but at that price, you might as well get the Q50. id be interested to see what dealers are currently selling the g for.
  • xfinityguyxfinityguy Posts: 7
    edited October 2013
    I am currently looking at purchasing my first Infiniti G37. The lease offer is $299 a month with $2999 down. The offer states its for a Journey model w/premium. I currently want a model with nav and premium package. There is a dealership Modern Infiniti in Greensboro NC that has the following car:

    2013 Infiniti G37 Journey Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe
    MODERN PRICE:$39,155
    Get ePrice
    Engine:3.7L V-6 cylTransmission:AMPG Range:19/27Exterior Color:Blue Slate
    Interior Color:GraphiteStock #:WC3279Location:Modern Infiniti of Winston-Salem
    Premium Package, Navigation Package

    Would it be a fair deal to get the above vehicle at that stated $299 with $2999 down? What should I ask for and what kind of deal can I get? No trade and 750 FICO. I also plan on buying the car at the end of the lease. Is this wise?

    Thank you in advance.
  • 2013 G37 Journey (RWD, base):
    $29,500, destination fee included, financed through IFS.

    Bought @ Passport Infiniti, Alexandria, VA - the price negotiated via emails, very satisfied with the process.
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