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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    Yep, had the same problem in addition to the front suspension lower control arms making horrible cracking/knocking noises. Unfortunately there is no fix - I know as my 07 MDX was constantly in the shop to no avail. They still haven't addressed the problem on the 08's either. I drove an 08 and same issues.

    I finally traded the 07 MDX - Couldn't stand all the noises on a $40K + vehicle. Acura will tell you it is a normal characteristic. It is horrible - sounds like the suspension is about to break apart.

    In my opinion the new generation MDX is a :lemon: .
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I had the same thing on my 2007 as well. They did a couple of things and it is fixed. First, there was service instruction for the dealer to change the bolts holding the rear struts on. Second, they actually replaced the rear struts (I have a Sport). Then they replaced one of my rear mufflers, which had a broken baffle in it. There is a tool they can stick in the rear of the MDX that has a sensitive listening device attached to it. The tool will tell the tech exactly where the noise is coming from. If your dealer can't fix it, it is time for a new dealer or a call to Acura. It can be fixed, but it is a very common problem on the MDX.
  • dkny1dkny1 Posts: 8
    thanks dsm9 for your response. Actually I was about to trade in my base MDX for the Sport . But it seems that you had the same problem with yours (Sport). The thumping It's really annoying and it's driving me crazy. Did you call Acura to solve this issue ? I went to 2 dealers already and it seems nobody knows how to solve this problem. Please I need more advice !!! I will call my dealer tomorrow to find out about this listening device. Again ......thank you
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    It took a couple tries but my dealer took care of it. I use Pohanka in Northern Virginia. One thing you may want to immediately try, which took care of a large amount of the noise is the license plate bracket. Most don't have holes for bottom screws, which the MDX uses on the license plates. Thus, the bracket bangs up and down against the plate/screws everytime you go over a bump. If you have that type of bracket (most dealers use the cheap ones, including Pohanka), take it off and see if that helps a lot. They should be able to use the listening device and find the rest of it.

    The entry on the warranty service ticket was "install chassis ear to pinpoint location of noise" code 311099

    Hope that helps. If they don't know what you are talking about, call Acura, but I am betting that won't do much good. The National Customer service is useless.
  • jscorp1jscorp1 Posts: 3
    My tranny finally died on 2/10/08. I had to get a new transmission but it worked out better than I thought. I have suspected something was wrong with the transmission for a while. It starting making noises around 4th gear so I took it in to a transmission guy. He changed the fluid and found metal in the pan. He suggested that I take it to Acura since he beleives that they have exteded the warranty. I took it and Acura said the transmission and motor mount needed to be replaced and the warranty was not extended for the 2003 MDX. The cost was going to be over $6,000. I was shocked and told myself there was no way I would or could drop 6K on this car. I told my service person to see what he could do since I reported an issue before 50K back in 2006. He got back to me a few days later with good news. The manager said he would knock 75% off the service. I said go ahead and fix the car. When the car was done I was ready to pay and the invoice was much lower than was quoted earlier. They actually put me under a warranty and all I had to pay was a $250 fee for the tranny. I did pay full price for the motor mount and labor, but thanks to Acura I was able to keep my MDX
  • acuraman8acuraman8 Posts: 1
    :sick: My NAV, Radio, and 12 V power adapters went out last night on my 2005 MDX. I checked the radio and ACC fuse, but they looked fine. Anyone know what fuse(s) might cause these to go out or how can this be fixed.

    All other power seems to be fine. Headlights, windows, locks, heater, dash lights. Everything seems okay and the car is drivable. They only thing that appears to be affected is....

    GPS screen is off
    Radio does not power on
    12 V power on dash and in center console glove is not working.

    The little red security LED on the radio still blinks though. Seems like this is more than a fuse, but what electrical links all of these? Some relay blew out or something?
  • gerrygr1gerrygr1 Posts: 3
    The exact same thing happened to me. I plugged in a bad cell charger and it probably shorted something out. The memory seats also don't operate. All the fuses seem ok.

    I have a Blitzsafe auxiliary input wired in, so I'm guessing that could be the issue. Will know more tonight after I get behind the console.
  • hemorsehemorse Posts: 34
    Acuraman8: I am in desperate need of a source to make the side mirrors fold electrically on my 2008 MDX. I don't mind aftermarket products, mirrors from other vehicles that would fit, mirrors that would need to be painted, etc. While you have your thinking cap on, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I am also experiencing a thumping sound or rattle in the rear left when I go over some bumps, but not always. I noticed some forum members had mentioned this. Is there a known fix that I can suggest to my dealer?

    You're the man!
  • mfredmfred Posts: 1
    I'm the proud owner (hopefully) of a 2008 base MDX black/black with about 1600 miles. I have a concern that would like to see if anybody has similar problem or answer to. Since about 200 miles, I have had an intermittant annoying clicking or low popping noise from the rear hatch area primarily at a complete stop or sometimes from starting or slowing down to a stop. It sound like gravel being thown against the back door or in the fenderwell. It is not constant, nor can I relate it to any bumps in the road, etc. I don't hear it at freeway speeds. I am taking it into the dealer for the second time, they are responding to typical TSBs (07-033 to start), but I don't think the problem fits. Any ideas?

    Thank you
  • redlohredloh Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2008 MDX in the US and imported it into Canada. Any idea on how to change the outside temperature and internal cabin temperature readings from Faranheit into Celcius?
    Also, what about changing the trip computer and odometer from miles into kilometers?
  • nswaalonswaalo Posts: 3
    Please share with the group once you find out. I'm in the same situation, but I think it would be costly to change.
  • ivicaivica Posts: 34
    I'm looking to buy a MDX in the states and then import into Canada. I would appreciate knowing which dealers were good to work with.


  • dexterbotdexterbot Posts: 4
    it sounds like this is a known issue and actually it's a feature of the ABS. At least that's what I've read and I've read a lot of different boards about this issue.

    If this happens only once after starting, it's very likely the ABS self-diagnostic. About 50 feet after you start rolling, the anti-lock brakes valves activate one at a time to verify they're working.

    Unless someone else wants to chime in.
  • heart2heart2 Posts: 38
    Any pointers to changing the air filter? Bought either a Fram or Purolator and it looks like bolts are hard to get at. Thanks
  • Tommyj1-

    Thanks for posting this information -- I thought I had gotten a lemon. I just bought my 2008 MDX and have had the same problem with the rear suspension. I don't really hear it much over small bumps, but when I drive over potholes and go up or down driveways, the clunking noise is horrendous. That is unacceptable for a luxury SUV, especially considering that the problem has been around since the '07 model year. I hope that the dealership can fix the problem when I go in tomorrow. Thanks to you, they can't say, "we can't replicate the problem..."
  • mfred -

    I have the same problem with my car and after reading this forum, I found info on the 07-033 TSB. I was going to bring the car in tomorrow to see if the dealer can fix the problem per the TSB, but you are saying that the problem wasn't fixed? I'll let you know how it goes with my service -- stay tuned.
  • ncmdxncmdx Posts: 19
    A few years ago, I thought I read a post that stated that dealers will sale the "Certified" warranty to existing Acura owners. My MDX just passed the 45k mile mark and would be interested in finding out if I can get Acura Certification. Maybe I dreamed it, as now I cannot find any postings related to that discussion. However, I seem to recall that it was $500, but a dealer in VA was selling it for about half that.

    If anyone happens to know, I would be very appreciative of information one way or the other.
  • Asianbanker,

    Any update on whether you got your issue fixed? I just bouhght an 08 MDX Sport and have the same noise from rear suspension. Dealer replaced rear shocks, sound went away for a day or so and is now back - very interested in hearing what your issue was and if it was resolved. Also, have you noticed the noise changing with additional weight in the car e.g. more noise with 4 people in the car than just one person?

  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    Too bad you did not come to this forum before purchasing your 08 MDX. The issue you are experiencing is a well known problem with the new generation MDX. You'll have to learn to live with it as the fixes they have are only band-aids - The noises will eventually return. I know from experience. It is very disheartening indeed as you paid or are paying a good amount of dough for your MDX.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I had problems with mine, but they ultimately found that I had a broken baffle in a muffler, which they replaced. I was really annoyed at first, but they worked out the bugs and it feels solid, no rattles at all. Pester your dealer, they can fix it if they want to. My dealer was fantastic, they went over and above what I would expect and got it corrected. -- Pohanka in Northern VA. If your dealer can't fix it, take it to another dealer.
  • dkim1dkim1 Posts: 10
    I had mixed results with Pohanka where I purchased my 07 mdx. Tom Smith was the advisor who kept ignoring my complaints of "popping" sounds upon starting the ignition. He told me three different reasons each time I took it in. I finally asked one of the service technician on his break to do me a favor and take a look and he fixed the problem in 30 minutes...He looked up the Acura Website for the known problems and solutions and it turned out that my MDX needed a software upgrade. Who was your service advisor?
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Jayson McCullogh, he is fantastic. You should use him.
  • Quick update - my dealer was told by Acura to 'grease' the rear struts - they have and the noise has not come back for a few weeks now.... fingers crossed!
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I've got a 2001 MDX getting close to the 100K mileage marked. How much have folks been recently paid for the 105K major service??
  • Just made an appt for next week and was told $1250 - not expected but if that lets me drive another 100k then its worth it - interested in others experiences too. And I have had ALL of the 2001 MDX problems noted in the string and the good news was my dealer stood between me and the Acura regional folks and got most things covered that should not have gone bad
  • scjdscjd Posts: 5
    My 2002 MDX is experiencing sudden jumps in RPM (100-200) during highway cruising without any additional input from the pedal. Any idea what can be a problem?
  • Hi,
    I am planning to buy MDX 2004 w/50K mileage form the local dealer (not acura, eg. Toyota). The question is, am I qualified to buy an acura care extended warranty plan after my purchase? If the answer is yes, then, is this warranty will cover my MDX in USA and Canada? Because certified acura vehicles are covered in entire North America........
    Your thought will appreciated.
    Thank you
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    I tried to buy an extended warranty from Bernardi for our '04 MDX w/ 55k on it and it was unavailable. Too old or too many miles, I can't remember.
  • Okay, 2 1/2 years later I forgot I posted that question. But I see you posted a fix. I still never fixed the lights , but will try now that you posted the help. Thanks.
  • tkv_01tkv_01 Posts: 20
    I had it for 3 three weeks. I took it back to the dealer four times already but it still there. When it hit to the higway speed ( 70 and above) the steering start vibrating and bit shaking too. The dealer did put the new set of tires and did something with the rotors. Do you have any suggestion?
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