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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • I definitely got the same problem just today on my 2005 MDX. The radio stopped working for FM and AM while CD and DVD works fine.
    Totally have no idea on what would be the problem here. Have you found the root - cause and got it fixed? I'll appreciate what you share with me on the forum.
    Many thanks!
  • glenn26glenn26 Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    Bmmandm (or anyone else who might have some suggestions),
    Did you ever find the source of the scraping noise from under the front of the car after passing over a speed bump? Having the same problem with my 2009 MDX with 8500km. Definately not the ABS which is a short term thumping that occurs at about 30km/hr for about 3 seconds when the car hasn't been run for awhile. The scraping seems to occur after you go over a (small) speed bump at slower speed and go back on the accelerator. Nothing hanging under the car, not the wheels hitting the wheel well, and not the mud flaps or anything else hitting the ground. Took the front wheels off and don't see anything unusual. Doesn't happen every time but enough to cause concern. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • I have to exact same problem w/ AM FM radio not working, and XM CD DVD all working. I didn't notice problem until mid January 2010.

    Have you been able to fix? If so, what was diagnosis?
  • I posted wind noise when I had my new 09 MDX Sport back in June (only one month I had). Technician said it is the sound from outside due to car box design.
    It doesn't have any air leak thru window. My wife felt this noise right after we had the car. But the wind noise is getting so loud even when I drive at 45mph. The loud wind noise is continue when I drive at 60mph and above on local thruways or highways. My ears are getting heart after an hour drive.
    Had anyone had this experience? I couldn't believe it is Acura quality. it is worst than my previous Jeep. It must be something wrong. Any one have any thoughts?
    Will complain to dealer at next service. Someone mentioned it caught loud noise when connecting thru blue tooth when receive calls. But I got wind noise no matter what conditions. Please help.
  • Is it wind noise or "whining from engine area"?
    See if you can find a TSB #08-031 issued Aug 09
    Symptoms are very similar to what you mentioned.

    I do not have a copy...try googling it
  • I had a "wind noise" on my '07 Sport, sounded like the drivers side window was down a crack. Dealer tested it and replaced all the soft parts of the door seal and no more problem.
  • :( I guess I am the Lucky ONE who encounters both Radio and Wind Noise...
    The radio issue seems like software related issue, I will contact my dealer and see what they have to say. It will cost me $$$ since it is out of warranty period, sux...
    I will keep you posted.
  • The dealer says it is mechanical issue and need to bring it in for diagnosis... basically the radio is dead???
  • Well, our first warranty related(thank god) problem on our '07 MDX Sport/Ent. with 35k miles. The "Sport" doesn't work!

    The "ADS" light was coming on for a while and Acura said it was just a sensor so we put it off but now the sport/comfort button doesn't work, it just stays in comfort mode. We'll be dropping her off at Crest Acura real soon. Anyone else have problems with ADS?
  • My lound noise actually are the engine sound and high wind sound.
    I could hear my engine sound clearly when I speed up and down. (I mean louder than usual passenger car---it wasn't like that before).
    I am ride like sports car (my is sport +ent). I could even hear the tire sound when ride thru hole or bump. The wind sound is loud right start at 40 mph at local road.
    I checked all sealed rubbers around windows and windshield are ok.
    I can't understand what these sound transmit into interior cabin.

    This was happen even worse after I had my blackberry bold w/ hand free link (I was using Motorola before). But, the loud sound still exist if I didn't carry it on car.
    Anyone has this experience?
  • chrisbathvgrchrisbathvgr Posts: 4
    edited February 2010
    My 08 MDX Tech does the same thing (screeching sound coming from the rear) but only on certain speed humps. I first noticed the sound in 2008, a year after I purchased the vehicle. I E-mailed my Acura dealer in the spring of 2009 and never got a reply.

    A year later, a few weeks ago, after hearing a clunking sound that was coming from the right rear getting worse I looked under the car and noticed the right rear shock was oily and assumed it was losing hydraulic fluid. Not sure if the two incidents are connected.
  • ashd1ashd1 Posts: 14
    I did some research and found out that Acura had a bunch of bad radios from its supplier - Acura has a TSB out for it. Its an issue with the radio unit and has to be swapped out. You can try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it. That may cause the am/fm to start working again as it did in my case - note that you'll need to have the radio code handy to program it in after the reset and also the NAV code if your car has one. However this may only be a temporary fix. I see yours is a 2005 model too and you may be out of luck wrt the warranty. Try taking it to your dealer and see if they'll 'goodwill' it in and swap it out for free.
  • Noticed this same problem on my 07 MDX with 35K miles on it. Only happens when I go over speed bumps. It always corresponds with a lack of power. I noticed last night when it did it, the VSA light flashed.
  • glenn26glenn26 Posts: 2
    The problem is always to repeat the noise for the dealer. My scraping noise only happens once every couple of weeks. It doesn't actually happen when going over the bump, but rathur after you clear the bump, release the brakes, and the instant you go back on the gas. Also mine seems to be coming from the front end rathur than the back end. Took the front wheels off the other day (man, they are heavy) to see if maybe a stone (or something) is caught in the brake pads and gets dropped down against the rotor after hitting the speed bump. Yes that is pretty unlikely but worth the shot. Cars, cars, cars...aren't they fun! I'll keep an eye on the VSA light...thanks for the tip.
  • zubair75zubair75 Posts: 1
    have a 2008 acura MDX tech package, just reached 15,000 miles. I wanted to ask around what things need to be done at the 15,000 miles service appointment. I dont want to go to the dealer and just ask them for a 15,000 miles service.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    2007+ MDX has a maint minder sys and it tells you what all you have to do
    Recently I got B16 service sone at ~14K miles appros $170.00

    Owners manual tells you exactly what B16 is
  • krypton4krypton4 Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 MDX. Has anyone purchased a remanufactured rim?
    Does the rim look as good as an OEM one?
    Who remanufactures the best ones? :)
  • jdyahoojdyahoo Posts: 5
    Yes, I have had the exact same problem with my 2005 MDX. I took it into the dealer and they could not replicate the problem and told me they had never heard of that happening. It started when the car was 2 years old, with ~30,000 miles. It had not happened in a while (maybe a year) until about 2 months ago when it started doing it again. It can be very scary.
  • saramaddiesaramaddie Posts: 19
    edited March 2010
    I have a 2007 MDX. Has anyone experienced problems with the seat position memory? I know the positions are programmed correctly but I have to repeatedly press the buttons and get minor changes in the seat and mirror positions. Eventually, after pressing the button about 12 times the seat and mirror positions are correct.
  • I have a 2008MDX with 49K km and it is doing the same thing. When I return to Canada I'll take in for warranty. The memory works only occasionally.
  • bloomy63bloomy63 Posts: 5
    The problem is with the side mirror actuators. We experienced the same problem with the seat position memory. They replaced almost all hardware within the system over a 2 year period. The tech explained that all of the hardware within the system is interconnected, and if one part failed to go to the correct location, the system would stop. They replaced the mirror actuators about a year ago, and all has been fine since.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    same here
    My 2008 MDX memory started acting up.
    Seats would move little bit, steering will not move

    It was passenger side outside mirror actuator assemble
    Very common problem in 2008+

    Dealer replaced both actuator assy (Part No 76210-STX-H02). Hope this helps
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    My '04 MDX is coming up on 105,000 miles. It has been essentially trouble-free except for a torque converter problem which the dealer fixed for little out-of-pocket. All my scheduled maintenance has been done. This one is big bucks! The dealer is recommending replacing the water pump, since it is off during the service, at an additional $200. If I follow all their recommendations, I will be in for nearly $2000. I know the timing belt is a big deal and the major expense. $200 for the water pump. $300+ for spark plugs. $300 for the valve clearance check. Is all this stuff really a good idea? I'm not destitute, but just trying to be practical. cybur
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Your Acura dealer plays with you.
    300 for valve check? That's BS.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited March 2010
    The The Edmunds Maintenance Guide says the 105k service should cost around $460 (for my zip code). Labor for the valve check clearance is like $3 bucks.

    Maybe you can print it out and ask the service writer to explain the extras.

    You could also ask if they work on commission. :shades:
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    I think the valve charge is for adjusting and not checking. I called another dealer and got about the same estimate. How would one go about finding someone to do the work around Indianapolis for a more reasonable fee? Are these (especially the timing belt) things the dealer only should do? Should I just skip it altogether? Any further thoughts?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    And how did the dealer know that they needed adjusting before they checked them? Hmmm.

    Check the Local Services tab for dealer and repair shop reviews. And the Car Talk guys have a mechanics file too.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    There is no way I would skip this service. There are interference engines and if that belt breaks you will buy a new engine. Anyone in Indianapolis can do the work so just check around.
  • brod77381brod77381 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Hello - I just purchased a pre-owned 2009 Acura MDX with 2000 miles on it, I've had it a total of 24 hours. My question is did you ever resolve the issue with the radio channels intermittently resetting? My MDX has done this 3 times, in 24 hours!
  • Are you using the same key every time? Each key has it's own set of preferences. I believe radio station settings are included.
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