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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • krypton4krypton4 Posts: 4
    Has anyone removed the roof console on a 2007 MDX :confuse: The headliner is peeking through the front part. I would like to see if I can fix it.
  • ckploverckplover Posts: 1
    My fiancee is trying to find out where he can get a diagram or something on how to rebuild a 3.5 V-tech engine in a 2004 MDX. Can anyone help us out?
  • jslampjslamp Posts: 1
    All of the replies to your message were fairly old, and also inconclusive. Have you received any newer responses? Have you resolved the problem? I have the same issue with a 2004 MDX Touring that I purchased for my son.
  • stinger3stinger3 Posts: 16
    I had posted last year about thumping from right rear end of my '09 Tech/Sport package MDX when driving over pretty much any kind of pavement. Have manhole cover, will boom!. After much suspension work with many replacement on stabilizy/strutty kind of stuff, the dealer swapped my entire rear end suspension out with a 2010 suspension. Smooth baby roll! Worked great...until now. Rear end racket is back and as pronounced as ever. Anybody else have this issue? I am glad my dealer is honoring my warranty and executing fast and humble service, but the constant work is disconcerting and a pain in the rear (end).
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    I gave up on the suspension. I had my entire rear suspension replaced too to no avail. I did find a partial fix though. I put up the third row and put some acoustic foam on the floor behind the third row. Now I rarely hear the booming noise anymore.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    My fix was to keep it in comfort mode for the vast majority of time. ;)
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Just bought a 2010 Advance Package that was driven by the dealership's owner for 5,500 miles. It's very quiet whether in Sport or Comfort mode - no thumping noises at all. After reading these posts I paid close attention during an extended test drive before purchasing. Hopefully this issue will not surface as I put more miles on the vehicle (fingers crossed) - love everything about it so far.
  • stinger3stinger3 Posts: 16
    It was probably after 10,000 miles that the problem first began. And now again at about 22,000. Glad you have silence in yours. May it continue.
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    I just sold the MDX. That fixed the problem for good. :)
  • 08 MDX Tech - This may seem obvious but my thumping was due to a bad right rear shock at 45K km (27,000 miles). It was recently replaced under warranty.
  • g_force1g_force1 Posts: 1
    Have your Acura Dealership check these Service Bulletins
    SB09-038 Thudding or drumming noise in rear over rough roads...applies to 2007/ 2008 /some 2009 MDX w/o Active Suspension (adj. dampers), involves replacing rear dampers(shocks).
    SB07-033 Knock /clunk over bumps...applies to some 2007 MDX VIN's. Replace upper bolt on rear damper.
    SB09-022 Rear suspension squeaks or crunches over large bumps...applies to 2007, 2008 and some 2009 MDX models. Replace the rear bumpstops.

    Hope that helps!
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    My Acura dealership did this TSB:
    SB09-038 Thudding or drumming noise in rear over rough roads...applies to 2007/ 2008 /some 2009 MDX w/o Active Suspension (adj. dampers), involves replacing rear dampers(shocks).

    It didn't work though. If anything, it made it worse. A second dealership looked at it and said the booming thuds coming from the back where normal. So I just gave up and traded it in.
  • stinger3stinger3 Posts: 16
    I will give my dealer the details you passed along. We shall see what transpires. I appreciate your help.
  • stinger3stinger3 Posts: 16
    I agree with the dealer saying the problem is "normal". And by normal I mean that it is a common problem because of a faulty design faulty parts. Just because it is normal does not mean it is correct. Mine was quiet for nearly a year after they did a big replacement of the rear end. Now the sound has some back. I just might end up returning MDX as well one day. Can you say Lexus????

    What new vehicle did you trade it in for?
  • gregmdxgregmdx Posts: 17
    After 6 months of driving the MDX, my wife and I realized that we didn't once use the third row, nor did we ever come close to packing it full. So we asked ourselves, "do we really need a big SUV?" Nope. We were just following all the other Jones'. While we realized we didn't need an SUV, we still wanted something with a bit more versatility than a sedan, so we opted for an 2007 Audi A3, 3.2 Quattro. The thing rocks. Solid and planted, yet nimble and agile. Pretty fast too! And that 3.2 is silky smooth, sounds amazing. And with the seats down, you can actually fit a lot of stuff because it's a hatch. And the best part? No more booming over manhole covers!! Cutting my car payment in half is nice too.

    I've had Audis before so I'm not expecting it to be as reliable as Honda. But I have 3 years worth of warranty, so I should be fine.

    If you need all the room, the MDX is a pretty good SUV, minus the rear booming issue and floaty highway ride. But if you don't need the space, why pay such a penalty in purchase price, handling and gas mileage?

    IF we needed another SUV, I had narrowed it down to the Volvo XC60 R-Design.
  • peters5peters5 Posts: 1
    I drive a 2009 Acura MDX. Suddenly the SH-AWD & Emmission lights came and has refused to go even expert have checked and could not identify any cause.

    Please advice me on possible causes and how to handle.
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    I recently developed a noise in my '06 MDX ventilation system. It sounds similar to the noise made by an engine that has a leak in the exhaust manifold - but it is definitely in the vent system (goes away when I turn it off). Any idea of what could be causing this? It gets louder the higher I turn up the fan.
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    I had a similar noise in my 2004 MDX. Turned out that a mouse had built a nest in the housing around the fan. Cleaned it out and problem fixed.
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    Thanks, cybur1. I had been parking my car outside for the past several days when the problem started. My first thought was maybe something crawled up in there. Where is the fan located? Can I access it myself or do I need to take it to a repair shop?
  • cybur1cybur1 Posts: 7
    I had the dealer do it. I think the access is behind the glove compartment, but don't know much more than that.
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    Sounds expensive. I wonder if it is covered under my warranty...
  • jcluvckjcluvck Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    okay...we bought an acura certified pre-owned 07 mdx 2 months ago.
    It was pricey but bought it thinking it's a lux suv that would be safe for everyone including our son.
    And I had a tsx before and I really enjoyed the car.
    So I put my faith in Acura.

    2 weeks later while i was driving the car out of my drive way with my baby in the back, the car just COMPLETELY shuts down while I was on D.
    Luckily there weren't any cars on that street.
    I had to put it to P and restarted.
    The car started right away and I was able to drive away.
    Couple days later check engine light comes on.
    we brought it to the dealer and they replaced the sensor.
    I thought that would solve the problem.
    We took it back and the SAME problem occurs with the SAME code.
    It's been 2 months and we had to bring it back 5 times!!
    It has the same code is on everytime apparently...
    It has stalled in a parking lot while I was circling around to find parking.
    It has stalled on a busy street with tons of traffic!
    I am actually scared to go on highways now!!!
    I can't believe we paid that much to end up with a car with HUGE problems.
    The sales person almost said it's unbelievable that MDX is having this problem.
    I have to bring in the car again today because it stalled yesterday.
    I CANNOT believe this.
    What should i do now???
    Frankly I want my money back.
    I would NEVER buy an acura again.
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    edited June 2010
    Sorry to hear about the problem. I know how scary it can be to have a car stall out. I have an '06 and have never had any type of major/chronic problem. I know '07 was the first year of the new body style but I don't know that any of the mechanics changed.

    Have you called Acura Care to see if they might have a suggestion? Maybe the scope of the problem is beyond what this particular service department can trouble shoot.

    One thought I have is does the stalling seem to happen only at lower speeds?

    Acura is a great care - don't give up on them just because of one troublesome vehicle.
  • jcluvckjcluvck Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply...

    The manger is looking at it himself and is trying hard.
    But it's a terrible feeling to have with your new car.
    I totally regret buying this.
    This was really expensive for us.

    And yes, this only happens at lower speeds.. do you know why?
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    No, I don't why it would only happen at lower speeds. I was just wondering because it is a clue. They really are good cars but I know that doesn't help you any at this point in time.

    In times past, I've had breakdowns, and one accelerator sticking, when my young children were in the car and it is frightening. (Thank goodness I don't have to srive junkers anymore, lol). It's hard to have a vehicle that you can't trust. Hopefully, they will find the problem and you won't have any further trouble.

    If it does keep happening, perhaps the car will fall into the "lemon law" category and you will be able to return it and get your money back.
  • qaliqali Toronto CanadaPosts: 60
    I found this article to replace the filter inside the glove box . Has anyone tried this and if so is this something I should only entrust the dealer to do? I am quite good at DYI jobs, but I would not want to start something that could mess up up the glovebox.
  • qaliqali Toronto CanadaPosts: 60
    Apologies if this has been covered in an earlier post. Do you recommend installing after-market brakes/rotors or should I stick to having this done by an Acura dealer using OEM equipment? If it is the former, any suggestions on good brake brands?
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Had all 4 rotors and pads replaced on our '04 at Monroe, around $1000. Brakes worked great! Don't know what they would've charged at Acura.
  • katewakatewa Posts: 24
    Well, I took my car to the local Honda dealer (nearest Acura dealer is about 180 miles away) and they found that a mouse had pulled some insulation loose and built a nest in the the cage (not sure what that is). They cleaned it out and only charged me about $45.
  • seerussseeruss Posts: 2
    I had a spot on my hood that started to bubble, and to me it looked like a clear coat failure. I took it to the body shop that handles one of the Honda dealership in my areas repair work, and in their opinion it was a patch job done incorrectly and the paint corroded. I bought the car new, and never had the hood re-painted or touched up. Of course when I took the car to the local Acura dealership (I bought it in another area), they claimed I got something on the hood that caused the issue. They brought out their district rep to inspect, and he concluded the same thing from a 2 second visual inspection. He was such an expert he didn't even know how to pop the hood.

    Anyone know on what my options are in this situation?
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