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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fx1to1fx1to1 Posts: 6
    Drmom: Not to worry. You can work a fair deal right in Tucson. :) Email Chapman Acura and they should treat you right. They need to have the color you want in stock however. A fair price from AZ dealers, including Chapman is invoice minus $2k. I don't know if anyone has been able to do any better. Just beware of the "Pro-Pack" - Tint, mudguards (which already come on an MDX from the factory :confuse: ) wheel locks, all-season floor mats, etc. High markup items that have little value. Example: Tint - the dealers typically charge $299 for just the two front windows. Top of the line tint at The Specialists is $120. If you want accessories, I suggest you buy them after the fact online or negotiate in the deal after negotiating the price of the car. The doc fee is negotiable too. More than $100 is too much.
    Good luck!
  • bgardinerbgardiner Posts: 19
    You guys ever get together and buy the MDX in NJ? I am in Ohio but would be willing to travel or have it shipped. Contact me at
  • dupree4dupree4 Posts: 2
    Didn't buy but negotiated today. Looked to pick up the Sport for invoice of $43,588 minus $2k cash back, so really $41,588. Qualified for 3.9%. Added options of 19" Sparkle wheels, all-season tires, roof rack, sports running board. That added up to a reduced price of $3700, but was offered $2k off of that as well. So that would bring my total to $43,288. Any thoughts? Yes, I know I could do without the wheels, but I don't like the other options and I want them. Hahaha.
  • steve194steve194 Posts: 6
    Purchased from Butler Acura in Ashland on 3/27. They had four base models, so I nabbed the Silver/Black for $33.8 plus $200 T&L (no tax in OR). They had these listed on their website. I simply requested their rockbottom price, got it, and drove down to pick up the car. Nice dealer, beautiful town, no hassles.

    I think the MDX Base is the best buy out there. If you want Nav, get a Blackberry cell phone. It has more features and you can update it anytime there is anything new.
  • Bought the 2009 MDX with Tech and Ent for $40,250 at Serramonte Acura from Simon. Other dealers warned me that this was too low a price to be a legitimate deal, but everything was just fine and there were no hidden charges. This price included delivery and the only additional charges were TT&L. They were a pleasure to deal with and there was no pressure to buy and of the additional dealer pad items.
    They said this was the 3rd MDX they sold (bought it on 3rd weekend of March). And the MDX was selling better than their other cars....
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    turns out it was an RDX not an MDX - my mistake :(
  • ecole2ecole2 Posts: 3
    Dupree4: If you do upgrade your wheels to the 19's, I might be interested in buying your stock sport wheels and tires. What region are you in? Any questions email me at
  • juan14juan14 Posts: 1
    Just bought 2009 MDX Tech and Ent for $40,234 include the Destination Charge from Acura of libertyville on 4/4/09. The best ever car buying experiece. Some other dealers warned me also this price is too low to be true and asked me not go there. But when I got there, the price is valid and the car is brand new with the color I want. Wes, is extremly friendly and help thoughout the whole processes. Also, the Tech only package is $38,682 also includes the Destination Charge. They will show you the accessories but there is no pressue to buy them. You choose whatever you want for your new car. Most friendly Acura Dealer in the area. At least, that how I feel it...
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    I am also interested in this as I may be able to participate in it and add to the group # and possibly therein the discount. Is there still a plan to do this, did it fall through or already happen?

    The best I could get on an 09 Tech & Ent. was $41,340 plus $173 title dup fees.

    I saw ppl got Tech plus Ent. for under 40k so I wasn't budging above 40. At this point I'm probably just going to wait for the 2010 and possibly consider other makes/models into the summer though probably best deals will be this time next year when the 2011's come out and one can get the 2010 for less. My time frame originally was really waiting till next year anyway I just figured I'd entertain the idea of doing it this year as I thought I may not be able to get as good of a deal next year this time on a 2010 even at the end of the model life with the 2011 pending as i could this year on the 09 with 2010 coming, for various reasons.

    plus my current vehicle being worth less a year later.

    At one point I even stupidly offered preliminary withing $500 of the one dealers best price at around 40,700 something and they still wouldn't do it. But now I wont even do that and wont do for a cent more then 40k even which again I know is good but I also know is doable and ppl have gotten lower.

    I dont want to regret later having rushed into the 09 if i end up liking the 2010 better or there is some good new features and/or i can get just as good of a deal on a 2010 next year this time. but i thought the more likely scenario that the deal is better this year for various reasons plus from what i've seen of the 2010 (spy photos) nothing is changed other then the front grille (possible headlights but point being just front end) and feature wise the only thing i've heard is a possible v6 diesel option.

    so that being said and especially if i dont like the new grill as ppl seem not to (though if its the same as the new TL's as ppl say, i'd have to look at a new TL again but from what i remember seeing one at a dealership the TL redesign looked great and nothing about the grill do i remember bothering me) then I may end up kicking myself i didn't just go with the 09 for a good price.

    but its usually always better to wait and why pay more then what i set my limit at just to rush into an 09 if i dont have to. the Dealerships are playing up the low inventory now and thinking they can sell what they have left for higher then the low prices of the winter when sales were slow and they had more inventory. usually time to buy suv is spring summer and price is higher on them in the winter when they are of more use but somehow cus of the stupid inventory it seems like this year that worked opposite with ppl getting best prices during a slow winter and more inventory while now with not much left and sales picking up a bit in spring.

    so oh well maybe i missed the boat on the best 09 mdx prices this year but ill wait.

    but yeah I would be interested to know about teh NJ group buy deal if I can get an 09 Tech and Ent. for 40k or less.
  • edean25edean25 Posts: 4
    How can I get some proof of that price? Can someone send me an copy of their invoice or forward the dealers email with that price so I can bring it to a dealer in the philly area?...thanks
  • edean25edean25 Posts: 4
    which dealer did you get the $41k price from?
  • chris_kchris_k Posts: 4

    I don't think you understand how the pricing works. A Philly dealer does not care how much a Chicago dealer will sell an MDX. The Philly dealer knows that if you spend $ to have the car shipped to you or buy a plane ticket to go to Chicago to pick up the car then you are eating into your savings and it would be too much hassle for a person to save a couple of hundred dollars.

    There might be other factors that you do not know, for example maybe the Chicago dealer had 4 or 5 of that particular color combo and offered a better deal than if the dealer had only one of that combo. Acura production is down and Acura has not had strong sales all year yet the most they are willing to do is $2000 cash back to dealer and maybe special financing depending on the month. Even after a disasterous quarter that ended in March they were not willing to kick off the spring season with a new incentive. Acura will not eat into their margins and start giving away cars. They will keep the supply limited so that they will not depress prices. Look at the Lexus boards and you will see that Lexus is doing the opposite and giving lots of cash back but Acura is not.

    Two years ago if you wanted an MDX you would have paid sticker plus some additional. In October of last year you would have been getting about $2500 off of sticker. Now you can get invoice price, plus the dealer's $2000 back and maybe an option or two. That is a great deal and since we have never seen Acura give $5k cash back to consumer like an American auto company would do it is historically a good deal as well.
  • edean25edean25 Posts: 4
    sorry, I don't remember asking for your opinion. Before you start writing a book, maybe you should learn a bit more about my situation.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    i got the 41,340 from Sussman which was supposedly invoice minus the 2k dealer incentive which goes the rest of this month. but they dont have many left at all and they wont go below that so screw them. If i get one at this point, i'll drive down to Maryland 2hrs which is no problem to get one for considerably less. $20 in gas tops, a nice ride and save like 3k.
  • mlinnymlinny Posts: 6
    Is the 2K dealer incentive still in effect for April and can it be combined with the 3.9% financing?
  • hi Dupree,
    which dealer did you get that deal from, where are they located?
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20
    I was told at the dealership this week that yes Acura extended the 2k dealer cash AND it can now be combined with the 3.9 financing which it could not before.

    I ended up purchasing a 2008 sport ent coming off dealer loaner with 12k miles for 35K.

    Thanks to everyone for all their help and contributions over the past few months. Good luck to all those still searching.
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 21
    Hi Steve194

    Would you be able to send me copy of this invoice. I am trying to get one in NY Metro and they are stuck at $ 36000, which I know is too high. Maybe I can show your invoice (you can black out your personal info) to put some intelligence into the dealership :)
  • ny2104ny2104 Posts: 5
    edean, I bought a Tech/Ent on Mar 21 from Lehigh Valley Acura in Emmaus that included sport running boards, roof rails, cross bars, and wheel locks for $41,900+ttl. Entire deal done through e-mail and they were $850 less than the closest bid in the Philly area. Internet Sales Manager was very good to work with.
  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    Is $42,000 (excludes everything) for MDX Sports and Entertainment a good price?
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    In AZ no one wants to go below 36,500...I don't need to buy now so I'm waiting to see if they want to strike a deal for $35,000. Steve, is your MDX a new 2008 or 2009? I read somewhere there is $4000 off leftover 2008s. I agree about buying a base model - I don't need the nav and if I did I'd use something that can be updated or replaced as improvements develop.
  • frankf2frankf2 Posts: 17
    Hi Guys,

    Any idea of MDX Tech and Ent price recently in Boston area? I am waiting for decent price offer of $40k. Dealers offer is approaching this number, but not touch down yet. Agree with with "X5killer", $40k is the bottom line to think about since the bad economy and not cheerful MPG when you ride on for next five or ten years.

    Please heads up if you live in Boston area and plan to buy in the near future. We may get good deal as a group buying.
  • gco13gco13 Posts: 20

    I have been actively in contact with dealers in and around boston since December. I was nearing the end of my lease and started looking a little early. The best deal I negotiated on a new tech/ent anywhere near boston is at Acura of Boston. The price is 40,100 not including destination. Talk to Peter Matton. My guess is that if you were at the table and ready to sign papers you could probably get this down a couple hundred more. I made it very clear that if I could get down to 40k including destination I was ready to sign a long time ago but I was not able to get that price. If you can get there then all the power to you. It would be awesome.

    Good luck! I hope you are able to get that price.
  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    I live in Queens, NY. Anyone interested in a group purchase? I'm looking at MDX Sport/Entertainment. My target price is $41,000
  • Found a 2007 MDX Tech with 26,000 miles listed for $28,999 in FL. I did an edmunds TMV and they listed this one for about $31,997 so i think it's a pretty good deal, right? How much more do you guys think i can negotiate down to? Thanks!
  • mannynmannyn Posts: 7
    If you guys are looking to buy any Acura model in NJ , i would not recommend
    East Brunswick. I bought MDX 10 days back, still running around dealer for couple of issues. Sales person was good before i made the deal but after sales service is worst.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    I am wondering it's reachable price for Sport +ent.
    I was offered sport 41k. Dealer said they will not give you DVD for free.
  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    What? Are you saying 41k is not a reachable price for sport/entertainment? Which dealership did you go to?
  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    What is Marketing Support? I see Acura is offering $2000 Marketing Support. start: 03/03/2009 end: 05/04/2009
  • p_mdxp_mdx Posts: 2
    For those wishing to buy in or around DC metro area, I just bought a new MDX Tech with DVD Ent for 41.9K on road (includes everything ... VA taxes etc etc...). Also the dealership gave me free oil change for 40k/5yrs and free all season floor mats. Ofcourse 2.9/3.9% financing should be standard everywhere.
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