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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lyonseelyonsee Posts: 11
    I would appreciate if you could forward the quote ($34,751) to me as I am for MDX now. lyonsee at
  • brett321brett321 Posts: 2
    I have one payment left on my 06 MDX lease...thought the group buy was a great idea (or maybe wishful thinking)...anyway looking at used but looks like inventory is limited on the new model...wanted to get any feedback at all on base model total cost on '09...or want to expect...Thanks
  • timtechtimtech Posts: 6
    >base model total cost on '09

    All the responses that I have received in the Chicagoland area have been $34,500 + delivery + tax + title

    I'm not sure what May will bring. I think it's worth waiting the week to see if the price changes.
  • uvasauvasa Posts: 21
    I am picking up my 09 base MDX this Saturday.

    I leased per terms and cost below

    silver and black interior
    36 mons
    5100 down inclusive of all tax,title and doc fee
    -1000k honda incentive for previous lease of MDX
    4100 my out of pocket

    NY Metro area.
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8

    can you buy it after your lease ends?

    Since you did 5100 down so 5100+ (36*479) = 22344 is what you will have paid by the end of the lease. So if MDX is 36000, can you buy it for 36000-22344 = 13656?

    I don't know much about lease stuff.. But it looks a good deal.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    With your calculations the financing on the car is 0%!!!! Does not work that way.
  • Hi x5killer:
    could you forward the quote to me? thanks
  • chspencechspence Posts: 1
    Hello x5killer. Could you please send this promotion to me as well? I was at the dealership in Tempe, AZ last weekend and they only offered the 2K MSRP incentive. I would like to take advantage of the 7K if this is true. Thank you.

  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    I asked several dealers in Tri-State NY areas these two weeks. The best is 6k.
    No one willing to give dealer hold back like January and Feburary. All had same story ---supply and demand.....Don't you beleive---All sales down for 35% or more these months....I guessed Honda did very well to control inventory. One dealer said ---- it may have 3K incentive after May 5 but dealer's price will not change.
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    Hey chspence, I'm also looking to buy MDX in AZ - maybe we can get a better deal if we buy together; never done that so don't know how to approach the idea...
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    richie11 - there's a black on black with tech package at Chapman Acura in Tucson,AZ. I live here and am looking to buy an MDX too (but not black) I haven't bought yet because they don't want to come down in price ...
  • hpslayerhpslayer Posts: 2
    2009 tech.ent 39430 + dest (760) +ttl out of door 43500 approx... did i get a good deal
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    yeah good deal, where did you get it? I am getting 39400 in jersey so basically the same thing but I am concerned that its from a dealership that doesnt' pay dest. fee themselves so shouldn't be charging it to me because they didnt' get the vehicle shipped but rather drove it from another dealership. Even another dealership told me that this dealership i'm buying from doesnt' pay dest. fee or something.

    so I'm actually paying $760 too high but they know they can charge that and still be matching other dealerships.

    but anyway yeah, where did you get your deal?
  • gotjerkgotjerk Posts: 2
    I requested more information about a CPO MDX from and eventually set up an appointment to see the vehicle (NY area). Got emails saying vehicle was available.. got reminder calls.. survey call.. Anyway, gets to the dealership and was supposed to meet a lady, but when we met she immediately set me up with a salesperson. Bad sign, i thought. This guy takes my info and ask if I'll be financing. I told him no and he says it's better to finance than to pay cash. OK. So, fast forward to the lot, he's like which one do you want to see? I tell him, what happened to the one I came here to see? He couldn't even make up a convincing lie. "Oh, let me check the inventory" was what he said eventually. I stormed out of there not wanting to waste anymore time with this dealership.

    I went into the dealer hoping to compare a CPO MDX with a 2009 MDX. This whole bait & switch totally killed it for me. I never expected a listing on would be bogus. Is this what I should expect from ANY car dealership? Any suggestion on how to prevent wasting time like this in the future?
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8
    Do you know more detail on it? I couldn't find it on their website. I saw one Black on Black in Chicago, MDX Tech/ent, 54k miles for 28.8K. Is this a good price?
  • I am looking for good deal on 2009 MDX tech and Ent. I too stay in Jersey. Pl let me know the dealer where you got this deal, so that i can try my luck.
  • Hello hpslayer

    Can you tell me which dealer is giving this price. This is best deal i saw in last one month.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Interesting experience. Don't know exactly what I'd have done. Know what I would do now after thinking a bit. Thanks for sharing.
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 37
    Which dealer, so we don't make the same mistake?
  • gotjerkgotjerk Posts: 2
    Paragon Acura in Woodside.

    Is there any benefit of getting GAP insurance coverage if I plan to pay cash for the difference between trade in and new purchase price? The salesperson thinks its smarter to finance and get GAP insurance, even though I said I will pay cash.
  • hpslayerhpslayer Posts: 2
    in chicago land acura of libertyville
  • richie11richie11 Posts: 8
    Can someone tell me if this is a good price..

    Black on Black MDX Tech/ent, 54k miles for 28.5K. Is this a good price?
  • I'm getting quotes for mid 36K for Base model in stock, but that's it. So basically, the dealers all refuse to give up their holdback.

    One dealer quoted mid 35K, but won't have the one I want until next week (May 4), when the marketing support might be yanked.

    Is 36,500 a good price or should I risk waiting until next week?
  • lyonseelyonsee Posts: 11
    I got a quote slightly under 36K for the base model including destination.
    I offered 35K but it has not been accepted yet.
    I'm going to be awaiting until May 4, the new incentive available.
  • Thanks for the response. That's helpful.

    I just got a quote for 36K incl. destination in my preferred color. Since no other dealers will go near that number, I think that's probably a pretty good deal. In fact, I had a couple flatly turn me down.

    I'm concerned about whether May incentives will be any better and what kind of supply will exist at that point. It's clear that base models are in short supply now.
  • chris_kchris_k Posts: 4
    If dealers are refusing to give up their holdback, then that means they can afford to wait out low offers because they have a limited supply. When I recently purchased my MDX I initially was thinkng that the dealer should give me some holdback, but I have second thoughts about that. The sales rep I dealt with spent a lot of time with me, the finance guy did all of my paperwork, the support staff prepped and washed and cleaned my car, and the dealer has to pay his light bill. A lot of people "touched" my car in order for me to buy it and that costs money. Not trying to get on a high horse, but the fact that the dealer is selling the car at invoice plus giving back their $2000 in marketing support means that you are getting a great deal. If you tried to purchase this same car a year ago, you would have paid MSRP.

    As the MDX supply dwindles because Honda is cutting production, Acura is able to maintain a higher price without the perception of discounting. That's probably why the $2k incentive (which I think they call Marketing Support) is back to the dealer, and not directly to the consumer, to maintain the illusion that the Acuras are not being discounted.

    If the dealer has the color/options that you want right now, then I would go for it. Is there a guarantee that the vehicle you want will be delivered next week for $35.5? The risk you take is that the $2k incentive goes down. If Acura has moved more cars off of their lots this month then the marketing support might go down.

    I had the same dilema as you in February - thinking should I wait until March? Incentives were the same in March so I thought "should I wait till April?" I bought in March and feel that I got a great deal. There were 15 or so MDX Techs on the dealers lot at the time but now there are 6. I don't know if I would get the full $2k back if I was trying to do the deal today.

    Bottom line - if your car is on the dealer's lot now then buy it, don't look back, and you will love your ride! Good luck.
  • das22das22 Posts: 1
    My local dealership offered me: 39,565 total (after add on fees)- I think this is way too high, but not sure what is reasonable. Please help!!!!!!!! I live in Madison, WI- looking for 2009 Acura MDX basic black/black or other.
  • timtechtimtech Posts: 6
    I just purchased a 2009 Base MDX last night for $34,600 + destination, tax, and title near the north border of IL (Pauly Acura of Highland Park, IL). I have been looking for an MDX for six months and every time I have been to this dealer they have treatmented me right. No run arounds, right to the price, no pressure / hassle of talking to the person in charge of the deals, etc.

    The big thing was my trade in. I had a 2005 Honda Pilot EXL with 34,000 miles on it. I took my trade in to a different dealer yesterday morning that offered me the same purchase price. They low balled my trade in so bad and confirmed that if I could get the deal I was offered at the other place that I should take it. So I did. It was a very easy and quick transaction.
  • If you got it for $35,360 before tax & title, that's a great price, so congrats.

    I think there may be some significant regional differences in pricing because none of the dealers in this area would go near that figure.
  • As I mentioned in response to timtech, I think there are some regional pricing differences - say around $500 or so. But I have a hard time believing that your local dealer should be charging $3 to 4K more than what timtech or I paid.

    I'd suggest looking around a bit more. It's a painful process. All told, I spoke to a dozen different dealers within 100-mile radius before finding an acceptable price.

    Good luck.
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