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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,299
    The holdback on Acuras is 2%.

    There is a listing on Edmunds, but it dates back to 2005, and shows the Acura holdback at 3%, which was accurate as of 2005, but has since been changed.



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  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54 then we should assume that a dealer makes this 2% on every car on top of the $2000 incentive...meaning for instance if I was quoted $43,225 for MDX Sport/Ent which is equal to Invoice minus the $2k incentive, the dealer will still make about 2% of the invoice price (2% of 43225 or $864) in total profit? thx!
  • joebinjoebin Posts: 1
    I do have an Acura MDX touring 2006 with 50,000 miles. Still under warranty and in mint condition. If you are still interested in buying one, I would sell mine under $32,000.00. Only problem is I cannot sell it before end of August since I will be back in south Florida by the end of August.
  • an98fan98f Posts: 3
    I'm in the process of financing a new acura mdx 2009 with tech package, the cheapest quote I got was for 38,700 which is awesome, also I found this site to be helpful:
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    why would you reply to a post from :confuse:
  • an98fan98f Posts: 3
    Doesn't matter, it's all under one topic anyway.
  • wow.. that's a good deal!
    where did u get this quote from ? city?
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 46
    Awesome indeed.Just make sure Destination fee is included.One more thing any trade in?Good Luck And Enjoy your New Ride :shades:
    Best Regards,

  • an98fan98f Posts: 3
    This is the Paragon Acura in Queens. The destination fee is not included, it's like 820 extra and they do take trade ins but i didn't have one.. I've bought from them used car a while back. I'm happy with this dealership.
  • billx2billx2 Posts: 4

    Which chicagoland dealer? Does the price include destination charge?
  • firstacurafirstacura Posts: 12
    Did the $39.5K include destination, tax, title etc? I have got a few quotes but none are that low. Also, Edmunds TMV is at 40,673 (i.e. w/o tax and title and presumably dealer fee).

    Do you know if the TMV price takes into account the dealer incentive? Currently there is a $2000 dealer incentive. Should the TMV price be lower by $2000?

  • loug35loug35 Posts: 15
    I was giving this below - let me know if this is a good deal.

    Demo - 5800 miles
    Asking Price - $39,995 tech/ent pkg w/running boards (would not neg off this price)
    Tax- $2799
    MV- $385
    DOC- $246
    Minus $5k down (Financing)
    3.9% financing for 60 months

    with all added the car comes out to be $43,622.

    Let me know your thoughts on this price and how would you calculate the monthly payments. I assume you would minus 5 k from the $43,622 = $38,622 ? Or would you minus 5k from $39,995 then they would add the remaing cost as mentioned above?

    Let me know if buy a new car with some discounts I have seen here for 6-7 k off but then all this other cost would need to be added and that might bring the cost higher...not sure but your help is appreciated.
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 46
    IMO it's little higher.This is the way i would look at it.The MSRP for TECH/ ENTER PKG is $ 47600 (Incl.des) The INVOICE is $43321(incl.des.) MINUS $2000 INCENTIVE =$ 41321 than the Dealer Hold back of 2% that's another $ 1000 or so.This car is a DEMO with 5800 miles, If you were to go by my calculation you could purchase the new MDX (with no mileage) for somewhere around $40500 to $41000 that's approx. $ 500 to $ 1000 more than the 5800 miles DEMO.The plus on this suv is Running boards are incl. than again they are 5800 miles old.Bottom line you will be better off even if you have to pay UP to $1500 for NO MILEAGE MDX .Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK.

    Best Regards,

  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know the best place to find current car rebate info?

    I looked up the rebates on this (Edmunds) site and it shows no cash rebates available on the MDX. I also did a google search and the top two listings showed the same thing, no current cash rebates on the MDX. (These sites showed the same thing on July 3rd, July 11th, and again today.)

    Since people are reporting a $2000 cash rebate was in effect last month and has been extended through the month of July, those sites all appear to be inaccurate, unless I'm missing something.

    So does anyone know of a website that shows accurate rebate info?

    Thanks in advance!
  • sw286sw286 Posts: 6
    MDX Base for $36200 plus dest and ttl
  • Hey guys. Been trolling for a week gearing up for the purchase. Thanks to everyone for the inside scoop, I can't tell you how much more empowered this site makes you when you sit down at the table.

    Chicago Market 09 sport + ent Black on Black $43,500 + ttl no destination. Arlington Acura in Palatine. This was down from their "Floor" price of 43700 + destination. Final result after corresponding with every dealer in the area. I believe stock is fairly low. One of the dealers said 15 day supply. I don't think it's THAT low, but my local dealer didn't have the package and said he could get it in 2 weeks, so there might be some truth.

    The 3.9 for 60 is nice.

    Thanks again guys.
  • f1fan6f1fan6 Posts: 4
    I am currently in negotiations with a dealer who will offer MDX with tech for the "internet only" price of $40445 Sterling Gray, I think (based on this forum and others) that this can still be negotiated further. What should I be countering with? Also, if anyone knows of a good dealer in the Maryland/DC area let me know. Thanks and I welcome any advice or info.
  • anything below $39500 is reasonable.. may be counter with $39300
  • jkl99jkl99 Posts: 11
    I was asking the same price range - $39,300 to $39,500 to the Acura dealers in SF Bay Area for the 2009 MDX with Technology Pkg, only one dealer said they can do it. But I cannot get the exact price they want to sell until I can pay a visit to their office. I haven't decided whether it is worth the visit them without receive the price they are willing to sell. Most of the quotes I have received is ranged from $39,800 to $40,500. None of these prices were quoted via email but just the phone call.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Check out the lots on sunday and find one you like. Write down the stock number and call on monday and ask for the best price to buy that car that day. You have to be ready to actually buy --- if you get a fair deal -- better than the 39800 then it is worth pulling the trigger. If you are still just shopping -- I wouldn't play that card.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    There should be plenty of Black on black.
    Black and Parchment is rear now.
    Chicago area should be the best price in the Nation.
    I got 42500 in May in NJ for BK+Parchment when each dealer has only one at most. You should be able to get better price.
  • thats high for SF bay area..
    i just bought mine not too long ago from stevens creek acura... got a great price. did u try there ?
  • jkl99jkl99 Posts: 11
    When did you buy yours? They said the inventory of 2009 MDX is pretty low and not that many cars available on the market for sell right now, that's why they cannot lower the price as they did earlier. No, I haven't checked Stenens Creek Acura yet. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  • nyernyer Posts: 32
    Going to test drive a 2009 MDX Sport tomorrow. What is a reasonable price in the NY area? I know of the $2000 marketing support, but is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks
  • i bought mine just 2 weeks ago. prices were excellent at that time...
    in fact some dealers are still calling me saying they have good inventory.
    i would expect prices to be better ..
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    your car is worth like $22,000!!
    oh, maybe in 2006 it was worth 32k.. have you just woken up from a coma :P
    i'm kidding..
    funny how we expect a dealer to bend over backwards for us, but when we come to sell we have unrealistic expectations!
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    I've been back onto consumer reports. It's reporting dealer incentive as $4000 for all MDX's. Can anyone else verify this?

    CR has been a bit flakey lately, missing some incentives etc.

    If it's true i'll buy one this week! :) i don't promise to eat my hat though. Been there, done that. :)
  • acuraxyzacuraxyz Posts: 8
    I got 41,329 quote for 2009 MDX Tech w/Ent. I am thinking of bidding 40,000. What do you guys think?
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