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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just leased mine in NJ. Got the dealer down to a purchase price of $ 36,500. A couple of dealers came in at this price but the ones closest to me only had black, white or silver. I was able to secure a dark red at a dealer at a dealer farther away from me but at the price they didn't throw in any free-bees.....
  • avptavpt Posts: 3
    Received tech/ent few days ago. Paid invoice (including destination fee) minus 2k dealer cash from Power Acura in Torrance, CA. No hassles, honest, no haggling. Called and asked if they could do this deal, sales mngr said yes and we proceeded. No additional last minute fees or documentation fees or dealer advertisement fees. Different experience compared to the majority in the west coast (except for one dlr) who didnt want to touch it with a 10 ft pole. Heard about them somewhere else on this forum and it was a different kind of carbuying experience. Would definitely recommend them.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I would like to do the same. How did you get the dealer to agree to this "Unknown price" and stick to it.? I have been told they have no idea of their buy out cost until it is turned in. They could tell you any price up to the residual value and once its turned in to AFS (HFS) at their store they could play with the number to suit their needs. This is especially true if they want it for their used car lot. Would appreciate any information to assist me in facilitating this process. Who was your dealer?
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone got a good deal on a Base MDX over at Acura of Boston and also any advice when to go get one. I know I just missed a marketing kickback from Acura for $2000. But, I was think of waiting till the 2010 model comes to replace 09. Any advice is welcomed. I have been looking for a used MDX, but either the price is expensive w/ low miles or price is inexpensive w/ high miles and the leather seats cracked, so I am looking at brand new when even the 07 and 08 models are priced at around 33k to 37k which is nearing brand new anyhow.

    Thanks!!! :D
  • Thanks to everyone for all of your help. We just purchased an '09 base MDX for total OTD $38.5k. here's the breakdown:

    35,811 purchase price (incl destination)
    2238 tax (6.25% MA Sales Tax)
    300 title & doc prep
    125 Plates / Registration

    Total out the door $38,473

    There wasn't a lot of inventory, so i thought this was a good final price... especially given the $2k dealer incentive ends 9/8 and we didn't want to wait to see what incentives would come next. It's close to end of model year, and an earlier poster had mentioned incentives may get better (they did last year) but given inventory levels - we're happy with pulling the trigger now with a purchase price of $2251 under invoice (incl destination). We'll pickup later this week.

    Kudos to all the terrific posters - made this purchase decision a lot better/more informed!
  • I am looking for a good price for MDX with Technology Price in Northern Virginia. What should be the out the door price. Any suggestions
  • forgot to ask... was this a good deal? All you mdx fans, pls don't be shy - really interested in whether this was fair/? plus i'm sure alot of other forum members are interested in reactions....

    We're very happy to be picking up our first Acura in just days!! thanks
  • Mercedez Benz $6000 discount for the 2009 model is signaling big Discountg on the 2009 MDX. What do you guys think?
  • Any inside information on whether the $2,000 dealer incentives will be renewed after they expire on 9/8/09?
  • I don't think so. There aren't many 09 MDX available on dealer lots to discount them!
  • SF Bay Area: Bought my 09 with tech model over the weekend from Oakland Acura for $39200 (no extra accessories added). OTD was around $43K (9.75% sales tax here). Got the Silver... Best price from Pleasanton was 40284. Burlingame and Stevens Creek were around 39600. Stevens Creek would not beat Oakland's price. I negotiated via Internet Sales dept (Email).

    Hope this Helps!
  • Good question because mine is the same! I have been gathering quotes right now for the same vehicle in No. Va, I was recently quoted $40k, not including freight, taxes, and $90 processing. I talked to my previous dealer who sold me my TL and he is trying to quote me around 39k, but I am waiting. He is applying the 2k incentive even though others have said it was expired. I have been looking at used, but the prices are insane. A 2007 model with over 30k miles is still pushing between 35-37k, I don't get that, where are the deals? I'd be interested in hearing from people from this area too.
  • I think the discounts will continue seeing the 09 model year has been extended to the end of November. You have to remember Acuras is selling a 09 model versus all the 2010 models now released or soon to be released.Production of 09 MDX will continue until the end of November although in limited colors.
  • jazzmick

    I live in Philly Suburb. I'm interested in this deal.

    Can you share the dealer details.
  • I guess the deals are better in other parts of the country. I live in the Boston area and just bought a 2009 with Tech for $41,000 last week (minus a generous trade-in allowance on my old car). There are none left with Tech only on the lots of any of the 4 Acura dealers in the area. They were all quoting me on MDXs to be delivered from late September through mid-October. I put a $1000 refundable deposit down on one that was to be delivered in late September but another dealer got one back last week that had a deposit on it and he called me and we got it for $600 cheaper than any of the other 3 dealers were willing to go. I negotiated pretty hard and that's the best I could do. Seems the only ones left on lots up here are the base model.

    The $2000 manufacturer incentive has been extended past yesterday (Sept. 8) and I've been told it's closer to $2500 than the previous $2000. Also the new financing incentive is 2.9% for 60 month loans and 1.9% for 36 month loans. So I guess I should have waited a week!

    I've been told the 2010s won't be delivered until late December/early January. That's pretty late for a new model year, isn't it?
  • ssidssid Posts: 1
    What's the best deal on 2009 MDX Tech in MN?
  • Great price. Seems almost too good. The dealer actually lost money on this sale. Did you have a trade in or was it a demo? I'm not sure why a dealer would cut one loose and loose money. Nice grab. Did the dealer have a glut of inventory?
  • Are you sure the marketing support has been extended past 9/8/09? is currently showing marketing support for every other acura model except for the 2009 MDX. The only incentive shown for the MDX is low Apr. What is your source for the marketing incentive extension? --thanks.
  • Can anyone verify that the $2,000 marketing support for the 2009 MDX ended on 9/8/2009? I see on that there is no longer marketing support for the MDX. Thanks.
  • That's what another dealer told me yesterday. It was the dealer that I took back my deposit from on the MDX that was going to be delivered in late September. They called me yesterday to ask if I had already bought the other one because they could now match the deal from the other dealer because the manufacturer incentive was raised above the $2000 from before (they wouldn't tell me exactly what it was but I guessed around $2500 since they said they would now come down $600 and match the other dealer). They also said the new financing program was 2.9% on 37-60 months and 1.9% on 24-36 months.

    I just looked on the Acura web site and the new financing incentive is on there even though it wasn't yesterday (link below). So I'm going to assume they weren't lying about the manufacturer incentive either.
  • Just purchased a Black TECH MDX in this area. Paid 39.7k including freight. 2 different dealers told me that the incentives (marketing support) had stayed the same. The financing obviously changed... dropped a percent.
  • ndanndan Posts: 14
    36300 incl dest for an mdx base, with the 1.9% apr offer for 36mths. Doc fee other fees...Is it worth taking or wait for deals to get better in the next couple of months? Would like to do something bfore end of the year....Thank you in advance for any responses...
  • What state, city do you get this deal? I think this is a good one.
  • That's a good deal, that is basically what Radley Acura quoted, MD dealer was higher. Can you say on here which dealer you used? Are you leasing or bought flat out- if so wondering what your lease deal looked liked.
  • Can you tell me which dealer and who was the sales rep? I am currently look at a base model MDX because the certified used either have mileage w/low price or vice versa.

  • NDAN

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  • is 42300 included destination a good price? no dealer in my area (new jersey) is willing to drop a penny. :sick:
    Please email me the dealer and sales name to if you know any better deal in my area.

    Any advice?
  • ndanndan Posts: 14
    Thanks Aribann, I am now at 35800 incl dest for the base mdx in a color i was looking for...thinking of going for it...i am not getting a good amt for my trade dont know if i should do it or jus try selling it on my own....
  • You probably being offered a value that your vehicle goes through auction on avg

    What is the trade
    Its True Condition
  • ndanndan Posts: 14
    2003 nissan sentra one owner brought new and well maintained dealer serviced 55000 miles, a 2.5 LE
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