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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you ironjeff! ;)
  • Just FYI - the bernardi warranty is not valid [sold] in California [nor Florida]. I also passed on the warranty when offered on my 2009 MDX Tech/Ent in California...but, for 2K...I would have considered it!

    I also believe that come November 1, no dealer is allowed to sell warranties online. I think I read that somewhere else in these listings.
  • awanawan Posts: 4
    The lowest drive out price i am getting in Houston is 43,289, i think there is still room for negotiation, surprisingly out of the 4 dealerships i walked out from only 2 have bothered to contact me. Anyone on this forum have any recent experience with dealerships here they would like share, would appreciate any guidance.
  • Just got MDX 09 with tech package for 39,500 (including Destination) + TTL. Got bought in $500 exterior-interior protection on top. So 40K + TTL.

    Please confirm if I got ripped off. (Chicago, IL)
  • awanawan Posts: 4
    What was the drive out price and what kind of taxes do you have in chicago? I personally don't think you got ripped off.
  • awanawan Posts: 4
    Hi Raj,
    Have you bought your mdx yet? I am in the market for a mdx w/tech in Houston, would appreciate it if you could share your experience, my email is
  • 89vt89vt Posts: 1
    2009 MDX Base with Sport Running Boards and Towing Package for $37,900 +TTL.

    Decent deal?
  • That's right. New policy goes in to effect as of Nov. 1st regarding on line warranty sales.
  • Looks like a very good deal, based on the current MDX market and limited availibility.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    After 25,000 miles on my '08 MDX Sport/Ent I though posting my opinion on this vehicle would be on interest to some.

    Overall, the '08 MDX gets a "A" but there are issues.

    1. The dealership service experience is bad. I give it a "C-". When I took delivery the dealer scratched the roof when installing the roof rails. They nicked the window glass as well. Plus, they did a poor job of installing the sport boards. When I called them and spoke to all the managers they refused to do anything. They considered the nicked glass and scratches "minor" but offered me rubber mats and cargo tray for my trouble. When getting regular service I tried another Acura dealership. They replaced some trim under warranty and did basic service work (oil change, tire rotation, all wheel drive fluid, etc.) The service work at this OTHER dealership was poor as well. I had to finish installing the trim pieces (just snapped them in) myself as the tech did a poor job. Now, I avoid all Acura dealerships as the work is both expensive and poor. I stick with Honda and my local independent mechanic (the cost is HALF and better quality).

    2. Interior materials/trim- "B-" The trim could be better put together especially around the NAV. Screen area. Lexus is definitely superior in this area.

    3. Handling- "A"

    4. Tranny- "B" it could use better gearing both at the low end and the top end for mileage. Hopefully the new 6 speed tranny in the 2010 model will address these concerns.

    5. Engine- "A" Wish it got better highway mileage

    6. Reliability- "A" I have spent $300 total on service and have 25,000 miles

    7. Seats- BEST driver's seat I have ever owned. "A"

    8. Electronics- "B" I have had issues with the side view mirror not coming back up after placing the vehicle in reverse. Plus, my steering wheel has a gremlin which causes it to not return to the programmed setting 5% of the time. Of Course, the dealership can never find the problem so I just turned this feature off.

    9. Ride- "A" It is a great blend between luxury and sport. I have the Sport model and highly recommend it to those seeking a sporty vehicle.

    10. Steering wheel remains slightly off center to the left by 3 degrees despite paying for an alignment. I plan on trying an Independent shop as Acura dealership service is less than stellar.

    Overall- "A"

    May purchase another one in 3-6 months as my wife wants the '08. But, HATE the dealership experience particularly the SERVICE department.
  • richardnvarichardnva Richmond, VirginiaPosts: 79
    FWIW: Just purchased a new 09 MDX Tech in Virginia for just under $41000, got it out the door for $41,100 which included wheel locks.
  • awanawan Posts: 4
    Congrats on your purchase, can you send me the details of your purchase on my email, i am getting ridiculous prices here in houston and if i can get a similar price as yours will travel to virginia.
  • nyernyer Posts: 32
    $41,000 before taxes, tags etc. in New York area on 2009 Tech with roof rack and rails. Any idea what the cost is for new license plates?
  • Hello,

    Here in DFW area, the best quote I got till now is 42k+accessories+TTL for a new 2009 MDX with Tech & Ent. I know they can do better, I am asking for 41k+accessories+TTL but they are not budging. Anyone shopping/shopped in DFW area?
  • I can not get my local dealer below 38,513 (TTL ~900) MDX Base with sport running boards, body side moldings and roof rack/cross bars/bike rack...I know it is a bit high but should I bite the bullet?

  • brichie,
    Am in the same situation in DFW for the same car/options. Please email me at
  • Hi, I bought 2009 MDX base model with
    The price is 37,450 with THE following inclusive in the price
    -cargo mats
    -wheel locks
    -TTL charges+taxes
    -cargo tray
    portland oregon

    invoice price 37,250 USD
  • leginlegin Posts: 1
    Hi gurucool,

    I'm wondering if I can get some details on your purchase. Which dealership did you purchase the MDX from and was it recent? At what price did they start at and what was your first offer? I'm in PDX also and I'm interested in an MDX and I would appreciate any insight you have on getting a good deal. Thanks!
  • xmoustcxmoustc Posts: 12
    I am looking to buy a 2009 MDX soon (in a month or so). I notice that there's $2000 marketing support from Acura and 1.9%/2.9% APR going on. It looks like this $2000 incentive has been going on for a while (since earlier this year?). I am wondering anyone has any info about incentives in November. I am tempting to hold on to next month and wait for bigger incentives before pulling the trigger. On the other hand, the dealer inventory is running low quickly.

    So far the quote I got for a MDX base is $36,300 + TTL. (maryland). ]

    Any info? Thanks!!!
  • snapdasnapda Posts: 11
    Anyone bought recently around here and what did you pay? I am also looking at the demo/loaner version with 10k Miles (with Tech Package) - a)is it ok to buy a loaner car? b)what should I ask for - $37K+TTL?

    any pointers appreciated.

  • nah_1009,

    I sent you an email, can you check?

  • snapdasnapda Posts: 11
    where do you see the info about $2000 marketing support?

  • snapdasnapda Posts: 11
    Hi, can you email me your sales person name to

  • sam159sam159 Posts: 13
    Go to It will end on Nov 2nd.
  • xmoustcxmoustc Posts: 12
    I talked to an Acura sales person today. He said that most likely the $2000 would still be available in Nov. He wasn't sure if there would be any increase in cashbacks/market support in Dec as the 2010 MDX kicks in.
  • funk74funk74 Posts: 2
    Just wanted to give an update. First off, thanks for all the posts. it helps to know how other people are fairing at the dealerships.

    Here is what I got in Houston at Sterling McCall.
    Dealer Price: $46375 with additions
    Selling price $40383
    Drive Out with TTL: $43280
    got it with wheel locks, all season mats, and body side mouldings.
    Car just got in today has 1 mile on it.

    with 1.9% financing.

    Didn't really have to negotiate too much. Told him what I wanted to pay. No pressure sales. easy to work with.

    Once again thanks for all of your posts.

    email if you have any questions.
  • I had read about the $2000 incentive on 09 MDXs. Yesterday, I found out there is an additional $2000...not sure if it is packaged as a consumer or dealer incentive. Either way, it's available.

    I bought a base MDX for $34,099 including the dealer processing fee.

    Hope this info helps.
  • xmoustcxmoustc Posts: 12
    wow, I am ready to pull the trigger tomorrow for a MDX base for $34,831 sale price (including freight).

    Now I am not sure...

    Where did you find out about this additional $2k incentives?
  • I was negotiating my trade in (08 MDX base) and the sales manager tells me that with the $4k total incentive on new ones, they could sell me a base for $34k. Thus, he couldn't give me what I wanted for the trade.

    He offered $34k on a new one so I accepted.

    I also did the 2.9% for 60 months. I did agree to pay $700 for the rear parking sensors, which was probably $100-$200 more than I should have. (found other Acura dealers selling parts for $440 and I would estimate about $120 in labor).
  • xmoustcxmoustc Posts: 12
    Is $34k the sale price (including destination but without tax, title etc)?

    Still heck of a deal though.

    If it's 34K OTD, that would be an insanity deal for me.
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