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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • For what it is worth below is the response that I got from Edmunds:

    Over the course of the model year, manufacturers sometime release updates to prices for their vehicles. We always list the latest information as soon as its available. Acura recently updated pricing on the 2010 Acura MDX and we have updated the invoice to reflect those changes.
  • rastmrastm Posts: 12
    Just put deposit on a 2010 base for 40,900..which is about 2100 below MSRP..also got a decent price for my trade in and considering the favorable financing it worked out very package is nice, but the car is for my wife and she found the nav package far too complicated to use, and the main feature we needed, ie reverse cam is standard on the far happy with the negotiations..
  • emdexemdex Posts: 1
    I also just paid 40,900 (that's including destination) for a Base.

    I hate when people review their cars after owning it for only, like 2 days, so I will refrain...but I do love the look and feel so far.

    Got this at First Acura in Seekonk, MA (Providence, RI area). Excellent buying experience; best pick-up experience I've ever had (over an hour of explaining and demonstrating every gadget in the car----cant even imagine it for a Tech or Advanced!)
  • fumdxfumdx Posts: 7
    I went to several Acura dealers and they all have confirmed about the $400 hike on the invoice while maintaining the same MSRP on the models. This means that the dealer needs to make that extra 400 no matter what. I hope this helps.

  • 226ra226ra Posts: 4
    Could you elaborate on the financing deal you received on this car?
  • Check incentives on Edmunds or go to the Acura website. Current financing incentives are shown.
  • Any reason Edmunds is showing a $3K reduction for TMV from the MSRP for an MDX with Tech Pkg? I would still have expected the MDX to be going for close to sticker after only being out 4 weeks.
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    Anyone in the Seattle area leased a 2010 MDX Tech? What was your final cap cost?

    Does anyone know the current MF and residual % ?

  • Just bought 2010 MDX tech for $43400 + TTL, reasonable price I assume. Dealer only had black in the lot so they are going to locate a different color for me. Quick question guys, do the accessories on Acura website includes labor? I think i over paid on the Advance Running Board, dealer charged me $697, the Acura web site has it for $650, I bet the sales guy is going to tell me that doesn't include labor.
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    were did you buy the car?
  • pfetayapfetaya Posts: 13
    I bought those advance running boards also, really nice. I paid about that much, prices on the Acura web site don't include labor. Either way the dealer is still making money on those.
  • o thanks for the info pfetaya
  • xshenxshen Posts: 6
    Can you tell me which NJ dealer?
  • From Ramsey Acura
  • acura raised prices due to increased production costs.
  • it means the dealer is losing $400 by not passing it on to the customers...
  • That's difficult to tell since the invoice price isn't actual dealer cost. That number is rarely published. We would need a dealership source to see the actual cost number.

    The $400 bump may be just Honda taking care of the dealers.
  • I am now focusing on 2010 Volvo XC90 V8 (with dual DVD monitors and NAV) as its pricing is on top of the Acura MDX tech/ent in Denver.

    When I look at the #s and factor in the present value of Volvo's Safe and Sound plan (5 Years/60,000 miles of: Warranty, Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Wear & Tear Coverage, Unlimited miles of Roadside Assistance), Costco pricing and even third party loan rates, the cost of the XC90 V8 is on top of a similarly equipped (and under powered) MDX and likely inside of recent pricing that I have received. I also like the dual DVD monitors that are built into the seat headrests and kids can watch different movies....just my thoughts
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    I still don't see many MDX's on dealer lots. Every one I have seen has sold pretty fast.
    I have been looking for one and they don't seem to care a whole lot if I buy it or not. I have an Acura dealer in my town that I am a pretty good customer of and they have told me I may have to wait 6 months to a year before they start flowing at a rate to get a good discount on one. The best I have done so far is $1000 off sticker. I just may have to take a look at the Volvo myself. I just got caught in this model change and transmission problem. I sold my car in May and have been looking for one since September without much luck.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    Just a quick thought on the Volvo XC90 vs Acura MDX. I have a 2000 Volvo XC Wagon and it has been nothing but trouble. From talking with others, it's my sense that Volvos made after 1999 tend to have reliability issues. It is for this reason that I'm thinking of trying an Acura MDX next....
  • I am also shopping around for an Acura Extended Warranty for the 2010 MDX.

    I searched on and found the following recommendation, but I can't seem to get through to anyone via email or phone at this company. Quote from a post in the forum -- "Call Tim at (1-888-ray-laks) for options and pricing if you are really interested in buying an extended warranty.".

    If you or anyone else has recommendations for getting a fair quote for extended warranty, please reply back.
  • Update

    I was able to get intouch with Tim at 1-888-ray-laks. He provided me with detailed quotes for several options including 7yr 100k, 8yr 120k all with 0 deductible.

    If anyone recommends another place to shop around for extended warranties (aside from local dealerships), please chime in.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    Just got a quote from a northern CA dealer for $43648 (he said that this included the destination fee and advertising cost). TTL and doc fee would be on top of that. The dealer called that "$500 over invoice." He is also willing to give me a very fair price for my trade in....Would you all consider this a fair deal?
  • If it is for a MDX Tech, then it is $148 above a similar "$500 above invoice" quote that I am sitting on. Bay Area dealer. Maybe the difference is advertising?
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    Hi, Carrera993,
    Oops, forgot to say that that price ($43,648) is for a 2010 MDX Tech. I bet the difference in your quote was the $250 advertising fee my dealer is tacking on. So, this might be a stupid question, but here goes: I see on that the invoice price for a Tech is $42,109 and that the destination fee is $810. So, when folks in this forum say that a price of "$1200 over invoice" would be a good deal in the western region, is that $1200 over $42,109 OR $1200 over $42,919 ($42,109 plus the $810)??
    Also, my quote came from Los Gatos Acura and I'm heading to AutoWest of Stevens Creek tomorrow morning....
  • Appreciate your commentary on the Volvo and have heard the same from a couple of people; however, Safe and Sound plan mitigates those concerns IMHO. That being said, I still want the 2010 Acura MDX tech ent. Here is a data point for the group and I know that I can not beat this offer that I just got from Midwest dealer:

    I have an offer on a 2010 Acura MDX tech ent for $47k PRE TAX and incl. all fees with the following dealer installed options: Wheel Locks -Running Boards - Body Side Moldings -Roof Rails - All Season Mats - Mask. Clean offer without these options AND WITHOUT FEES is $45k pre tax. I view this as around $400 over invoice.
  • Could you please post the quotes you received? Also, are they genuine Acura Extended Warranties or a 3rd party warranty?
  • Yeah, the difference must be the advertising.

    When I hear "invoice", I'm assuming it includes destination. That is the convention, I think. So in your example, $1200 over invoice is $1200 over $42919. If someone is not including destination in their invoice figure, then they are making a mistake.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    Thank you, carrera993 for the clarification. Makes perfect sense. So, I pulled the trigger this afternoon and bought my MDX Tech. I paid $1700 over invoice. Even though I am in California, I know this would be considered high. However, they threw in 4 years/48 mos of prepaid maintenance services (the service folks told me that this is worth $1100-1200). SO, in my mind, i feel as if I came close to $500-600 over invoice. And I got the color I wanted (they had to bring it from a dealer about 75 miles away) and they gave me a very decent price for my trade in. So, I feel OK about this.
    Also, gobears3, the thing about the Volvo Safe and Sound program is that it only goes for 5yrs--that's when I started having issues with my are smart to go with MDX. Sounds like a great offer you have now....
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