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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • magbarnmagbarn Posts: 35
    For those who got Tech or above pack, do you feel that the ELS audio is really that superior than base? Anyone did a comparison? I sat on a tech and listened briefly to FM radio and it's nothing that special. I did not test base audio. I listened to ELS on old TL once (05 or 06) and it's pretty good. I'd think new MDX's be even better but is it?

    If you're basing a quality of a stereo by how it sounds in fm, maybe you should stick the base stereo. The base stereo is decent, but pop in a DVD audio or a well mastered cd in the ELS and be prepared to be blown away. A good stereo will just magnify the flaws of your audio source and fm radio is of the most flawed out there
  • Does this include tax???

    Total out of pocket was $ 335.00???
  • If you dont mind me asking what dealership offered you 44,659?
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    yes, igiban1, i cannot thank you enough for prodding me into asking for the mats and cargo tray. it seems silly but that made me feel so much better about the whole deal. yes, i am partial to the parchment interior color. i liked with my old white car and i think it looks sharp with the black mdx. but you are right, it does show the dirt. i think that the clear mats would be the answer for you if you could get ones that fit well....and yes my mats are beige to match the parchment interior but should be easy enough to hose those off....
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    How did they handle your request tho? Did you threaten to void the deal for that or just showing being grumpy, and they just said all right... I guess they'd have said it's not part of the deal.. But at the end I think there's enough margin for them to do good deed. Of course it'd be even better they just yanked $200 off the total but I guess that'd be harder... Black+Parchment is one sharp SUV... But prepare to wash inside out often! Enjoy it.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    so the salesman i was working with made a HUGE deal about my being HAPPY and telling that to acura when they called me after the purchase. so when i went to pay for the car, i said that i was no longer feeling happy because another dealer that i had also been working with had called me that morning and offered me the car at invoice (this was true). so, now i said that i was feeling as if i'd overpaid by $500. i first asked for $500 off the purchase price but they said they couldn't do that since i'd basically signed everything except the check. so i said, well, then you need to throw me a bone: how about mats and a cargo tray? they hemmed and hawed and finally i asked to see the sales manager and he gave them to me and called them "add ons". i would not have thought to try this tack if you had not mentioned the accessories to me....
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    IMHO, the ELS audio system in the 2010 Tech is one of the best car audio systems I have ever heard.
    I recently purchased 2 DVD audio disks (they are hard to come by) and was blown away with the quality of sound. I listened to one of my all time fav albums (Moody Blues Days of Future Passed) and it was as if I had never heard it before.
    The USB connection for my iPhone is seamless and even the most compressed tunes sound incredible on the ELS system.
    All this combined with the improved noise dampening have made my 2+ hours a day in the car a most pleasurable experience.
    I love this car!
  • jayusjayus Posts: 2
    hopkins acura in north california
  • Two questions:

    1) When will the 2011 MDX's being hitting dealership lots?
    2) What is about the best price I'll get on a 2010 MDX Base?

    I don't really need the navigation, surround sound, rear seat DVD, Milano leather, and the other what nots. My main concerns are the functionality, dependability, and high resale value of the MDX.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    For people who just bot or are shopping for MDX aren't you all concerned about Acura/Honda tranny issue? It appears that most complaints on the mdx tranny thread are for pre-07 models, but that maybe just because 07 and later are still young, or anyone thinks the tranny problem is behind us post 07. Of course now 2010 mdx got a new tranny, an unknown?
  • jingljingl Posts: 2
    Hi Ihh,
    I am residing in Arizona, and have been struggling to find a dealer offering invoice price on 2010 MDX w/Tech. You purchase experience in CA is very encouraging to me, so I want to try to lock in a deal in CA and drive it back. Do you think I can get a quote of $42,109 plus TTL? Which dealers should I try...?

    Anyone that has good suggestion on price and dealer, please let me know. Many thanks in advance!
  • Here's a price point that may or may not help you folks in the PNW (Oregon & WA) areas. Not sure if this particular trim is in short supply or if the NW is much more inflated than other areas of the country, but I shopped around OR and WA for several weeks and this was the best I could do for the color and trim that I was looking for. The car was only available for a few weeks, so if you wait, i'm sure you can do much closer to invoice than I did.

    2010 Acura MDX Advanced with Entertainment, Black exterior, black interior

    MSRP (incl base + dest): $54,565

    Price paid was 2k less than MSRP: $52,565

    Genuine Acura Installed Accessories with 4yr/50k warranty: $3,691
    Wheel Lock Set, All Season Mats, Tri-fold Cargo Tray
    Roof Rails & Cross Bars Silver
    Complete Tow Package including 2" ball
    Advanced Running Board
    Door Edge Film
    Body Side Molding

    Total: 56,256

    Only extras were Tax, Title, & License. I had an excellent buying experience at Ron Tonkin Acura in Portland, OR. I rated the dealership 5 out of 5 stars for this transaction because they were honest, easy to work with, very detailed, respected my time, and provided an overall efficient and good experience. The quotes I recieved in the Seattle area were about $1500 - 1700 more than quotes coming in from OR. I have up to 6k miles to purchase the extended warranty, so i'll wait a few more months.

    So far the car is performing well and haven't had any issues. The sound system blows away any other factory system I've had in the past. Not a big fan of the light brown wood around the dash (prefer the dark grey stuff they had in the 2009s). Voice recognition worked very well the few times i used it. Navigation is also fairly intuitive. The dashboard doesn't feel too busy as several reviewers have mentioned.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    hi, jingl, first, the invoice price of the mdx tech is $42,919 (honda increased the invoice price in jan.) and that includes $810 dest.ination fee. los gatos acura was the dealer who told me that mdx's are going for invoice right now, so try them. also try my dealer: stevens creek autowest acura. bear in mind that my deal at stevens creek was $1700 over invoice. this included 4years of prepaid maintenance on the car ( A and B services). the value of that is $1200. not sure if you could use that at your local AZ dealer, you'll have to ask. and i got about $300 of accessories thrown in as well. so call los gatos acura and stevens creek autowest acura. let me know what you find out!
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    Hey lhh, did you get that quote of 1700+invoice with maint. on the initial quote or you had to bargain down a bit?
  • devteamdevteam Posts: 18
    Hi -- no reason other than reading these boards and others. My understanding is that bridgewater acura is willing to sell at $700 over invoice... I'm not sure about either open road or DCH in montclair, but that's what I've read in several places about bridgewater -- also the princeton acura was mentioned as offering good prices. I'd rather pay 42/43k for a brand new car than 36 or 37 for a 2 or 3 year old car. That's just my opinion.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    hi, igiban, the $1700+invoice with maintenance included came about after several hours (!) of negotiations. can't even remember what their first quote was....but it was significantly higher...
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    A local dealer still has a brand new 2009 MDX w/ Tech package. He said they are very motivated to sell the 2009 yada, yada, yada, and wanted me to make an offer. I hate salesman that won't just give me a bottom line price, but what would be a great price on a new 2009 MDX w/ Tech currently?

    The one this dealer has just happens to be the color combo I want.
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    We are interested in a tech pkg, and am not clear on this-does the invoice price i saw posted here-42919 include the 810 delivery charge? does anyone know what a good deal in the mass area would be? the color combo we want is not in yet, should be in the middle of feb. thanks
  • First off, thanks to all that posted before me. It helped me gear up for my purchase and I am quite happy with the result. As a return favor, here is where I ended up.

    2010 Acura MDX Tech & Ent. I could have cared less, but in stock the color the boss (wife) wanted also had roof rails and x-bars as well as the "Advance" side step. [Control your excitement...] I also had them throw in the cargo try given the slush and snow run off from kids strollers.

    Anyway, in the Chicagoland dealer, we settled at $44,900 + TTL. Hope this helps all of you...

    Best of Luck
  • Hello,
    Has anyone recently purchased an MDX base in Chicago and received a great deal ? Where ? We are looking to buy soon. Best I am seeing is $600 over old invoice, but I thing I can do better. Please advise asap. Thank you
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    as carrera993 taught me, the 42919 includes the 810 dollar dest. charge.
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    thanks , very helpful
  • RE: mdxguy5 purchase at chicagoland dealer

    Quick question on your final purchase cost, was the $44,900 for the car with the options or without options included?

    I believe the invoice on a tech + ent is $44,642.

    Either way, based on the sales reports here; you got either a great deal or a really great deal.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • I should have been clearer and the reason it may be a really great deal is a sum of the following: (i) it was on the lot, (ii) it was late on a Friday, (iii) January 29th - assuming month-end sales quota urban legend is true, (iv) i told them that if they could not meet my budget, we were taking our insurance proceeds (were slammed by another driver for a total loss on our 05 MDX) to Volvo.

    Bottom line, it was $44,900 +TTL, INCLUDING the accessories - roof rack with x-bars, the Advance Side Step and cargo tray.

    By the way, I picked it up today (1/30/09) and ran into a younger brother of a good friend and told him what I was able to strike. The Sales Manager later told him that the car he sold me had accessories that most buyers were not willing to purchase and upfront told him he could not get the same deal that I did. Take that for what it's worth - I do not believe it.

    This also may be important to others - when I made my first offer of $44,200 - I told them they could either sell the one I bought or they could get a MDX Tech, add the dual headrest DVD system (quoted $1800), normal roof rails (no x-bars), cheapest side step and cargo tray. They chose the one in stock, so maybe they were part telling the truth.

    Not sure it matters, but I bought it with cash on the spot.
  • By the way, I thought invoice on MDX T/E was $43,109 - maybe I just got real lucky
  • You can see my recent post. I thought it was a good deal - maybe there is better. Mine was from McGrath in Morton Grove, IL. Sales manager was a younger guy (cannot give names per the notice above). I'd go there.
  • igiban1igiban1 Posts: 24
    You don't see that kind of add-ons on a stock car in lot too often. Maybe whoever wanted it backed out, and dealer just wanted to unload it, since it's already installed. Sometimes great deals come to you.
  • No, invoice on Tech/Ent is higher than that.
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I have a current sales price offer of $23,500 on a 2007 MDX with Tech and RES. The vehicle has high mileage for a 2007 of 91k. Even with the high mileage, Edmunds used car valuator indicates this price is below trade-in value.

    I would appreciate any input on how good this price is. This was the first sales price offer, so I believe they make take an offer of $22,000. I wanted to get some feedback on how good this price is before I consider making an offer.
  • lhhlhh Posts: 35
    so, igiban1, what specifically is the MDX transmission issue you mentioned in an earlier post? i know about 10 people with older MDX's and none of them has had a problem like that....yet?
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