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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes that includes the destination, we pay 3% sales tax in NC so total out to door was $44,985.
  • adomahadomah Posts: 6
    2010 Base for 39.4K+TTL. Is that an OK deal?
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    I got 2 offers for MDX 2010 Base model in CA
    1. 33.9 + TTL but the car is in stock.
    2. 33.3 + TTL but the car is not in stock.
    I am still searching for better deal......
  • mike_charlottemike_charlotte Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    I think that is very nice deal...I would had bought base for that price. I paid 10K more for Tech.
  • adomahadomah Posts: 6
    Interesting...I called 5 CA dealers and they said no way on the MDX that you can buy even at 35K.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    Those prices aren't even possible for a new Base model MDX. The bottom line dealer cost with you getting the dealer hold back is $39,405. At that price the dealer makes nothing except the doc fee. Not going to happen.
  • got a 2010 base mdx last night. $542 mo + tax, 36mo/15k mi. only paid 1st month + inceptions. dealer also bought my 07 mdx and made the remaining 3 payments on lease. threw in all weather mats, wheel locks. i feel it is a fair deal.
  • Wow, they really ripped you a new one...
  • hows that bad???? i got the car for about 500 over invoice (40k w/ dest)...also my 07 mdx had a bad carfax report (got rear ended) and had excess me out without taking a hit - even..and got me into a new one with a lower other dealer would match deal in area. i saved about1k on excess miles alone.
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    Please see the correction below. Sorry for typo error...
    I got 2 offers for MDX 2010 Base model in CA
    1. 39.9 + TTL but the car is in stock.
    2. 39.3 + TTL but the car is not in stock.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    At those prices I would purchase the MDX. You need to post the dealers because there are a bunch of people on here that would also purchase.
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    I got 2 offers for MDX 2010 Base model in CA
    1. 39.9 + TTL but the car is in stock at Weir Canyon Acura
    2. 39.3 + TTL but the car is not in stock at South Coast Acura
  • familycar5familycar5 Posts: 12
    edited April 2010
    I spoke with 3 dealers to purchase a 2010 tech/ent MDX:

    Dealer 1- Refused to go more than $500 below MSRP. Told us we were getting a great deal at his price and said that demand for an MDX is only going to get worse, so if we wait we'll be paying MSRP for sure.

    Dealer 2- Told me they didn't have an MDX on the lot...said the car is "hot" and thus wouldn't offer us any "discount" off MSRP.

    Dealer 3- Offered us $1000 over invoice + TTL. No egos at this dealership. It was a great buying experience.

    Obviously, we went with Dealer 3 and love our new MDX. Good luck to everyone! :)
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I have recently decided of getting a 2010 MDX w/ either Tech or Tech+Ent (most likely tech tho) and wanted to get some opinion on the price that I have been quoted so far by a couple of dealerships in AZ... esp since I have only recently started to follow MDX prices and dont know where I stand in terms of 'deal' I m getting...

    In terms of numbers, this is what I have come up with so far:

    1) For 2010 Tech ONLY: 44,630 + TTL = 49,591 (approx).
    I was told this is invoice + $750 and ALSO includes window tint +side molding + wheel locks.
    I am thinking if I can still bring them down by $650-$700 then this will be a great deal??? Ofourse, this is easier said then done :)

    2) For 2010 Tech + Ent: 46,303 + TTL = 51,432 (approx)
    This price also includes window tint +side molding + wheel locks.

    Since I haven't dealt with Acura dealerships in the past (first-time Acura buyer), can someone please give me their opinion on if these prices are just about average, over-paying, great deal.. etc...

    Some other price comparison that I have come across on True Car and Edmunds:
    1) '10 MDX Tech ONLY = 43,027 (true cost); 44,428 (factory invoice); 44875 (Edmunds TMV)
    2) '10 MDX Tech+Ent = 44,693 (true cost); 46,151 (factory invoice); 46662 (Edmunds TMV)

    Apologies for a little lengthy post....
  • justinp85justinp85 Posts: 14

    you guys who have already bought one should post the prices on that site. would help out new buyers instead of scrolling through all these posts.
  • itsmesriitsmesri Posts: 9
    Yes, Jeremy Pratt is good guy. Yesterday, I bought MDX Tech/Entertainment for 45,025/- + TTL. It is good deal now.
  • mdx_2010mdx_2010 Posts: 3
    I've bought an MDX Base model over the Weekend in Chicago.

    39,500 + TTL ~ 42,500 (My zipcode sales tax is less than the Chicago area)

    Wheel Locks and All weather Mats are included in the price.

    Let me know if you need any other info.

    Thanks for all the help from the Forum.
  • I bought my MDX Tech/Ent for $45,081 at the same dealership (League City) two weeks ago. Best prices and excellence service in Houston.
  • cnumbcnumb Posts: 3
    Sorry about the delay, I just got back from a short Spring Break Vacation with the family. For those wanting info on our recently acquired 2010 MDX/Tech, we purchased the vehicle in the Miami area (Esserman Acura) . Again, the final price NOT INCLUDING Tax,tag/title transfer. was $42,120.

    Like myself and others have said before me, be patient and firm. If you are ready to buy, they will be ready to sell. This forum have help a lot but remember that it is only a reference prices may vary in each region.


    We did not waiver between the base and the tech. We wanted the tech from the get go. I think the extra money is worth it. What is really a waste is the extra 2k for the entertaiment package.
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    Thanks for the price info, cnumb. Its a good price reference, esp. for people like me who are currently in active price negotiation for a ’10 MDX w/ Tech.

    One quick question for you: Does your price of 42,120 include any dealer 'add-on' like window tint, door edge guards, side molding, door locks etc?

    Reason I am asking?
    Normally, these ‘add-on’ price wouldn’t be a big deal to me but the reason I am asking about them to you is because all the Acura dealers in Phoenix/AZ area (3 of ‘em) have quoted me around 44,600 + TTL for a ‘10 MDX Tech and this price includes window tint, side molding, wheel locks.

    IMHO, 44,600+TTL= 49,591 (out the door in AZ) is a bit high price to pay for a ’10 Tech and as such I am trying to bring them down to 42k/43k + TTL range but at least one of the dealers that I try negotiating so far with is not budging from their price quote of 44,600+TTL stating that MDX in great demand, less supply… blah blah…ture that all maybe I still think 44,600+TTL is a bit high price for MDX Tech… esp since I m finding out thru this forum (and other forums/websites too) that people in other states are paying in a 42k-42.5k +TTL range. Any negotiating tips for someone like me? Last weekend, when the negotiations stalled, I actually walked out of an Acura dealership because of the above stated price difference of about $1600 and they let me. I seriously dint think they would let me.

    So even tho I m ready to buy one today, I guess I am in a waiting/playing game with these dealers due to price difference between the two of us, which brings me to my next question for AZ MDX buyers on this forum.

    Has someone from AZ recently (in 2010) purchased a ’10 MDX /w Tech? If so, then if you can please post your price+TTL = out the door price and state whether this price includes any dealer add-on things or not, that ‘d be great.

    Thanks to all for sharing your price info.
  • cnumbcnumb Posts: 3

    The price included the wheel locks,door protective film (not the edge), and all- weather mats.

  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    Thanks for your reply, cnumb. Appreciate it.
  • justinp85justinp85 Posts: 14
    would you guys get the silver or black rails for a black exterior?

    *pissed* there's a small ding from someone opening their door. luckily no paint is gone..just a tiny dent where that line is on the rear passenger side door.

    i am thinking about adding the side moldings to protect from this.
  • Before I decided to wait for a 2010, I was trying to deal on 09's. Esserman in Miami wouldn't even give me a quote. I crossed them off my list right away.

    I saw in their Autotrader ad, they have 35 of them right now.
  • oscars2212oscars2212 Posts: 12
    edited April 2010
    Just an FYI, I was shopping for prices on a '10 MDX w/tech in the DC area, and the best price I got was $43,710 (this includes the $810 destination charge) plus tax, tag/title. Includes floor mats, window tint. Plus they agreed to take over my last month payment on my current RDX lease which was $520 (otherwise I would have waited until May 1 to buy, and they didn't want to chance losing the sale). They claim the lease takeover was due solely to my status as a 3x repeat customer, but who knows...
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    You might have to go over to the coast for the best deals . Az dealers seem to think they can charge whatever . Tempe is really bad at that. I'm trying to get an advantage with res and get prices of 58 59 out the door kicking myself for passing one up in San Diego for 56k. Good luck
  • maxzoey1maxzoey1 Posts: 34
    Get the side moldings, you won't be disappointed. I know the moldings have saved two door dings so far on my 5 month old 09 MDX
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I totally agree with you on AZ Acura dealers overcharging. I understand they need to make profit and I am okay with that but charging over $50K (out the door) price for a '10 MDX w/ Tech is little over-profitting.

    And also, as you suggested in your post, I have started to check with CA Acura dealers (I m concentrating on LA-area for now) to see if I can get a good deal there. At times I think, it might be better for me to fly one-way Southwest (assuming deal is done thru email/phone prior) and drive back home in a new MDX :) or if the savings are substantial then just have it delivered at home in AZ for extra $300-$500 (this is what I have been told so far will cost me to get it at home in AZ from LA-area).

    BTW, any good CA dealers that you (or anyone from SoCal on this forum) would recommend dealing with?

    Please let me know. Thanks to all again for replying.
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    I purchased a mdx at south bay in Torrence and they where very good. Then we purchased a 08 at Acura of Escondido . They where ok a little shakey on figuring out the sales tax since it was out of state. Over all still saved money and had a nice week end both times.
  • updating my previous price quote, i was accidentally double-counting the dest charge. My price for the new MDX w/tech was actually $42,900, plus tax, tag/title and a $385 processing fee.
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