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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I posted this same question in MDX Extended Warranties section but since this thread seems to be little more active.. I will post this question here too..
    I am currently shopping for a 2010 MDX Tech and have a quick question about Curry Acura Care/Bernardi Extended warranty...

    1st Question: Is it okay (legal/permissible/usable) to buy these warranties? In recent days, I have been doing quite a bit of reading about extended warranties and have not found a 'clear' consensus one way or the other about these online/phone warranties... and now I am little more worried since one of the Sales/Finance guy (I m not sure which department he really worked in) at a local Acura dealership mentioned to me that there is some kind of pending litigation/lawsuit between some two parties.. not sure if he meant between Acura and Curry or whoever.. unless he was trying to scare me into buying warranty from them... but I dint ended up buying MDX that evening so warranty was out of question that day.. :)

    If I have a choice to buy either, which one should I pick?

    So far I have gotten extended warranty quotes from Curry Acura Care AND Bernardi and wanted to check if current MDX owners recommend buying one over the other or if one has better reviews than the other. In light of what I was told at a local dealership, I am especially interesed in this answer..

    In terms of price comparison, for a 7 yr/100k extended, Curry Acura Care is about $125 ($1810) MORE than same Bernardi waranty ($1685).

    Again, I wanted to check if we can indeed buy either of these warranty and if I should go with one over the other?

    Any thoughts/suggestions/comments?
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    If this is any help. In the past would take the lowest Acura factory price I could find on line to the dealer I was buying from. They have always matched the price instead of losing the sale. Then I'm assured I have a factory warranty an a place to chase down any problems.
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    Thanks for replying, Josheel.

    This is exactly what I was planning to do when I go to dealership but seeing how firm AZ Acura dealers have been with me so far with their steep price quotes, I wanted to have a 'back-up' option available to me, just in case they dont even come close to these onlines prices.. but appreciate your comment. I will keep this in mind.
  • Personally I would skip the extended warranty. Take the $1,600 and put it in a nice interest earning money market account. Use this money later if needed for any expensive repair. You're buying an Acura (i.e. Honda) product so reliability is very high. I've owned several Honda products and never have had a major issue where I wished I had bought an extended warranty. My current Odyssey is pushing 200k miles and still running strong with no major issues. This is just my opinion, but I think you are wasting your money.
  • zcxs20zcxs20 Posts: 3
    How much should I pay for the 2010 Acura MDX base model ? Has anyone bought this in Houston area ?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    Take the $1,600 and put it in a nice interest earning money market account.

    Good advice, generally... but, have you seen money market returns? You can get 10 times the return in a plain vanilla savings account from your local bank.

    Current return on my money market: 1/100 of one percent..

    $0.09 per month on $10,000, to put it in actual numbers..

    I do agree with putting the money away, and using it as needed, though... :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jdyszeljdyszel Posts: 10
    Hi all,

    I just got in the market for an MDX. I was heavily considering the RX350 from lexus but decided that it just didn't have the room I need for my soon to be family of four (expecting a baby in the next few weeks). However, a lot of the other mid size trucks out there are either too large and/or not worth the money (i.e. take a GMC and your at Lexus/Acura prices after adding most features that are standard on the luxury brands).

    That said I looked at Acura this mornign (for the second time) and liked what I saw. I sat down with the salesman to run me number for a 36 month lease, based package, 12K miles per year, $0 down (just first month and mv). I was quoted $625 per month. If I recall correctly the msrp was about 42K (?) and he was gong 2k under MSRP.

    Looking for some feedback as to other deals that have recenty been signed on this truck. Thanks.
  • cbob81cbob81 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Is there anyone in and around DE area who recently purchased acura MDX 2010 Base model? What price did you pay and where did you buy? Any idea when the 2011 models will come out...time frame?....I will be ready in about 3 months..Thanks to all for any help in advance..
  • mdx_10mdx_10 Posts: 1
    Got Base Mdx 2010 for $40,330 + TTL in pittsburgh,PA.I am not sure whether it's good bargain or not.Thank you for the forum and it helped me to in negotiation.
  • rastmrastm Posts: 12
    40,330 is a great deal..i bought mine for 40,900..but needed it and also got a decent price on my trade in..and this is in MI
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    I paid 43200 O.T.D.( approximately 39100 before TTL) for MDX Base 2010. It is black exterior and interior. It took me 5 hours at dealer to get this price. I live in Southern California.
  • Paragon Acura outside of NYC has a certified-used base MDX (blk, with tan) with 4K miles listed for $33,900. Checked the carfax and it's clean -- should i jump on it versus purchasing a new one? Feeling like it's the best way to go. Thoughts?
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    If is is 2009 then you should ask for 28000 or less since brand new MDX 2009 base was only 34000 last Nov. Otherwise, it is better to get the new one if you can.
  • Where did you get the $34K figure as the 2009 Base MSRP was $40,990. According to this sites used car appraiser, they come up with $35,913 for CPO.

    I plan on negotiating and would love to use that figure if there is data to support it.

  • If people are purchasing 2010 Acura MDX base without any extras for around $39,330 to $40,000 before TTL ... what is your starting offer to the dealership?

    I'm considering an Advance & it sounds like I my 1st offer might have to be $48,000 ??

    What have people started their offer with Base & Tech to get these deals?

    Of course I will be considering extras (mats, rails, etc) but try to take that out of your price if you can...
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    edited April 2010
    1. In 2009, Acura gave 4 thousands back to all dealers at the end of the year. As a result, many people paid only 34000 + TTL. Please keep in mind that dealer make more money on used car. I suggest to buy from private party if you are considering buying used one.
    2. I start to deal with the dealer with O.T.D price. Most dealers give me online quote 45000 O.T.D for MDX base in Southern Cali. But two of them offered me 44000 (close to me) and 43200 ( far way from me) out the door. So I use the lowest O.T.D to buy the car close to where I live. Be firm with the price even if they are telling you that they will give you 1.9 instead of 2.9 or higher. Get the online quote even dealer is far away from you since you just needed the official quote so that you can deal with the dealer which is closer to you. When asking for online price quote, make sure you are showing sincere and serious buyer. Acura selling MDX Base and Tech very well but not Advanced models so it is your advantage to negotiate the lowest one. The dealer I bought my MDX, they gave me online O.T.D quote of 44800 but I got 432000 since I have official quote from another dealer. I hope it hep you guys since I got great tips after reading through all the threads from this forum. One last thing, making sure you have your back up finance since you dont want the dealer used their low A.P.R to negotiate with you.
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    Just to understand. You bought an 2010 mdx / advance pkg. For 43200 o t d . If this is true please let me know the dealer. The invoice is 47800.00 thanks.
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    It is MDX Base model not Advanced one !
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    Acura dealer that give me the lowest quote price is Glendale Acura from all southern Cali ones.
  • I have been looking for a good price on a used MDX for about 6 months now. I have noticed in the last month or so the prices of used have finally started to become more realistic. It seems as though there are more of them around as well.

    Supply and demand I guess.
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I have been tracking *NEW* 2010 MDX price for about 3-4 weeks now since am interested in buying one and here is another price point data for people who are currently tracking/shopping for a new 2010 MDX price...

    Yesterday, all of a sudden, I noticed on that all of the price points (truecost, factory invoice, Trueaverage, and Sticker price) dropped anywhere from $779 - $1200. Luckily, I found an old truecar print out from the week before and compared it with current week (04/14/10) prices for 2010 MDX Tech and below is the comparison:

    This comparison is for a NEW 2010 MDX Tech:
    Truecost: Last week ($42,241), This week ($41,055) - difference of ($1186)
    Factory invoice: Last Week($43,618), This week ($42,408) - difference of ($1210)
    TrueAverage: Last Week($43,735), This week ($42,956) - difference of ($779)
    Stricker Price: Last Week($46,715), This week ($45,905) - difference of ($810)

    Not sure what exactly to make out of this price drop but I am thinking:
    1) Maybe all the initial excitement of 2010 has worned off and prices for 2010 MDX are coming down or are about to real soon...
    2) Maybe 2011 are coming out in the next couple of months (again this is a guess, I dont have any concrete info from anyone) and dealers are trying to push some 2010 MDX (es) out so that they can make room for 2011 and in a way still keep the demand high for 2011 model..

    Again, I m not sure what's up with MDX prices but I just shared this data for everyone to see...

    I also have a question of my own (esp. for old-time acura owners):
    Normally, when does Acura come out with their new updated YEAR cars/SUVs... is it mid-year, later in the year etc..?

    The reason I am asking this question is to prepare myself to make an informed decision about whether to just wait now for a 2011 MDX model (and pay little more on 2011 vs. 2010) or try to get some kinda deal on 2010 since dealers right now are not willing to give good deals on a 2010... Also, does anyone thinks 2011 MDX is going to be much different than 2010...Since 2010 was fairly updated recently, I am guessing not..

    Please share your comments...
  • That's interesting....we are just starting Q2 so I would expect that prices will stabalize and then go down.

    New Acura's typically come out in the Fall (Sept/Oct) timeframe.

    No too much info, but helpful --
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I did the same thing you did with negotiating with the dealer for my 08 RL with tech. I send emails to all dealers within 100 miles. Vehicle wentfrom 52k to 42500 and the dealer threw in the little "extras" they do to make more $$$.

    My wife is considering a 2010/11 MDX with extras. So around Sept I start the game again and see what pops up. I also got a quote from Consumer's Rpts as to their stuff. And it is important to remember that the dealer has a hold back about 2-4 k with the RL. Don't know with the MDX.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • The True Car prices have been too high for a while now. It appeared they were adding in the destinination twice.

    Now they may be subtracting it twice. When I add $810 to their sticker price, I got the actual sticker.

    That makes it tough when they aren't accurate.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Good observations but this is what I saw 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden the prices then went up $810 and someone pointed out that that was the delivery/shipping amount and we believed then that some one added the original $810 you say that this week the difference is $810 less..uhmmm...could it be that 3 weeks ago DID make a mistake by adding twice the delivery charges and now are fixing the number to the proper numbers?...
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    The 2010 MDX came out at the end of December. Most dealerships did not get the car until the middle of January and that was just a few cars. The reason the prices are comming down now is that the dealerships finally have inventory on thier lots. Typically Acura releases thier new cars around the end of October. I would not expect to see a 2011 MDX until the first of November.
  • I paid 39,600 include destination and wheel locks + TTL w/ 2.9% finance. i am in tx.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..that is exactly my timeframe (Oct)..where are you?...I am in NJ...if you are close we may tag team and see what prices we get together....good luck..
  • dsr4dsr4 Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy this week. Could you please let me know who is the dealer in texas?
  • oscars2212 - would you please share the name of your dealer and salesman? I'm in northern virginiain and in the market for an mdx tech, and soon. Thanks much.
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