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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gypo4gypo4 Posts: 3
    I'm planning to buy an MDX w/ Tech package soon. Ive been offered two online quotes of $42,100 + TTL + destination and another offer of $42500 + destination? + TTL. What is the best price you think I can get (Price (destination included) + TTL)??? Do you think I could get it for $42,000 + TTL? The best price?
    I appreciate anyone's help.
  • zcxs20zcxs20 Posts: 3
    Can you give me the dealer name and phone number..
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    I got O.T.D. price quote for 45700 in CA which is 42000 + TTL and I have not negotiate its price yet. I got it from South Coast Acura in Southern CA.
  • vlumvlum Posts: 2
    42k + TTL is a good deal. Looking up , that price quote is pretty much just a little above their true cost. I live in Northern Cal and this deal makes it worthwhile to consider buying the car in SCal instead!
  • vlumvlum Posts: 2
    jrdonta, was your $42K + TTL the OTD for MDX w/ Tech or just the base model? I emailed up the same dealer you mentioned (South Coast) and here's their initial quote:

    "$44,000.00 + Fees, (Tax, License and Doc Fee,) which comes out to $48951.11 Out The Door, (based on Los Angeles Tax rate of 9.75%)."

    When did you get your quote?
  • I was ready to buy today (MDX Adv w/ tech) however the dealer tried to screw us on the trade in AND only took 1K off msrp. We are in St. Louis area. Anyone have any great dealers in the St. Louis/Chicago area? Someone who actually wants to sell a car?
  • jrdontajrdonta Posts: 11
    vlum, I live in Orange county and the tax is 8.75. Basically the price is 41500 (included destination charge) + TTL . My O.T.D price is 45700. So your O.T.D price is 46200. Good luck.
  • asteimleasteimle Posts: 1
    Just inked the following lease:

    2010 MDX Tech (blk/blk)
    $0 down (nothing -- not a penny; I do have to bring first month's pymt)
    $615/month (+ $30 month Wisconsin taxes)
    Title and license in WI isn't bad (I am estimating about $200 total)
    Taxes are ~ 5.0%
    36 months

    I got a "slightly better than fair" price on a trade. Took a little effort, but I think I got a good deal and the dealer was very pleasant to deal with (and I have bought from them all at one point or another). They had 3 of the same vehicles I just leased on the lot. I pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Any thoughts?
  • dv715dv715 Posts: 1
    Just bought 2010 MDX with Tech pkg for 41500 + TTL only, o.t.d. was 42880 (VA tax). Pohanka day negotiations over the phone, and I got the color I wanted.
  • This is ridiculous how difficult it is to locate and buy a 2010 MDX-Advance Package. Some dealers in So. California get one or two at the most. Other dealers don't have any and don't expect any. Why did Acura ever bother producing a car that is impossible to buy? I found the one I wanted but the dealer refused to budge on $$ and was way over true car pricing. Guess I should have let him rip me off and I would have a new car. --- Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm still driving my 2001 mdx with 136,000 miles. Maybe I should just keep it.
  • 99sub99sub Posts: 11
    I am having the same issue. They are not producing enough. I live in Houston and there is only 1 advance within a 100 miles. You can almost forget about trying to negotiate a decent price. I have had 2 dealers tell me they would take $50k plus ttl, (when they had their 1 advance on the lot) but it's not even the color I want. I am just waiting until either more come in or the 2011's come out and see what's out there. I have to say that I am not rushing to buy at that price, especially since it doesn't have a push start or keyless entry. I've been wanting to buy since April '09 and was waiting for keyless. I will continue to drive my '99 Suburban with 110k miles, until the keyless option is there or the price of the advance hits around 48K. As you can see I don't buy a car very often, and I want certain options because it will be a while before I buy again. Good luck.
  • Just got an mdx advance for 48000 + ttl. Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA. Pohanka and nearby Radley Acura are going toe to toe on pricing. First internet offer I got from Pohanka was 51000. After I sent Pohanka proof of an offer from Radley of 200 under invoice, Pohanka accepted my offer of 614 under invoice, 48000. The color I wanted will be delivered to my home in 7 days, fresh off the truck. Ask for Omar, and nail them down by email on price before you go in. You should get well under invoice for all mdx models. and hold out for the color you want. Good luck! PS - the way the mdx handles totally sold me at any price.
  • sedmundsedmund Posts: 93
    41.5K for MDX with Tech pkg?! Isn't that about 1400 less than the invoice? Is there any special pricing/deal going on now/this week?
  • after some research on poor security in for keyless entry, I'll pass. Part of me is thankful the 2010 MDX doesn't have it yet. Just waiting for the price on these MDX to drop a little bit more before jumping. I wonder what May will bring.

    I found it intresting Honda actually only offers it on only one model. I dont know if its a security concern for them or what....
  • n4roninn4ronin Posts: 14
    Who did you work with over there? Seems like you got a great deal. Do they still charge $400 processing fees?
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I have been shopping/tracking 2010 MDX in AZ area for last 3-4 weeks and I 'd like to echo some of the same comments (or even worse experience than) I just read here:

    1) Less inventory (I am willing to bet on purpose, artificial demand???), hence, dealers (three in my area) can ask for higher than national average price (so I am finding out when I compare their prices from other out of state dealerships). They dont budge from their asking price either (they let me walk out). This is true even though I am looking for a Tech model and not Advanced. Overall, there are more techs than advanced but then there are more ppl looking for them too. As a matter of fact, I think, Advanced buyers probably have an edge over Tech buyers in negotiations and price..
    2) Even if I were to bring them down to true car avg price (mid 43s + TTL, no accessories) I am having to wait 4-5 weeks to get the color combination that I 'd like because, apparently, there is none coming in w/ that color combo for so long.. and other dealers are not willing to swap, if they have one at all... really????
    3) Dealers are hardly negotiating (if at all) at least in AZ area. In fact, one of the dealers actually raised their email/phone agreed upon price when it came to actually inking the deal and wanted me to wait for 4 weeks to get my color (which at the time of email negotiations I was told was coming in 'anyday now'). Needless to say someone else got my business...
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    Good for you. I'm with you on the Az. Dealers trying to gouge the people out here. I wish it would be easier for all of us to come together and buy out of state. Maybe then they'd be more willing to match national pricing. I do by best to buy in California where you have a fighting chance at least .
  • Just purchased for $44,986 + TTL here in Houston, TX. It's polished metal metallic with taupe, and has the window tint and wheel locks. I also got a decent trade-in for my '05 TL, so I'm happy with the deal based on what I've been seeing. Love the car!
  • 99sub99sub Posts: 11
    Nice. What dealership? I've been looking for an advance, but none of them seem to keep any of those on their lots. I have a question about the window tint. Doesn't the car already come tinted, or is it more tint than mfg? What does that usually cost as an add on?
  • It's Champion Acura off Gulf Frwy (I-45) and 518. You can ask for Jeremy Pratt (no affiliations or vested interests; just a satisfied customer). The additional tint is on the front windows, and I was told it's a $200 dealer-installed option. The wheel locks were $85.
  • justinp85justinp85 Posts: 14
    minihopeful, right when i saw you got it for invoice..i knew it was from champion. seems like that's the only dealer in houston doing deals like that. the other ones cant even come $1000 close to that.

    jeremy is a good guy. i vouched for him earlier in this thread. i also got the tint and wheel locks.

    i went back to him to get side moldings and roof rails (680 installed for both).
  • bash41bash41 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm also looking at that dealership. Did that price include destin charge or any dealer fees. If yes, what was your starting offer
    thanks pat
  • Looks like this is my best bet - interested in what a great price on a base 2010 MDX is in the greater Chicago area.

    I was focused on a 2011 Pilot EXL - dealer offered me 3% below invoice. But decided I wanted to look at upgrading to an Acura.

    Thanks for sharing your buying experience.
  • adomahadomah Posts: 6
    I bought mine at McGrath Acura in Westmont for 39.3K+TTL
  • wjdjaxwjdjax Posts: 1
    Are there any current dealer to customer incentives or rebates on the 2010 MDX Base?
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I think Acura has lease and finance promotion going on (see link):

    Lease Offers
    2010 MDX Featured Special Lease
    $499.00 per month for 36 months. $2,999.00 total due at signing.

    Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well qualified buyers.
    FEATURED SPECIAL LEASE: Closed-end lease for 2010 MDX 6 Speed Automatic (Model YD2H2AJNW) for $499.00 per month for 36 months with a $2,500.00 capitalized cost reduction available to customers who qualify for the Acura Financial Services Super Preferred credit tier. Other rates/tiers are available under this offer. $2,999.00 total due at lease signing (includes first month`s payment and capitalized cost reduction with no security deposit; total net capitalized cost and base monthly payment does not include tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, options, insurance and the like). Not all buyers may qualify.

    Subject to limited availability. May 4, 2010 through July 6, 2010, to approved lessees by Acura Financial Services. Closed end lease for 2010 MDX 6 Speed Automatic vehicles (Model YD2H2AJNW), for well qualified lessees. Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. MSRP $43,090.00 (includes destination) less the capitalized cost reduction (which may be paid by the suggested dealer contribution) resulting in actual net capitalized cost $39,861.73. Net capitalized cost includes $595 acquisition fee. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual lease payment. Taxes, license, title fees, options and insurance extra. Total monthly payments $17,964.00. Option to purchase at lease end $25,423.10. Lessee responsible for maintenance, excessive wear/tear and 15 cents/mi. over 10,000 miles/year for vehicles with MSRP less than $30,000, but for vehicles with MSRP of $30,000 or more, mileage cost is 20 cents/mi. over 10,000 miles/year. See dealer for complete details.

    Current Finance Offers
    2010 MDX Special AFS A.P.R. Financing
    0.9% APR for 24-36 months or 1.9% APR for 37-60 months.

    For well qualified buyers and buyers that qualify for the Acura Graduate Program criteria
    Special Acura Financial Services A.P.R. financing available on all new 2010 MDX models. 0.9% APR financing for 24-36 months or 1.9% APR financing for 37-60 months available to customers who qualify for the Acura Financial Services Super Preferred or Preferred credit tier. Example for 2010 MDX: 0.9% for 36 months financing at $28.16 a month for every $1,000.00 financed. Dealers set actual vehicle sales prices. See participating dealers for details. For well qualified buyers and buyers that qualify for the Acura Graduate Program criteria. Not all buyers may qualify. Higher rates apply for buyers with lower credit ratings.

    Offer valid May 4, 2010 through July 6, 2010, on new and unregistered 2010 MDX Models and only on approved credit by Acura Financial Services through participating dealers. Acura Financial Services` standard credit criteria apply. Example for 2010 MDX: 0.9% for 36 months financing at $28.16 a month for every $1,000.00 financed. See dealer for details. Dealers set actual prices.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I own a 2008 MDX Sport/Ent. A few days ago I test drove the '10 MDX Tech and Advance. Here are my 2 cents:

    1. Steering not an improvement. Too light compared to my 08
    2. Paddle Shifters less convenient than sport shift
    3. '10 didn't seem any quicker than '08
    4. Advance way over priced compared to Tech
    5. Like the new Nav and 19" wheels
    6. Exterior changes a Plus overall
    7. Gas Mileage still poor
    8. Trifold rubber mat in the back very nice
    9. Thick Steering Wheel very nice
    10. Residual Values as set by Acura still too low compared to RX350

    Yes, I like the vehicle and my favorite was the advance package due to 19" wheels and perforated leather (I am used to that perforated Milano leather seat). But, does anyone really see $5,000 worth of goodies on the Advance compared to the Tech?
    What happened to "value pricing" with Acura? The Advance is worth maybe $3K more than the Tech. What do you all think?

    A. Cooled Seats ( I never use)
    B. Blind Spot Warning system (maybe worth $800)
    C. Perforated Milano Leather vs. Regular Milano ($500)
    D. 19" wheels and tires vs. 18" wheel and tires ($700)
    E. Heated Rear seats ($300)

    How in the world did Acura come up with a $5,000 premium on the ADvance over the Tech? I just don't see it.
  • carlvacarlva Posts: 4
    Thanks for this post. I used this pricing information to get the same 2010 MDX w/Advance and Rear Entertainment for $48,000 + TTL at Radley Acura on May 4, 2010. I wanted to buy from Pohanka in Chantilly but they didn't have the color I wanted and Radley Acura had in stock. If you buy from Radley, ask for Al. I worked up the whole deal by phone and picked up later that same day. I also was able to take advantage of the 1.9% for 60 months. I went ahead and got the running boards, rear tri fold mat and rubbertized winter matts. Got them all for a combined price of $800. I didn't add the roof rials because of complaints around wind noise these create.
  • 48? Damn they made out on you...
  • 99sub99sub Posts: 11
    $48 for Advance with Entertainment??? That's an unbelievable price with invoice at $50,037 (includes Dest.). Are you sure it had entertainment? Either way, with or without entertainment, $48 for an advance is an awesome price. Congrats. Enjoy your ride.
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