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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mdx2010temdx2010te Posts: 7
    edited July 2010
    More information about my purchase...i live in VA so the tax here is 3%..since you asked for more details here it follows..

    My Trade 06 ACURA TL had an issues..its got vandalized and had stoles parts from the car which includes (hood,front bumper whole set,and some other parts) i got it fixed from Acura Dealer but the parts came form other Acura so the Car had two different VINS..hence the car can not be they had to sell it as is or sell it in Auctions...i checked with other dealers the max i got was 15,500 for it..but i got 17,000/- here..

    FYI..Silver Roof Rails are not $1100 they $701 (unless you are including the cross bars as well)..go check

    On a side note i got this offer for 2010 MDX for 46,000/- (including the Accessories which i mentioned in my previous post) before the Trade-off was discussed i would have got this offer even if i am not willing to do my 06 TL Trade off..

    Regarding Taxes, Yes NY taxes are more when compare to VA (3%) but look at the base prise of my deal way under invoice.. believe it or not in VA and MD area dealers are so competitive..if you negotiate you will get the best deal..hope this helps...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Congrats!!!!!..I am in NJ..and I am seriouly thinking about buying in VA or MD...I have noticed better deals than in I have to travel 5 hours well no one gets something for nothing....I will not have it shipped since I don't trust the carriers unless you spend a lot of money on a closed one....thanks for the info and enjoy the ride..
  • dagmdxdagmdx Posts: 9
    Oh, don't get me wrong, I know you got a good deal. However, the more you post, there more your deal makes sense. The rails installed are $1200 and the boards are $1020 in NY/NJ dealerships. Yes, taxes make a huge difference and have the potential of changing a vehicle's price. for example my deal as is stand right now is as follow:

    2010 MDX TECH/ENT - Silver/Ebony
    Adv Running boards
    Silver roof rails
    Cross bars
    All weather mats

    total price $45,400 + NY taxes 8.75%
  • 135i135i Posts: 25
    advanced boards are $777 installed in NJ.
    $400's before s&h online from bernardi
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    Thanks for the detailed info, saaber1. It helps in figuring out what kind of deal you got so I can try and use that as a benchmark for my deal.

    You originally mentioned a payment of $640/month, but in this last note you said it was $651. Did they surprise you when you can in to sign?

    Also, when I run your numbers I come up a little short on the monthly payment. Using an MSRP of 46,765, a sale price of 42,500, residual of 55% and MF of .00131, I've added to your capitalized cost a bank fee of 595 (I'm assuming that seems to be universal, the tire insurance you purchased 495, there's another 300 in your cap cost to get a pymt of 640, or another 675 in the cap cost to get a pymt of 651. (I've calculated tax of 1,502 and 1,529 respectively).

    Can you check your contract and see if they identified the additional costs? Maybe DMV fees?

    Thanks again.
  • nemo10nemo10 Posts: 4
    Hi, all,

    I just bought a 2010 RDX SH-AWD+tech.

    I also bought 7yr/100,000 miles with no deductable for $2395. Is this a reasonable price?

  • saaber1saaber1 Posts: 31
    edited July 2010

    my monthly payment of $651 includes tire insurance which was added on at the last minute since i decided to add it on. also, i had put down the wrong figure of $640 initially. i calculated all the numbers and my calculations turned up approx $4 less than theirs. this is due to the structuring of the payment (nothing that surprised me at all and acceptable). i requested a worksheet prior to going to the dealer and when i agreed with their numbers, it did not change when i arrived to sign all the papers with the finance person. also DMV fees were $495 which includes title, reg, tire tax, and nj supplemental tax). the numbers given to me were the most aggressive of any dealer within a 75 mile radius and they were not pushy at all. only denville had a sale price offer of $75 more but they were high on some of their other fees and i didn't like how they were trying to be evasive when i asked some questions regarding the numbers.

    the key to negotiating is to agree on the sale price and from there, you can come up with the monthly figure. this would be a good week to negotiate as the dealers are approaching end of month quotas.

    let me know how it goes.
  • 135i135i Posts: 25
    fyi - in NJ i got the tire&rim insurance for $10/month = $360 for my 36 month lease. '10 MDX Base
  • hellousahellousa Posts: 6
    Congratulation on your new MDX ADV. Looks like you got the deal under invoice price.
    I'm also looking for ADV/ENT. What was the price and what basis did you started your negotiations with?
    I don’t have any rush to buy a new car, do you suggest waiting for the Rebates & incentives for customer when they give when new model arrives?

    I'm in oregon and the only deal that i saw from here for ADV/ENT was around 52,565

    Appreciate your response.
  • twinmdxtwinmdx Posts: 6
    I have been in the market to get an MDX for the last month or so. After talking to all dealers possible, I decided to settle for a dealer in my city. He was charging me 45000 for the car with the specs I wanted (about 1500 more than a Chicago dealer). To avoid having to drive 300 miles to buy a car, I decided to go with him.

    He ran my credit, approved it, shook hands and came out with a bunch of papers. The first thing he says is "I am sorry, I probably had a dyslexic fit when I quoted the price I gave you earlier. I meant to say 46000, when I said 45000".

    I was so disgusted that I had to leave to prevent a heart attack.

    My question now is- should I still get an Acura, or go for a BMW X5- which I like equally. The point is that regardless of where I get the car, I will still have to go to the dealership for service. or Can I get the car serviced at a different establishment, like a NAPA authorized service station? Does that affect my warranty> What does everyone suggest?
  • mnmdxmnmdx Posts: 4
    Hey Twinmdx.. I am in a simaler position as you I think.. Need to do something at the end of this month and also explored Chicago options vs Minnesota. Only three Acura dealers in MN? Would love to know where you were shopping and what were your specs on the MDX? I was quoted $4000 down - 36month lease - 12kmiles - $535/month. MDX tech.
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    Hi mnmdx.

    I'm in the process of leasing and wrote a spreadsheet to automate the calculation. If you're leasing an MDX w/tech for 36 mo w/12k per year, a monthly payment of $535 equates to a sale price on the vehicle of $45,150. This assumes that you're paying sales tax and DMV fees out of pocket in addition to the $4,000. The only fee I've assumed included in the cap cost is a $595 acq fee.

    If fees and or sales taxes are included in the monthly pymt and you have specific info on fees and tax rate I'd be happy to re-calc the sale price for you.
  • mnmdxmnmdx Posts: 4
    Twinmdx, Thanks for the help.. I am turning in my 2006 MDX - dealer is giving me 2k equity. Let m eknow what you think.
    MSRP - 46,765.00 / Money Facor .00133 / $25,720 Residual
    payment - $535
    Acc fee - $595
    Fees and Ins - $749
    Upfront taxes - $1638.00
    Cap Reduction (cash) - $3244.76
    Total cash required - $6762.73
    2006 MDX Equity ($2000)
    Total Cash required - $4762.73
    First months payment ($535.00)
    TOTAL DUE AT DELIVERY - $4227.73
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    This is fitzram...I think you were replying to my post and offer to calculate your sales price on the MDX in your deal.

    I don't know why some salepeople / dealerships don't like to disclose all the information, but we really need to know all the relevant info to be able to determine whether or not we're getting a geed deal.

    I see there's a lot of fees included in that $4k due on signing so that will change the numbers on the MDX sale price.

    First a note about 'equity' on a lease return. I've seen it before but don't quite understand the notion of equity in a lease return. I understand that the stated residual value in the original lease contract may be different than the actual FMV at the end of the lease term, but I don't know that they're ever off by as much as $2k in current times. I suppose one could look up the wholesale value in NADA or KBB and compare it to the payoff number, and the difference would be 'equity.' My '07 MDX is coming off lease, has been inspected and came back with -0- needed in repairs, has 8k miles LESS than the lease contract allowance, and no dealers have offered any 'equity' credit towards a new lease. All I got was an offer from a Honda dealer (if I leased a Pilot) for a credit of 'about $400.'
    I suspect that the 'equity' number of $2k is more of a marketing tool used by the dealer trying to attract you to lease your new vehicle with him. If anyone has thoughts on this I'd welcome them.

    But I'll assume the $2k 'equity' in your specific deal really goes towards cap cost reduction. You're coming into the dealership with $4,227.73. If that includes your 1st mo pymt of $535, sales tax of $1,638, Acq fee of $595 and 'fees and ins' of $749, then you're really paying $710.73 towards cap cost reduction. Add the $2k 'equity' credit and your cap cost reduction is $2,710.73.

    Dropping these numbers into my spreadsheet I calculate a cost of $44,450. That's $1,481 over dealer invoice. I'm not sure about your area, but here in NY that's not a good deal at all. Keep in mind this assumes you really have $2k 'equity' in your '06 MDX.

    I also noted that you're paying $749 in 'fees and ins.' I assume we're not talking about any auto insurance that you would pay directly to your insurance carrier (comprehensive, collision, etc.). If it includes GAP insurance, Acura includes that at no additional cost. So I'd ask what 'fees' are included in that total. Here DMV fees are in the $100 range.

    Personally I'd keep shopping. Get some other numbers from competing dealerships. At least you'll have a better idea about your local market and what fees are charged.
  • saaber1saaber1 Posts: 31

    openroad acura of east brunswick sent me an email that if you lease or purchase an MDX anytime from today to aug 2, they will give you a $500 Amex gift card.

    wished i had known about this.
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    Don't lose any sleep over it, saaber1. For all we know they are charging full MSRP!
    I think you got a good deal at Ramsey, so don't look in the rear view mirror. :)
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40

    I just reached agreement on my lease transaction and wanted to follow-up with a note about the deal. I wound up doing the lease at another dealership that's a bit closer to me, but they also beat the deal offered by Ramsey Acura. No complaints about Ramsey...they were professional and courteous.
    I'll be picking up my new MDX on Friday or Saturday. Can't wait! :)
  • gagaliyagagaliya Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    Thanks for all the info guys this site is great. Just got the new mdx for my parents because of the vehicle's good safety ratings, here's what i paid from a dealer in PA after some back and forth.

    white mdx with teck pkg + floor mats

    1) final price: $43000, pa tax: $2200, total out the door(including all other fees/title/registration etc..): ~$45500

    2) trade in : 2002 toyota camry xle (61k miles): $6500

    3) downpayment: $9000

    4) total loan: 45500 - 15500 = $30000, with 60 months 1.9% rate, monthly payment: ~$520

    can someone let me know if i got an ok deal? i think the vehicle price is average but probably got ripped off a bit on the tradein. Overall pretty happy with the #s i got.
  • gagaliyagagaliya Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    1) With the prices paid info here, you should goto dealerrater to find a few decent dealers around you, then email/call them to agree on the final prices before setting foot in the sales room. It went well for me, the only variable was my trade in since you cant really value it over the phone...

    2) If you want a 7 seater midsize suv i really dont think you have a choice, acura mdx is by far the best.

    bmw x5: i looked at this car extensively, the 3rd row seat is much smaller than mdx, it cost close to $17000 more to get a comparable mdx tech pkg, and it's not as safe (4 stars in passenger frontal crash), on top of that you have to roll the dice on bmw reliability down the road...

    I also looked at the new lincoln mkt, mercedes r350, volvo xc90 and buick enclave. The only one that came close was the buick enclave, but it's a buick...i didnt bother to testdrive but pretty sure it doesnt handle close to as well as the mdx.

    I think that's it for 7 seater luxury midsize suv, only other choice is audi q7, i didnt bother to even look at it given the horror stories about reliability.

    For non luxury, mazda cx9 is definitely the top pick.

    "I was so disgusted that I had to leave to prevent a heart attack.

    My question now is- should I still get an Acura, or go for a BMW X5- which I like equally. The point is that regardless of where I get the car, I will still have to go to the dealership for service. or Can I get the car serviced at a different establishment, like a NAPA authorized service station? Does that affect my warranty> What does everyone suggest?
  • pfs95pfs95 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of any incentives Acura will be offering in the future? Not sure whether to purchase an MDX in July or wait until August.
  • mistertoomistertoo Posts: 8
    Hi saaber1,
    I just leased from Tommy T also. Leased based on the same 42.5k as you. I had previously bought/leased my 2002 and 2007 MDX's from Park Ave, but they would not budge from 43.3k. Tommy did not negotiate either, but his number was the best in the area (did not try Denville) and he was very easy to deal with. Good luck with your new X and maybe we will run into each other some time.
  • mdx13mdx13 Posts: 2

    I'm in NY.

    I've received a quote for 2010 MDX Adv/Ent w/ following accessories:
    Back-up Sensor
    Body Side Molding
    Sports Running Boards
    Door Edge Guards

    for $52,900 (incl. Destination charge)

    Do you guys think this is a good/fair/bad price?

    Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

  • saaber1saaber1 Posts: 31
    That is good to hear. I have no problems recommending someone if I find the process easy, honest, and straightforward as it was with him.

    Glad I was able to recommend him to you and good luck with the car. I am still learning how to master the multimedia interface but love how it drives.
  • saaber1saaber1 Posts: 31
    That's great news. Not only did u get lower than 42500 but you also found a dealer Closer to u.

    Good luck with the car. I love it so far.
  • eqt2010eqt2010 Posts: 4
    Hi, mind to share which dealer it is? I'm also looking for 2010 MDX recently and trying to find a good deal.
  • gj1977gj1977 Posts: 3
    Just got quotes via e-mail by 2 dealers for 2010 MDX Tech/Ent package:

    1) $45,541 (includes the destination charge) + tax and MV
    2) low $45k range (included Dest, but didn't include tax, MV or accessories and was told this price was valid until the end of this month)
  • mdx13mdx13 Posts: 2
    I guess most of you guys are looking at TECH, rather than ADV version...

    I am actually selling my Bimmer 7 series (2003)--almost at a point where the car is becoming unreliable, getting rid of it before a bigger prob arises--and I wanted a RELIABLE and reputable SUV (especially with my third baby on the way). I love German cars, but reliability has become an issue now-a-days (my wife drives an E-class, and air suspensions failed twice in 2 years). Looked at Q7, but my neighbor who drives Q5 and his wife who has 2008 MDX, highly, highly recommended the MDX over the Audi, especially since I wanted to BUY the car and keep it for long term. Came down to Lexus or MDX; and my wife liked the MDX better. Also I wanted an SUV I could really drive--hence, the reason why I only looked at the ADV version.

    Long story short, I set my mind on the dealership which offered me the $52,900 for ADV/Ent with all the options I wanted; but as a last minute thing, I sent emails out to all the Acura dealerships within 20 mile radius of NYC (which is about 10 dealerships or so), and I got an offer I just couldn't refuse.

    The dealership (different from the original quote) offered me $51,700 for MDX Adv/Ent with Backup Sensors, Body Side Molding, Advance Running Boards, Door Edge Guards, Cargo Cover, and Wheel Locks. All this was negotiated via email and after the price was set, I walked into the dealership to finalize the deal. The base price of the car (before destination charge) came out to be $48,522.

    The extended warranty (8yrs/120,000/no deductible) they offered me was around $2500, so I declined and will go with Bernardi (who offered right below $2000 range), most likely.

    Picking up the car this afternoon!

    Thanks for all the info here--very informative--and good luck to you all in finding the best deal on your new MDX!

  • koolkillerkoolkiller Posts: 12
    2010 MDX w/Tech
    sell price: $41853
    dest. charge: $810
    doc fee: $154.38

    Is this a good deal? Any comments would be appreciated.

  • micusmicus Posts: 2
    Poked a bunch of dealers via emails and phone, got offers from $40K to $40.5K. After a bit of conversation a place in NH (Sunnyside Acura) proposed $39,650. That's within $50 of the invoice, with Edmunds claiming True Market Value of $40,140. Then visited Boston/Bernardi Acura who matched, but asked $900 for a rack and gave $1000 less on the trade-in. So I requested that they close the $1,200 difference. They went down about $700. Asked for the remaining $500 and was told - no deal. Got up and drove off, then in 2min got a phone call knocking off another $300 (because they have "found" more money from some wholesaler). Sighed, turned around, and bought the car. They also offer some free service and inspection stickers for life, though the place is out of my way. Overall impressions: probably should have gone to NH which seemed more upfront. Probably could have wrung another $300-400 or so, had I really set my mind on playing Peabody, Boston and Nashua against each other. However, life is short. Like the MDX, though the body style change is not to my liking. Got the car. Thanks to all the folks here!
  • Micus, congrats on the new MDX. which model did you buy? I got offered at $41,835 with Tech package only. What's your configuration?
    Thanks for sharing.
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