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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Congrats!! for your first SUV. I am also planning to buy one in next 2-3 days. Can you please share the contact details at my mail address sentlist ( hotmail ). Congrats again!!!
  • Hi Everyone, I was quoted $41,900 for a 2010 MDX Tech Package (Including dest.) in the North Jersey area. Is this a good deal?
  • I spoke with the finance manager at Westhaven and it seems that this purchase was one of only a handful who got the special financing extension that was a goof on Acura's part.

    Acura ended up contacting them and had to refund them the difference in financed amount between the 1.9 and the standard rate (whatever that is) because of the error... so... mdx2011 was one of the elite few to get what is probably the deal of the year on a 2011... at cost AND special financing!

    Buddy, that's the best deal you'll probably ever get on a car, considering it's just not available for the public anymore and isn't a term that can typically be negotiated, no matter how good you are!! Congrats!!

    Green with envy,
  • What state are you going to be titling the car? The tax rates and the dealer processing fees are different from state to state and will effect the otr price. I am a representative from Criswell Acura and i will make sure you get the most competitive price from our store.
  • Where are you located? I am in North Jersey and am looking to purchase a 2010 base mdx. I plan on going to the Acura Dealership I purchased my 08' TL. Your post will give me some good ammo. Any chance you can email me some hard proof of the deal? I am assuming that the sales person is going to claim it to be BS.

  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    Was that a tech/ent?
  • Yes, it was a tech & entertainment 2011.
  • Can you tell me what dealership you purchased this from?
  • $38863 2010 MDX BASE with 1.9%


    $39400 2011 MDX BASE with regular financing around 4%


    Please let me know if I can do better with the prices and if you know of any car dealers in the Northern NJ area please email info.

  • Price and finance alone make the 2010 look much better on paper, though you have to think about when you plan to resell the vehicle and how much it'll mean then when you have a one year older model car to sell. Other than that, there are no compelling feature-set reasons to purchase one over the other.

    I'm struggling with the same decision myself... Do i scrape up what's left of the 2010 inventory or wait and get my choice of colors and features at a higher cost all around (financing cost included)?
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    Ok I went and test drove the BMW x5 and the MDX advance. Now this time the MDX did not drive like the first one I drove. Now keep in mind the first one had 10K miles on it and it was a rather jerky ride. Yesterday I drove the advance with 20 miles on it and I loved it. I asked the salesman about the two differnt rides and he said the dampers were not on and they are to give the car a more sporty ride. I really don't like the sporty ride, I like more of the smooth ride. He said that the adv without the dampers active should ride the exact same as a base model. Would anyone agree or disagree. Also is the ride going to change that much when it gets a few miles on it? The salesman said that maybe the first one I drove needed to be serviced.
    The only dissapointment that I had was in the rear leg room. We are all tall and there was very little leg room in the back and the seats seemed to sit very upright, you really couldn't lean back into them. I would think that would not be comfortable on a long ride. Has anyone else had issues with the rear leg room?
    My last question was on the Ent Unit. Has anyone put a RES in the headrest. I was trying to look at the sceen while i the back, but it sits so close to the seats that it just seemed strange. It was almost like looking from the side. I was wondering if the ones in the headreset would be any better. I think I would have to do those aftermarket.
    Surprising I didn't really care for the BMW because I don't like the sporty drive with the annoying "racing" sound. But it has great leg room and good gas mileage on the 2011, 17/25. However the price is a little steep.
    Thanks for any input.
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    Did you have any extra options that came on the vehicle?
  • We drove the car home Thursday's night after we signed all the paperwork. My wife and kids are loving it.

    On another note, I knew that Acura was not offering 1.99% special financing on 2011 MDX but I called the salesman and he gave me an AWESOME price (Selling Price-$44,548 (including dest), doc fee was $154, electronic fee was $25, Plates was $194 and Financing for 1.99% for 60 months through Acura Finance). I knew they were offering this deal for 2010 MDX models but if I can pay the same for a 2011 then i will take it.

    The finance manager also called me this morning and mentioned that I got the STEAL of the year. Acura is going to eat the difference since it was their mistake. Both the salesman and finance manager are AWESOME to work with. I would recommend anyone within the chicagoland area that is looking to buy a Acura car to give them a call.

    Good Luck and hopefully everyone can save some $$$$ from my posting. Reading these postings definitely help me negotiated with all 5 dealers via email/phone.
  • No extra options. The car just came with whatever was included in the tech and enterntainment package.
  • After negotiating among 4 Acura dealerships within a 90 mile radius, today I purchased a 2010 Acura MDX Base Model (Black / Parchment Interior) for an out-the-door price of $41,800. This included tax, title, tag, destination charge, etc, along with an accessory package (wheel locks, upgraded mats). I also received 1.9% financing for 60 months.

    My question is: How did I fare in terms of price? There was actually another dealership that was willing to give me an OTD price for $41,322.00, but it was a bit of a drive, so I decided to stay with the closerl delaership because of convenience for maintenance, any repiars, etc. The other dealerships said that they couldn't believe I was getting $41,800 OTD, much less an offer $41,322.00.

    Thank you for your thoughts!
  • mdx2011chicagomdx2011chicago Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    I just closed the deal for my Acura Base 2011 at 39600 (includes dest) + TTL and processing. I talked with at-least 5 dealers in last 1 week and this was the best price I could get. Last best was 39800 (this dealer was closer for me) but he declined to meet the price offered by other dealer. I believe 39.6 is very good price for this vehicle which is few hundred less then invoice.
  • I just purchased 2011 MDX tech (no advance) for $500 over invoice sticker was 47115 my cost was 43786 plus tax etc 47151 OTD
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Congrats!!!! I am getting mine dekivered Saturday...base...palladium/taupe dealer is in town (northern NJ)...purchased $39,900 I don't think on the 3011s we can get below invoice is too soon...enjoy it in the best of health
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I think you could have done a bit better that $500 over invoice, but again it all depends on location and supply and demand and the MDX is in a fairly good demand incentives yet....but who cares?...did you think it was a fair deal?...that is the only opinion that now go and enjoy it...good luck
  • Any feedback is appreciated
  • I live in NY and looking for best price on 2010 vs. 2011 mdx with technology and entertainment. Anyone purchase one recently? Can you still get 1.9% financing on 2011? Willing to travel to NJ, PA, or CT for best price. Any recommendations appreciated.
  • Where did you get this great deal? Did it have entertainment and tech?
  • I picked up my 2010 base Friday evening at Radley Acura. I had agreed on a price of $38,400 including all fees others that tax and license. I also had them trade for the color combo I wanted and throw in all weather mats.

    When I picked up the car, it could not have gone smoother. All paper work was ready for me to sign with the pricing we had agree on. They did not try to sneal in any fees or pull any type of bait and switch.

    I could not be happier with their service. I highly recommend Radley Acura.

    I ended up going with the 3-yr 0.9% financing.
  • The finance incentive on 2011s was a mistake and has since been rescinded by Acura Financial. My local dealer mentioned 2.9% on a 2011 for 60 months, but i'm not sure if that's a local deal only. I think BofA is offering 2.99 for 60 months on new car purchases.
  • Hi
    I am looking to buy a 2010 MDX Tech. What would a be a good price to pay in the IL area?
    One dealer id not even willing to offer me a price. He says he will beat whatever lowest offer I get.
    Please advice.
  • cmartin411cmartin411 Atlanta, GAPosts: 42
    That is a better price than I was quoted. I got quotes from three dealers and they ranged from $44,996 to $45,595 for the 2011 Tech. Where did you get this quote?
  • Westhaven Acura (?) in Chicagoland appears to be the best in that region. They did a tech/ent out the door for $44600, which is about $300 under listed invoice. Get invoice from Edmunds and go $300 under for that package. Or better yet, go to, enter your zip code, and configure the MDX with Tech to see what best price of dealers in your region are offering and start from there! Let us know how you make out!
  • tk17tk17 Posts: 6
    Could you say what dealer you bought your 2011 at?


    I'm looking Chicago as well.
  • to cmartin411----Lindsay Acura Columbus Ohio also Mathews in Marion-same price but I purchased from Lindsay--MDX TECH 47,151 OTD
  • Are you sure this was OTD price $44600 for tech/ent--to IL (srs149)
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