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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Let me clarify, it was a tech/ent, but it was $44600+TTL.
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    Please disregard this post if it was sent twice. I don't see the post that I did an hour or so ago.
    My question is regarding the dampers system in the Advance. Shoudl there be any difference in the ride if the dampers system is not activated. The salesman said no. I ask because I drove a base with about 10K miles and it was a very rough jerky ride. I drove a new advance and it was very smooth. The salesman said the sports supension, gives you more of a sports ride (like the bmw) . I am looking for more of a smooth ride.
    What about the tires, do you get a better ride going to 19inch wheels from 18 inch which are on the base?
    Has anyone test drove both the advance and base models and seen any difference in the ride? The salesman said maybe the base that I test drove needed servicing. I have also read that if you don't put premium gas in the ride can be jerky.
  • Pick the advance--I loved it but did not go for it because of price instead got tech pack and it is a great vehicle but not an advanced. I could not detect a rough jerky drive--for an SUV the ride was super (not like a car though)
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    I'm looking at the price also, and I don't really care about any of the other advanced options, but I will pay more for a smoother ride, but if the ride is going to be the same in both, then I don't want to pay the extra.
  • I thought ride was much more carlike in advanced and it also had some other great features. But I am well satisfied without advance-I don't really need sport car like driving in an SUV---if I want that I'll drive my car. The suv is for general running around,trips, towing a boat, etc etc.
    Check out all the other features of advance before you decide--great stuff but about $5000 extra

    good luck
  • I bought my 2010 MDX last week so I missed it, but I heard Acura came out with a $1,000 incentive on the 2010 MDX today.

    If you are in the market for the 2010 MDX I would act fast. The inventory is already low, and I bet the remaining move fast with this incentive.

    Disappointed I missed it, but wanted to inform the forum because this forum was very useful to me in getting a good deal.

  • Motortrend magazine is big on performance. Check their articles about mdx advanced.
    1st one is 4/30/10.
  • That price seems to good to be true on a 2011.

    I've contacted 8 local dealerships and the best price I got so far (on a Tech) is $380 OVER invoice. You're talking several hundred BELOW invoice.

    I'm starting to question the honesty on the 2011 models based upon my experience with the local dealers.
  • vvr1vvr1 Posts: 4
    Hi, could you let me know as to which dealer you got the price from pls.
  • vvr1vvr1 Posts: 4
    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to buy a 2010 ACURA MDX in the next week or so, i am a little torn at this point if i should go for the base model or with tech.

    Could the members in and around Jersey share what price/quotes did they recieve for a 2010 MDX base or with tech pls. Also details of dealership would be really helpful.

  • I am looking to buy a 2010 or newer 2010 MDX advance. The cheapest used 2010 advance I could find on Interent also has entertainment. It is listed at...$46,680,silver with 12k miles. It would cost about $800 to ship from TX. It is certified and it apprears the certified warranty is actually better than the new car warrenty. I have also been told by a dealer you can buy a super certified warranty through dealer than takes it bumper to bumper for 8 years. What thoughts do the forum members have on this subject?
  • The following was the post i was referring that was submitted by mdx2011, dated Sept 16;

    Today, I just brought a brand NEW 2011 MDX tech & entertainment sale price of $44,568 with 1.99% financing for 60 months from a acura dealer in westmont, IL near Chicago land area. The price above does include the $860 destination charge but not tax. Title or license. I think a got a very good deal but if anyone can confirm that would be great...
    Note that I got another dealer near the same that did not offer the same financing so I went with the lower rate and save myself over $2,500+ in financing. We are very excited to drive our first SUV. I can provide salesman name if anyone is interested. Also, negotiated via phone and emails so buying process took a couple days but very painless.

    I can't get any local dealers to come close to that price, either, but it could certainly be a regional thing... who knows? Either way, the hunt continues.... I'm still between a 2010 leftover or 2011.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    It appears to be high...since you can probably get a new 2011 for very close to that price...I think...I think you should do a little more homework and then my opinion you are not getting any bargain and on top it is a used vehicle...but to each it's own...research...research...and then hopefully you will be able to make a decision that only YOU must be happy 2 cents..
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I got an MDX 2011 base palladium/taupe for $39,900 in northern NJ...a couple of dealers offered the same price (which is about invoive according to Edmunds)..on a 2011 I think it is a fair deal...and this one dealer is my town...good luck to you...the tec is probably 2k to 2.5 k my case It was not worth it...keep in mind that the interiors change only when you go to the Advance or Advance with ent...base and tech, tech ent are all the same changes..
  • That's the one I was responding too also. Either it was a 2010 (not a 2011) OR that included a small trade-in allowance. Not trying to call anyone a lair but I'm not seeing that pricing or even close unless its a 2010. Even the 1.9% is suspect. All the dealers I talked to said that 1.9% on 2011's was a mistake and Acura quickly corrected at the very start of the month.
  • That's not entirely true. The Tech package upgrades the leather. It may have the same color, but its a different leather than the base.
  • vvr1vvr1 Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone, the best price have right now for a MDX 2010 with tech is around 41500 to 42000 inclusive of destination...any feedback if this is a good deal or if i should wait for some more time, would really be appreciated.

    Out of door price comes to around 45,000.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  • that's about 1000 under invoice--go for it-can you still get low % finance also from Acura? My 2011 was 500 over invoice and its the same exact car. 2011 invoice was a bit higher at 43,286 invoice- 43,786 my price (includes destination about 800 ) MSRP was 47115.OTD 47,151
  • That was lowest price advertised on Autotrader nationwide....usually you can find some good buys if you search nationally. I thought price seemed high, I did not call..I assume the used 10's price will soon drop as they will show used prices of the 10's on Edmunds, NADA and KBB etc.

    Edmunds shows new 2011 Advance to have invoice of $48,681 and says TMV to be $52,461.

    I am in Tampa Bay area and they have several dealers....How much over invoice would be a good deal on a new 10? How about an 11? The $3800 that Edmunds is adding seems high. There are a lot of 2010's and 2011's in area but most are base models.
  • I'm not sure why he'd lie about the price he got, but I know for a fact that he's telling the truth about the financing deal. Trying to get in on the special financing on the 2011s myself, I spoke to the finance manager of his dealership directly and he confirmed that the did mistakenly give the deal to him. So that much is certainly true.
  • I wouldn't go any more than $1000 over invoice on a 2011. some dealer will do it for you, especially in this economy.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    You are mistake now I remember that the stiching is diffirent and I assume the leather is probably a better grade...still not worth it to me including all the tech...but to each it's own...we are talking a difference of probably $3K
  • So it seems reading over the last pages of posts, should you expect to get a 2010 MDX for 300-1000 UNDER invoice?? Are they primarily just making money off the holdback then? As far as 2011, 200-500 over invoice seem fair? I'm looking in the denver area... I guess if I could get a 2010 for 1000+ cheaper and 1.9%, I'd go for that, otherwise a 2011 w/ BOA 2.99 seems pretty good as well.... thoughts? Thanks in advance for your replies!!
  • vvr1vvr1 Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone. I bought it today !

    Price was 41,300 - MDX with tech 2010 (inclusive of destination) ..not inclusive of tax ..etc..

    The lowest offer i got was 41,050..but they did not have the color i was looking for.

    Thanks everyone.looking forward to picking up the vehicle in the coming few days.
  • Like i mentioned earlier I got my 2011 (yes 2011) MDX base just below invoice. I am in Chicago area. I talked with 4 dealers and 3 finally offered me below invoice. I am in lake county but brought it from Cook county- Hoffman estate. I paid 0.25% extra tax ($100) due to this but even then it was a good deal. The internet sales manager name is JP.
  • Tech package well worth it when you consider you have to replace Bridgestone Dueller tires on base before you drive in rain or snow-the Michelins on the Tech will be $1000 to get. See rating or any other reliable rating.
  • I didn't relize the tech came with different brand tires. Seems odd.
  • That's $2000 below invoice???
  • leexleex Posts: 7
    Hi vvr1

    Can you share these two dealer's name and contact information, and I am in the market for 2010 MDX w/tech. I am in North NJ. Thanks
  • mdx2011mdx2011 Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    Hi All,

    I posted my message about the great deal I got last week on MDX Tech/Ent 2011 NOT 2010 (with 1.9% financing for 60 months) so everyone can see that there are good deals out there if you are willing to do some your homework and be prepare before walking into dealership to make a big purchase.

    I don't have anything to gain by lying. As freedm2 stated, he called the finance manager at Acura dealership in Westmont, IL to confirm that I got 1.9% by mistake. As far as the price, I know for a fact that the TRUE dealer invoice price for MDX 2011 is $44,168 so I paid about $300-$400 over invoice.

    Also, $860 destination charge is already included in the $44,168 invoice price so don't let the dealer tell you otherwise.

    Good luck and let me know if I can provide any additional information.
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