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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Updated pricing : 44,200 - MDX base + roof rail package + two 7 inch DVD headrest sets installed + body side moldings + protection package (i.e cargo mat, floor mat, wheel lock..)... Should I go for it ?
  • What happened to the $41300 you stated before?
  • When you say OTD, you're including sales tax, no? To keep it simple, it's always easiest to list price before taxes and tags.
  • for the 41300 i stated earlier the dealer gave me OTD 45,200...I called around and they (dealers) kept on matching each other ( 3 dealers) and have come down to 44,200 OTD ....I have not bought it yet..i may buy/finalise within the next 2 days
  • I am still negotiating. Look at my other reply. I will ask them for a breakdown once the OTD price comes down some more or they add on some more accessories that the right way to go ?
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    I'm working on a deal pretty close to what you got
    2011 tech 42,686 with mats, cargo tray, wheel locks. I have another dealer that wants to match that and include a lifetime powertrain warranty. Does anyone know how much that warranty is worth?
  • Is that with or without Destination?
  • In addition, what is the doc fee they are charging you. Some dealers are charging high doc fees to make up for the low price quote. Some go as high as $400 vs. the more traditional $100.

    If your price is with the $860 destination and normal doc. fees that is a very good price.

    I've been trying to get that price myself
  • you are right. I am buying a 2010 MDX and hence negotiating on OTD price because the doc fees are different at different dealers.
    Can u advise if this deal is good - need some input - 2010 Base +, 2 dvd sets installed (1700) + roof package (1000) + mats wheel lock package (380) + running boards (600) + side molding in florida -
    44,500 (OTD)
    accesories approx = 4000
    tax approx = 2500
    after all calculations ( Base +destination, tag, title, doc fee...) = this good or ask for some more ?
  • If I could get that, I'd buy it today - I think you're at the point where does another $50-100 really make a big difference?
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    destination included , but 599 doc fee is not.
    includes, wheel locks, all season mats and , cargo tray and lifetime powertrain warranty.
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    If I'm correct the invoice price was 43,286 , and I got 42,686 which was about 600 under invoice or I am thinking half of dealer holdback. Everyone was charging the 599 doc fee in our area. I'm in the SouthEast.. some of the other dealers that called me back today were floored by that offer. I could get them to go invoice, but only one was going 600 under, then another matched and threw in the lifetime powertrain warranty.
  • Great price--I paid 43,786 500 over but doc fee etc etc only 300--600 under is fantastic
  • $600 doc fee is crazy! But you still got a good price - basically invoice with doc fee. The best offer I'm getting today on a 2011 Tech is $176 over invoice + $100 doc fee.

    I also got a quote on a 2010 Tech for $500 under... They'll have to do better than that...

    I'm going to need the $500 + the $1000 Acura to dealer incentive.
  • 37,500 for the 2010 MDX base. Northeast Florida area. Buying it tomorrow
    I got lot of accessories 2 DVD sets, roofs, running boards, mats, moldings... hence the OTD is 44000
    Thanks to the forum.
  • Can you tell me what dealer please??
  • I was at a dealer in IL. Got quoted for a 2011 MDX tech with $500 below invoice. At the same dealer, the sales manager would also let his one of the few 2010 MDX advanced go with $2000 below invoice.

    Could you guys give me your opinion on which is the better choice?

    I was going to purchase a 2010 MDX tech, but seems like most of dealers only have higher optioned 2010 MDXs left.

  • Both are good prices; however, how much is the doc fee?

    Here's the best I have gotton so far.

    2011 - $175 Over Invoice
    2010 - $1000 Under Invoice

    There is $1000 dealer cash so the dealer who quoted you $2000 under is either dipping into their "holdback" of around $1300 OR they are charging you a crazy doc fee.
  • The dealer seemed willing to part with 2011 more than the 2010s. He considers the 2010 he has got a good color combination.
  • Do you know what the doc fee is?
  • srs149srs149 Posts: 35
    edited September 2010
    i need opinions, folks! i'm not sure if i prefer the Sport or the Advance running boards better with the Palladium metallic (ebony interior)... help a brother out!

    Thanks in advance!
  • jpickjpick Posts: 15
    Ok, these dealers are blowing up my telephone today. The same dealers that didn't want to negotiate 2 days ago are begging me to buy from them today as they can now match the price.. Any suggestions on anything else I could ask for to see if they would agree to. Anyone have any suggestions on what else would be reasonable?
  • Funny. I can't get them to return calls.

    I keep asking, what is your doc. fee?
  • To answer you question you need to share the specifics about your offers.

    Year, Model, Cost (without fees), fees (doc).

    There is a 3% holdback + $1000 dealer cash.
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    $1600 under invoice on a 2010 tech. Is this a good deal?
  • I have been quoted $42,286 for a 2011 MDX tech, destination fees included. I believe that is essentially $1,000 under invoice. Additionally, doc fees have also been waived. So this price is out-the-door. Good price?
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    Yes. What state are you in? That's the lowest I've heard yet.
  • srs149srs149 Posts: 35
    edited October 2010
    THey're blowing up my phone as well today. I've heard back from four dealers who had previously been dragging their feet coming together on numbers for me. Suddenly, they're all willing to deal.

    Here's what i got: $42500+95 doc fee (dest Included!) for a 2010 Tech/Ent (palladium / ebony). They offered cost on accessories (i'm doing roof rails & cargo organizer, but decided to wait on running boards til i see both styles on some MDXs around town and decide what i like), free all-season mats and wheel locks. I pick up tomorrow!!

    Deal in Maryland, but I got a call from Pohanka in VA who said that they're open til Midnight tonight and will do Anything to make a deal. They're bigger by far than my dealer, so i know they could/would match it if i hadn't already signed. Go out and get it done, boys and girls!
  • adjohnadjohn Posts: 8
    Tried picking up a 2010 Base MDX for $38000 (TTL), but the dealer wouldn't accept the offer.

    Guess I'll have to wait til next month to see...
  • tamsrustamsrus Posts: 11
    Do you have dealer name /sales person name and phone number?
    Best offer I got here for the 2010 Tech/Enter was 43,500 before TTL.
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