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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • baoerbaoer Posts: 8
    I checked, the invoice is $43286, mine is $41860 including destination, so, it's 1.4K below invoice. I don't think it's below dealer cost, they won't lose money.
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    According to many sources your price is actually below Dealer Cost vs Invoice.

    There must be a new Acura Dealer Cash program on the 2011's.

    The best I could do about 3 weeks ago was 600 below invoice (with $175 PA advertising fee invoice = $43,461) at $42,900 for a 2011 Tech. That was talking to 11 dealers. One would have $200 lower but they were sleezy and I didn't want them to get any of my money.

    Out of curiosity, did you finance with the dealer and what is the rate?
  • baoerbaoer Posts: 8
    Yes, I did. The rate is 3.99% up to 66 mo. Not very good, but since I plan to pay off within 3 months, it's not a big deal.
  • cha2cha2 Posts: 13
    edited October 2010
    I am located in the western burbs of Chicago.
    Has anyone purchased a 2011 MDX advanced/enter for at or below dealer cost?? If so, any info would be greatly appreciated (also, any favorable dealer finance rates?).
    If under dealer cost, there must be some dealer incentives to which the public (at this time) is not privy! :confuse:
    sorry, 2011 MDX not 2010 :blush:
  • 49ers49ers Posts: 12
    $42,900 including $860 delivery and $300 AD fee, right?
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    That makes sense. The dealer made a few hundred bucks on the backend by getting you to take a higher rate. When I was shopping and asked for below invoice pricing, the 1st question they all asked was if I was financing with them. One even said they would make it up on the backend with the lender.

    The dealer who was $200 lower in price quoted me a 1/2% higher rate through the same bank I got. The dealers will get their money one way or another.

    If you have the money to pay it off, then your approach is best. Accept a higher interest rate and the dealer passes the lender kick-back on to you. You pay it off right away; the only one hurt is the lender but that's a cost of doing business.

    I got 2.89%. Just low enough that I don't know if I should pay it off or keep the loan.
  • Hi, Where did you get the $41860 price. I want to get the same car.
  • What is a great price for a 2011 acura mdx base model?
    My husband was offered 39,900 plus TTL on the phone with no negotiations. I'm sure there is a doc fee.
    I on the other hand was offered 42,900 over the phone. Nice way to alienate a customer.
    We are looking to purchase this coming Friday or Saturday.
    Is the special finance rate only for 2010, or is it for 2011 as well?
  • tom298tom298 Posts: 14
    What is Out The Door Price--at you figures it should be about 45,000--this price is excellent---what dealer did you get it from-I'll be there today for one--please let me know. thanks
  • jdoriajdoria Posts: 7
    I was thinking of buying an 2011 MDX on Saturday.

    Anyone have experience withthe Advance suspension? Can you comment on the difference between the non-Advance equipped car?

    Its between this and a 11 QX56. Yes, I know these are light years apart. But the main focus is a 3rd row with some storage behind (X5 doesn not work) and excellent navigation/technology in the car. If the MDX turns out to be a good performer, I can save myself $350 per month ina lease.
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    edited October 2010
    agreed selling price 46800 plus tax and title...msrp on car was 52915..
    dealer gave me 29500 for 2008 gmc acadia that had nav and entertainment system...

    so i only owe them 17300 plus sales tax...

    according to cost was i was close to it.they did out extra mdx chrome pieces on each front doors..which they said was $199which is included in the $46800 price ..but anyway happy with price..

    what do you guys think???

  • shortie_gurlshortie_gurl Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I paid $33k TTL included for a 2007 mdx tech ent 36k mileage. Is that a good price?
  • i just bought brand new 2011 mdx base with 5 miles on it.
    $37,740 Price
    $ 2,400 Tax and title
    $ 860 delivery
    $(2,500) less trade in
    $38.500 out the door

    i felt the trade in value of $2,500 was decent considering it was a non-luxury 2001 with 140K miles, check engine light on, and the tires had absolutely no tread.
    i think i got a decent deal.
  • tk17tk17 Posts: 6
    Can you say what dealership?

    I am looking for the same thing.
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    Yeah sure. They sold you the MDX for $37,740. That's several $K below invoice and actually below their cost....

    Sounds like they gave you more for your trade than what is showing up on paper.

    The trade in for your car is: (Ballpark)
    Excellent $6,425
    Good $5,875
    Fair $4,975

    You still got a decent price on your 2011. You basically paid invoice.
  • Just for reference to know what you guys are working off of:

    2010 MDX w/Advanced and Entertainment Package has a dealer holdback (price they actually paid below invoice) $1613.

    2011 MDX w/Advanced and Entertainment Package has a dealer holdback (price they actually paid below invoice) $1623.

    So when you negotiate off of invoice, you aren't going in their pockects much if you dont ask for anything under that.

    Last year 2009s got all the way to 15% off MSRP when the 2010s hit; I'm holding out as long as I can to get close to that for a 2010.
  • Hi,
    I just got a new quote for 2011 mdx tech package at $42,640, including desination fee. I feel pretty good about it. If this is a great price, I will pull the trigger tomorrow.

    This is in CA.
  • Hi,
    I just got a new quote for 2011 mdx tech package at $42,640, including desination fee. I feel pretty good about it. If this is a great price, I will pull the trigger tomorrow.

    This is in the west coast.
  • Do you happen to know what the dealer holdback is on the 2010 MDX Tech Package?

    Also, is the holdback off of dealer invoice or dealer cost?

    Does anyone know what type of incentives are coming for November? Also, given some of the pricing i'm seeing on the 2011 Tech Packages on the boards, what would those of you buying a 2010 Tech being shooting for?
  • Yes ---- 2010 Tech --- $1377. The dealer holdback is the price under invoice. If you subtract that number from the dealer invoice you get the true dealer cost.

    Incentives aren't known until they come out, even by the salesmen. Last year 2009 MDXs got all the way down to 15% (This was only for the two highest trims; probably because there was a high inventory of those still on the lots) off invoice when the 2010s hit the lot for a few months. For a 2010 Adv/Tech that would be 15% of $54,615 which = $8192.25, bringing the price to $46,422.75.
  • Does this sound like a good deal:
    2010 MDX BASE with 8200mi recertified with extended warrantee that goes with it.
    $36,700 + TTL

    Got to factor in the depreciation....??

    What should I pay for a silver roof rack and chrome wheels installed?

  • jim417jim417 Posts: 1
    What do you guys think? 2011 tech with entertainment black with taupe, FINAL PRICE OTD including nj tax ,with all dealer/dmv fees and advance running boards installed , all season mats, tri fold tray $47940 , signed the papers thinking this was a great deal.
    Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance.
  • lcuilcui Posts: 5
    First off, thanks for all the info you guys have provided here. It has helped me a lot in negotiating the price. We finally pulled the trigger today. Here are the details that I hope can be helpful -

    2011 MDX Tech with Advanced Running Boards installed
    $43,251 (includes destination charge & DOC fee; before tax, title and reg)
  • freedm2freedm2 Posts: 31
    What was the doc fee? Did you have a trade? What is your interest rate?
  • sshansshan Posts: 3
    What's the good price for acura mdx 2011 base model. I got an offer from dealers for 39,3950 with out taxes,title fees. Is this good price or can i bargain for less?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ...I got the same in Nj foe $39,900 this past Sept 24....according to Edmunds it is invoice..
  • The trade in is now listed on their used inventory for $5299, so i think the trade was okay. they had to put tires on and fix the check engine light issue.
  • This past weekend I bought a CPO 2009 MDX Tech Package w/ less than 17k miles for $36k +TTL. It had sport running boards and roof railings.

    Do you guys think it was a good deal?

    Thanks to this forum and other MDX'ers for sharing information.
  • tom298tom298 Posts: 14
    I think you got a great deal--I paid 500 over invoice about a month ago (1st 2011 dealer sold) for tech pack 47151 OTD---probably could have gotten a bit cheaper but the dealership is great and so was the salesman.
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