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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thunkingthunking Posts: 8
    edited December 2010
    Hi NbYahoo,

    Thanks for sharing your price. Just picked up a MDX w/Tech for the same price 41999 from Glendale Acura. Told him about your posting and he matched without hesitation and commended you for driving business his way.

    Also said that he will sell at 41999 (including dest) for 2011 MDX w/Tech for anyone mentioning that they saw this in the online forum. Its the best deal I have seen so far. Its $1287 below invoice.

    Thanks for everyone's help. Time to go driving.
  • Originally looking for '11 MDX Tech/Entertainment. Lowest dealer here would go was $44,800 + taxes and fees. I'm looking at the same vehicle at an out of state dealer for $43,015 + taxes and fees.

    Now, I got info from a dealer in another state that they have a 2011 MDX Advance/Entertainment that was traded in with only 5,000 miles. It has: Sport Running Boards, Body Side Molding, Fender Well Trim, Door Edge Guards, All-Season Floor Mats, Cargo Tray and Security Wheel Locks. They are offering this Advance/Entertainment for $47,000 + taxes and fees.

    What are people's thoughts about the price of the Advance/Entertainment, and is it that much of an upgrade over the Tech/Entertainment? I am not sure if I will even like the Collision Mitigation System. I do think the ventilated seats would be nice in the heat of the summers!
  • That's great to hear. It sounds like you had a good experience with your purchase at Glendale. The Internet Sales Manager at Glendale is a class act.

    I'd encourage folks to check out the Fleet/Internet Sales team at Center Acura as well. The team at Center was easy to work with, professional, and courteous.

    Best of luck in your car purchases!
  • You can see my posting yesterday for details on the 2011 MDX w/ Tech I purchased yesterday. I priced almost every dealership (Internet/Fleet Sales teams) in CA (San Diego to NorCal, as far East as Bakersfield and Sacramento), and also in Las Vegas.

    It turned out, the two dealerships that I found to be the easiest to work with and most reasonably priced were the closest ones to me -- Center Acura and Glendale Acura.

    I didn't go with the Advanced Package because I felt the additional features weren't worth the premium. (Also, this car is for my wife, and her needs are quite simple and she wouldn't appreciate anything beyond the Tech package.) I wasn't considering the Entertainment package so I never priced it with any of the dealerships. (I'm not sold on having built in screens and a DVD player given all of the portable gadgets the kids have already; but I'm sure the folks that spring for the Entertainment packages have good reason for doing so.)

    The pricing below isn't from one specific dealer, but the best pricing I found overall. All pricing includes destination charges and wheel locks. All offers came with a price match guarantee (with caveats of course), and some came with offers to beat competitive written offers by $300 to $500 (still with caveats). For the record, I never bothered with trying to price match dealer against dealer to whittle the price down -- it's not how I would like to be treated, so I didn't go after it myself.

    Here's the pricing:

    2011 MDX Base Pricing: $38,750

    2011 MDX Technology Pricing: $42,000

    2011 MDX Advanced Pricing: $47,500

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, I conducted all correspondence in email, received offers in email, and only called the dealership to discuss color options and set an appointment to see the car. I was respectful of them and their time, and both Center and Glendale Acura were respectful of me and my time.

    Please don't contact me asking for which specific dealership had what price, etc. I've pretty much cleared out my inbox and deleted all of the emails I received, and it's easy enough to contact the dealerships directly. :)

    Once again, I highly recommend Center or Glendale Acura if you're in S. CA. They're both class acts.

    Best of luck in your MDX purchasing adventures!
  • Did you sign up financing with them or cash? I have very good credit score, hoping I can get the 0.9% APR. I heard some dealships offer 4 yr free service. Wondering if this worth bargaining.
  • I had a dealership in Northern CA offer me 4 years of service, but their vehicle price was considerably higher and they were located too far away from me (I'm in Los Angeles CA).

    I considered pricing service in with other dealers that were nearby, but I didn't have a good way to assign a value to the offer of the service given the MDX has a flexible service system that informs you when you need service based on operating conditions. In short, the value to me might be greater/less than the value to someone else.

    I went in asking for a 100% cash deal, but ended up financing it (1.9% for 60 months) -- last minute change of heart. Since the 0.9%/36- and 1.9%/60-month financing offers are through Honda, I don't think it makes a difference to the dealer if you buy with cash or finance the deal (unlike when it's through 3rd party lender).

    Best of luck in your purchase!
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I think you hit a home run in your approach. I did the same thing several years ago to purchase an RL but I limited it to No. Ca. And when grandma's 06 Pilot gets a few more miles on it I will play the game once more. But for now, the Pilot only has 38k (honest) and when it gets to 50k then its time.

    Good luck to all, hope the new year is good to all, and stay safe in 2011.

    jensad :D
  • Just signed my papers for 2011 Acura MDX with Tech package $45975 out the door.. Acura of Ramsey.. worked via email and phone great buying experience..
  • smrtdudesmrtdude Posts: 17
    edited December 2010
    Thanks for all the info in this forum, couldn't have figured out the going prices without it.

    I just bought a certified pre-owned 2010 MDX Advance/Entertainment as follows
    - 2k miles on it
    - 7 months in to service
    - advance + entertainment packages
    - side steps (existing)
    - roof rails + crossbars (got them installed today)
    - 44.2k + TTL = $46k OTD
    - from Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA

    Finance guy offered 7 year/100k warranty for $2750 which I negotiated down to $1005. So the final price paid is $47k. The dealership is ok to deal with. I had to follow up on this car for 2-3 days, I guess they were busy selling in the last few days of the month/year.

    I also got offers on new MDX Tech+Ent for $44.8 OTD from both Radley and Pohanka dealerships. Pohanka sounded open to some negotiation there. Considering that there are no differences between 2010 and 2011 models and that this pre-owned is barely driven, I decided to take the higher package for the same price. Side steps and roof rails would have to be extra over the 44.8k price.

    I tested the Adaptive Cruise Control quite a bit, I liked it. That is something I can really use on congested road ways like in DC Metro area. Oh yes, 115v outlet, music streaming over bluetooth, integrated DVD system, perforated/ventilated seats... will use them all :-)
  • I think $46k OTD for a 2010 MDX adv/ent w/ only 2k miles is an amazing deal. Congrats.

    By the way, does anyone know why some dealers list their MSRP price different than the others? For example, some list $48,155 and others $49,015 for Tech/Ent model. A $900 difference.
  • Thanks!

    Could that $900 diff be due to the destination charge? Did you check?

    Happy New Year!
  • that is a bit too high on the price, I got a price quote for 41500 before tax, tag and doc fee from a dealership in VA
  • kramskykramsky Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I am looking to purchase a 2011 MDX Tech and Entertainment package in New Jersey. I can purchase it now or wait until the new promotions, deals and rebates come out in January. I would appreciate it if you can advise me of the best price out there in NJ inclusive of taxes, tag, destination, licensing fees, etc. I can go to any dealership in New Jersey.

    Also, what is the best financing plans for 60 months or longer.

    Your input is greatly appreciated.
  • rdealsrdeals Posts: 4
    Just started researching prices for 2011 MDX. I became anchored on $42k price for the Tech package based on some comments in this forum. Admittedly, it seems the $42k price was coming from dealers in SoCal - any one seeing these prices in Seattle (or somewhere within a couple hour drive)? The price I got in Seattle after much haggling and at 7:30 pm New Years Eve was $44k and change (before taxes)and $41k + change on the base. Do I just not know how to haggle, or are Seattle prices that much higher? We took a pass because I am willing to spend a few hours on the road to save a few grand. Any suggestions are appreciated. We are hoping to find $42.5k (before taxes) for the tech package and ebony interior.
  • In Dec you could have gotten the $42K price point in Northern CA, Southern CA, and Vegas. I didn't check elsewhere.

    For the last two car purchases I've made, I've avoided going into the dealership to negotiate a purchase. I figure dealerships are negotiating multiple deals a day and have every advantage when I'm dealing with them on-on-one in their showroom. (This last time, even though the price was already negotiated and agreed upon, I still brought my ipad with cellular service so that I could pull up emails or check things on the net.)

    Here's what I've done instead:

    - Priced the car with Costco and Sam's Club (not great prices, but it gives me a high end for the range)

    - Email dealerships using a bunch of sites (Yahoo, Cars direct, MSN, Edmunds, etc.) throughout the area I'm willing to buy -- I can fly to Vegas for $100 from LA and drive the car back if the price was significantly better out there

    - I only specify the package/options I want, and I do not specify the color. I leave color open because I tend to be somewhat flexible, but also because I expect that dealers want to preserve margins for popular color/package combinations.

    - Not spoken on the phone or live with any dealership until I have an agreed upon price and terms (including break down of out the door pricing) that applies to any vehicle (color/package/etc. combination) they have in their inventory.

    - Only spoken on the phone with the dealership to confirm the price I received in email and schedule the appointment to review colors and make the purchase.

    There's one exception to this process, which is also the most challenging. After I price Costco and Sam's Club, I visit one dealership to do a test drive. Because I don't intend to buy during that visit, I tell the sales person I won't be buying that day, that I'm going to price the car online, and that when I'm ready to buy I'll give them a call to see if they can match the price I find.

    BTW. Assuming the car model has been around for a while, I like to test drive a used car -- 1 or 2 years old, lease return or trade-in. It probably makes no difference, but I figure it's worth seeing what a used car runs like and how it's held up (i.e. performance, interior, etc.).

    Best of luck in your purchase!
  • Hi mbmacura,

    I'm about to purchase a MDX from Serramonte. We've talked them down to to a pretty good price, but they are dragging their feets. Which sales guy did you talked to for your MDX Tech/ent.? Maybe your guy has his $h!t together.
    thanks for any help in advance.

  • rsmittyrsmitty Posts: 11
    Yes please share as i am about to purchase as well.

    RT - which guy have you been dealing with?
  • This deal is comparable to the adv/ent I bought couple of days ago (see yesterdays posts).

    I preferred perforated seats as well. Adaptive cruise sounded more useful to me than collision detection. 19"wheels is a plus too.

    Good luck!
  • rdealsrdeals Posts: 4
    Thanks for the background and suggestions. We started looking outside the Seattle area just to see. Only had contact with a couple dealers in Portland, OR and their prices were actually in line with Seattle prices (+/-). Still pushing to find the $42.5k with tech; although, we may ultimately go with the Base or settle for the Mazda 9. Will let you know either way.
  • The site doesn't allow posting salesman name, please send me a pm.

    As indicated in my email, I didn't have a good experience with them either.
  • two offers w/ advance running boards, black rails &cross bars, trifold mat ans all season mats:

    1. $51,500

    2. $51,750, plus two free maintenance visits

    one dealer was pleasant to work with the other not so much. Dealer cost is around $50k with accessories.
  • These prices must be before TTL, looks reasonable to me as running boards+black crossbars alone cost 1200+. Add mats to that it is a good deal!
  • New to the whole forum thing, how do I send you a private message?

  • grmrgrmr Posts: 3
    I got 2011 MDX Tech/Ent for 47.2K including everything
    (2 additional accessories: running boards, remote start both 1450 included in the above price)

    Hope this may help some for pricing.
  • rsmittyrsmitty Posts: 11
    Wow - that is pretty amazing. How much of that was sales tax and registration?
  • I'd like to thank you too..yesterday I leased a 2011, MDX with Tech package, running boards and all weather mats, 12000 miles per year from Glendale Acura. The initial out of pocket was $1248.45, first month $602.31 and license. Thanks again
  • rswmkwrswmkw Posts: 6
    Looking at a 2010 MDX with Tech just traded to a high end Local car $41951 Showing Us 28500 for our 08 Tech/Ent with plus 40K on it. Car has side running boards very clean and Clear Auto Tape on the front Any thought's would be welcome
  • I bought 2008 Base Acura MDX with just 29500 miles with Rosen AV7000 Dual DVD Headrest Replacement system preinstalled. It came with two wireless headsets, remote and two wireless game controllers. You can watch two separate Movies or can see same movie and even use MDX audio system for DVD sound if want to. It is CPO car and also got bumper to bumper warranty till Oct 30, 2014 or 100 K miles means 7 years or 100 k from original date of purchase.

    I traded my 2010 Toyota RAV 4, Sports Model 4X2 AT with just 3300 miles on it with BC, FE, QX, RM, TC and CF options installed which are mainly backup camera, moon roof, head rails, cross bars, alloy wheels and sports appearance.

    I paid 10.3K including tax, title, warranty OTD. Basically he gave 22K for my trade-in, sold his car at 30.3K and 1K for Extended warranty + tax title etc.

    How is this deal?
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