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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • blibli Posts: 3
    HI LCCALVERT and seeweed20, have you guys bought your mdx with tech, i am looking to buy the same car, can I join you two and raise our bargaing power? if you already got yours, would you mind sharing your price and dealership? I am from PA.
  • seaweed20seaweed20 Posts: 28

    I finally pulled the trigger this past Saturday and bought a 2011 Tech (White/Taupe).

    twmdx - thanks a lot for the info. I bought mine from Pohanka.

    Per one of my earlier posts, the best OTD (net of my trade-in) I was getting across 5-6 dealers in NY/NJ was $32,500 without any accesories. I called Pohanka and Radley and quickly got a quote for $30,000 flat OTD and with the following free accesories:

    1) All weather floor mats
    2) Roof package (rails + cross bars)
    3) Advanced running board
    4) Wheels locks

    So in nutshell, I saved nearly $3,500 by driving 250 miles to Pohanka. Heck, for such a discount I would have even driven 1,000 miles one way.

    They even gave me 7 year interior protection for free after I refused to purchase it for $400.

    This was probably one of the easiest purchasing process I have experienced in recent years. The salesperson was excellent and so easy to deal with. They gave me a price (net of trade-in), agreed on the accesories and color combination and delivered 100% when I got to the dealership. The car had just been delivered earlier in the day and only had 6 miles on the odometer.

    What also helped was one of my friends (who also lives in Northern NJ) was in the market to buy the same car and ended up buying from Pohanka as well. So, guess, buying two at the same time provided some additional leverage as well.

    Hi blis - I definitely recommend reaching out to Pohanka. Please e-mail me and I will be happy to give you the name of the sales person who helped me. You can find my e-mail address on my profile.

    Thanks again twmdx. Love love love my new car. :)
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    Congrats on the new car! Bet the drive back to NJ gave you a good opportunity to check out the ride and all the features. Plus that $3500 saved can go towards other car items (new wheels, tint, upgraded speakers, my finders fee...!)
  • blibli Posts: 3
    HI Seaweed,

    Cong for getting your new car. I did reach out to them but got a so so quote. basically 43000 for mdx with tech without tax tag and fees. please share with me your sales person contact. I saw your email is private so I am not able to email you. I believe mine is public. can you email his/her contact? thanks.
  • barkulkumbarkulkum Posts: 2
    Congratulations on the car, i believe your OTD price is inclusive of the Trade in right?
  • seaweed20seaweed20 Posts: 28
    That is correct. $30,000 net of my trade in ($16,600).
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    Hi Friends,

    I'm on the lookout for Acura MDX in North Jersey & could manage a price quote at Invoice price yesterday for the Base Model i.e. $39900 (incl. Destination) ++ Taxes, DMV, Doc fee n levies xtra.
    On a rough note the dealer was willing to sell the Tech version also On or Close to Invoice price i.e. $43,000 (incl. Destination) ++ Taxes, DMV, Doc fee n levies xtra.

    They are also having a 4 day Memorial Day special APR of 0.9% across the board.
  • kjshankjshan Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a recent experience purchasing a 2011 MDX with Advance & Entertainment? I was considering the LR4, but really enjoyed driving the MDX. However, the LR4 is larger and less expensive.

    My local Acura dealer gave me an offer $1300 under MSRP, and this seemed too high. I am seeing inventory of a similar vehicle out of state, and am wondering if any neighboring states to MO have had better purchase prices.
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Just bought a 2011 Tech with fender trim/advance steps/roof rail package/trifold tray/mats/wheel locks OTD for $45250. Also a 0.9% for 5 years deal for the Memorial day weekend. I have been watching this forum and researching this vehicle forever. I feel I made a reasonable deal.
    Just for information as guideline for potential buyers. Thanks.
  • njpabobnjpabob Posts: 2
    cong NEOVISH.
    where did you buy it? I am looking for the same car. would you mind sharing your dealership informaiton?
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Hello Nipabob
    The dealership is Acura of Fayettville, AR. I hope this information helps. Good luck
  • njpabobnjpabob Posts: 2
    thanks. it helps but too far. I am in PA. anybody who have good deal during memorial day please share with me. I want to pull the trigger this holiday to take advantage of their 0.9% rate.
  • I would try Elite Acura in Maple Shade, NJ - they were quoting me $48,500 OTD price for Tech/Ent. I decided to pay $500 more for the color comb i wanted elsewhere. I would expect Elite to give you a good deal for an in-stock Tech MDX.
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11

    I finally pulled the plug on a Brand New MDX Base Model 42500 OTD in North NJ. Not sure if i could call it a good deal but @ 0.9% APR it's not bad. I checked quite a few dealers as far as Virginia but no one was willing to go below Invoice. However, after some effort i could manage this deal.
    Let me tell u guys these vehicles are selling like hot cake, One of the Dealers sold 5 MDX's between 9-12 am on Saturday & they didn't have more in stock!

    Please help me in getting some free accessories form the dealer now. Not sure if all base model MDX's come with Wheel locks & matching floor mats, roof rails, side steps etc. My car delivery is tomorrow & not sure if the dealer will be willing to offer any freebies now. Also, in your experience dealers give free servicing for how many years as a standard. Mine is giving only 1st service free that's it.

    Fellow reader's experiences / advises highly appreciated.

  • taruntarun Posts: 9
    Hi Folks, I need some urgent help on the following:
    Have an offer in NYC on 2011 MDX Tech white/taupe no accessories for $42750+8.875 ny Salestax +860 Destination+title .Acura Memorial day financing 0.9 % for 5 yrs.

    My questions are:
    a)Is this a good deal?
    b)They are unable to deliver on Memorial day as their service dept is closed (Really??)They did say pick up is ok on next wrking day ..
    c)If I don't pick up for a week but sign the docs what should I look out for...??

    Please help guys .....It's a big purchase and I don't want to be taken for a ride...Thanks in advance!!
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    a) Seems high, but I'm sure everything in NY is expensive. You could probably save $4k by buying it out of the area.
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    My 2 cents....try to go BELOW Invoice, looks like u r still above invoice! Try North Jersey dealers for a better bargain.....but check dealer inventory b'fore the trip.
    I got a base model for 42500 OTD taking delivery today!
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    Those days n prices r gone, the dealers r not willing to go much below invoice, reason they know the supply's going to be low in the summer so better to make profit. Also the APR has fallen from 5.9% to 0.9% which is a very good saving in itself!
  • taruntarun Posts: 9
    Thanks Humtum.
    Thanks !!Actually this dealer came in lowest from all NY dealers .I do feel that he is above invoice but he's the only one that was even selling at that price .All the others didn't have the car in stock or refused to you're right about the absence of the previous below invoice on high demand models ..(like the MDX Tech) .I looked at 1 NJ dealer who offered the car at below invoice but is 2 hrs drive maybe ill call em again...but thanks and lemme know if you have other thoughts
  • jacobmjacobm Posts: 15
    Looking to buy roof rails and crossbars - I'm fairly handy so feel comfortable installing myself any recommendations on where I can get the best price?
    Thanks in advance.
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Hello Tarun

    MDX Tech for 42500 + destination = approx. 43400. Tax/title are necessary evil. If you factor in the Memorial Day 0.9% for 5 yrs. financing and the fact that this is hot SUV, you should be running to the dealership. I bought a similar vehicle 2 days ago in Arkansas for $ 43400 OTD + accessories extra. With the financing, Iam sure it is a great deal. Good luck
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    hello Jacobm
    Try Acura estore.
  • taruntarun Posts: 9
    Hi Neovish,Humtum
    I signed on the said deal (42650)+TAX+TTL+ACCESSORIES.Taking delivery tomorrow.Financed at 0.9 for 6o mths.I did take up a few other (NJ )Dealers and asked them to beat the price .They refused .So upshot is that I might have saved alittle more but given the time and distance constraints of leaving work etc.I'd rather seal a deal on my Vaca vs. losing work etc.

    I hope there won't be any surprises at pickup.....Tahnks for the advice and encouragement guys!!
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    What was your OTD price?
    Wanted to compare against my Base model @ 42500 out of the door!
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    Did you try Radley or Pohanka in VA or Rosenthal in MD? People were getting good deals just this past weekend.

    For accessories, the time to negotiate was before you bought the car. You've lost most of your leverage once you bought the car. Nevertheless, I recommend asking for 40% off the dealer's installed price for accessories. If they balk, you can always order the accessories from another dealer (like Del Ray or Curry), and even with shipping, it'll come out cheaper. All the accessories you listed are easy to install by yourself (although you may need two people for the side steps).
  • taruntarun Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    hey Humtum,
    Out the door pricing involves taxes which may be different.So you'll calculate that for your county etc.Pre tax negotiated price was 43500(INCL.Destination)+8.875NY tax.

    Like some others mentioned dealers further away may offer lower prices but yesterday no one was willing to match this price in the NYC metro area.

    I called ELITE(NJ) and their best offer was 100 dollars less than mine(which is at Curry Acura).However they are 2 hrs from me and its just not worth it in time/tolls/gas spent

    I had too do this on the wknd as i don't have time off otherwise so maybe we ended uppaying a bit more but its worth the convenience for us. For more substantial savings upwards of 1000 dollars I would travel not for a couple hundred.

    Also demand for the Tech pkg only model seems to be the highest.Next would be base then Tech w RES and Advance is least in demand (Based on my unscienific research) thus the pricing is inversely proportional to demand.

    Anyways just hope the delivery goes smoothly ...don't trust these car dealers even though these guys have been great until now hardsell gimmicks....Oh and the accessory pricing is better than what I could get from ACURA's estore for most NY area dealers..We got the running boards,Roof rails Remote start and the protection pkg 1 for around 20% less than online quotes.(Not as much as 40% as done by twmdx) :P I might haggle more before paying today if I have the energy :sick: ...will let the forum know

  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    edited May 2011
    OTD price is relevant if you live close to other states and are considering buying out of state, but I alas, differences in taxes can result in large swings in total cost.

    >>Also demand for the Tech pkg only model seems to be the highest. Next would be base then Tech w RES and Advance is least in demand (Based on my unscienific research) thus the pricing is inversely proportional to demand.

    Unscientific, but I agree! Seems like Tech was the most popular when I shopped. Very few people were buying the entertainment add-on, probably because at that price you could buy a few iPads + mounts.

    BTW, I got the discount off accessories (approx 39% total installed price) during negotiating for the car. Once I bought the car and wanted to add some more, they would only go to 20% for the additional stuff and wouldn't match online discounts; ultimately I purchased additional accessories online.
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    Is it possible to buy the Accessories ONLINE & then have them Installed at the Acura dealership??
    I'm asking as my dealer has refused to budge from 10% discount on installed pricing sheet which is too far expensive.

    I'm taking delivery of my vehicle in next couple of hours!

    Thanks all for sharing your experiences.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,306
    They aren't going to let you bring in your own accessories and install them for you...


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