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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    edited May 2011
    Very unlikely. You'd have better luck with an independent mechanic than a dealership.

    Which accessories? Many are easy to install yourself (or find a mechanically-inclined friend).

    While getting it installed by the dealer may be more expensive, in many cases dealer-installed accessories carry the same warranty as the car.
  • seaweed20seaweed20 Posts: 28
    I agree with twmdx re: reaching out to dealers in other states. I live in Northern NJ and right next to NYC and spoke to quite a few dealers in the general area (Acura of Manhattan, Open Road Wayne, DCH Montclair, Springfield Acura, Park Ave Acura) but couldn't get a fair price from them. Plus no one was willing to "throw in" accesories for free or even a subsidized price.

    I eventually bought a 2011 Tech from Pohanka Acura (last weekend) for $46,000 OTD (incld. 7% NJ sales tax) and also got a host of accesories for free or maybe a subsidized price, depending on how you slice and dice the build-up. And I got the accesories added in after I had already negotiated the price.

    1) All weather floor mats
    2) Roof package (rails + cross bars)
    3) Advanced running board
    4) Wheels locks
    5) 7 year interior protection

    What I didn't get was the 0.9% APR financing, which is okay.

    It all depends on the time of the week/month because each dealer's appetite to offer a discount varies based on a multitude of factors - inventory, demand, competition, buyer desperation, holiday sales, etc.
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Congratulations Tarun on your new Acura MDX.
  • taruntarun Posts: 9
    Hi Everyone,
    so finally done and brought it home.Looks nice with the accessories(even tho I say it myself).They (Acura Dlrship) did try to sell the extended warranty but that was it.Compared to the last time very little push which I like.Maybe coz i didn't break their price as much aas some others .....Anyways ...enjoyed the drive home and it's hard to resist the impulse to let 'er rip ....Gotta wait for the break in but so far so good!!

  • ddasddas Posts: 14
    Bought the Tech+Ent MDX today, paid $44500 including freight ($ 46500, OTD) at Radley in Northern VA. Also got all weather floor mats, cargo trey, wheel locks and advance running board (all included in the above price) plus the 0.9% apr and free oil change till 50K. Seems like a good deal. What do folks say?
  • humtumhumtum Posts: 11
    Thanks a lot friends for all your responses, Appreciate it!
    I finally drove my MDX base model home, last evening! Let me tell you that it felt wonderful.

    I purchased it from Open Acura of Wayne. I got the best offers from Pohanka n Radley n the best made Acura of Wayne match it Dollar for Dollar! Also managed to get 20% on the Installed accessories. Got myself a Wood Grain Steering Wheel n Gear Shift matching my Beige interior and Acura Remote start installed for $1400.
    The 0.9% APR for 60 months was the deal clincher!

    Thanks again.
  • jojomd99jojomd99 Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    After months of researching and reading this forum,
    my wife and I finally drove one home this past weekend.
    The information from the forum was very helpful. Thanks, everyone.

    We live in southern california, Los Angeles county,
    and the sales tax rate doesn't look any good compared to other states (9.75%)
    We bought at South Coast of Acura

    We were able to negotiate to $42700 including the advanced running boards. (OTD 47500)
    The 0.9% APR financing for 60 months was nice, too.
  • seai123seai123 Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    I"m sorry to have to ask this question but I"m a little confused.. what does it mean when someone pays OTD price? Out the door price includes what exactly? :confuse:

    Does it mean (Price of car + taxes+ DMV Fees + Doc Fees)?
    thanks for answering me :)
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    edited June 2011
    OTD = out the door = final total price you pay to walk out the door with the car, to include everything (vehicle, any and all fees, taxes, surcharges).

    Typically OTD is without accessories, but sometimes people include accessories in OTD prices, so they'll negotiate/say: I want/got this car + roof rails + advanced steps for $XYZ OTD.

    Also sometimes OTD includes trade-in, but as trade-ins vary it's better to post OTD without trade-in for helping people to comparison shop.

    I prefer to negotiate OTD prices, which helps me compare prices between dealerships and in different states. This way, if I want to pay $10,000, I don't care if they sell the car for $9,500 with $500 in taxes/fees or $500 for the car with $9,500 in taxes/fees.
  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Neovish, Can you give me a breakdown of your OTD price? Please email or post.
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Hello nmsq

    OTD did not include taxes. Otherwise the following is the price paid.

    $45750 for OTD with trifold tray, wheel locks and multiseason mats., black roof rail package, fender trim, Advance running boards, side molding, moon roof visor and door edge guard. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  • neovishneovish Posts: 7
    Hello nmsq

    The base price on which the accessories were built up was 43250 which incidentally included the trifold tray, wheel locks and mutiseason mats.
  • I am debating b/w 2011 Base and Tech. Here is the best quote I can get:

    Base with wheel lock: $39,000 (destination inclusive) plus TTL
    Tech: $42,500 (destination inclusive) plus TTL

    Is this a good price?
  • jsc_usajsc_usa Posts: 11
    They both look very good compared to the ones on Long Island. Where do you get those quotes from?
  • I got these quotes from los angeles area
  • bostonloubostonlou Posts: 11
    I've tried searching this thread for which Massachusetts dealers are best for pricing but I haven't had much luck

    and it seems like some people won't reveal their dealer name?? why is that?


    can anyone recommend a dealer in MA?

  • bucrx7bucrx7 Posts: 7
    I have a mass dealer I can recommend, I leased a mdx tech back in april and they gave me the best price out of the four local acura dealers. Click on my username and email me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Just tell us the dealership... there might be hundreds of readers, who aren't posting... :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • yhwxzyhwxz Posts: 1

    What you got sounds like a good deal. Would you mind sharing the dealer info? I'm in the same area looking for the same model. Thanks.

  • shookee1shookee1 Posts: 1
    For those shopping price information. Here is OTD price in Palm Beach County, FL for 2011 MDX-Tech. $43,000 w/out accessories. $44,165 with silver roof rails, advanced running boards, door edge guards, body side molding. Picking it up today!
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    If that's inclusive of tax, you got a great price! Congrats on the new car and great selection of accessories!
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27

    have you made decision of choosing which car? I'm on the market to buy a base model in coming July 4th weekend. Can you share the dealer name in LA area? I'm also in SoCal.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    Hi everyone, what is the best price for 2011 Acura MDX w/ ADVANCED package (no RES). I went through several pages but I don't see anyone having purchased an MDX w/ ADVANCED package.
  • mjs560mjs560 Posts: 8
    I am considering purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned 2008 MDX with 23k miles for $29,600. It's in excellent condition, one owner and the car fax notes that it has been serviced regularly.

    I also looked at another 2008 MDX that had 20k and the dealer is willing to sell it for $28,900. It's had two owners so I am a little skeptical of that.

    I'm leaning towards the MDX with 23k miles as it has had only one owner and the body is in better shape. Has anyone had any luck asking the dealer for free service for the first two years, or any other incentives? Is the $29,600 a fair price?
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    The best quote I got is $47K before TTL&destination, it's in SoCal.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    edited June 2011
    FYI. Just got phone call from Acura dealership. But I just made purchase yesterday for MDX w/ tech, it ends up $42,200 before TTL, financing 20K with 1.9%. But I think the deal itself worth more than 1% financing rate, so I rushed for it. Btw, I'm in SoCal.
  • car13579car13579 Posts: 3
    mrd4, congratulations to your new purchase. Do you mind share which dealer you used, or email me with the info? I am in N. Ca, but no problem to go to S.CA. Thank you.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    you can try acura riverside internet department. they will do what they promised.
  • jay1234jay1234 Posts: 7
    I bought new MDX last year. Now, it is on 8000 mile. I had tire rotated in 6000 mile. After that, car pulled right. Acura dealer said that there was no alignment problem. But, "I" found that abnomal tire wear in front tire which was on rear before tire rotation. Is this tire problem under warranty. Dealer did not want to replace tire with new ones.
  • alag76alag76 Posts: 2
    Hey sdmdxer,

    Were the accessories already on the MDX advertised or did you negotiate them to be added? I'm also in SoCal and trying to buy a Certified MDX and was wondering about how to get some accessories. Thanks!
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