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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • huh1huh1 Posts: 1
    twmdx, do you mind giving me the name of the dealership and the sales?
  • marcnjmarcnj Posts: 8
    That is a deal unheard of here in NJ. My Wife and I offered $42,500 on a Tech last night and the dealer looked at us like we had 4 heads LOL. The best he gave me was $43,500. These prices are with dest chg included. Was your price of $42,298 with destination?
  • twmdxtwmdx Posts: 13
    edited August 2011
    Radley, and Pohanka will match/counter. Can't provide name of sales associate per forum rules.

    I don't know if it was good timing, good sales agent, good negotiating, or all of the above, but seems like my '11 Tech deal was close to many of the Base model deals on this forum.
  • I got my '11 Tech for 42.5k, here is the break down and total....

    I added prot package 1 and the rail/ cross bars for another 2k.. With taxes and fees, I ended up paying a little over 48k with the .9 apr loan.

    Paragon in Qns
  • erinecerinec Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Local dealer (I live outside of Baltimore, MD) is offering $49,324, including destination, not including taxes or tags. Is this a good deal?
  • Here is the deal I have pending.

    2011 Tech MDX Black/Black. 43,100 including destination. 750.00 loyalty incentive. Final sale price 42,350.

    3000 due at signing, 466/month lease with 10,000 miles/yr.

    Includes wheel locks, trifold cargo cover, and all season mats.

  • marcnjmarcnj Posts: 8
    $42,350 is an excellent deal. I would never put down $3000 for a lease though, just my .02. Is the $750 loyalty just for leases?
  • txhokietxhokie Posts: 1
    Have been offered $43.5k for new tech pkg including destination, side moldings, window tint, wheel locks. Thoughts? I, too, am curious to know if the loyalty incentive is just for leases. Hadn't seen any incentives other than financing options on the MDX.
  • Yes it is just for new leases for returning customers so I am told. Why wouldn't you put the 3k down.
  • marcnjmarcnj Posts: 8
    Always read to put down minimal as possible on leases. Like just inceptions, maybe $1000 or so. So if I owned a 06 TL, would I be entitled to the $750 loyalty?
  • I closed today and it is for current acura owners and only an incentive on a lease apparently.

    Hope this helps,
  • I am trying to make a deal today on the 2010 MDX Tech/Ent with Advance running board, Gray with 22K on it for $37K+TTL. Is this a good deal?
    I heard that 2010 and up have bad Gas MPG.
  • if you are happy, go for it! I think the base 2011 is around 38.5-39k...

    You are getting a lot of ponies in the engine, not a hybrid car... Enjoy the ride
  • I am in the market for a new MDX Tech. I am in Chicago area. If anyone is planning to buy a MDX soon we can probably team up and get a greater discount from the dealership?? thoughts?
  • Looking to purchase a 2011 MDX tech package in the San Francisco area. Any recommendation on a dealership/sales rep? Price?
  • wow that's great deal!! can u tell me which dealer did u go for that?
  • Plan to buy MDX tech/Ent soon, i am from chicago area.
  • Hi -

    Anyone who bought MDX recently from anyone of the dealers in Dallas TX? Appreciate your suggestions.

    BTW , Do we know when 2012 MDX is going to be released?

    Thanks in advance
  • The 2012 model will come out in about a month.
  • Thanks for the 2012 MDX info.
    Does anyone know what are the major changes or new features for 2012 MDX?
    Actually I also heard Infinity will release their new SUV(7 passengers) -JX by end of this year. .html

    So, just wondering how competitive between 2012 Acura-MDX and Infinity-JX.
    Looking forward to hearing more feedback on this.
  • Looking to buy a Certified pre-leased Acura MDX 2009 with Technology package, has 17000 miles. Listed for $34990. Any thoughts?
    Is it worth it? or should we wait for the end of the year and go for a 2011 model?
  • I would wait and get the new mdx. 2010 onwards there
    Are a lot of std features that are considered options in 2007 to 2009
    Models. The technology package is a lot more better.

  • tornadogtornadog Posts: 54
    edited September 2011
    I am looking to upgrade my 2010 Honda PIlot EX for the 2011 MDX with the tech/ent package. I am in Baton Rouge so only have 1 dealer choice in the area. What can I expect as a tradein value and what is a good price to pay for the MDX?
  • I am hoping to buy a new 2011/2012 MDX. All of them I have looked at on the dealer lots and have seen on the road have the rear hatch installed off center by about a quarter of an inch. Also, the dash component sections are mismatched (Consumer Reports also noticed this dash problem) although they are better matched now than in 2009/2010 models). The door windows also rattle when down when you close the door. Has anyone had any experience getting these issues addressed, especially the rear hatch being installed off-center. I would not be so concerned if it was a $35K Dodge, but it is a $50K Acura! I live in the LA area. (What has happened to the quality in this car that I have loved for so long?)
  • Here's the recent emails from Pohanka. It seems the great deals people have posted about don't exist.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011 7:39:24 PM
    Message body
    Hi xxx
    Thanks for the email. I understand the prices you saw on the Forums but as we all know, anyone can post anything in these forums. Considering the market situation with the limited availability, the best price on the new 2011 MDX-Base will be $41,546 plus Tax, Tags, Processing, and Freight.
    For the Protection Pkg #1 - $$453.12
    Advanced Running Boards = $899.65
    We have very limited availability of these MDXs.
    Feel free to call me in case of any questions.

    On Sep 21, 2011 8:26 xxx wrote:

    I haven't heard back from you. I'm a willing buyer but you don't seem to be interested. Is there something I'm missing here?

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 10:51:21 PM
    Subject: Re: Re: 0.9% on ALL in stock New Acuras 60 Months

    Wow, this is a far cry from what I have seen in the Edmund's site forums. They said you dealership was selling the Base Model, including freight and protection package 1 for 39,169. That's $3,700 less than you've quoted me.
    I would think that near the end of the model year you would be lowering not raising prices.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Posts: 25
    edited September 2011

    Here's the offer from a very reputable dealer:

    sale price of $40,796
    Sale Tax 7.375% $3008.71
    Motor vehicles $250
    Doc Fee $289
    Total price is $44,343.71

    - worth waiting a month until the 2012s are out? Prices for the 2011s should decrease or we might want a 2012
    - anyone receive a significantly better deal in the area? There were some reports of the base being sold for $38,500-$39,000 but that was over the summer and details in the post are little fuzzy
  • Just got a 2011 base. MSRP 43,815
    I paid $40,550 after several rounds of negotiating from the internet dept. I feel like I got a good deal and it was a very easy transaction. Very impressed with the dealer on the North Shore of MA.
  • Any idea on timing? New colors? I cannot find anything. Dealer said no new colors or changes but they always say that
  • I think the 2012s are due the beginning of nov.
  • hi, is $40,550 OTD price? thanks!
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