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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mabyemdxmabyemdx Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    Got an offer on 2011 MDX w/ tech
    add items: protection pack I, moon roof visor, body side molding for $46,000 OTD.

    Should I take it or wait?
    Actually I want to buy an 2011 MDX w/tech & ent.. but no offer is lower than $49,000.
    or should I take Mdx w/tech & ent for $49250 OTD?
    Need some advice..
  • no one can evaluate if it's a good deal without understanding the components of the price, especially since tax rates differ across the country.
  • k2chadk2chad Posts: 18
    That's pre-tax/license fees. Bought out of state.
  • Hi

    At the moment I am looking for a 2011 MDX /w tech package. Anyone had any luck getting it around 41-42k? Entailly, I was looking for a 2011 MDX with tech/ent package but when I went to the dealer and talked, the best deal I got was $46,870 with $7000 trade in and 0.9 APR instead of 1.9 APR. I thought i could have pushed hard to get it at 43-44k but didnt work out. Im from boston, ma and wanted to know if anyone else was able to do better....
  • pg123pg123 Posts: 7
    edited February 2010
    Getting quotes of $43900 + TTL for 2011 MDX w/ tech and $45600 + TTL for 2011 MDX w/ tech/ent in the Boston area.

    I guess it is better to wait for the 2012 MDX in November
  • I want to get one tech package Acura MDX in bay area, can somebody shed a light on the price paid? I got one quote from Stevens creek, $44000, much higher than discussion here
  • blacklabel1blacklabel1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I am located in Houston-TX and recently bought a 2011 MDX with Tech. package. Seems to be a shortage of them, looked everytwhere and the best deal I could find was $43,500 + TTL. I was also able to get the following accessories for an additional $800 (some of them were installed already by the dealer and had no choice, but negotiate him down as much as I could):
    - Tinted on windows
    -Wheels Lock
    - Body side molden
    -All weather mats
    -Cargo cover
    - Nitrogen on tires
    -Diamond Fusion = windshield protection
    -Data dots

    Hope this helps someone else
  • Finally I Purchased the 2011 MDX Tech , Drive out $45000 which includes Wheel locks,Side Moulding and Tint.

    Hopefully this will be helpful to others
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    What is the selling price and tax rate?
  • Selling price 41800
    Doc Fee - 200
    others charges - 150
    TTL - 2646 + 99
  • Visited my local dealer to have a firmware update (recall on my 2007). Business is slow but inventory for new ones looked low. I would wait until the lot begins to fill with the 2012s then decide. Probably do it near end of month and best month seems to be December as their year is also closing. Know what you want and refuse the dealer add-ons; they become free or very cheap if they appear to be a deal breaker. When told that they had a model that I liked, I told them to sell it to the other customer as I would wait for them to order another one like it at my price. I stuck to my OTD offer and they finally with "tears in the their eyes" agreed to accept my offer. Had similar results when buying my wife her CrV. Look ready to buy but determined to walk rather than be taken. I even played the "think that I'll see what the new Mercedes is like" card. Play's your money.
  • ys001ys001 Posts: 1
    Live in the Trenton area and visited my local dealership (Precision Acura Princeton) for a chance to earn my business. Initially interested in a new 2011 MDX w/ TECH & ENT ... I requested they match TRUECARS.COM quote ($45601 includes freight and advertising fee) which they did. Had a trade-in (2008 328xi) where I was offered the going value at first shoot but advised them to move higher and they did to the number desired ($500 difference) with no stress. There was one matter related to the reimbursement of the Extended Service Warranty which I needed to follow-up with BMW. Within this time, I visited the lot to preview the used MDXs and observed the color match the wife is interested in. Moved the conversation to the used 2007 MDX w/ TECH & ENT and ended on price (I offered $24500 and they wanted ~$27300). So I left the dealership but for the first time, very much disappointed on not having a contract completed. Just exemplary people who have a great respect and appreciation for their customers. You have to be there to see what I am talking about. The next day, I called to request another criteria to be included into the deal and they were to get back to me with it. In that time, I was contacted by another dealership and explained to them everything related to my deal/situation with Precision Acura Princeton. They advised me they would make my trip worth while meaning but I was reluctant and he kept emphasizing in the "worth while". So we decided to visit them (~40 minute ride) and it was an unfortunately mistake. They gave us the run-around and before we know it, several hours pasted and the difference between Precision Acura Princeton and them was marginal. I contacted Precision to discussed the numbers from the other dealership and I asked for nothing more than apples to apples (don't give me more and definately not less) but instead, Precision offered us an even better offer. This is why I walked out disappointed the day before and told my wife that I really want to purchase the vehicle from Precision Acura Princeton. They are different, very different from the difficulties that others try to put you through. We signed the contract yesterday and look forward to receiving our vehicle in the coming week.

    I highly recommend doing your research, it strenghten your position and if you do decide to visit Precision, Sam and Tom are the contacts I would recommend. Best of luck and may it be an easy one!

    Peace be upon you
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Excellent work Pete!! I priced it, discounted the price by 12 %, add in the tax, and got my price when i purchased my 11 mdx. No need to play any games and that was what I told the salesman and manager.

    Purchased an 11 mda, with all the add ons early this year, around April for $ 52000 out the door. And I made them take my trade in at top blue book. Probably not as good a deal I could have had later, but I really liked how you got your price. My wife loves the car and when I purchase another Acura, (this time for me) I will discount 18 % like did for my previous Acura 08, rl. (My 08 rl when I purchased it was discounted at 18 %.

    (My friend was a manager at another top line dealer years ago told me they work with 18-22 % discount and since then it has worked for me too. His entity was bmw.)

    I guess the point is that I too work hard for my $$ and I get 100k miles out of my vehicles and I get another one.

    Good luck to all and keep safe.

  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    That is a fair deal , good work
  • Enfgyoj,

    Congrats on a new MDX! May I ask which dealership or part of the country you purchased the MDX? If you prefer direct contact, feel free to email the information at I will purchase an MDX tech package at that price!


  • Eric -

    I purchased it from Goodson, Dallas TX. It was not easy for me to get to that price. Good Luck!!
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    I live in queens / bayside area.
    looking to purchase MDX, any ideas or prices.
    I am checking dealers in the nyc area for 2012 models.
    silver, black interior with tech package.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    entertainment package sucks!
    the screen is not even a high output digital display.
    waste of money.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    where is the dealer?
    I am looking to buy a 2012 MDX with Tech package
    I think at this point 2011 is not worth to get.
    let me know of the dealer, looking to buy now
  • Would you be able to share the name of the dealership? thanks.
  • 2011 MDX Technology Package w/ optional steering wheel paddle shift
    Black on Black
    23,000 miles

    Best SUV I think I've ever ridden in... started out shopping for 2011 Cadillac SRX but engine was a dog and resale was terrible... Love our 'new' MDX!!!
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    This is what a dealer in MD sent me for a new 2011 MDX w/Tech.

    Sale Price: $42,008
    On the road: $46,056.52

    Good price? How much wiggle room do I have for negotiating? Can I refuse the $199 processing fee, too? Is $44,500 a realistic offer?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I think you are in the sweet spot, I see the majority of these cars selling around 42, but some folks got 40-41 plus TTL.
    The 199 is just a way for dealer to mark up the cars.
    So I suggest make your offer and if they did not take it, wait for them to call you again.
  • Park Ave Acura treated me well. Just picked up a 2011 MDX w/Tech $43,800 + TTL and a fair price for trade. They matched

    Good dealer.
  • I just leased a 2011 Acura MDX - Tech Package.

    I Live in Los Angeles

    - 3 year lease
    - 12K miles per year
    - 1K down
    - $645 per month (Tax Included)

    Did I get a good deal?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    It is too late for feedback since you bought it, enjoy the car, life is short
  • the price the dealer gave me by email Is 45300. It sems really high, as I was hoping for 45k otd
  • ed_headed_head Posts: 11
    $45,300 before fees? That's too much for a new 2011. Everyone (in MD and VA) is quoting me $42k-$42.5k before fees for 2011 w/Tech ($46k OTD). I'm trying to get them to throw in the advance running boards at least with their $46k.
  • that's my feeling too. I really like the running boards because of my 2 little ones. What else are they adding in your quotes?
  • I have a < $40k quote for a 2012 base model, includes destination fee. I'm going to pull the trigger this week. I'll post my final deal $ and name of dealer once the deal is done.
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