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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Really? Do the math, you getting a new car for over $55,000 assuming you're getting 1.9% financing for 60 months. With the trade of $23000, you're going to spend 32,543. Definitely not a good deal.
  • The real question is, is it really worth a little over $11K to upgrade, the 2K they throwing in is really not much if you think about it, total maybe 12K-13K extra with all the hidden fees and whatever they going to try and get you with... I wouldn't do it, but if you have the $$$$ to spend, why not....
  • Hi Mac...can you share what dealer you used?
    I'm willing to drive out of state..

  • Just to share the numbers - 2012 Acura MDX with Technology. Bought for $43,150. Financed at 0.9% for 36 mos. Also got accessories: roof rack, body molding, rubber mats - but those were not discounted.

    Buying experience was very disappointing. The dealer tried to cheat us after agreeing on the price and the numbers that went into financing were about $1,000 higher. After an hour of arguing they admitted their "mistake" and we closed the deal, but it's hardly a luxury car buying experience. The dealership also isn't very luxurious, but that's secondary.

    With price matching between dealers getting this price was not very hard, but getting a better price for trade-in was more difficult.

    Overall, I am happy with the car and not happy with the dealers. The things they said insulted my intelligence and overall sounded dumb: "we are not making any money, even losing $60 on the deal - we just want to make a customer for life". Or "we can give you the best deal on your trade in, because we are a publicly traded company". Or "no used car can be in excellent condition, even new cars are not excellent, even the one I am selling is not excellent".
  • I have an offer for a 2012 base mdx for $39,500 plus taxes and tags. Seems a bit high. Has anyone seen a lower offer on this forum? Is this a good deal or just fair?
  • Hi leased a 2011 Base MDX--35 month, 10,000 miles, yesterday. First time I leased a car, did I get a good deal?

    Paid (includes all down payment + tax & license)---$3989.00
    Traded 2006 IS350--------------------------------------- $650.00 (paid off car loan and 650.0)
    Dealer bonus cash-----------------------------------------$1000.00

    Total monthly payment= $383.00

    Special ad last 2011 on lot!
  • I just finalized a deal with a northern VA dealership for 2012 Base model.

    $38,500 (using a 1,000 rebate for using financing)
    + $111.50 tags
    +$1264.67 tax (VA)
    +$395 (processing fee (extra $ in dealers pocket)
    OTD $40,271.17
    Dealer threw in Protection Pkge #2 and the usual oil changes...

    What do you think? Is this a good deal? Need feedback ASAP... Don't know if I should go through with it tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
  • You're under invoice by $1300 (if you're including shipping) so I would say that's a good deal!
  • Good deal! Now I'm going to have to try to match or beat that....Grrr. It just got harder.

    I had the same experience last time I did financing with my own acura dealer. They had added something that I specifically had declined and they acted like they couldn't change it as it was on the contract. I should have walked out because just like you, it took almost an hour to change it. If it happens next time (I'm going for the same 2012 MDX with tech), i will walk out.
  • yonyyony Posts: 2
    It's a very good deal. Can you please tell me the dealer's contact? Thanks.
  • Sales tax in VA is 3.17.
  • Just finalized a deal in TX
    2011 MDX with tech, financing for 60 months, $42338 + approx $3000 in taxes/title
    so for this is the best I have got.
    any thoughts if I should go ahead with it ?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Damn Shas..that sounds like a really good deal. I can't get the dealer here to budge off $42k for an 11Tech they have.
    Sounds like I may have to venture out of my "local" area.
  • Just closed my purchase of 2012 Base MDX, with all season protection package (retail: $386) and oil changes and tires rotation for 4 years or 50,000 miles:

    $38,500 (using $1,000 "flex cash"), plus

    $395. (junk fee)
    $1,264. (tax VA)
    $111.5 (tags)

    So basically, I paid $39,000, plus taxes and tags.

    Dealership is Radley Acura in Falls Church VA. They were very professional, honest and nice to work with. Negotiated mostly by email and on phone yesterday. When to dealership today to finalize deal and was pleasantly surprised to find no tricks, switch and bait, or extra fees thrown in last minute. I highly recommend the dealership and especially my salesman.
    Thanks for all your impute and advice! It really helped me get a decent deal.
  • Radley Acura in Bailey's Crossroads VA (Falls Church, VA).
  • List price of 43,815. They dropped 2k off that. I think they need to go lower. I got about what I wanted on trade in. This is the base model with no frills added. Can anyone advise if this is good or they need to go lower. It's new.

  • Steve, for a 2011 base you should be looking at 38,500 - 39,000 plus taxes+ttl
    look around for different quotes. I've got a quote of 38,895 on the 2011 base.

  • Just to clarify your price is for a 2012 not a 2011?

    My local dealerships in SE PA have quite a few 2011's on the lots. I can't imagine getting a 2012 for $38,500?
  • The price is for a 2011 in my case. Thanks Steve
  • Just leased 2011 MDX Base model for $500/ month (incl NJ 7% tax) for 36 month with 10K per year. Paid $1415 at signing to cover all doc fees MV fees.
  • I'm willing to travel for the best deal. Any good dealers you know of please let me know. Would like to get in at about $34,500
  • just purchased a 2012 mdx base $41k otd in westchester, ny. does not include tax and tags.
  • May I know which State do you buy the car? Thanks!
  • legendhfwanglegendhfwang Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    2012 Acura MDX with Tech package, OTD 45336, with 4 years of free oil change. Is it a good deal? I am at a North VA dealer. Thanks!
  • Just bought (10/31) 2012 MDX with tech and ent package from Sussman Acura in Jenkintown.
    Went through trucar and price quoted was $45476 including all fees except tax and title. I also bought a 8 year 120K extended warranty for $2400. Total was about 52 K OTD. Contact was John - very nice guy.Emailed trucar on saturday 10/29 they emailed back on sunday 10/30. Got the names of 3 dealers close to me. Made contact on Monday morning (10/31) and brought car home the same evening. Was it a fair price ? I don't know for sure.
    Because it was 2012 I did not get the 1.9% financing. Got 3.47% from bank of america.
    Still have not traded in the 2005 sagebrush MDX with tech/ent. Some how it feels my 2005 MDX (touring) has more power while accelerating. The 2012 has no changes from 2011 according to the dealership.
  • syrxsyrx Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2011 Tech/Ent for 44,400 plus tax/title. Added chrome roof rails/ cross bars and sport running boards for 1800 (10% off list prices). Threw in floor mats, wheel locks and 4 yrs of oil changes for free. Radley Acura in Falls Church - negotiated over email/phone/ had a detailed invoice (including all fees and taxes) faxed over...spent total of ~ 1 hour in the dealership doing the paperwor/ test drive/ delivery. $399 processing fee + $375 out of state registration fee (which included ~$180 in actual fees) - latter is a rip-off...atleast they told me about it upfront....Could have gotten a better deal if I had tried harder, but my preferred color combo (Black/ parchment) is difficult to find. The dealership/ salesman was the best I have dealt with (very professional/ no surprises) - would highly recommend them.
  • Looks good. I paid ~46000$ OTD for 2012 MDX with Tech + ( Tint, Wheel locks and Body moudlings). Of course its all relative :-)
  • alldealsalldeals Posts: 5
    edited November 2011
    Just bought 2012 Acura MDX base from Acura of Manhattan. OTD $43,842 which includes all weather mats, tri-fold cargo tray , advanced running boards, tax and title . Not a great deal but just took 15 mins to negotiate the price that I wanted. Plus 1.9% for 60 months.

    Base Price 40,300
    NJ TAX (7%) 2,821
    NJ Surcharge 165
    DMV Fee 396
    Doc Fee 75
    Other Fee 85

    Total (OTD) 43,842

  • WHICH dealership? What was the negotiated price? Care to post the lease details? Thanks.
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