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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sure ... can you give me your email id and I can send you the info there

  • That is the quote I was given as well .. however towards the end there was some sort of a factory discount for a $1000 that dropped the price .. they said it was a thanksgiving discount.
  • Roxy, can you please send me the information as well as to which dealer you bought from?

    craigpastel @ gmail . com


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Roxy can tell us all the dealership information, right her in the discussion...

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


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  • 86dog86dog Posts: 4
    Here is the quote I have in the DFW area:
    $43,928 Looks like a good price at this point
    $ 399 VPS - Theft Deterrent (is this etching? - Don't want this)
    $ 117 Dealer Documnetary Fee (Really? How easily will they waive this?)
    $ 98 Dealer Inventory Tax (Ditto....)
    $ Other: Sales tax and legitimate fees

    So, I think I have a good base price, but don't like the $614 of fluff they've added on the deal. What's the general experience out there of getting those waived? Other thoughts?
  • Dealer is offering me a CPO 2011 MDX with Advance package (1500 miles) for $47,000. Is this a fair deal or can they go lower? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
  • 86dog86dog Posts: 4
    Dealer has agreed to waive the $399 VPS and throw in wheel locks. So, $43,928 + $117/$98 + sales tax + other tax/fees.
  • I'm looking at a 2012 mdx with tech in atlanta. Has anyone purchased one here locally? if so, please provide info. I think it is easy to compare msrp to sales price including fees but excluding tax, title and license since they are different by state.

  • I just took possession of a 2012 MDX tech tonight for $43,500 (plus tax, tag, title) from Acura of Orange Park in Jacksonville Florida. Very good experience with them.
  • This is my first post. Thanks for all the great info. I've gotten a quote of $44,890 for 2012 MDX w Tech package. I'm in New Orleans and my wife is dead set on Grigio or Polished Metal Metallic. Apparently these are the 2 hardest colors to get. Is this a fair deal? I'm trying to balance out the dealers clearing inventory out and paying a premium for the 'hot' color. Any advice?
  • The only color that ends up being the hardest to get is the color they don't have on the lot. In fact, the two dealers in Jax told me the Black/parchment was hard to get (read....we don't have it on the lot). Both had the Polished Metal Metallic though. My advice, set a price and stick to it... When I set my price at $43,500 for the tech and one dealer came back with $43,750 I said thank you very much and walked out. He generally seemed shocked that I walked on only $250 difference which I guess is why one of the owners of the dealership called that evening and asked what happened.

    Fact one: They're not your friends.
    Fact two: They're not doing you any favors no matter how they spin it.
    Fact three: If they can't make the deal, they won't.
  • 86dog,

    Would you mind telling me what dealer you got this at. I'm in DFW as well and looking to get one by year end.

    if you prefer you can email me, A0192849 at yahoo dot com. Thanks
  • Got my 2012 MDX Advance/Ent this week.
    Doc Fee
    7yr/100k AcuraCare
    Tow Package installed
    Tri-fold Cargo Tray
    Body side moldings installed
    Cargo Net
    Black Roof Rails & Crossbars installed
    Rear Bumper Applique
    All Season Floor Mats
    $54497 + sales tax.
  • ds_nyds_ny Posts: 8
    Bought a pre-owned 2010 MDX Tech with aftermarket DVD player (originally installed by Acura dealer), advanced running boards, roof rails + crossbars, remote starter, door edge guard, all season mats, wheel locks having 12K miles for 39.2K + tax/fees (NY) = 43.1K OTD

    How do you think I did? I was offered a new 2012 MDX Tech w/ all weather mats, wheel locks and cargo mat for 43.2K + tax = 47K OTD but took the pre-owned.
  • Hubby and I will buy an MDX before year's end. Been dreading the experience, been researching and were looking for slightly used (info below applies more to NEW car purchases but helped us too). I was blown away with the offers we've gotten thus far (BELOW invoice, FAR below what we expected and especially considerring we've been told that used cars are harder to bargain due to the economy) For NEW car deals, you have to check this site out www fightingchance dotcom. They charge a fee for their package but the info was unreal and they provide market specific information plus some tips we didn't realize - our situation (used car) there's no invoice, etc. but we're still getting offers anywhere from $1k-$4k less than internet pricing. The other site that was helpful (if a little archaic in site design, but worth it to tough it out...) was carbuyingtips dotcom - showed us how to get the most out of the info on here. hope that helps! Will post when we get our MDX and let you know what the offered price vs, what we paid was... thanks for all of your posts, they've helped us narrow down our options, too!
  • The Dealer Documentary fee is pure crap, don't pay it, inventory tax is them getting you to pay for the tax on their financing, also tell em to take a leap, the theft deterrent, um... unless they can tangibly show you what it is/how it helps, I'd tell them you were happy with the REAL price and are willing to walk over the fluff - they are trying some crazy stuff to get extra $ these days. The other one that keeps popping up for us is aither an acronym or where they call out "advertising" in teh name - basically trying to get us to help fund their adveritsing - no thanks! :) In another post, I referenced a site called carbuyingtips dotcom (ugly site, great info) regarding fees, negotiating, etc. and we've got about 3 really good offers, but are thinking about holding out until last few days of hte year when they're really hungry to save as much as we can. I am in Orange County, CA and am finding a TON of 07-09 MDX with all the trimmings for about $25-28k, almost new ones for mid-30's so we're going to wait a efw more weeks and get as much as we can in our budget. Good luck! :)
  • 86dog86dog Posts: 4
    Here is my updated quote; I am planning to sign tomorrow.
    $44,274 Base w/Tech Package + Wheel Locks + Towing Package
    $ 0 VPS - agreed to waive
    $ 117 Dealer Document - hasn't agrred to waive
    $ 100 Dealer Inventory - hasn't agreed to waive
    $ Other: Sales tax and legitimate fees

    All done via email w/Goodson in Dallas

    They also have a 2009 White w/Tech w/42,000 miles priced at $34,988. Haven't tried to negotiate that one; I'm sure it could go lower.

    Any last words of wisdom before I sign?
  • Sounds like a great deal. I would've done the same as you.
  • msjbmsjb Posts: 4
    I made the mistake of going into a NW- Seattle dealership today, instead of negotiating on-line.
    I love how they try to use passive/aggressive attitudes to "gently" intimidate you. I told salesman I wanted a quote on new 2011 Base (or sport- as some sites call it) and Tech, as well as slightly used (12,500 miles) 2011 Tech. He immediately started correcting me on the packages and educating me about all the perks. I was really in no mood to either listen or negotiate (But had to use my day off) and I already KNEW what I wanted, what my budget was, as well as what features were found in the mix of style choices!
    I also had a potential trade-in which he seemed to zero in on, forgetting his original idea of knocking 1,000 off the Internet price. At the end, I walked away with a pretty poor quote for their USED 2011MDX Tech w/ 12,500 miles - $45,000, (Just $888 less) not including additional Doc. fee of $150 (Which I would negotiate) State and local taxes, $4,400, (Need to have broken down) and license and fees ($252.50??) ttl. a whopping $49,677.50 A shock after reading about all the New OTD MDX Tech Prices at 42K and 43K. And the trade-in? A very well taken care of 2004 MDX w/ touring package /68,900 miles that I was originally offered 13K for, and he bumped it to $14,000. And that, he said, was his best deal. I asked him to throw in some running boards and roof rack, but he wouldn't even cough them up. Now I'm thinking about negotiating on-line and flying into an eager car dealership to purchase, then have the car shipped. Def. appears to be worth the cost, with these numbers. I wonder what the other NW dealers will come up with and how much the prices will go down during the last week of Dec.
  • That sucks. Horrible prices (but I don't know how it is up in the NW). I did all my "quote hunting" and negotiating through e-mail and told each dealer up front that this is how I will be doing it. Any dealer that didn't give me a quote first and insisted that I come in to test-drive or see them in-person first was given a second chance to comply with my request. After that, they got crossed off the list and had their sales mgr CC'ed in an e-mail on how they just lost a potential sale for trying to waste my time and ignoring my simple request. In this day and age of busy working folks and internet sales, there is little need to do sales completely the old-fashioned way. Customers are more informed than ever. Adapt or die, I say.

    Btw, I've never seen any site refer to the 2011 base model as "sport." "Sport" was a step-up package from Tech, just like "Advance" is now a step-up from Tech. That's probably why he started correcting you.
  • msjb,

    What dealer in Seattle you went to? I got a quote from the Lynnwood dealer ($43k) and a Portland dealer ($42.5k). I made an counter offer of $41.5k but they did not take it. The quote is for a 2012 MDX base.
  • I am in Baton Rouge, and I can tell you those 2 colors are the most common here. Even when I went there last week to get a foglight fixed, they had both those colors sitting in front. So if Walker does not have that color, try the Baton Rouge dealer. They may even make it worth your while to drive up here.
  • msjbmsjb Posts: 4
    I can't remember what site listed sport- I think it was a dealer. Thanks for your info. I have heard mixed reviews about the Seattle Acura dealer so will definitely be e-mailing from here on out. Just driving down there round-trip put an extra 75 (useless) miles on my current mdx, and of course, the time. Worst part (con) was when he removed the engraving fee for $375 and expected me to be thrilled! Reminds me of all the useless extras the phone company slaps on your paperless bills, hoping you never actually read them thoroughly. Really? I read that most profit margin is 18-20%, so please be sensible. I negotiated my last car just fine and had a great experience with Bellevue Cadillac. Why can't Acura be reasonable?
  • msjbmsjb Posts: 4
    Seattle Acura. From various postings, it appears Lynnwood Acura gives the lowest quotes. I wonder if they would take your offer on Dec.31st. It's crazy that the NW appears to pay the highest for the MDX's. Even Ca. Dealers have offered 42,700 for 2011 tech, and a person in Queens, NY got a 2012 tech otd for 43,842! Another thing Seattle Acura said was Costco price is 42,992 for 2012 base, yet someone on this forum said it was 40,300 on 2012 base. I need to verify. I always thought the rule was dealers would negotiate more with used cars, (2011 mdx w/12,500miles,) but my quote was not only insulting, but plain stupid!
  • I got 2012 MDX with Tech for 42,900 from Goodson Acura couple of weeks ago. I didn't have the Towing package.

    Good luck
  • I've been quoted $41,595 as the "Costco" price for a 2012 MDX base and OTD as $44,700. However, on earlier posts I've seen the Costo price as $40,300 for a 2012 base. I thought the whole point of Costco was to get fleet pricing nationwide. Is there a different price depending on your state? I'm in Texas.
  • 86dog86dog Posts: 4
    Hey chrismdx,
    That sounds like fantastic pricing. I'm interested in your out-the-door with the various fees, etc (not sales tax). Also, did you have a trade on that deal? $42,900 is a almost a thousand less than my deal without towing. I haven't seen any other comments on pricing as low as yours... Did you get charged the VPS, Document and Dealer Inventory fees?
  • what i got was a 2012 MDX with Tech + Wheel Locks + Tinting + Body Moudlings for 42,900$. I did not have a trade-in.
    Of the various fees, i was only able to get the VPS removed.
    The final OTD was little less than 46k.
  • I have been quoted the exactly price as you got as the "Costco" price. I am in Texas as well.
  • jenniedawq,

    Not sure why you get different costco pricing but this is what I see even today - you can print this and show it to the dealer and work your deal on top of it. Acura of Manhatten accepted this price and agreed to throw in accessories (check my earlier post) for free. Again 40,300 doesn't include tax and doc fee etc... Hope this helps.

    All the best...
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